The Fourth Minimalist Drawing Contest - Sexy Cat. 线条素描画小猫。

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The idea of this contest is to portray an art using the simplest way with only a few lines and curves.

The object I chose today is a cat and I try to make it sexy, what do you think? Haha...

The art material I used is - A4 Sketching Paper, A Charcoal Pencil.

The are no technic with this drawing, as long as you are able to sketch out the outline of object's shape, there you have it.

This is my first time joining this contest which I saw in @angelina6688 post. You can check out the details of the #MiniContest by @gulugu and what it's all about here.

无意中在 @angelina6688 那里发现了这个,如此简单有趣的比赛。这一次比赛的要求是要大家用最简单的线条和曲线来作画。今天选择的对象是画小猫咪,我想把它性感化,你们觉得成功了吗?哈哈。

这次的绘画工具是 - A4 素描纸,一支炭笔。这里没有特别的绘画技巧,你只需要能够将物体的轮廓外形,勾画出就行了。

这是我第一次参与 @gulugu 举办的这项比赛,有兴趣参加 #MiniContest 的朋友们可到这里了解比赛的规则及要求。

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Thank you for stopping by, this is a place where I can share the things I enjoy in life, art, gardening, nature, foods. This is why my divider above are filled with all the different kind of icons that I love doing. I hope you enjoy my post so far, leave me a comment if you like.
谢谢您的到访,这里是个我可以分享关于我所喜爱的生活,包括艺术,园艺,大自然,食物等等的地方。 这就是为什么我上面的页脚全都是我喜欢做的不同类型的图标。 我希望您喜欢我的帖子,如果您喜欢,不妨留下您的评语。

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谢谢@angelina6688, 你的 Thanos 也很厉害啊!



@joelai, 这是小可可我在steemit最好的邂逅,好喜欢你的贴(^∀^)哇~~~ img




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Thank you!

I really like your drawing, then, I love cats, best of luck with the contest !!!


Thank you so much for dropping by, appreciated that you like the cat! 😊

Very well executed! I could tell it was a cat immediately. It's a very elegant drawing. Good luck in the contest.


Thank you for dropping by @hglucky, your comment means a lot!

Sexy miaw



黎姐~~ 美!!!超喜欢这样简单!










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Congrats! I saw that this won the minimalist contest. Great work and beautiful line drawing. I look forward to seeing more!


Thank you so much for noticing @hglucky13!