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RE: Help For Minnows and New Users // My Series of Steemit Help Posts // 5 SBD For The Most Helpful Comment!

in #minnowsupport3 years ago

First of all, this series if "Help" posts are indeed very helpful.
There are a lot of technical jargons here in steemit that newbies would find confusing. The way you simplified the explanation of the currency alone is awesome. When I explain what steemit to my friends I always get confused with Steem, SBD and SP. Now it is much clearer.

I also love the way you dissected each topic. Instead of posting a long one, you created a series of posts.
And it's a great idea to have this post that serves as the table of content as well.
I bookmarked this one. I only need to bookmark this one now since it has all the links to the other Help posts.

Good job!


Thank you....I am glad you found it helpful!!!