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RE: 🏆 [CONTEST] Appreciate Your Fellow Steemians And Win Amazing Prizes! (Part 2)

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Damn! Only 2 people! That is tough....

I would have to start with @remlaps, who started the Classical-music community here on Steemit and without his generous and ongoing support and groundwork, it wouldn't have been possible to get the @classical-radio account off the ground. There still isn't a huge amount of Classical Music on Steemit, but we are getting there!

@apolymask (and @ifc), his Information Finding Championship (which is only just ending it's first season) gave form to my early posting on Steemit. Without it, I wouldn't have had learnt how to make my posts look better, and wouldn't have had the practice in writing decent length articles about a specific topic!

... and I would also like to thank and nominate a few more...


Thanks for the nice mention bengy. :) Glad you've felt like the IFC has been such a positive thing for you. I'm sure you probably still would have learned those things in time as you're a very smart guy! But it's good to know our contest helped in that area! I love your posts by the way, I think you're one of the best writers I've seen on steemit. And I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that I'm honored to have you in our contest! Cheers friend! Looking forward to more awesome and enlightening posts from you and conversations as well in the future!

No problem, glad to spread the word and thanks for the kind words!

Any ideas on a rough start window for season 2?

lol! The Donald gif. hahahaha... I wanted to keep going, too. ;)
hugs @bengy on her way to @soyrosa

Thanks! I was looking for something more Abbot and Costello or something really vaudeville slapstick... but humans just don't have the same flexibility as cartoon characters!

Great choices, @bengy.
That was definitely a valid entry

The Donald gif was really good idea, lol.

Thanks! Sorry, I'm not sure where the danlupi vote came from! Not from me!

No it was mine.
I'll do some more later

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