Minnow University Radio // Creating Value by Helping Others

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Minnow University // Creating Value by Helping Others

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Your True Value is Not Based on Your Wallet Size

I was out of town over the weekend so @swelker101 had the wonderful @meno on the show.
They had a great discussion about creating value and helping others…which has nothing to do with wallet size.

The combination of those on Steemit with a large wallet having the ability to upvote at a higher percentage and those with a small wallet referred to as tiny Minnows can often come across the wrong way.
Your true value here on Steemit is NOT based on the size of your wallet.
One of the most important themes here on Steemit is Community.
We all have the ability to create value through community and helping others, no matter what our wallet size.


Creating Value by Helping Others

A scarcity mindset is the idea of taking in fear that there will never be enough.

An abundance mindset is about giving rather than receiving.

You don’t have to have a large wallet to create value and help others.
In fact, it is often said that
kindness costs nothing.
We don’t need money to give our time, thoughts, ideas, and energy to help others


Ways to Create Value and Help Others on Steemit

Write a meaningful comment on a post
Provide a helpful comment that improves someone’s steemit experience
Write a steemit tutorial guide
Donate your time to help out with a steemit charity such as @youarehope or @tarc
Promote other Steemians on your blog
Help new members navigate their way through the steemit waters
Guide new users in Steemit chat or Steemit discords
Offer writing tips or assistance
Create a contest
Create your own initiative to help others
Become part of a curation team
Become part of a community


Helping Others Can Also Help You!

When I first started on Steemit 8 months ago I had diddly squat in my wallet so I couldn’t exactly help others with my upvotes.
I joined the Minnow Support Project which in itself inspired me to help others.
In time, I started a radio show to help promote creative Steemians, a show to promote Steemit musicians, a show to help Minnows and new users, and another show to spread the values of Peace, Abundance, and Liberty.

Helping others not only creates value and abundance, but it also has a positive effect on our own personal well-being.
It helps us to connect with others, gives us a feeling of gratitude, confidence, a sense of purpose, and personal fulfillment.


Minnow University Episode 3 Show Audio

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Yes not only in Steemit, even in real life, the true value of a man is not the thickness of his pocket but the value he adds to human life.
What shall it profit a man to gather all the riches in this life and still lose his soul in Gehenna?


Wise words my friend.

I joined the MU a while back and I have done quite a lot of reading, still so many things to learn, posted a recap of my first month here compiling a list of what I think was what I had learned so far, still a small minnow in the vast ocean but I don't feel alone and so overwhelmed anymore.


@isaria I've upvoted this lovely lady here... she is an awesome musical bard, you would looooooove her stuff... as a matter of fact, she might even become one of your favorites...

Ok, im done shilling Yidneth...



I caught you talking well behind my back? Lol
Sweet @isaria already featured me in one of her posts.
Thank you both. Also @swelker101 lent me some temporary sp, I did not even know when it was done, hope I can use use it only until tomorrow to stream as I will be at home likely able to post. And just what I say in the post, thank you all.
It was all unexpected and you've made me feel welcome.


Looooove your music!!!!!


You are as sweet as talented. Thank you.


That's wonderful....I'm glad that Minnow University has been helpful to you!

I'm so excited to learn about this! I'm looking forward to learning more about MU. I'm actually trying to get a skill-share coop off the ground with this very same idea of creating value. Do you know if something like that already exists? If so, I'd love to be a part of it!


I think there might be, but I'm not sure. I'll talk to Shane and find out. I hope you can join us for our radio show tomorrow night!

Great post and very true as well even if you wallet isn't very big there is plenty of ways to help in this community and this is another reason i love this platform so much :)




Thank God my day job allows me to get on Steemit (actually I have to log onto busy.org, steemit doesn't work, but the latter is better anyways), and I can also get on discord at work. But it is difficult to "turn off" the networking side of my personality when I go home and just make the comic. Thing I've learned about networking on steemit is to simply seek out blogs etc that interest me and contribute whatever I can to commenting and liking. And seek out discords (still have not tried steem chat) where I can contribute and help others in some way because it that always ends up benefiting me in the long run to do so. I'll check out the Supporting Steem Creators Discord. I've enjoyed getting to know people and building relationships. It's not all about winning the game, although I would never discount that aspect of it.


Sounds like you have a great approach!!! Also, check out the Minnow Support Palnet Discord too!

This is a great post. We all supposed to help each other especially here on this platform of steemit. Thanks for the great work posted here. Keep more valuable posts like these keeping up.

Wow if everybody had your mindset the world would be a amazing place


Thank you <3

Thank's for the information. restemeed and upvote

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Thank you so much! 🤗

Hey @isaria, great post! I enjoyed your content. Keep up the good work! It's always nice to see good content here on Steemit! :)