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RE: Help For Minnows and New Users // My Series of Steemit Help Posts // 5 SBD For The Most Helpful Comment!

Thanks @isaria for your concern to make a good steem community by helping new steem user.

My advice for minnows and newbies:

 Don't be desperate to earn. Because STEEMIT is not a Profit & Loss Statement. Rather it's a community. Just work to build your community.

Evaluate the posts that you really like by voting and leaving valuable comments. If you want to see such posts, don't forget to follow the post owner. Don't offer exchanges like vote for vote or follow for follow.

Publish your posts with good content. If people like your post, they may vote or follow you and day by day you will be popular. Also try to react on people's comments.

Try to make your post specific, short and easy as much as possible. Don't use difficult words or difficult sentences; because there are different type of people from different countries, community, culture and religion and they might face difficulty to understand. Just keep in your mind that your post should be acceptable by much people.

Thank You


Excellent advice!

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