Visit with me! #10-💦"Aire" Ancient Baths 💦(Barcelona, Spain)

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Hi my steemians friends,

Today, I want to share with you my amazing experience at the "Aire" Ancient Baths!


I'm really lucky to live in Spain ... It's an incredible part of the world!
And especially in Barcelona which is a city full of surprises and fast-paced. I discovered these ancient baths, where time does not exist! This old warehouse was built at the end of the XVII century, right next to The Cituadella parc. It's my favorite part of Barcelona.

This temple was created to disconnect your mind and body from the reality.
Are you ready for a virtual and relaxing visit my friends?


When I arrived at this magical place, I was totally captivated by its atmosphere and beauty. As soon as you walk in the door, you are in another world, the world of relaxation. The staff is qualified and welcoming. You enter a cloakroom and are given a bathrobe and water slippers.


Then you go down to the different ancient baths. There are baths of different sizes and temperatures. To begin, I tested the floating bath. It's an incredible sensation to you give yourself into the unrivaled sensation of floating. It was the first time I experienced this sensation and I really loved it!



Then I relaxed in the jacuzzi and the hot water baths. I tried the sauna and the ice water bath! At first, I did not dare to go into the cold water but then you feel so well and refreshed.


After this relaxing session, I savored a good Moroccan mint tea and then went for a massage.
I completed this experience with a full 45-minute relaxing massage. It was an incredible moment that finished my day perfectly ...


In summary,

you can't visit Barcelona without having discovered The Aire!
It is a perfect place for complete relaxation, alone, as a couple or with friends. The beauty of the place will leave you, without doubt, an unforgettable memory of Barcelona.
If you do not live near Barcelona, know that there are five other temples like this one in the world, in SEVILLA, ALMERÍA, VALLROMANES, CHICAGO, NEW YORK, LONDON and PARIS!
What do you think my friends? It makes you want to try ???

📌 Contact:

Paseo Picasso, 22
08003 Barcelona (Spain)
+34 932 955 743

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Thank you very much for your support, my sweet followers!

Have a nice day!!!

🎀 FlaminGirl 🎀

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Nice :)

Hey flamingirl, You are back again with another good experience.

O man, this place looks so awesome. I came from university after 12 hours and you can imagine how badly I need a massage right now. I am going to put these baths on my bucket list.Definitely will try in whichever city I go first.


Yes I can imagine! There is no better time than after a long day!! 😊😊😊
If I could, I went to massage every day =D


Exactlyyyyy, that's so true. You feel such a relief after massage.

Spain sure is a great place and "Aire" Ancient Baths sure seems to be a great place all along !

I plan on visiting Barcelona with my wife next summer. Looking forward to it:) This looks tempting!

This is definitely going on my bucket list.. looks very relaxing and has that royal feel to it. Thanks for sharing your experience with us :)


SOunds good! Thanks for commenting ;)

Very nice bathrooms their are important things are peresent in this bercelona is a big city and the Spain is a big country

Only I want to say that: If I were you :) @cleverbot @banjo


No, I'm just saying what I think. See, it's one of those candles that don't have a wick, so instead you use a candle warmer to make the room smell good.

It's really nice to be able to experience this beautiful place via your shared experience! I'll have to look at some of your other posts too! Thank you for sharing!


You're welcome @erimnn! ;)

I always told my boyfriend that if there's a place where I want to live, I would pack my bag to Spain! I mean, the food, the people and the varieties are simply amazing! The last trip I been to Spain was absolutely stunning, until now I am longing and dreaming of the days when I am going back there again! Also, I had the best Tapas that I ever had in my entire life which I probably going to blog about it soon on steemit for my Travel Europe series! Thanks for sharing :) See you around~


SOunds good my friend! You are Welcome to BCN!!!! =D

Looks like the place is flaming with beauties 👌 . Looks very relaxing may be has some unique feel.
I wish i could say, " Barcelona , I am coming.... 😍"


Thanks for your nice comment! 😊😊😊

Looks really cool, added to Barcelona to do list :D

How long have you lived in Barcelona?

Nice post 😄

Good luck for your steam 😉

I am waiting for your support. For me last post 😊

Thank you so much. Good evening 😊

Seems to be an amazing place! Even the description was soothing to the nerves! 👏💞

First of all i like your way of writing style . You write
exactly i feel i'm also in this place . you are great story writer . i like this place barcelona . and one day i will visit this place . you photo also nice.
Thanks @flamingirl for sharing beautiful blog.
Stay blessed.
Steem on!


Thank you very much! I try to convey my impressions and my feelings in another language than my native language and it's not easy ^^ Thanks for the compliment!
Steem on my friend !

Spain must be a nice place to relax.. Spain! Here I come..

Have nevet been to Spain before but i read a book by Dan Brown; origin and the events in the book happened in spain. I really wish to visit it one day and maybe get to visit the cathedral and the palace

I would like to visit this place, I followed. I hope you flollow back!

This looks really relaxing and magical. Will definetly make a point to visit if I'm ever in Spain.

It is a perfect place for complete relaxation.

Es hermoso ese lugar! Me encanta la ambientación que tiene. Me gustaría pasar un día allí para sacarme todo el estrés jaja. Saludos!


Muchas gracias por tu comentario @raiser! Saludos de BCN!



all of the information on the website ;)


Thank you.

looks like a good time

Oh wow. I really enjoyed this blog and this plave looks so amazing. I wish someday I could visit Barcelona. It's my dream place 😭 Following you and looking forward to more posts like these. Try reading my travel blogs too. :)Keep it up! ❤👍😊

Looks really beautiful

Amazing. Looks like a great one in NY too. Got to try it!

I'm so glad I read this post, thank you. @flamingirl has informed us, I like you.


I think it really nice place to visit with our couple.. not crowded, quiet, i hope someday will visit it with my friend 😁

Looks so cool. I would love to live an experience like that.

Aire is great! I love going in NYC

This is such a beautiful place. You truly are lucky to be living there, and I'd love to go there someday. I'm new to steemit and think you'd really like my page! Send me a follow, I just followed and upvoted you.

Nice ! I Love Spain ! Check my photo ; )

Permission right I said to the friends steemit.

"Please help follow my account" **

Follow you very I expected.

On the attention of his I say thank you.


perfect place😊

This place is amazing! I guess the massage there was heaven!

I am in Ghana now but i can feel i'm in Bacelona now. Thank you for bringing Bacelona onto my doorstep @flamingirl

Putting this on my bucket list! 💛

Was the total experience, jacuzzi, spa and small treat, expensive?


all the info on the website my friend ;)


a rewarding experience for all thanks for sharing

I love Barcelona! I have visited there twice in my life.

@flamingirl bath is use to be very healthy and relaxing but bathing in the place like this ancient bath is really mesmerising. These pictures depicts the actual soul of the entertainment. Keep posting and inspiring with your photography and travel experience. Love this post 😊

Steem on!


Thank you soooo much my friend!!!!! Stay blessed! 😊😊😊

All your posts are too good

Ahhh seems like the perfect place to visit!! Looks like a dream!

😱😱😱 yo quiero ir!!!! Me encanta

i want to be there and enjoy that beautiful place.. looks so relaxing.



Wow it's so amazing that you're able to travel all the time, the ancient baths adventure must have been amazing! Are you a full time Steemer? :)


Yes I am! :)


That's absolutely amazing, it's a goal of mine as well! Keep up the good work! :)

Great Review, looks an amazing place to visit! On my Bucket list for sure.

Wow, seems super relaxing! Thank you for sharing. Can't wait till we get to visit Barcelona!


You are welcome in Barcelona! 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

That looks lovely! Next time I go to Barcelona I'm definitely going there!

Thats looks really relaxing.

Very cool post! Thanks for the detailed pictures.

My name is muhammad rizal
I'm a new member of steemit
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I have definitely added this to my bucket list for the next time I visit Spain. Thanks so much for sharing your experience! Happy adventuring! ~Amanda

I would definitely love to visit this place. I went to Barcelona and Girona this summer, but didn't know about this. Next time, its on my list :)