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I finally turned into a SteemIt dolphin. Let's celebrate this by organizing the second edition of the Appreciation Contest, in which I'll be giving away loads of free prizes.

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In case you missed the news on Friday: I am officially a dolphin now.
Needless to say that this didn't happen thanks to my post payouts, nor because I'm earning so many curation rewards - I wish.

No, I simply profited from the low Steem price, and purchased enough to reach Dolphin status.

I can hardly believe it... two months ago I was thinking about leaving SteemIt forever.


Not Just Another Social Platform

I was thinking about leaving, but would never have gone through with it. How could I?

These past nine months on SteemIt have been everything but an easy ride.
After two months I decided I needed to get another username, so I created a new account and started over.
Last April I fell victim to a phishing attack. No real damage was done: I lost some SBD, but I managed to preserve my reputation score.

The reason I'm still here is simple:

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With the price of Steem being this low, a lot of people leave the platform, because there is almost no money to be made.

But I am happy to come back to this site every day, simply for the community spirit.
I've met a truckload of amazing people I can call my friends without ever meeting them. And the acts of kindness that can be seen every day - even between two complete strangers - make me want to come back for more every time again.


Pay It Forward

Like I said before: SteemIt is a community, and to be able to grow personally, you need the others to support you, to motivate you, or tell you where you went wrong.

And I see those things happen every day. The 'Pay It Forward' mentally is getting stronger every day. Most people know by now that no one makes it on SteemIt on his own.


I Didn't Do It Alone

So, look at me... 9 months after my signup I've become a dolphin. I can barely believe it. What I know for sure is that it is not only my accomplishment, but the accomplishment of a team.

There are so many people who made this happen. What if @davemccoy and @mudcat36 never set up the @newbieresteemday initiative, and saw enough potential in me to ask me to join them?

Then I would have never gotten so close with my dear @lynncoyle1 and @beeyou.

When I was assigned to lead the @newbiegames account,I also got to know 'the guys' a little better: @pushzilla, @bashadow, @themanwitnoname and all the others.

Another great guy who has given me the motivation when I needed it, is @abh12345.

And, oh... @jaynie, who let me into her SteemItBloggers community.

I could go on for ages, because there are hundreds of people , who have contributed in their own way and helped me to grow here. Sometimes people I had only just met, sometimes people I worked with and then disappeared again.

Everybody, please don't feel bad because I don't mention your name. I am thankful to all of you!



How often do you tell your fellow Steemians that you appreciate them? My guess? Not often enough. This is your chance to do so!

Thank you.jpg

Busy, Busy, Busy

I probably don't have to tell you that life on SteemIt is busy. Writing your own content, reading other people's articles, leaving insightful comments, upvoting ánd staying up-to-date with all conversations on Discord.

Life on SteemIt is hectic, to say the least.

If you are a bit like me, you barely have the time to keep up with all comments, replies and mentions.

We're all so busy expanding our network, building new relationships and taking care of the existing ones.

But here is my question to you:

How often do you take a break from the rat race to tell your fellow Steemians that you appreciate them?




As we all know a little appreciation is what keeps us going. A short sentence in which someone tells you that what you do doesn't go by unnoticed. A simple word of acknowledgement can go a long way: it can get you back on the rails, it can motivate you.

Unfortunately, we are often so busy running our own race, that we rarely get to tell others that we appreciate them, or that they inspire us in so many different ways.

We all know it is important, still we often tend to forget.



My Invitation

5 months ago, I hosted the first edition of the Appreciation Contest

The idea behind the contest was that everyone would take only a couple of minutes out of his busy schedule to let some important Steemians in their life know that were being appreciated.

I think I can say it was a success. So many people expressing their gratitude for each other, all those good vibes going around, all the smiles on people's faces...

You had to be there to see it.

It was one of the most beautiful SteemIt experiences I ever had.

All this happened 5 months ago, and many of you weren't even around then, so I thought it might be a good idea to remind everyone of the importance of expressing appreciation once again.


So today I present you:

The Appreciation Contest - Part 2.



  • Leave a reply in the comments section of this post, telling me (and the world) which of your fellow Steemians you truly appreciate, and why.

  • To limit the length of the comments, you can pick no more than 2 people.
    (Of course you’re free to write your own blog post to show your appreciation for more people. If you do, make sure to post a link to your post in the comments section below.)

  • You can enter the contest until this post reaches post-payout.

  • You can enter only once.

  • Feel free to tag the people you are appreciating, so they will be notified of your words of gratitude.

An upvote and a resteem is not mandatory, but would be appreciated. And you can win a prize by doing so (see ‘Prizes’ below).




A contest wouldn't be a real contest if there weren't any prizes to win, right?!

You will be eligible to win a prize for posting a valid appreciation comment (See rules above), or for helping to get the word out about this contest.

🏆Prizes For Valid Entries 🏆

Prizes will be given away to randomly chosen contestants who posted a valid entry.

Prizes include:

  • 4x @steemmonsters boosterpacks (unopened)
  • 8x randomly chosen @steemmonsters cards
  • 3x @steembasicincome shares
  • 2x @dustsweeper starter accounts
  • 5x 25% upvote on a post a day for a week
  • 2x 50% upvote on a post a day for a week
  • 2x 100% full upvote on your next post
  • 3x 3Steem
  • 2x 75P delegation for 4 weeks

Please, if there is a prize you don't want to win (some people are not intereted in SteemMonsters, for example), please let me know at the bottom of you comment.

The first 10 commenters will also receive an extra upvote by @danlupi

🏆Prizes For Promotion 🏆

I will also give away 2 memberships to @steembasicincome among everyone who upvotes this contest.

Another 2 @steembasicincome shares will be distributed among people who resteem this post.

These winners will be randomly chosen after post-payout.


If you are interested in donating, feel free to send me a DM on Discord: simplymike#5957


That’s about it. You know what to do now: start spreading the love, and let me know which of your fellow Steemians you would like to show your appreciation to (and why).

Then, upvote and resteem to have a shot at winning those @steembasicincome memberships...

I can hardly wait to read your answers.


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Damn! Only 2 people! That is tough....

I would have to start with @remlaps, who started the Classical-music community here on Steemit and without his generous and ongoing support and groundwork, it wouldn't have been possible to get the @classical-radio account off the ground. There still isn't a huge amount of Classical Music on Steemit, but we are getting there!

@apolymask (and @ifc), his Information Finding Championship (which is only just ending it's first season) gave form to my early posting on Steemit. Without it, I wouldn't have had learnt how to make my posts look better, and wouldn't have had the practice in writing decent length articles about a specific topic!

... and I would also like to thank and nominate a few more...

Thanks for the nice mention bengy. :) Glad you've felt like the IFC has been such a positive thing for you. I'm sure you probably still would have learned those things in time as you're a very smart guy! But it's good to know our contest helped in that area! I love your posts by the way, I think you're one of the best writers I've seen on steemit. And I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that I'm honored to have you in our contest! Cheers friend! Looking forward to more awesome and enlightening posts from you and conversations as well in the future!

No problem, glad to spread the word and thanks for the kind words!

Any ideas on a rough start window for season 2?

lol! The Donald gif. hahahaha... I wanted to keep going, too. ;)
hugs @bengy on her way to @soyrosa

Thanks! I was looking for something more Abbot and Costello or something really vaudeville slapstick... but humans just don't have the same flexibility as cartoon characters!

Great choices, @bengy.
That was definitely a valid entry

The Donald gif was really good idea, lol.

Thanks! Sorry, I'm not sure where the danlupi vote came from! Not from me!

No it was mine.
I'll do some more later

you received an up vote from danlupi with voting power of 62.70%. Estimated dollar amount of $0.74

The first person I would include in my list of many Steemians I appreciate would be @mountainjewel She was there day 1 greeting me and giving me some tips of where to start on Steemit. She introduced me to the @ecotrain @naturalmedicine and inspired me with her involvement on Steemit, always answering my questions and reminding me it was about community. The other people I want to include are the founders of the wonderful initiative @earthtribe who are @elamental, @alchemage, @kennyskitchen & @hempress I was so over joyed to be accepted as a member since I missed the boat on @tribesteemup and it feels wonderful to be supported and part of the tribe.

It sounds like you really found your place here, thanks to these people. I'm happy for you :0
This is a valid entry!

you received an up vote from danlupi with voting power of 62.70%. Estimated dollar amount of $0.74

Congratulations on achieving dolphin status!

As for two people who I appreciate on the platform, that is a very hard decision.

I think in terms of personal growth on Steemit, I would have to go with @iamstan and @kabir88. They have been working alongside of me and shaped much of my persona here on the platform.

I recently reached minnow status and plan on sticking around for a long time.

Thanks for joining... and on becoming a minnow yourself.

You've posted a valid entry

Thanks man! It's mutual.
You're a great asset to this community and I really happy to hear you're planning to stick around

Give it another year. I might be a dolphin or large minnow.

you received an up vote from danlupi with voting power of 62.70%. Estimated dollar amount of $0.74

Thank you for the positive mention!

Really glad I'm part of your appreciated Steemians list :D :D

I'm going to have to pick @janton out as his score in the Leagues this week is just phenomenal! What an amazing amount of engagement he puts in here each week :) Appreciated!

Of course you are a part of my appreciated Steemians list. You're always gun to talk to, and i wouldn't be where I am now if it wouldn't be for you.

@janton, good choice. His level of engagement is out of this world. I love him dropping by everywhere with his funny comments.

You've posted a valid entry.

you received an up vote from danlupi with voting power of 62.70%. Estimated dollar amount of $0.74

To everyone, there are a lot of you that I do appreciate, two is hard to choose, so I will choose two.

First @jan23com (@thehive), a dreamer, a person looking for solutions that is keeping his mind open for counterpoints. He is not a closed minded person at all. He does not complain about a problem, he see what he feels is a problem and he seeks answers to the perceived problems. I like and appreciate that sort of person.

Second: @thedarkhorse and his @PIFC contest, curation league. His pay it forward is much more than a contest, it has become a curation league, where the people he has brought together bring to us content that is different, quality, and meaningful, and provides that much needed shot in the arm, or boost to keep many people going on steemit.

Great choices, @bashadow. Both people have done so much to help make SteemIt a better place for everyone.
You've posted a valid entry.

you received an up vote from danlupi with voting power of 62.27%. Estimated dollar amount of $0.74

Whoa! Awesome! Dolphin swimming happily in the ocean :D

Gosh, it's so hard to pick Steemians I truly appreciate, because... you limited it to only TWO! :') I could name so many, but well, here are two I honestly love and would dearly miss if they ever left the platform. (So no pressure guys, but you just... can't. Ever.)

The first one is @bigtom13, he's not only a very very very supportive member of our cherished @adsactly server where we are both very active, but we've recently shared some awesome chats that I know we loved both and that I personally find amazing examples of how this blockchain connects me with people I would otherwise not be able to.

The second person is @katrina-ariel, she's simply such a giving, happy, supportive and inspiring personality - she honestly can make you smile through the words she types through her screen, both on Steemit as on Discord. I know she is loved by many, and I am certainly one of them. We both have a severe case of wanderlust and for different reasons we are held back in that. We share a drive not all people recognize but I know we would be able to chat for hours on this topic alone if we'd ever have a chance to meet :D

This is so fun to do once in a while, I honestly should put 'make appreciation post' very high on my to-do list :D Thanks for this and enjoy all the lovely comments you're going to receive! They will be fun to read.

Good luck going to 10000 SP <3 (From Baby Dolphin to Toddler Dolphin.)

hug-tackles @soyrosa

You sweetheart, thank you for the kind words! Every time I think of you I smile. Your presence brings me a sense of hope, of courage and belonging. There's a connection that makes me feel less alone, because there's another person out there who gets me. One day we're going to meet, and laugh, and admire the beauty of the world around us, together.

Spreads arms, hugs back, animates loads of little hearts above our heads

Yes, we will <3

Thanks for joining, @soyrosa.
I know limiting it to two people makes it pretty difficult, but iif I wouldn't I would probably be reading comments in this thread all week long. I still have some other plans :0)
Thanks for posting a valid entry

I'm looking forward to all that's coming! :D

you received an up vote from danlupi with voting power of 62.27%. Estimated dollar amount of $0.74

Agreed with @bengy that only 2 people is really, really hard!
This time, I'm going to mention @thedarkhorse with the @pifc - I am grateful for this initiative - not just for myself but for all plankton and redfish who have benefited from the Pay-it-Forward Contest. It's become its own community-within-the-community as well - which is really cool. It really does help encourage people to stay and play for longer.

The other person I'm going to mention right now is @josephsavage with his work for @steembasicincome and the @dailysneak! He always seems to be looking for more ways to help those at the bottom. Both of these initiatives are awesome projects which really do help.

Definitely, 2 is hard to stick to! @thedarkhorse was on my list before I got pulled off the stage...

You got pulled off the stage? Sounds uncomfortable.

you received an up vote from danlupi with voting power of 62.27%. Estimated dollar amount of $0.74

Good choices, @viking-ventures.
Both have definitely done a lot for the SteemIt community.

Congratulations! And wow, you have a long list of Steemians overflowing with appreciation.

Highlighting 2 is a task as there are quite many I appreciate here.

He's very giving and have helped me when I was still starting. I found many people worthy of a follow from his re-steems.

For mentioning your Garden Journal Initiative and so here I am visiting your page and what a joy to start my engagement with an appreciation.

You're a special breed @lovenfreedom!! Too kind, I swear. I really appreciate ya!!!
Will have to check out @buckaroo now as well, thanks again10 ✌️😎

Heck, same to you! I haven't visited you in a while but the question reminded me of you. Those tunes you made at choon are rocking, no lyrics but def a DaddyDayCare treasure.

Thanks for showing your appreciation to your fellow Steemians. I know it isn't easy to pick just two, but if I wouldn't have limited it, this page would become even longer than it already is :0)

Congratulations @simplymike on the Dolphin status... whichever way, still it is your belief in the platform and that's amazing 😊

Life on SteemIt is hectic, to say the least.

Oh Yes!! Sometimes it gets overwhelming... Today we were talking about our finances and kid asks "What about the money from Steemit?"..haha,. She thought I was minting it because of the amount of time I spend on it..... so I had to break the bubble
But it is the people that I've come to know.... they keep me coming back for more. A bit tricky to only pick two but here goes....
Dear dear @mariannewest, I think if it wasn't for her free writes and how much of herself she gives to the community, I might have been a on-and-off Steemian. She doesn't only inspire me to write (and the Free Writes has actually made me like writing whereas I wasn't too crazy about it before) but also her big heart and how she is always trying to reach out a helping hand.
Second, also one that is building a community is @khimgoh. Founder of @steemitmamas, bringing mothers together to support each other, to encourage multiple incomes, and just to lean on each other when needed. When I was new and floundering, absolutely clueless about crypto, we had bumped into each other at a workshop. She looked me in the eye, and said "When you get back, the first chance you get, power up! Steem is low, this is the time to do it."
That was sometime in March or April, I can't remember and there has been no looking back since.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to say Thank you to two amazing Steemians 😊

Hey @kaerpediem thanks so much for the shout out! @steemitmamas is all of you and thank you for all the time and effort that you put into the community tirelessly greeting and helping newbies along! Hugs!

Sounds like you've found some very supportive people on here, @kaerpediem.
Treasure them.
Thanks for joining.

yes I have and very grateful for it
My pleasure 😊

This is such a difficult task for me because like you, I have so many here who I'm thankful for. But after reading through all of the comments and seeing @thedarkhorse and the Pay it Forward Curation Contest mentioned several times (which is awesome!), I'm going in that direction, but taking a little side street :). Now, I am of course thankful for him, but my two choices are going to be the other judges, @wolfhart and @tryskele. Without them, the contest would be completely overwhelming; when thedarkhorse and I mulled ideas over for a contest, we were focusing on curation, but certain things occurred in his life that was like a light bulb going off in his head and he tweaked it beautifully into its' current state. Before we knew it, more and more were putting in entries and we knew we had to get other judges on board because we just couldn't handle the volume ourselves. Working with @wolfhart and @tryskele has been awesome; not only getting to n them on a personal level, but their dedication, selflessness, and true pay it forward attitude has been such a joy to be around. Plus, they all make me laugh ...always a bonus in my books :)

Thanks again for doing this @simplymike and congratulations to my all time favorite new Dolphin :)

Thanks for joining, @lynncoyle1, and for breaking the rules just a tiny little bit ;0)
Glad to hear you guys over at @pifc have so much fun together. I must say I admire what you are doing very much. Keep it up!

Golly gee this is tough. I love the sentiment behind this contest more than just about anything else right now. I wish I were able to contribute in a more meaningful way, but for now, I'll contribute just by participating.

First - I appreciate @apolymask for being active and supportive. He is one of the first people I communicated with on a discord channel, and while we aren't besties or anything, I notice that he often comments and goes out of his way to just be nice to people. Thanks @apolymask.

Second - I appreciate @jaynie. While I've only been a member of @steemitbloggers for a short time, I adore the community she has been instrumental in building. Daily, @jaynie is discussing, posting, curating, chatting, commenting, and working to make steemit a more supportive place to spend time.

Third - oh yeah, I only get two in the comments sections. Aaargh! There are so many people who are appreciated. I'll just have to drop some comments on their posts. :-)

Thanks for having an awesome contest @simplymike.

I know it's hard to pick only two, lol.
But I think you've made some good choices. Both would be on my list too.

Thanks for the nice words and mention mattifer. :) You're welcome and I feel similar about you! So thank you as well! I like people who genuinely interact and are kind and friendly and I get that impression about you as well! Cheers and best wishes to you into the future! :D

Thanks! And I look forward to many more of your IFC contests. :-)

Firstly! Congratulations on making a Dolphin!

Here are my nominees:

  1. @dreemsteem because she lives, breathes, walks, writes, sings, speaks and lives her life in GIVING all of herself here when she isn't with her family. She runs the welcome wagon. Has inititated so many ways to give just about as much steem away as she can earn it. I don't know how this woman exists with so little sleep, yet she does, I think she might be alien but since we don't discriminate based on species here....I think she more than makes the cut!

  2. This is so hard and unfair as there are so many. But one very special person comes to mind. @lynncoyle1

She may live a quiet life here on Steemit, but her presence once she has visited, is not one you forget easily. She has a point of view that almost all of humanity would overlook, yet she would manage to find an angle of empathy and compassion most of us don't see. Her authenticity and genuine appreciation of the things she curates leaves the author with such encouragement, it truly engenders good content.

These are my heartfelt nominations.

Thank you for this contest. I hope these kind souls win! Xx I

I think the win is for the author of the comment! not the people who are nominated. hehehehe so i hope YOU win :)

Thank you, my twinnie for all the love that you have unceasingly poured out onto me. Whether it be in the form of laughter (yes - that poor cow - it took me ages to drag him into the forest. but i was late for my yoga class, so i couldn't give him proper assistance hahahahahahahahahaha) or tears (yep. but they are cleansing tears) or support (oh my gosh - i still remember one of our first conversations, talking about our business ideas hehehehe was that 10 years ago? feels like it LOL) or sage wisdom (Mega. We should have purchased stock in Mega LOLOL) whatever it is.... it's a circle of love surrounding it all - and i love every moment of it.

I AM an alien though. Thank you for not discriminating against me based on my species. hehehe my violet blood runs deep. and my poor spleen couldn't take it if you discriminated!!!! (we don't feel with our hearts we feel with our spleens. see?) hahahahahahahaha

Oh my spleen feels so deeply for you too Twinnie love!

Gosh, it feels like a few lifetimes for sure! Hahahaha. Oh my goodness, I swear I still laugh out loud at our mad moments.

Hon, the love and support felt and received is so very mutual. Our chats, the love and fellowship you show me is really quite special, unlike anything I've experienced before. I am so blessed to have you in my life.

Not to mention the amazing people I meet as a result of our proximity to your radiating heart!

I didn't realize I was tempted contestant! Hahaha. Thank you for highlighting that!! Only you would have realized what I was thinking then. Lol!!!

Oh @kchitrah that is such a beautiful comment! Thank you so much :) Your words are always so full of love and kindness ... you really do make my heart smile.

You are the first person to say something like that to me regarding my curating, but that really is how I feel about the people and content I help get noticed! Thank you for being so perceptive and so very sweet!! <3

You make it so easy love! Your actions speak volumes of your heart.

Hope the move went well, and you are having good days with Brian. Xx

Thanks for joining, @kchitrah.
I think both girls will be very appreciative when they read your comment.

Just one thing:

She may live a quiet life here on Steemit,
Are you sure you're talking about @lynncoyle1?? Lol, just kidding 😎

Hahaha, at least the sliver of @lynncoyle1 I do know.

Oh and my bad. I honestly thought the contest was for the person we nominate, not us.


To be honest, I have not check it out entirely yet, @kchitrah. It was a tip from a friend, but I haven't had the time to take a decent look.

How in the steemiverse could this be possible, to write only about TWO friends here, that I appreciate ...

Puhhhhhhh ... alright ... so:

The amazing @dreemsteem who opened my eyes to a new universe with her kindness, her respect and her never ending support. She gave me a little push in her own way, full of love and fun. Without you I would have never started a very special project. (@dreemsteem, you know what I mean)

Then there is the sensitive @eveningart, who with her sensitive antenna pict up my sensitive and shy waves, that flow through the steemiverse. Somewhere, in a moment lost in time and space - it feels like aeons ago - she opened up her steemiverse space ship door, looked at me and saw how I was floating through space. I thank you @eveningart for finding me.

Oh shall I carry on ..... aghhhhh ... the rules ... thank you very much @simplymike for this amazing contest!

Oh my darling @anutu - it was a very happy day for me when I discovered you floating through the Steemiverse... and now you've given me a spaceship?! I'm one very very happy alien right now :) Thank you so much for mentioning me- you've made my day - my week! And lovely Dreemie- how does she do it? Where does she find her endless love from?

E x

When you have been shown endless love - it's hard to keep it bottled up! The need to return it in various forms is overwhelming! hehehehe

my only problem is finding enough ways to do it ;)

I run out of energy before I run out of love - that's for sure. hahahaha

This is so true, I feel like a well shaken champagne bottle then. hihi <3

hahahahahaha yes!!! ready to explode! LOLOL i love it!!!!

Ohhh ... I LOVE very happy aliens! :)
What else can I say: ... with out words ...

Very poetic, @anutu :0)
Thanks for taking the time to show your appreciation

Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to show my appreciation with your amazing contest @simplymike! And congratulations for making a Dolphin !!

You're welcome, @anutu . And thanks :0)

This is just what I needed to wake up to. :)

deep sigh

The past few days have been difficult for me - not sure why... but they have been. I've been feeling so disconnected from my lovely people! hehehe and then today - I read this! (and I already saw that @eveningart did the same!) wow. it's just the gentle hug that I needed ! :) desperately needed!!! :)

I'm so glad that you felt all the love and fun that I did try to infuse hehehehe I so look forward to seeing what you bring to the world. I will be smiling on with love, support, joy, and a lot of cheerleading!!! hehehehehe

thank you @simplymike for bringing this contest up! Isn't it funny how you intend one thing - and it begins a cascade of joy and love along with it??? I always try to do the same. Sometimes I fail - sometimes I succeed - but we always try - right? :) congratulations on becoming a dolphin!!! and thank you for being part of my huge smile today! :)


Only two people? Well, at least they're easy picks to make.

@triverse of course was the sap who brought me onto this Steemit thing and set me going. For that I thank him. Seeing the headlines of his posts pop up on my feed, even if I don't read the posts themselves, is always interesting to see. And your Adventures in Reselling posts are some of my favorite on the whole platform.

The other is @modernzorker. Your posts are amazing - intelligent, funny, and always interesting, whether it's LaserDiscs, horror, D&D, gaming, comics, or something else. I always enjoy learning about whatever obscure thing you've found today, and the more obscure, the better. Your "To Guide or Not to Guide" posts, and the Razor chronology, remain some of my favorites. Your posts fit the format I love reading best (and the format I generally keep myself to), the long-form review. May you never cease.

Thanks for joining, @terry93d. I'm sure both will be pleased to know you appreciate them.

I could pick so many.. But.. My two are @charisma777 and @plushzilla
They both work what seems like tirelessly behind the scenes and are often giving selflessly in a way that surprises me. And it's not just cause they help me with the IFC so much, I see them helping so many others elsewhere that to me it just seems like they are good people and that is part of their character, which I admire.

Sometimes I get kinda discouraged about the state of the world and humanity, but these are two people who definitely help give me hope back into the world and humanity. :) I'm honored to work with and know them and I think if we had more charismas and plushzillas the world would be a much better place! :D
Thanks for the cool contest, I did one similar before about "heroes of steemit" and it got a really good response! In fact.. I seem to remember you entered into that one? I'm not positive, but I think you did! Anyways.. It's a good subject I want to touch more on in the future. Great work putting this together! ._.

There are plenty of worthy people from @ifc that could be mentioned here as well but I have already done my nominations :p

I did enter that one. After the huge amount of reading I had to do during the first edituon of this contest, I didn't even get to writing my own appreciation post. So I used your superhero challenge to write one anyway :0)

I'm sure both @charisma777 and @plushzilla will be pleased to read your comment.

This post no matter how you slice it I would say was highly successful 245 comments. "Appreciation" is not dead, and people are not afraid to let others know who they like/appreciate, no fear among these respondents .

I think that's awesome. Because of the success of the previous appreciation contest, I had high expectations. But then it took a while before the comments started to get in, so I was afraid it would be a disappointment.
But it sure wasn't! It is so nice to see (read) all those happy comments and replies.

I will get the winners post out tomorrow - that's going to be quite a lot of work - but I think many people feel like they are winners after this, even without the prizes...

I think it's important to remind people to show their appreciation every once in a while. Too often we say nothing and just assume that the other person knows...

Yes, and that was why it was hard to narrow it down to two people. But we all depending on the day and the mood, and other things going on at the time have different people we turn to and admire for different situations.

This entire idea was born because @crazybgadventures started his weekly shout out Saturday post, in which he highlighted a couple of people every week.
It might be something to consider...

Firstly congratulations on the dolphin level.

It is really tough decision to choose who to tag but I will do it anyway.

@zord189 is the steemit buddy that always giving support to me and also one of the core member in steemitbloggers. It is quite inspiring to see his persistency in blogging. Also very thankful that he is supporting each of every post that I maded until today. Thank you very much bro.

@danieldoughty, one of the steem ambassador in Borneo Island. He is consider the preacher for steemit here in my place. Without him I believe our growth in terms of number will not big. His passion to introduce steemit to everyone is really make the community is bigger now. Also with the support from him, I am still here.

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Thanks for taking the time to speak out your appreciation.
I'm sure both will like reading what you had to say about them :0)


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A big big CONGRATULATION on your Dolphinship!!!!

Well this just timely! In all my time here in Steemit, there is but one great person whom I am forever in debt. She had been shadowing and observing me in all my mommy posts. Then she had invited to be under the wings of the WW Family at @welcomewagon. She had always encourage me to keep doing what i love, to nurture the passion in writing and constantly be in touch with the others. As I always say to her, before I was floating adrift, alone and halfway lost. I did not know much about Steemit, i did not know where to ask for I have so many questions in mind. The black and white docs are not enough to be read and understand alone. But now, a lot of my questions were finally answered. My queries were dealt with and explained patiently. If it was not for her, I might have slowly faded in Steemit.

Miss @dreemsteem, Id like you to know how much i appreciate you! 😊😙.. im one lucky red fish to be discovered by you! I have found genuine friendship. Thank you so much for your overwhelming support. I have no more words to tell how grateful I am!! Hope digital hugs and kisses suffice. 😚😙😗

And the other one, is my sissy @twodork! She has always had my back in everything. Dear Sissy please do know how much i appreciate you!! Thank you lots and i miss you terribly!

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

Well..... after reading @anutu's message - and now reading yours... (and I still haven't read the one from @eveningart which GINA told me about) i'm in tears!

dont worry - they're all happy tears!!!!! :) But my goodness. I'm completely overwhelmed with love today. Thank you!!! hahahaa now i'm wondering if you three conspired together to bless me with your love!!!!! LOLOLOLOL

You, Queenie, have been a delight and always shine your joy all around. Your laughter, your continual comments on everyone's posts... the way you make us feel like we are in your heart! It's so special how you can do this on a grand scale!!!! It doesn't matter how many people - your arms extend even wider to embrace us all with the same amount of affection and joy! You think you were grateful to be a part of WW??? but we are the grateful ones! Each new recruit we bring on - is so special, and making WW to be this shining, multi-faceted beautiful diamond!

Thank you for being who you are!!! for sparkling so brightly that I couldn't look away! I had to have you as part of our family! hehehehehe I love you dearly!!! and i secretly hope that one day we can all be in the same room - laughing, loving, hugging, laughing, talking, laughing..... did i mention laughing??? hehehehehe

Thank you for making my day EVEN brighter!!!

(and thank you AGAIN @simplymike - for hosting this!!!! it's the catalyst to some smiles and tears today - for sure hehehehe)

hahahaha! i did not know they have written/tag you too! hahahaha @anutu and @eveningart, we all have that special place in our hearts for our dear miss @dreemsteem..

you are truly loved!!!!! That is how affectionate, caring and loving person that you are. you spread so much love in anyone... its really contagious!.. we could not get enough of you.. so as simple as this, hoped you'll know that life here on Steemit would have never been this fun if we have not met you.

so bear with us if, we get to enjoy our time being here because of you. Steemit life had more giggles than before. of course, with other WW Family... the giggles just got even bigger!

how i would want that too.. all of us sitting in one room!!!! maybe one day.. who knows..imagine all of us coming from different parts of the world will be meeting each other personally..its a WW dream!!!!

is it a WW dream?

or a WW dreem??? hhahahahaha

I think - BOTH! :)

I was very overwhelmed with knowing that you three (and someone else too) nomimated me. It was a wonderful beginning to my day

tears of joy for sure

I would love for us to all be together somewhere! How can we make this happen?!?!?! aghhhhhhhh maybe when we're all whales LOL

of course it is!! I hope it would be possible given a time frame after we all become whales... hahahahahaha

That is what you're effect on us dreemie! We could not get enough of you. Its evident that all three of us, just posted. No connivance or whatsoever.. hahaha,, it was just out of pure intentions of appreciating you.

lots of love for all of us.

hehehehe yes you are all so special to me :) I love to see what's happening in WW!
and i agree - let's get to whale status and then TRAVEL THE WORLD!!!! :)

Yes! I like it better now.. all are active, spontaneous and fun!

Its like every week there is something new brewing in the WW House..

WW travel goals! Haha cheers to that! 🍸🍷

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yes - and if i could only think of a good contest for the SBI!!!! gahhhhh it's driving me crazy LOL i want to post it tonight LOL

Now that's what I call an appreciation message :0)
I think both will be very pleased when they read it.
Thanks for joining

Thank you back at your awesomeness!!!

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I love you Queeie! hehehehe

i love you back Miss dreemie!!! always..

my sweet Q

<3 hehehehehe

always my darling!

unbelievable. i'm just overwhelmed

I aw quite some people say wonderful things about you, @dreemsteem.
That's why I hold these contests - we often think people know that we appreciate them, but to hear it spoken out loud is still something else...

They do tell me often too :) but to see it all in one place - it did make me cry :)
Thank you for the contest!!! :)

You are welcome. Thanks for your reaction. That is exactly why I host these contests. It makes me so happy to see all those people being happy because they feel appreciated.

They do tell me often too

Then you are blessed with some nice people around you. :0)

Hi, I loved the idea, however I can't reduce my thanks to just two people so I decided to make a whole publication.

this is my job and I hope you like it. More like it, though. Thank you for giving me the opportunity and the pretext to THANK YOU


Great post, @norihany.
I understand it is difficult to limit yourself to just two people, so creating a separate blog post was a good ide :0)

Thanks a lot, I hope to win haha ) or at least let my friends read my post

I loved your first offering of this contest. I was a real noob then and didn't know my way around much. But found it SO COOL to see the outpouring by so many steemians of their gratitude to other steemians was really special to witness. In celebration of this second contest i look forward to doing a post i have been procrastinating a long time! So many thanks for the encouragement! Let's see what becomes of this contest ❤❤❤

Thanks, @yogajill.
I hope it will be just a blast like the previous time..
Thanks for the bounty

Oh, oh, oh! I love @yogajill's ability to show up on my post with comments that brighten my day every time. ((hugs))

I'm so going to get in trouble for breaking the 2 person limit. That's okay. I'll forfeit a prize for a love fest if I have to. ;)

I appreciate @ronaldoavelino. He's always providing positive, helpful comments and consistently posts about his quality numismatic collection. He's a model steemian.

I second this nomination @ronaldoavelino is an amazing person and always there with support!

Glad you found a model Steemian out there. Thanks for joining, you've posted a valid entry

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Man, that whole community thing keeps dragging me back, too! It really is so much more than 'just a blogging platform'!!!

What a remarkable and awesome idea for a contest. I must submit @mariannewest for her constant support of my writing, but not just my writing, but then entire freewriting community.

And seriously, it's not just that she supports her own community, but this woman is seemingly tireless in her efforts to encourage others as well as keeping up with a rigorous posting schedule of her own! She has been a DEFINITE solid reason why I have stuck with my writing on here and also why I felt confident enough to start writing elsewhere and looking for writing work outside of steemit. She definitely deserves so much more appreciation than she's getting!

Thanks for joining, @byn.
@mariannewest is definitely a good choice, if you ask me.
You've posted a valid entry.

Thanks for sharing

Congrats on your new Dolphin status. You achieve it so fast.

This one is easy for me. I would like to thank @beeyou and @davemccoy. They both taught me everything there is to know about Steemit, STEEM, and now SM. I would be lost had I not have their guidance and support and I owe them all of my success on Steemit. Thank you both for all that you do.

Thanks for joining, @mellofello.
I couldn't agree with you more on your choices. Withoit them, I would probably have left a long time ag :0)

You've posted a valid entry

Congratulation once again @simplymike Dolphin 👍 seeing so many well familiar name in comments for the pool of rewards. Still i would love to nominate 2 names from #steemitbloggers. Community
@blockurator for his awesome write up and @starjewel for their artistic works. These names are not so familiar still they have the calibre to ezxel on steemit

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I agree you picked out two very special Steemians, @steemflow.
You've posted a valid entry.

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Congrats again on the new status. Keep on swimming up stream. Your post says a lot of things that I love about this place. So here is a few thank you post.

First I want to thank @clove71 again. When I got into steemmonsters she was on of the first to talk to me on discord and has helped me out a lot to understand the market and other things about the game. Along with doing a lot of giveaways. She doing a great job trying to spread the game also by running a facebook page for it and other things.

Next I want to say thanks to @wolfhart he brought me into the pay it forward group. It has lead me to meet so many other people that are very helpful here. He has helped me get better at posting. He also is very open and shares here on steemit reminding me this place isn't just about money but about supporting each other.

Thank again have a good one.

Good choices, @stever8e
You picked two amazing people to thank.
That's definitely a valid entry for you :0)

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Congratulation on being a Dolphin!!
Love sharing this kind of contest, giving out so much positive vibe!!

Awesome idea and congrats on the milestone

I appreciate @saffisara she is one of the kindest people on steemit. Her friendly comments always bring a smile to my face. We have been friends and allies almost my whole time on steemit, and I wouldn't have it any other way 😁

I also appreciate the one and only @enginewitty! This guy has helped me ever since I first found steemit. He is responsible for introducing me to other awesome steemians. Not to mention all the other random stuff along the way. Did I mention he is a witness now? I really appreciate that he wants to help make steemit a better place!

Thanks for showing your appreciation, @armshippie.
Glad you found some awesome people here on SteemIt

Just 2, that is really hard, since a couple of mine have already been mentioned, I will try to hit two who have not.
(This one doesn't count)
@simplymike, Thank you for this awesome contest, and for the supportive words you have sent my way.

My two:
I really appreciate @ecoinstant, he's been providing some guidance to some additional aspects of the community, become a sounding board for ideas and thoughts, and helped me come up with an idea that won the first round of papa-pepper's wild and strange contest.

The next person I appreciate is @carlgnash. I haven't spoken a lot with Carl, but he helps with several initiatives that have really helped me out lately. He seems to rather enjoy it while he is helping other steemians out, and engaging with the community at a pretty high level..

Thanks for taking the time to show your appreciation for your fellow Steemians, @coinsandchains

It's hard to just do two when there are soooo many.

BTW, I saw you were using fast reply. I found a bug in it, if you are posting on a comment string that goes over 10 deep the comments do not post... They just queue up in the upper left and never send, also votes have to be at around 5sp or it doesn't send.

Thanks for the tip.
I don't comment using Fast-Reply very ofyen. I use it yo see which comments I need to reply to, but most of the time I don't remember what the conversation was all about, soI still usee the link to open the comment on Steemit. Never use FR for voting.
Still, it isgood to know. Thanks

Hello @simplymike and congratulations on reaching dolphin status. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step but takes multiple persistent steps to reach the end. Glad to see that you chose to stay on the platform.
With this opportunity, I will like to aprreciate two users on steemit ; @wafrica and @fundition for the amazing work they are doing on steemit. They have been very resourceful and supportive here in the community. Especially @fundition that is doing a lot to impact and change lives. We want to appreciate them for that. @wafrica has developed the African steemian network here on steemit to a whole new dimension and they co tinue to do so and for that we say a big thank you to them.

So @wafrica and @fundition Thank you for all you are doing here and we truly appreciate it.

@simplymike, I am not interested in the steem monster packs but the other prizes are welcomed.

I agree both have done quite a lot for the SteemIt community. Good choices!

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Its always great to say thanks to those who brought us into Steemit. I was quite skeptic over all this but I have to say many people whom I have met have proven me wrong.

It's truly a great community & meeting new people.

You got voted by @curationkiwi thanks to simplymike! This bot is managed by @KiwiBot and run by @rishi556, you can check both of them out there. To receive maximum rewards, you must be a member of @KiwiBot. To receive free upvotes for yourself (even if you are not a member) you can join the KiwiBot Discord linked here and use the command !upvote (post name) in #curationkiwi.

Honestly it is super hard to only choose two. So many people here have helped me so much. I have to say @davemccoy friended me on Discord early on just so I can ask him silly newbie questions. I try not to take advantage of his time but it is really good to know the option is always there if I need it.
Then there is @abh12345. His little charts and graphs are a life saver. The amount of data he puts out is almost overwhelming but often the insights gained are something I would have missed. I have to admit after thinking about it some I make a change in my strategy on occasion.
The real impact comes from the engagement leagues. My account growth has multiplied since becoming involved with that. Also many I Interact with on a regular basis have benefitted. That helps us all.
I can't not mention @beeyou. She was my first genuine connection here. It is more of a personal thing with her. We share similar views on Steeming. That makes her perfect to bounce ideas off of. More than anything her sense of humor keeps things fun.

haha, @headchange, you cheated - you put 3 names out there instead of 2, lol

Exactly my pics - I completely agree with everything you say.
Thanks for joining

Not a cheat at all if you figure all the ones I left out :D Bee don't count since she is on vacation. But You sure do run a tough contest that's for sure.

Lol - good arguments you have there, @headchange

I appreciate @bowess because he thought me how to be patient when steemit was about approving my account. And I also appreciate @sweetcha so so so much she thought me what steemit was all about. So thank you for that! ......... I will stay active though and try to further my contacts. Resteemed and Upvoted. And thank you for creating such an awesome post!


You're welcome :0)
Good choices. I'm sure your chosen people will apreciate that you've taken the time to appreciate them.


  • My first nomination is the full community of #newbiegames. I know its kinda cheating to nominate a whole community instead of just one Steemian but as the saying goes ... Rules are meant to be broken :P From the participants to the game creators the whole community is awesome.

  • Which brings me to my second nomination. Which was the person who first introduced me the #newbiegames community. That person was none other than @davemccoy. Thanks for pointing me in the #newbiegames direction.

Thanks, @rentmoney.
That reminds me: I need to start gathering some people to run the @newbiegames account with me again, but for now I'm flying solo, and it's not easy to keep up. But thanks for the appreciation.

And where would we all be without our bad boy Mccoy... if you think about everything he started here...

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Well I actually appreciate @stever82 because he brought me back to steemit in these harsh days. Aswell as that he brought me into Steemmonsters. So thank you for that! Other than that I don't know too many steemians yet sadly... I will stay active though and try to further my contacts. Resteemed and Upvoted. And thank you for making such an awesome post!

Posted using Partiko Android

Glad to have you back, @orl4nda. And thanks @stever82 for bringing him back.

@orl4ndo, if you engage in the community, you'll sure get to know a lot of people fast enough.
You've posted a valid entry

Good on you!

Namaste, my friend.


I totally appreciate @dkid14
Commenting on this post

You now have over 500 sp voting power. I just delegated 320 sp to your account. I’m trying to help as many as I can get to 500 sp. keep powering up!

How's that for the spirit of paying it forward?!?!?

And the icing on that cake is him teaming up with @shoemanchu (my 2nd vote of appreciation) to create @dosdudes, where they are giving away tons of free stuff, of which my biggest prize so far is 50 shares of SBI! woohoo ...and I've won some awesome SteemMonster cards...

Wow, @wizardave, it seems like you've come across some very generous Steemians. :0)

yes indeed!

I appreciate countless people who have helped me along my Steem journey, but since rules are rules I will highlight two.


I was blessed to stumble upon @reddust's blog early in my Steem journey. What attracted me most to her blog (and what she excels at to this day) is that she engages the people who stop by her posts.

Early on I decided that I want to engage others like @reddust. I wanted to show people that I valued their comments with sincere replies and upvotes.

To this day, I can not imagine how a single Steem user impacted my trajectory as much as @reddust. We don't see each other as often as we did in the early days, but her example made a difference for me and I want to do the same for others.


I am blessed to have made some Indonesian friends since joining the Steem community. This is important to me because of living in #Indonesia for more than 10 years.

I really appreciate @el-nailul's tenacity. He keeps pressing forward despite the challenges. He could have called it quiets so many times, but he keeps trying harder and harder. He writes great content and he connects well with other people.

I appreciate him because he is working towards a goal and he is not letting anything stop him from reaching that goal.

Thanks for joining, @sumatranate .
I'm happy you've come across Steemians who have had such an impact on you!

Congrats on your dolphin status brother!! Great job!

Upvoted and resteemed!! Hope it helps
There are so many out there! Luckily some of them have been named below. So lets see whom I can point out. First, I have to go with @silversaver888. I actaully helped her come to steemit and since then she has been knocking it out of the park! She has grown her network of friends and is always willing to give anyone a hand if they need. She has also brought new faces to #steemsilvergild and itroduced them to the stacking lifestyle. She is a warm and welcoming soul and I appreciate the positive impact she has on all of us!
Second, I must go with @dixiesilverminer because of what a connecting force they are. They have brought individuals to this platform from many others and also show amazing contemt consistently. Additionally, they have held an amazing #piratesunday contest for the past few months that has allowed me to write creatively and produce something that many steemians enjoy. Not to mention the awesome metals products and art they produce!
There are so many more but I have to go with these two fantastic parties currently! Thanks so much for chance!

It must be a great feeling bringing someone to SteemIt who is doing so well for herself.
I think both people will aprreciate your words of appreciation.

congratulations for becoming dolphin, you will go further, never give up, even if you believe that everything is lost, there is always more to give. Steemit is a great project, a great platform, and I identify a lot with you in terms of the gratitude that we can come to feel for people who do not know (not personally), but who become so important and so sincere that they undoubtedly earn the title of friends.

I came to steemit thanks to a great friend, someone I admire and who I have the pleasure to meet in person, @josevas217, an exceptional man, excellent editor, creative, and example of struggle on this platform, I thank him for introducing me steemit.

Another person who showed me what faceless generosity is, giving without waiting, supporting and always giving you a hand, is @minotaurototal, he and his team have been totally supportive, Javier is his real name, you, my friend, thank you!

unfortunately I can only name two, I have a couple of friends left but, I always send my thanks.

Sorry, I simply had to limit it to two people, or I would be reading comments in this thread all week long, lol.
Thanks for taking the time to show your appreciation!

I literally just finished writting an appreciation post for the lucksacks.com poker league hosted by @tuck-fheman and all the hard word both tuck and @bethalea put in to make the community and the site run so seemlessly.

Great post. It's important to stop what we're doing every once in a while and take the time to appreciate the people around us. And that was exactly what you did in that post.

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@simplymike, I participated in your contest last week where you had said you had gotten close to dolphinhood, and now you've reached it! Congratulations!

As for the two steemians I'm grateful to:

One of them is @cryptkeeper17. He had been helping newbies and hosted the first ever contest I took part in, when I was nearing my first month on Steemit and had still been struggling to earn a few cents with my posts. I didn't win the contest, but thanks to it I learned how fun and important these contests are for newbies to engage, and discover interesting content and people. Cryptkeeper17 also encouraged me to join @qurator, which I eventually managed to do, and am still very happy about. He also gave me my first @dustsweeper credits (I had known about Dusty at the time but still hadn't deposited any funds), and recently, when I told him I became interested in Steem Monsters, he unexpectedly gave me a lot of cards! :D I'm grateful for all the little pushes he has given me, be it on Steemit or Steem Monsters.

The other steemian is @danielsaori (one of the creators of Dustsweeper, though Dustsweeper still didn't exist when I first ran into him). I took part in his Steemit Comment Challenge only once and with no expectations at all. My entry didn't get many votes from other people (at the time, this was required to be able to have a chance to win first place), but Daniel had really liked my comment and picked it as the "judge's choice," and I unexpectedly won second place at the contest! This was the first contest I had ever won, and I got a 200 SP delegation for one week. I remember I jumped and had to double... triple check when I noticed the extra 200 SP in my account! It was amazing. Not only the SP delegation, but also knowing that an established user enjoyed what I - a newbie nobody - had written definitely boosted my motivation to continue steeming! I'll always remember that!

Thank you to the two steemians above, and thank you @simplymike for this contest, an interesting opportunity to say our "thank yous" :D .

Thanks, @aiyumi
You've chosen two familiar names, so I know they are always prepared to help out when needed.

I have recently found this new user by the name @uhhhighlordtimes from his introduction post a few days ago and I noticed that he has only made one post since so I would like to take this opportunity to encourage him to keep up the good work and i would love to see more poetry from him.

what a great initiative! there's so many people i could thank. If I had to limit it to 2, I'd say @zord189 for being so kind when I was first joining the steemit-bloggers site (and even steem-cartoon). I think everyone can agree how awesome and wonderful he is, and his posts and comments are always great to read. and then @cobmaximus for helping start the steemit-webcomics group and being so understanding when I was going through a difficult time. He's funny and constant drive to keep drawing and improve himself is inspiring. Even though I'm not always active on the discord, everytime I pop in I'm met with warmth and good conversation.

Thanks for joining, @corinneiskorean.
Glad you have found some Steemians thatinspired you ;0)