Welcome to The Fourth Minimalist Drawing Contest !! -- 100% SBD Prize Pool

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Welcome to the 'Minimalist Drawing' contest! #MiniContest


We got some really creative entries in our last contest! Thank you everybody for making this contest a success 👍😊🧡


What is this contest about?

This contest is embracing the minimalist idea: make the most from the least!

Use your imagination to draw, paint, sketch or craft something which portrays your basic idea or feeling without getting lost in too many details

Keep your art simple! 👍


You can think of it as a Haiku of art ;)

As an example, take the sketch I drew of a woman. I tried to portray a woman with only a few lines and curves. In the same way, I encourage you to follow your own ideas!
This means that everybody can participate in the #MiniContest! You don't need to be a master in arts! However, you may find out that making simple things can be quite challenging as well! So you will need to be creative :)


If you want to participate just do the following:


  1. Resteem and upvote the contest OR Promote the contest with a link in your post
  2. Make a comment with a link of your work below this post
  3. All of the submitted works must be original and made by you!
  4. Only 1 entry/post per person
  5. Use the #MiniContest tag for your post

All entries must be submitted before this post closes (which is 28th of May)


Who will win?

The winners will receive 100% of all of the SBD raised in this contest

The prize pool will be split up equally among 4 winners

Everyone gets 25%


😊Have fun and enjoy !!😊


Follow our little stories at #Konjed! 💗💗💗😊😊😊


Hello 👋😊

This is my new entry for this week of #MiniContest 🎨 The Fourth Minimalist Drawing Contest 👇👇👇

👉 https://steemit.com/drawing/@adazone/sketch-of-cyclamen-flower-as-my-submission-to-the-fourth-minimalist-drawing-contest-minicontest

This is cyclamen flower sketch, and I hope you will enjoy it! ✏🌷❤


I'm sorry but does the date of the end of the contest is correct?

Just in case here's my entry:

I interest to join your contest @gulugu, this is 3th round i following the contest.
Here my entry :


Hi friend of steemit, this is my entry in the 'Minimalist Drawing' contest I hope you like it



I think that you have an error in the closing date of the competition

Right, you're right, the date is wrong

aun hay tiempo ??

Here is my entry. It is a mathematical saddle point as depicted in origami


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