Veggie-Pineapple Juice Recipe!

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Would you like to see what vegetables and fruits I used for my juice this morning because you might want to try the same and it's really good?

Veggie-Pineapple Juice Recipe!

I haven't made a post about juicing for a while so I thought it would be time to do it today.

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I have been juicing for more than three months now, having a fresh daily veggie-fruit juice for lunch. I can now say that it is the best thing I have done for my health this year and my weight loss efforts are largely rewarded without compromising too much on the food I like to eat.

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This morning, I had the most pleasant surprise seeing 74.3 kg on the scale. Since the first of June, my weight has been going down as I restarted juicing after a vacation in Japan.

Veggie-Pineapple Juice Recipe!

I am showing you this because juicing permitted me to go from 82 kilograms to 74 kilograms in seven months and this might motivate you to try it out.

All photos are mine and taken with my Samsung phone.

Veggie-Pineapple Juice Recipe!

I am going to show you all the ingredients that I used this morning to make this delicious juice with green veggies and a pineapple.

Today's Juice Recipe

I used these ingredients exactly as you can see in the photo below:

  • Leafy greens

  • 1 cucumber

  • 2 limes

  • 1 pineapple

  • a small piece of ginger

These are all the greens.

The leafy greens are cut in small pieces so they don't jam the juicer.

Veggie-Pineapple Juice Recipe!

The pineapple before and after meeting the knife.

Veggie-Pineapple Juice Recipe!

A small piece of ginger (at the right).

Veggie-Pineapple Juice Recipe!

The pineapple is very good for taking over the bitter taste of the greens and making it sweeter. The ginger makes it a little bit spicy and interesting.

Ready to start!

This is my juicing space in the kitchen.

Veggie-Pineapple Juice Recipe!

If you are not used to drink green juices, add a pineapple as this will make it very bearable.

I started with the pineapple, then the greens and finally pineapple again.

Veggie-Pineapple Juice Recipe!

When you juice, it is best to alternate the produce in the juicer, soft and hard.

Isn't that beautiful?

The foam is also excellent and for those who like to drink beer, then this will be familiar.

Veggie-Pineapple Juice Recipe!

I had enough juice for nearly two bottles this morning and they were emptied very quickly by my wife and I.

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Thank you for reading, I hope that I have encouraged you to try this simple veggie-pineapple recipe.

Veggie-Pineapple Juice Recipe!

Each day I try to remember that daily veggie and fruit juices are good for health, that they taste good, and that they help me to lose weight.

All photos are mine and taken with my Samsung phone.

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Michel Gerard


I see you are a jack of all trades. We always find the significant post from you. Here is another one. It looks your juice must have great nutritious value. I also try to make it to my house. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you very much @sayemsonai for your kind comment. I like to write about different topics and share my experience with what works for me in my life.

I am always up for a green juice. Happy to hear green juices made such an impact on your life and health. Nice combo that wouldn't taste bad with some fresh mint too. Have a beautiful day ;)

Thank you very much @amy-goodrich for your kind comment.

yummy, also your former posts with juice are also delicious, i have just looked at that. Nice that you post the liks below
i follow @jerrybanfield already I'm curious what he has to offer.

Thank you very much @jaklassen for your kind comment. I am glad that you like my posts about juicing.

It a health care juice I love it👍

Thank you for commenting @lasky1.

I don't really do juice due to the fructose, but I noticed how the yellow and the green is separated in your blender and it's really interesting! When I do my smoothies (actually just protein shake with pure chocolate powder and ice) the colors are bland and just mix together...

Thank you @zhuwa for your comment. We can always see the different layers and you may want to chose fruits with less fructose or go veggie only?

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