What in the World is Menē24k - 40 well researched blog style essays! (Contest winners)

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*****Bloggers note: This was my most successful contest ever on Steemit! I promise to all of you that I take incredible care to read your entries in honor of all the work you put into them. It’s a TON of work, but I asked for this, and you delivered....OVER 40 INCREDIBLE ENTRIES !! *****


When I launched my 3rd contest on Steemit, “What in the World is Menē 24 Karat Gold and Platinum Investment Jewelry Part I, Steemians stepped up to the challenge big time!!


Your Mene invite: http://Mene.com/invite/JrT26p

Steemians sharpened their pencils and cracked the books to research this question, and knocked it out of the park (can I use any more metaphors in this sentence?)!

Here are some highlights:

@sevinwilson takes a deep dive into Menē: https://steemit.com/whatintheworldismene/@sevinwilson/the-game-has-changed-in-the-jewelry-industry


@melio1995 gives us some US historical context: https://steemit.com/whatintheworldismene/@meilo1995/mene-24k-gold-gold-as-pure-as-gandhi


@lucyc entered a professional and thoughtful essay:


@tezzmax give a comprehensive history lesson and profile of Menē: https://steemit.com/whatintheworldismene/@tezzmax/the-best-investment-and-great-information-hidden-about-gold-but-revealed-be-mene-meh-ney-d11a43b2db994

Image source: www.mene.com

We had MULTIPLE entries from the amazing! @jbcoin comes through as always with an amazing piece: https://steemit.com/whatintheworldismene/@jbcoin/what-in-the-world-is-mene-24k-investment-gold-jewelry-find-out-for-free



@mel1ss has an OUTSTANDING classroom style report that I was very impressed with:


Image source: www.mene.com

A great Q & A style post from @stnwllstrtgc: https://steemit.com/whatintheworldismene/@stnwllstrtgc/mene-meta-money


This guy @silverfortune has a rockin’ Youtube channel stackers will love, and he stepped away from it long enough to post this great entry: https://steemit.com/whatintheworldismene/@silverfortune/mene-real-wealth-that-you-can-wear

Image source: www.mene.com

Returning champ from my last contest @thetimetravelerz shows that he was no one hit wonder:


Image source: www.mene.com

@raybrockman, prominent #steemsilvergold member delivers with his special style:


Image source: www.mene.com

@tzcap hashtags it up in this post: https://steemit.com/whatintheworldismene/@tzcap/what-in-the-world-is-mene-24-karat-gold-and-platinum-jewelry


@kp138 Smartly highlights the Picasso family’s involvement in Menē: https://steemit.com/whatintheworldismene/@kp138/what-in-the-world-is-mene


@learnandteach01 lives up to his name and breaks down in a straight forward way the many benefits of using Menē: https://steemit.com/whatintheworldismene/@learnandteach01/what-is-mene-24-karat-gold-and-platinum-jewellery

Image source: www.mene.com

A quality endorsement by @edikanefanga: https://steemit.com/whatintheworldismene/@edikanefanga/what-in-the-world-is-mene-24k-investment-gold-jewelry-ea13b97a9389a

Image source: www.mene.com

@gniksivart has a very clever way of suprising his wife... read more:

Long time Goldmoney supporter @nigelmarkdias hits all the right points, as always, in this article:

^ Menē vitrine

@generation.easy shows he is from generation smart and clever with his post! https://steemit.com/bling/@generation.easy/mene-the-real-deal


@owenwat always has a funny angle and delivers with humor and information (and one of my first ever memes!) :


@deeclown digs into Menē:

Image source: www.mene.com

@lavanyalakshman has a very detailed post here:


@stellastella gives us a personal story about jewelry and her first memories with it as a store of value: https://steemit.com/whatintheworldismene/@stellastella/what-in-the-world-is-mene-24-karat-gold-and-platinum-investment-jewelry-my-submission


A quality entry from @kandies :



An army of Steemians nailed this in a way that only a platform like Steemit could provide. I am so grateful to Steemit for allowing me to pull this off.

I am even more grateful for the hard working Steemians who participated in this challenge and understand how, with Menē, we are dealing with a DISRUPTIVE concept that will change the world as we know it. Ultimately, the mission of Goldmoney and Menē are the same, to democratize access to gold for all.

If wealth preservation and the ultimate talisman to the erosion of your purchasing power needs to happen through the familiarity of the timeless tradition of jewelry adornment, FANTASTIC.



I want to sincerely thank everyone who participated. I tried to award as many of you as possible with over $100 in booster BONUSES given, upvotes from myself, or both. Not to mention the 100 STEEM ($600+)in prizes!!

If I missed a few participants, I am truly sorry, I did the best I could. Keep in mind I’m just 1 guy with a computer who also has a full time gig @ Goldmoney consuming my bandwidth.

After today, anyone who ever asks you #WHATINTHEWORLDISMENE ??

Please send them this link. :)


Your Mene invite: http://Mene.com/invite/JrT26p

Thanks for reading everyone!


Goldmatters Jr.

***** last minute entries:

CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO ON MENĒ by @silverfortune ! WOW!

Dont miss this one by @goldismoney !





THE REST OF THE ENTRIES : https://steemit.com/created/whatintheworldismene

SEE @JBCOIN Menē unboxing!


To find out more about what Goldmoney is from your fellow Steemians : https://steemit.com/contest/@goldmatters/what-in-the-world-s-goldmoney-winners

To sign up for a Goldmoney Holding start here: https://www.goldmoney.com/w/goldmatters

For Mene 24k investment jewelry here: http://Mene.com/invite/JrT26p

I am on a personal mission to spread the word about Goldmoney through any means necessary. Goldmoney allows individuals to empower themselves by protecting their savings by owning small or large amounts gold previously inaccessible to regular people like you and me.

Read more about Goldmoney: https://steemit.com/@goldmatters

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😱😱😱😱 OMG, I can't believe I was part of the winners. Thank you so so so much @goldmatters, am so grateful.
I have participated in a number of contests, but without mincing words, this is by far the most generous contest ever. Over a $100 in bonuses and over $600 in steem prices, that is more than mind blowing. Thank you so much
Finally, I would like you to know that your contest motivated my siblings to join steemit.
You know while researching on this contest, my 3 siblings at home became really interested in mene, and registered on mene.com, and from there registered on steemit, it just was unfortunate that they all could not participate in this contest because they had to wait for their accounts to be activated.

Thanks to all the contestants for participating, after reading most of the posts, I concluded that it was really a very difficult task for you @goldmatters to choose the winners. You guys were awesome.

A big congrats to all the winners @sevinwilson, @jbcoin, and @mel1ss,you guys rock.

And finally, a big thank you to @goldmatters, you've made my steemit journey a wonder, I can't thank you enough. God bless you real good. Am sure going to spread the word about mene both here on steemit and in my country. Thank you.

CONGRATULATIONS !!! :) You did a phenomenal job researching for this contest:)

Thank you so much. Am grateful to be part of the mene family.

@lucyc congratulations!! Your post was awesome and deserved a win! 😊

Mr. Goldmatters, another fantastic contest and a great way to raise awareness for sound money through real wealth!! Whether it be investing fiat money into real Gold through Goldmoney.com, or wearing your 24k Gold or Platinum every day through Mene Jewelry!

You really have outdone yourself! I was amazed by all of the outstanding entries from everyone!!

Thanks for all of your hard work and determination!

My best gift ever "Thanks to @jbcoin for doing all the heavy lifting for me" haha, right!

Congratulations ne the win jbcoin 👌

Thank you @meilo1995! I liked your entry, with the 1933 gold ban information too!

Thanks you jbcoin 😁

You had a great entry also!!!

Thanks you goldmatters 😊

Thank you @jbcoin, you rocked this contest!

After particiapting in the contest, i learnt alot about mene gold, i wanted to see the winners of the contest, and after seeing them i concluded i must read their various posts to learn more and know the areas i will improve on.

@lucyc made a fabulous comparism between the present and the future plans of mene, showing us the blue print of where the company is heading.

@sevinwilson, the ring comparison diagram blew my mind, i didnt think about doing that at all. Mene gold is far better than any jewelry produced by other industry. Mene produces 24k gold is far cheaper compared other gold produced which are of lower karats.

@Jbcoin, included this information which i didnt know, that mene has free shipping within USA and Canada and you can also buy mene item through bitcoin

@mel1ss, mentioned the countries where mene purchases their gold such as USA, canada etc. And not forgeting to mention the benefits a person gets when he/she registers on meme.

I must confess, i really enjoyed their different post.
Am looking forward to participating in these next mene 24k gold and platinum investment Jewelry Part 2. I cant wait... 😂

@Goldmatters kudos to you. You were totally free and fair while awarding the winners.

Fantastic analysis @loretta! Thanks for this follow up!!

Awesome @goldmatters. After participating in the contest, I was so shocked and thankful to see a whooping $10.5 dollars bonus given to me on my post, and that made me more anxious to see who the winners were. I refreshed my feed often, expecting two posts to make the top 4,posts from @jbcoin and @sevinwilson , I read their posts and was really wowed by their level of research and composition. This shows that you @goldmatters are a person of integrity and you worked really hard to read all the submitted posts and award the best posts. What shocked me the most was the fact that you responded to all the posts in a record time, it seems you had your laptop connected to your brains, such that you immediately knew when a post was submitted to the contest.
At a point, I was wondering how many hours it would have taken you to read all of them. You are awesome.

Am really inspired by your level of hard work, especially towards making mene gold and Goldmoney get to every phone screen through steemit, YouTube and other channels. Very soon mene would become as popular as coca cola is, thanks to your effort.

Finally, I must say that I learnt so much about gold, investment, and mene, from this contest, and from the website www.mene.com, and am sure going to spread the word to all those around me, starting with my friends and family.

Thank you again for this privilege, am surely blessed to have gotten to know you here. Keep up the good work.

Longlive @goldmatters, Longlive mene, Longlive Goldmoney

Thank you Bridget! You and your family are such a smart group! I am so impressed :)

Excellent contest. The most generous Steemian out there!

If you decide to mention anything about Menē on your youtube channel, please send me a link! :)

I think I'll have a video out tomorrow or the next day 😀

Oh my goodness! I was driving in the car on the way home and checked Steemit as I often do and I saw that I was a winner in this contest! I cannot believe it as there were so many quality posts to choose from! I don't know how you were able to find 4 winners @goldmatters! It must have been insanely difficult! Thank you for hosting this contest!!!

This my friend is one of the greatest marketing strategies I have seen in a while. A week ago the tag #whatintheworldismene did not exist. A week later there were 48 posts with 2,591 page views thus far!!!! That number is only to go up from here! You have created some loyal fans for life from this. I know that the next time I am thinking about buying gold, I am going to hold off on the rounds and the bars and go directly for this!

Thank you for your enduring support @sevenwilson! Your entry was amazing and worth every STEEM! It was a very tough decision deciding the winners but your attention to detail and dogged persistence to research this fully shown through. Congrats man!!!!

Thank you!! I have been a huge PM supporter for years and have never really bought "investment" jewelry because it just didn't seem right! But with Menē and their purity it really is a "no brainer"

Here's my follow up video on DTube. I'll be publishing it to YouTube today or tomorrow, with you referral link of course.

This is great man! I’m going to link this in a post today :)Do you have a twitter handle? Great job and thanks!!

Unfortunately, I'm not on Twitter.

Will you let me know when the youtube is up? I will push that too

Yeah, I'll schedule it to publish at 4 PM CST.

Send me a reminder and ill include it in my post today

Here you are, my good sir.

THIS POST was a great wrap up post @goldmatters!

Can everyone RESTEEM!! and UPVOTE this post, to show @goldmatters some love for hosting such an INCREDIBLE contest?

Yeah!! What @jbcoin said!

Congrats to all the winners and @goldmatrers for a successful contest. I'm sure alot of ppl on here know about Mene now and the importance and timeless value of gold. Super generous of ya

Thanks so much for your support @goldenarms :)

Congrats winner! Looking forward to taking a swing at the next contest you come up with @goldmatters!

Thanks for your great entry my friend :)

Awesome contest @goldmatters. Congrats to the winners!

Thank you so much for your support !!!

Any brownie points for being the first entry?

Upvote! :) thanks for your entry and participating, great entry!

Congratulations to all the winners, though all who participated were winners. Thanks @goldmatters for this contest. Many now know what Men gold is and have another form of investment.

More Menē Gold to Goldmatters Jr.


Thank you for your entry and participation!!

Wow, saw in my feed today that the results are out. Seriously @goldmatters the results were genuine. Before the results came out I knew @jbcoin would win. His blog came in much more earlier than the rest, and he did a thorough research, following the rules.

You really did a terrific job with all the posts. I sublitted a post too, and seeing you summarize it was an honor. That made me feel so good about my work, knowing that you valued it so much to talk on it. Thank you very much.

I guess all the other contestants felt this way too, knowing that you valued that inputs. I have participated in soma years contests, and almost all of them did not respond back to my post, especially when they said I did not win, but you made me feel like a winner by mentioning my post, and also by the bonus you gave me. That bonus was far more than the winning price I got from some comments. I am so happy. Thank you.

I know it was a lot of hard work, dedication and effort to read all posts, and yet you read them, to this I say thank you.

Am a big promoter of goldmoney and mene from now on. I'll make sure to do some videos and posts on it, so that more people can know about it. Also I'll carry out a little campaign on it in my location, so more people can know about it and share this good news.

I appreciate your work, and am glad to be part of the movement - the mene movement.

Thank you! And thank you for your thoughts and participation. Feel free to send me the links of anything you produced that is Goldmoney or Menē related :)

No problem, I'll surely forward the link to you. Thanks again.

Thank you @stellastella, that was very nice of you!

great contest! Although I didn't have time to go into this one but all your contests have been great! I still remember the one where we hold up a sign with Gold Money near a landmark! Good old days! (ok not really that old haha)

Travel girl!!!! You know you want a part of this!! You can still enter and I’ll upvote you lol

LOL isn't it over already? not fair for the other people .... I'll join the next one if I can do it ... but great for work everyone who took part

I’m just saying I would upvote another blog about Menē :) no 25 STEEM prize :) thanks for following @travelgirl !!

Well done to everybody who took part! Thank you @goldmatters I honestly didn't even expect to be in the running to win, there was so many other great posts. Also thanks to @jbcoin who suggested I enter & is always so supportive of all my writing!! 😊

Congratulations my friend:) amazing amazing job :)

Great job @mel1ss!! Awesome entry! Congratulations!!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Congrats to the winners! Fun contest and I learned a lot.

You have been a great supporter, thank you:)

Congrats to the 4 winners. @sevinwilson @jbcoin @lucyc @mel1ss
I am happy and pleased i participated in this contest.
Thanks for the bonuses am grateful. Been my first contest on steemit, i am very encouraged to participate in more contest. Thanks @goldmatters you sure are an inspiration to alot of we newbies. God bless you and more greese to your elbow.

Thanks for your great entry!

Congrats on the success! :) What great posts and information! This is one of the best ideas to spread the word about MENE! :) also incredibly generous rewards! Keep up the good work.

Thank you! Thank you so much for reading

of course! Love the projects you are working on!

Congratulations to the Winners they were some amazing entries you had your work cut out reading through all of them well done mate!! Iexpect this generated some great exposure for the company. Cheers bud :-)

Thanks Owen!!! You had a great entry yourself :)

Mene? What is that?

Great contest @goldmatters,I can tell you put many hours of hard work into it! Congratts to all the winners!

Thank you friend! Yes I did!!!

Congrats to all the winners. Don't spend it all in one place!

Thank you for you awesome entry!

congrats to all the winners but remember, the real winners are those who take advantage of actually buying from them with such great products and prices!!
Thank You @goldmatters for bringing MEME to our attention!

So true!!! One correction, its Menē :)

Well said @buster544

first of all Congrats to all the winners @goldmatrers for the amazing successful contest. I'm sure a lot of people know about Mene now. Also the importance and timeless value of gold. Valuable information has been shared with steemians will appreciated and follow you in future.

Thank you for reading! I agree this helped get word to the Steemit community!!

Very cool. I like the idea of a research contest. Following you to catch the next one.

those are some great looking gold pieces. Missing goldfingers picture with this post!

Ha ha !!!

Wow your correction is almost good sir.Upvote and resteem done.

Thanks for the opportunity, the contest is one of my best, i will surely keep it safe and show anyone that ask me, what mene really is. Thanks and congratulations to the winners.
We are all winners

Thanks Deeclown! You had a great entry :)

Yaayyy winner!!! Congratulations..im happy for you

Thanks for reading

what is your friend's grip

Congratulations. Im so happy :D

I’m happy too

Congratz to the winners! We love from belgium!

Thanks for reading!

Жаль, что я не выиграла конкурс, но он мне понравился :)

Thank you for participating ! You had a great entry!

Yesss , wonderfull sharing and good competition..I m joined ! :) @goldmatters

Thanks for reading


good ... happy to follow you and I really like your post. do not forget to follow me too ya my friend

Fantastic👍..now i know..permission to resteem so that people will know mene.thanks.

Permission granted!

Congrats to everone that won the contest.

Thanks for reading

Beauty a gold



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Great jib that you've done & spreading personal mission........warm welcome who are the winner the contest......thanks for sharing @goldmatters

Thank you for reading

What a great info! I ALWAYS LEARN some good stuff on Steemit. Im following you now. Ill appreciate if you do it

This post has received gratitude of 7.93 % from @appreciator thanks to: @goldmatters.


This post has received a 7.95 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @goldmatters.


I missed out but hopefully next time !

I’ll be expecting it! :)

It was the best contest of late

Thank you!

Awesome post, thank you.

Thanks for reading

I love Gold

Me too

why everyone loves gold


In physics gold is like any other stone with properties and components. I think that love of man for gold is a result of his feeling of insecurity.