TMC (The Mene Couple)

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Has anyone else noticed these two Mene Lovebirds?

I’m talking about @goldfashioned and Ms. Goldfashioned!


These two are alway gifting each other Mene and its AWESOME. You can tell its <3 when two people want to share such timeless gifts symbolizing their affection.


Tons of pictures of 24 karat Mene charms they have gifted and opened with each other :



Ms. Goldfashioned letting @goldfashioned UNBOX HER MENE. Now THAT is true love:


Spending quality time together looking for gold and wearing Mene

@goldfashioned even made a whole video about Ms. Goldfashioned waiting on Mene!

I believe Mene has UNLOCKED their love!


They do couples unboxings !

These two are so wild, they even do OUTDOORS MENE ADVENTURES!


And surprise each other with Mene :


We should all strive to be like



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😍😍😍😍❤❤❤💜💜💜 24K Mene.


^ What she said!

<3<3 SHE LET YOU UNBOX HER MENE @goldfashioned?!? #Keeper.


Right??? Who does that??? Must be love

omg. Beautiful♥


I agree:)

I love this!!


I know another Mene couple .... :)

TMC + GLD = Mene family


Mene family =<3

Happy family is a family that is always investing in the future together.

I am jealous of your family @goldfashioned.


Love these two!

That's sweet. @lturner and I will have matching MENE something someday. @ironshield


Awesome <3

That would be too cool... to have someone to surprise me with a Mene, and for me to likewise do the same. I shall put that in my wish list, LOL! But seriously, WOW! They are an inspiring couple... the couple that invests in 24K Mene jewelry together, stays together!


Thats for sure:)

Wow...amazing couples Mene as done so much and create more affectionate between @goldfashion and #MS.goldfashion, u can remember how my gold change the name of my girlfriend to MS.Franchise gold haha thanks to @goldmatters for showing this hot @goldfashion unboxing emotional...


Great idea :)

These Mene are unique and beautiful


Very much so

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Thanks booster

que buen video mene