Help For Minnows and New Users // My Series of Steemit Help Posts // 5 SBD For The Most Helpful Comment!

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Help For Minnows and New Users // My Series of Steemit Help Posts // 5 SBD For The Most Helpful Comment!

Minnow University (19).jpg

I've been writing Steemit Help Posts every week for the last 4 months.
I want to help people succeed on Steemit, but I'm pretty sure the people who need to see these posts aren't seeing them.
Steemit posts tend to get lost in the Steemit void after a day or so unless they are on Trending.
Hopefully, Steemit will one day have blog categories where older posts can be sorted and easily viewed.
A Steemit Help tag as one of the main tags would also be useful.

With all that in mind, I've decided to link all my previous Help posts here today.
These posts cover a full range of topics including:
Currencies, your wallet, account security, how to gain followers, valuable comments, Discord Communities, building a following, finding a niche, etc.

At this point, I feel that I have given as much advice as I can. If I think of anything else to help I will write about it.
I'm still here to help so if you have any questions you can contact me in Discord.

My Series of Steemit Help Posts

Introduction to Steemit - The Currencies

Your Wallet Explained - Balances

Your Wallet Explained - Permissions

Keeping Your Steemit Account Secure

Post Rewards - Powering Up

How To Gain Followers

The Importance of Meaningful and Valuable Comments

How Discord Communities Can Help You

How To Find Your Nice and Build Your Audience

Creating Value By Helping Others

3 Great Tips For A Successful Steemit Experience

Realistic Expectations and Tips For Success

Isaria's Random Advice

Patience - Isa's Story Time

Don't Give Up

5 SBD for the Most Helpful Comment!

I'd like to hear about your Steemit experience.
Do you have any helpful advice for Minnows and New Users?
Jeffy the Cat wants to start his own Steemit account, so he will be selecting the most helpful comment and that Steemian will receive 5 SBD!


I'd split my advice up:


  • basically just read your posts above*, and/ or read the FAQs.

General blogging advice

  • stick to a handful of themes
  • write batches of posts at a time and interlink them
  • don't worry about posting every day. Better to post three times a week posts which are quality, rather than churning posts out for the sake of it.
  • have some integrity, post about what you know about!

Connect with other people

  • start with @abh12345's* curation leagues (*no need to upvote every comment I mention you in btw, HONEST!) and the @minnowsupport project and take it from there.

Reality check about potential earnings

  • Remember that most of the people who are earning $100s of dollars per post are buying votes, are early adopters or heavy investors.
  • Aim instead to earn a decent second income, assume you won't ever reach those giddy heights!
  • Enjoy the community aspect and forget about earnings may actually be a better approach.

Thanks for all the community related efforts btw!

*My advice to you is to offline those links, in a shared Google doc or something similar, so you can update them regularly, until steemit introduces 'pages' that aren't locked down after 7 days.

Hey thanks for the advice, very helpful for a guy like me who has become disillusioned.

Of course you are correct that it is as much about persistence than anything else.

At any rate I appreciate it.

It helps if you treat it as a second income. It got a lot more interesting for me once I invested to above 500SP, but I realise not everyone's in a position to be able to do that!

Yeah it is a commitment absolutely. It's easy to be blinded by the big profit posts. I got on here because I really liked the premise of the platform but caught myself up in the numbers game.

Second income, never thought of it that way. It lets the pressure off this way. Thank you @revisesociology

Thank you for your valuable advice!

I think you have left nothing untouched which i can share because I am a minnow myself.However still i'll try to advice just to satisfy myself that I am not hiding anything inside because that will amount to selfishness.
Here is what I realised, minnoww should do.

  • Don"t expect to be millionare in days-- I mean don"t expect your posts to earn dollars like whales because that is frustating.
    You can also earn but it takes time. You should check the joining date of those dollar earners and you will realize that none among them has joined a week or month ago, but at least near about year ago.So you too need to wait at least half of that rime-6 months but that time you will understand what and how to do.
    *Minnows start your earnings from comments but remember to make quality comments.For minnows quality comments means-not to write comments like " wow nice post, good post, informative post etc"
    These commemts are not going to help you.
    Minnows make such commemts with the aim of making short but many commemts but that ia not going to work.
    *What to write then- read the posts you know you can comment on, carefully and then add a comment which adds value to original post-comment which may add something or may include constructive criticism.
    *Don't write comments with the aim of earning something on every comment even if you make quality comments.
    *Be consiatent even in making commwnts- I mean make quality comments on post of people regularly so that they notice you.
    *Make good quality posts..Making a one quality post in two days is better than making 2 low quality posts in a single.By quality posts i mean informative, free from.plagiarism, original, good length, well formatted with audio-visual support.
    *Make friends on different discord channels which will visit your blog and support you.
    *Discord has certain free upvoting channels like PAL, INDIAUNITED, STEEMITCHAT.Do join them.Sometimes they are the only supporters initially.
    *Take part in challanges like colorchallange, photobombcontest, meme contests, comment challanges like this ppst, daily brain games challange etc.But be original there.
    *Try to learn something new everyday.Somethings every minnow needs to know like Markdown editing, image use-free images, image source and text source,
    safety and privacy rules. goose-step-836735_1280.jpgsource
    *Work sincerely and work hard with zeal and enthusiasm like.I AM WORKING RIGHT NOW.I AM TRYING TO MAKE EVERY POSSIBLE.EFFORT TO WIN 5 SBD (lolx.....just for fun).
    *Be persistant/consistant because initial weeks/months are frustrating.

Excellent tips...thank you!

I have created a page on my website called 'The Steemit Blogging Essentials Library' that will basically feature an archived collection of useful graphics and guides for encouraging successful blogging.

So far the collection only features some graphics...but my intention is to prevent all kinds of great community and minnow help related content from disappearing entirely into the void. Since writing help articles isn't my forte...and so much great stuff already exists...I will be asking to feature links to select original posts so they can become part of the evergreen collection.

The library page and the whole site are still quite I understand if you want to hold back or aren't interested...but I would love to create an archive page that lists your whole help series and can be updated with new post links if you decide to write any more in the future. Let me know what you think!

That's a great idea!!!

Nice the efforts you have out into giving minnows and new users knowledge of how the platform works.

The advice I have for minnows and newbies is that they should focus on building friendships not support. It is only from friendships can one get lasting support.

Do not go for those follow for follow, upvote for upvote systems but rather interact with people who will love you then love your blog.

You can only do this by taking out time to be involved in a community on either discord or

Stop pursuing whales with spam comments or tagging them on your posts. They will come or not but if you spend time on formatting your posts and pay attention to your community, you will attract the kind of upvotes a whale would give to you with time.

Be patient, good things do not come easy. The upvotes may be low but they will rise and when they do, do not forget to powerup. You have to be your first support.

Stop pursuing the whales, they will come or not.


Excellent advice, thank you for sharing!

Bravo! I saw this thanks to @HopeHuggs resteeming! I'm very interested to check out your guide because I've been working on one of my own called The Beginner's Guide to Steemit. It covers many of the same things you've done, but perhaps you'll find an interesting tidbit or two if you check them out.

Thanks for sharing, and I wish you the best. I'll return to give this post a vote once my VP recovers!

Your beginner's guide is excellent!!!!


First of all, this series if "Help" posts are indeed very helpful.
There are a lot of technical jargons here in steemit that newbies would find confusing. The way you simplified the explanation of the currency alone is awesome. When I explain what steemit to my friends I always get confused with Steem, SBD and SP. Now it is much clearer.

I also love the way you dissected each topic. Instead of posting a long one, you created a series of posts.
And it's a great idea to have this post that serves as the table of content as well.
I bookmarked this one. I only need to bookmark this one now since it has all the links to the other Help posts.

Good job!

Thank you....I am glad you found it helpful!!!

A little advice from me is also new.

  • Create steemit like blog in general, place of writing, can write turorial, poetry, song, place to pour heart, diary, and others.

  • Do not think about making money in steemit (although the general purpose is that), because if you only think about money, when our writing does not get a positive response from Whales, we will be lazy to write.

  • Follow the steemian friends who often hold the contest, this is important for beginners, because generally beginner's difficulty is to find an idea of what they will write today, So by looking at contested topics of the contest maybe we will find the idea of the theme contest.

  • Do not think about followers problem, over time they will grow on their own.

  • And lastly, do not be embarrassed if your English is ugly :D, because there are still many out there who are uglier than us, the most important is the willingness to continue.

The above suggestion is my personal experience, maybe other steemian friends have different experiences.

Great advice, thanks for sharing!

Thanks @isaria for your concern to make a good steem community by helping new steem user.

My advice for minnows and newbies:

 Don't be desperate to earn. Because STEEMIT is not a Profit & Loss Statement. Rather it's a community. Just work to build your community.

Evaluate the posts that you really like by voting and leaving valuable comments. If you want to see such posts, don't forget to follow the post owner. Don't offer exchanges like vote for vote or follow for follow.

Publish your posts with good content. If people like your post, they may vote or follow you and day by day you will be popular. Also try to react on people's comments.

Try to make your post specific, short and easy as much as possible. Don't use difficult words or difficult sentences; because there are different type of people from different countries, community, culture and religion and they might face difficulty to understand. Just keep in your mind that your post should be acceptable by much people.

Thank You

Excellent advice!

actually, I'm a minnow myself and the truth about steemit is that it's like a race, the moment you stop running, you lose the race, this actually means that you can need to be steadfast,make sure your post are worth it, if not don't post it, and as well if you're a new user, don't post all your best stuffs yet make sure to create contents, build a little fanbase, make sure your friend are the right ones, you can post your best stuffs when you start repping 50 upward, lastly, comment meaningfully on posts you like like you have no tomorow

That's great @josediccus.

steemit is that it's like a race, the moment you stop running, you lose the race...

That line was helpful

Of course, I'm glad it did

Lol, i love the part about meaningful comments.

of course, it will help you.

I'm Joseph by the way feel free to ask anything if you need any help

So true, being steadfast is very important!

A pretty much needed thing are tools to prevent reward pool raping. I would encourage minnows to help steemit themselves by having a post for them to read about that topic and consider to become kind of steemit guards. If they are aware of those things right from the beginning of joining steemit, they could improve and establish Steemit as a social community with real value which it is not in many places. Of course there should be some encouragement for those minnows, some kind of curation, that is rewarding such efforts. This could be interesting for minnows that are not knowing what else to do on the platform.

Thank you for sharing your advice!

This is a bit embarrassing, but...

When I first joined Steemit in September, I was really and truly lost on how my profile was set up, how upvoting worked, what the "Redeem Rewards" meant - in short, the whole kit and caboodle.

The worse forehead-slapping moment came when I figured out (me, the person who always tries to answer every comment on my blog, twitter, FB, etc) something that leads to my advice - you actually have to CLICK ON THE REPLIES TAB to see if people have answered you back. There's no magic "ding" or notification, and if you don't check for weeks and weeks and weeks whilst you're trying to build connections... yeah, doesn't work so good. 😜 😂

Yes.....I know magic is everywhere, but it seems to missing here in our reply section! lol

Very true - LOL! We should try to do something about that...


My experience and learning, I have reaped it little by little, looking for a lot of information, what to do and what not to do, this has been favorable for me, before I lost my time in other platforms and networks, now I dedicate more time to work in steemit , watching many post and commenting and supporting with my vote the ones of my preferences and that in reality merescan that support, I advise you not to vote for the simple fact of voting, support the posts that if they are worth it, I think Steemit is a medium to express our concerns and what better to do well, in order to reach more people in the community.

Very true, thank you for sharing your advice!

Thanks for this, I've also read some of your other posts which were well put together and thought out. I've been ranting recently about my own fortunes on the platform and having read the above I feel somewhat petulant if I'm honest.

Lesson learned on my part and hunkered down doe the long haul. Fact of the matter is it is people like yourself and some of the other commentators here who continue to.make the platform a success.

It is appreciated.

Thank you....I really appreciate that.

Omgh, the kitty picture is soo cute!

It's baby Jeffy cat!

I an no expert, but I think reading this post along with the comments would be a great start! There is good information here, lots of differing opinions. What works for one person may not work as well for another so I think after arming yourself with information people should find their groove and go with it. I think if we worry about every little thing we end up waisting time that could have been more productive by simply interacting with members.
As in everything, I think the surest way to get something is to give something.
Post what's in your head. How else can we know you? The thing is to develop networks of like minded folks that interact, how can we know if we're like minded unless we know what's on your mind? Polite debate can be good, but can ruffle feathers so caution must be exorcised there. Write about what you like, interact, post pictures, interact, up-vote others, interact, most importantly, interact!
Of course,Discord chat as linked above is a great place to interact with fellow steemians.

Very true.....and chatting in Discord is probably the most important aspect of Steemit.

I do not want to give advice to newers, because I'm new to myself.
But I understand that I want to discuss what I follow.

  • I am in a state now, was I born in this situation?

  • Well, I grew up being very young, how many times I was so big?
    Why am I growing up so slowly? Can not I be too early?

  • Last, my one year after my $ 300 will be needed, where can I get so much money together?

  • We can not grow up to grow, we are small, born, we are all children, gradually growing up.

  • Yes I and we all were born very small, growing slowly, growing up to die.

  • We can not do everything on our own if we want, it requires patience, not succeeding in a short time, we have to achieve success through hard work.

  • Yes, after one year I will get $ 300, where can I get so much money after one year?
    I have decided in this situation, I will save $ 1 a day, keeping $ 1 a day will not be a problem for me, if I keep $ 1 a day, after one year my total savings will be credited 1 Year = 365 Day, 365 * $ 1 = 365
    Diameter, slowly going to be saved is $ 365.

Success does not come quickly in any work, it requires patience, talent, effort, hard work.
By all efforts and hard work, success can be achieved, there are many people here as a helper, @minnowsupport is helping us from all corners, we can achieve success by utilizing this suitable time.
We must keep in mind that effort and hard work are key to success.

I am new in steemit but in 3 months I done a lots of news.. 2 was to be successful in steemit I think.. If we combine both way it will be Awsome 😊

  1. Working hard for better earnings..
    Like ✊ daily should make 2 posts with good content. Thus followers will increase and got attention of people..
    ✊Comment whales post as much as u can. Comment should be will make visible and start earning
    ✊Search different techniques like whom should follow and what we shouldn't do in steemit.. YouTube videos can help too.
    ✊Try to make videos and gives some tips to new people...

  2. If u have money which u wanna invest I think steemit best platform.. U can use bots for big upvote.. Which brings no loss.. Also improve blog..
    I have not huge money to invest but I am trying day by day for improving my blog.. After long time I may get good returns from here for sure.. Steemit is a best platform for me for secure and long time earning also I enjoy steemit cause many valuable post I got here almost 70%..

I love the idea of the steemit help tag, it would be beneficial for newbies like I, to help us grow, plus Jeffy looks so adorable.

Please don't upvote posts older than 7 days, because your vote doesn't count anymore after the payout period. Save your power for something fresh ;) That was one thing I didn't know for a while until someone told me...

Such an important point....thanks for bringing it up!
I just upvoted a comment that was past 7 days by mistake lol

Haha what a pity!

I thought it was 2 weeks. Glad you mentioned, I have been waisting my votes I guess. Are they worth anything, reputation perhaps?
Actually, I often vote because I like it without even checking the date, regardless of payout potential. Letting the author know I like their post is worth it to me.

If the post or comment is past 7 days then it's best to just leave a can also go to their page and upvote something that is within the 7 day payout period.
But don't waste your votes on anything past 7 days.

i think in blogging at first we need a power of patience with high level,its the main key for success.
Then we should careful about our post,we dont need many post,but only a meaningful and attractive post can easily get attention of reader.

And again off course we need to read full post before we comment in a post.the comment t should be post related.

And finally i suggested that if a new steemian want to know details about steemit he or she must read FAQ option of his or her steemit id.Cause here 90% answer is given.

Thank you for sharing your advice!

Thanks for all they posts above.
As a minnow myself, all i can really tell others here is to just enjoy the community and have fun. Forget about your wallet or whats in there and just have fun. Work hard too and continue to post good material even if you don't get the votes it deserves still it builds your followers base which is a good thing.
Also, i realized here on steemit, patience could be a great asset or quality you need to succeed on the platform. It's not a get in today, get rich tomorrow platform. You need to work your way up to the top patiently.

Hi, my #1 tip would be to not follow more than 100 people, maybe even try for 50 or less. I went through who I was following today and found many who had not posted for months, and some who were not posting in a language I know! It is critical to build good relationships with a few rather than shallow relationships with many. If someone follows me, and they follow 10K people, I don't feel very special, and ignore them.

Forget everything- did you get a new kitten????!!!

lol no, it's a picture of my Jeffy cat when he was a baby!

I don't think I even count as a minnow, plankton or algae maybe?
So my advice is not at all technical but rather the biggest thing I have found is to ASK.
Most people on Steemit are more than willing to help as long as you are polite, patient, admit when your wrong and always be honest.

Speaking of myself, i need help ..... I may not have any helpful topics to give out presently, cause I'm a newbie ... but i know I'll definitely be of help to someone sooner than later


Hola solo le puedo decir a ese hermoso gatito que pase lo que pase siga siendo el mismo. Que demuestre su talento, sus virtudes y sus habilidades. Que siga siendo feliz y genuino, que haga cambiar al mundo con un espiritu lleno de bondad y de fe. Pero por sobre todas las cosas, que nunca deje de ser un gatito. Este es mi consejo para ese gatito que quiere crear su cuenta en steemit. Saludos @isaria. Disculpa que mo escrina en ingles, pero sinceramente no domino mucho el idioma, espero les guste mi humilde opinión. Bendiciones para ti.

Buen post me gusto,saludos.

Great posting :)

My advice for the price is to let minnows and new users is to do their research my heads hurts so am making this short great post wish i cloud upvote everyone but voting power is very low am new to this so thanks brother

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