Some Lesser Signs of Our Times 🌀 (Original Poem)

in life •  2 years ago

"Some Greater Signs of Our Times" will come (bli neder,) but it seemed right for some lesser signs to be first. Also, please don't take offence, I'm sure I fit in several of the following categories and behaviours...

One won't budge,

Two's unloved.

Media bias

Political dais. 

Liberal feels, 

Conservative deals. 

Zombie drools, 

Antifa tools. 

Nazi lies, 

SJW cries. 

Secular arrogance, 

Religious happenstance.  

Richer rich, 

Poorer poor. 

Soldiers soldiering, 

Civilians smouldering. 

Intelligence silence, 

Stupidity’s violence. 

Monarchical quiet, 

Peasantry riots… 

(Image Sources: #1, #2, #3, #4.)

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Thanks a lot For Your Attention and Support!!

Melech ben Chaya מלך בן חיה, @inphiknit

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Thanks @thecrytofiend, I'm greatful for your appreciation! And if it didn't make me angry, maybe it could be a song!

Unlovable? I don't think so! I find you very lovable.
I couldn't find one . Kind of proud of myself hehehe, maybe "helpless" could fit in some areas of life. I don't know what to do when loved ones are mean to me.
I really enjoyed your "critical but sad " poetry.


That's very sweet, thank you :)

I'm not feeling too sad! I just think we each have a piece of ourselves that feels unloved, or unlovable. Worse though, is when we realize others have the same feeling, yet won't approach them in that context. We're learning though!

And I understand what you're saying about when the people who are closest to you aren't being very loving. It's so hard to know what to do... So long as we don't forget what we need to work on and heal, and we're willing to come back to fix it, I think a bit of time and space is all we can do in the meantime...

Thanks! :)


You are so wonderfully honest and that's what makes people lovable to me. I had quite a lot of issues about myself being imperfect but truly learnt how to accept my flaws. The more I did the more I meet the ones who feel the same. Interaction became less complicated and loving.
I just saw moonlight last night. Great movie with that exact message, in my opinion.
Giving space is the key, the right way how to deal with mean people because it's a reflection of their own problems. My daughter respects me so much more since I accepted her well wished distance. Now she wants to be closer again. Ahhh Life is awesome !


i am wonderfully honest too! And i am a person! i'm i loveable to you too?
i already know i am! Thank you for your upvotes on my posts in recent times!


Haha you make me laugh 😂 I think you are very lovable as well indeed even though I am not always leaving my words on your posts. My pleasure @surpassinggoogle 🌺


Well, I'm working on it ^.~

Used to be a big liar. So I guess the poetry is one way of making amends. I can't possibly remember all the lies, or find all the people to whom I lied, so...

"...because it's a reflection of their own problems." This has got to be one of the most important pieces of wisdom to acquire in life. So hard to really learn too. Yet it's right there in front of us. The very fact for instance, that someone can so perfectly make me angry, shows your point to me. And when we respect it, look how our loved ones react, like your daughter! Well done! Life sure is awesome! B"H!~


Nice job. I really like this post! Makes me think of Bob Dylans - Subterranean Homesick Blues......


Wow thanks, that's too kind! Subterranean Homesick Blues is definitely the top 3 or 4 Dylan songs for me!

The exact state of society, or the the world as a whole. Genius when, you each sentiment with two words. This can easily turn into a contest, where people build the trail. Pictures to align will be additional spin on it, so we can all watch entire movies unfold. lIKE this post by @tincho:


Thanks @surpassinggoogle!~ That's a good idea too! You're a steemit idea machine, and you gave me an idea also!


really? Thank you for the commendation!


Yes! You're welcome and thank you also! We'll see if the idea turns into something, but I think so. I'll let you know what it is, if it does concretize!

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