⏺ PPT (Post Promotion Thread) #6: Comment your links! My contribution!

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POST YOUR LINKS HERE!! Update: MAX of 2 links per person.

This is the 6th Post Promotion Thread I am hosting. The previously 4 were great successes, and I only plan to expand from here!

I am just reposting the information from the previous post, for you newer readers. Just straight off the bat, I'd like you to know I am till finding my groove here with this initiative. With that being said, I look to improve my efficiency with my work every single attempt. The previous PPT, I had a total comments' goal of 200 comments, making it my record so far. That post right now has 280+ comments. So goal achieved. With that, I would like to prepare myself for this next one. Here's a snippet:

Screen Shot 2017-09-30 at 3.19.49 PM.png

I don't want to get trapped in the technical stuff, so let's get to the point here. The point of these threads are simple. If you would like more exposure on your content, I am giving you these threads as opportunities for that. You may post your links to your posts in a comment, and I will take a read, and give you my comment :)

For me, time is our most valuable assets. I believe giving that which is most important to you will always reap the biggest impact in the end.

So every week I aim to expand this cause. I really want to impact and assist the smaller users of this platform who deserve more.

So I am proud to announce the official partnering between myself and the guys, @scrooger and @gingerninja over at Qurator!

For those of you who do not know about Qurator, they are a great initiative who share my very vision of helping the minnows of this platform. They are a curation team who do what they can with their current Steem Power, to assist undervalued posts.

They have agreed to give Upvotes and support to the top 10 most undervalued posts that I find in this thread. They have also agreed to give one lifetime membership to the most deserving author for each Post Promotion Thread I host.

For more information, you can visit Qurator.

As of right now, this initiative is being supported and assisted by:

  1. @vm2904. He is a assisting with engaging on your guys' posts, alongside me. He is just busy lately, and traveling, so might be a little delayed.

  2. Our friends at @qurator. The curators and upvoters for this initiative.

    There is much more to come!

  3. You may post a maximum of 2 links.

  4. One link per comment.

  5. We will then give you a comment and our opinion on your post. Then we will each respond in a reply to your comment on this thread.

  6. Do not post your profile link. Only your post.

  7. Have fun and enjoy the appreciation!

  8. If you leave a nice message, I will upvote your comment for being appreciative :)

  9. The top 10 undervalued posts, according to my opinion, will be supported by Qurator.

  10. The best Post will receive a lifetime membership (lifetime support) from Qurator.

    If you need a better description as to the reason I am doing this, then you can go and read the article I wrote for the first Post Promotion Thread I made. ORIGINAL POST

    PS. If you would like to show your appreciation to this, a Resteem would be appreciated. Getting the word out there is important.

    Much love from your boy Zane! This is our time.

More than how much my posts can make, I care far more about getting my content in front of newer faces. So if you would like to show your appreciation, you can share this with others!

I want this blog to be a happy, motivated place where you guys are free to engage and say whatever is on your mind. A place where if you have something on your mind, no matter how dramatic it may be, you can feel free to speak. Resteems are appreciated!

I reward good resteems and comments! I would love to know what's on your mind. Be bold and talk to me in my comments section! I would to know your opinion and what it is you'd like to achieve. I am trying my best to make 2 high quality blog posts per day. So stay tuned!


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My previous milestone:
🖊 Milestone: 2000+ followers, Rep 64, and 6500 total posts in 86 days!

My main Instagram account is currently at 35K+ Followers.


We're all doing our best to produce quality content, thank you for helping us get it across!
My Post - Tattoo that changes color based on your vitals
Thanks for all upvotes and follows!

Great article, @wellwild! I have upvoted and followed you, and left you a longer comment on the article itself. Cheers!

Cool. Gonna check that out

I'm so lucky guy who just see this post!!! I always tried to find someone's help like yours but it often failed... I'm definitely sure that your help will make me more enthusiastic so that I can make better posts!

[Exchange student in Denmark] Chapter 5. How to take the GREAT PHOTO of your life
Thanks soooo much! I fully upvoted and follow you :)

I enjoyed the pictures you posted in this article, @followme95! I have upvoted and followed you, and made a comment on your article. Cheers!

Upvoted and resteemed. Link is below. Appreciate it if you can resteem and upvote as well :)


Thanks for looking out for the little guys, or in my case little girls!! 😊 One day I'll grow up to be big enough to do the same for others as you are!! So, God bless you, and thank you again!! I appreciate your help! 😁


: )
















; )











Thanks @enazwahsdarb for this opportunity, your zeal in helping minnows cannot be over-emphasized. You are really doing a nice job.
This is my post, check it out


Great article, @hornblende! I have upvoted it and followed you, and commented on your article in more detail in the article replies. Cheers!

Thanks @mitneb i'm very grateful for your support.
You can visit my blog for more wonderful posts. I just dropped a new post some hours ago.

Thanks, @hornblende! I'll do it!

Thanks for this project. Here is one of the links: https://steemit.com/challenge/@alexvan/lifestyle-challenge-week-10-lifestyle-challenge-woche-10

I will mention you tomorrow in my post, stay tuned :)

This post has received a 3.38 % upvote from @boomerang thanks to: @alexvan

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What you are doing is great for all man.

Maybe you can help me with this post and raise awareness regarding security for our accounts to our fellow steemians.


I appreciate your bringing up these issues, @webcoop. I have upvoted and followed you, and made a longer and more in depth comment on your article. Cheers!

I think our wallets are very valuable to us, and just for that very reason, I like the idea of always trying to improve them.

Nice thinking! I think there is a lot we can till advance with.

It's only my pleasure, by the way :) I love being able to serve with a unique set of skills to you all!

hell yeah

Hell yeah!! Where's your link? :)

I would also love your oppinion and help on a project I just started. Also some tips on how to promote it and get more people in would be highly appreciated! Thanks in advance.

@runicar, I love what you are doing with your artwork and efforts to benefit the Steemit Community at large. Very creative, and helpful! I have upvoted you here and followed you, and made a comment on the article itself. Unfortunately, I couldn't resteem the article for you. Keep up the great work! Cheers!

Thanks for the support, I really appreciate it. Follow @steemcreations to see what the community is sharing right now. Maybe you find something you like :)

My dude!! This is killer :)

Loving these designs. I think this project of yours has great potential. Wishing you the best.

This is my favorite one!

I think for getting more people in, you just need to go hustle mode :) Hold nothing back, and have 100% belief in what you are offering can really provide value. If you can do that, then the people will come.

:) Glad you like it!
I just discovered your blog few days ago thanks to @flauwy and I love your style.You will go very far on steemit! Wish you great success in the future.

I appreciate your kind words! Thank you for that.

What a great way to help support and give back to the community! This is what steemit is all about, helping others while making a buck. I would like your opinion on this post https://steemit.com/creativity/@runicar/banner-giveaway-2-desert-landscape-design

Also take note that I'm no designer, I jsut discovered adobe illustrator 2 months ago and fell in love. Still exploring digital design so don't be harsh (:

This is really cool! I love to see awesome innovations like this :)

I wish you the best of success with this new initiative :)

What a great way to help support and give back to the community!

I appreciate that dearly :) I love the kind words!

Stay awesome. I am loving your designs :)

Thanks for the kind words and support, I will return the same whenever I can. And that is why I love steemit and left facebook/instagram. Steemit is a much more positive and grateful community. + the people here are just awesome, and the amount of negativity is close to 0.

the amount of negativity is close to 0.

Well.. I wouldn't push it now :D But yeah, I definitely agree with your statement!

I abandoned my 35,000 followers on Instagram and didn't feel one heart beat of a difference, because I know Steemit is so much more beneficial. Haven't made a post there in like 2 months :D

Stay awesome :)

Wow, this is awesome and thank you for this wonderful offer.


This is a very powerful article, @samstickkz! At first the title didn't call my attention, but after reading the article it made more sense. It just goes to show that there are a lot of hidden gems in the Steemit world. I resteemed the article, and made a longer comment on it. Cheers, and keep up the great work!

Oh thanks, you're kind

I am very sorry to hear about Blessing's mother who passed away. Very sad.

She seems like a very cute kid :)

Nicely made post by the way! I like the efforts you put into this. Stay awesome!

Wow, this is awesome and thank you for this wonderful offer.

I appreciate that :) Thank you so much!

It's also my pleasure!

Wow! thanks for this

Only my pleasure my man :)

Again, I love this initiative you have put together, thanks for the effort and exciting times on Steemit! Here's link number 2: https://steemit.com/teamsouthafrica/@sweetpea/transracial-adoption-in-south-africa-there-s-a-rainbow-in-our-nation

@sweetpea, this is a really great article, and you are making a real difference in the world by living out the change you want to see. I resteemed this article for you, and am following you now. I also made a comment on the article itself. Thanks for sharing it here!

Hello friend , You are doing great. Keep it up. Here is my Post on 80/20 Rule of Time Management :
Put a lot of efforts to write this one but didn't got much views. Hope you like it. Have a great Day😊

Thank you for the lovely post, wishing you all the best.:) information is sure to come in handy, but more than that, it gives me great confidence to know your hard work is being the useful.

Thank you for those kind words! It's my pleasure :)

Where are your links? :)

Keks is a serial spammer with comments like this on articles which he/she never read.

Ahh I see. Thanks for letting me know :)

But hey, there will always be them spammers hey :P

I think it's freaking AWESOME that you have teamed up with others for this cause. It truly is nice to finally see more than one or two people doing what you're doing. My latest post is no special plea for anyone or anything, just my intro.

You can check it out here if you like:


Thanks for always helping us get exposure by sharing our links here.

My link here is so special to me.

I just made my first Steemit Money Withdrawal and took my fellow Steeminas for lunch.

Check it out


Man this is so flipping awesome! It's truly moments like these that make it all worth it hey :)

Awesome stuff! I am very happy for you. It looks like you had a blast!

These initiatives will keep minnows like us interested in steemit.
Here is a post
I believe the photography of this post is good. The post consists of a few tourist spots.
Although it has around 14$ in rewards but they are mostly because of bots.
Thanks @enazwahsdarb

I'm really grateful in your Post Promotion Thread... This is my contribution on it..

Guess and Win one Month Steemvoter Upvotes from Me...

Hey my man :) Unfortunately I don't resteem posts that are not related to my blog, but this is great :D

I think it's an upside-down small boat :)

I am so glad you are grateful for what I am doing here! You're awesome :)

It is a great pleasure to me @enazwahsdarb..😊
I will reply to your comment that you are correct or not..

Great article, @mooon. I have upvoted your article, and followed you, and made a comment on your article as well. Cheers, and keep up the good work.

Excellent post! I definitely like the effort you put into this.

The fear of anxiety can sometimes cause it.

How true hey! Never thought of it in that way, but it really makes so much sense.

Excellent article. Nice points.

Great article, @tonyboney. You bring up some things about the local farmers finds that I didn't know about. I have upvoted and followed you, and made a longer comment on the article itself. Cheers, and keep up the message! The only thing I would suggest is don't write in ALL CAPS as it is visually more difficult to read that way.

SORRY about the caps i type then look up , and thought oh start again or just leave them , thank you for your comments

Haa, haa, haa, I can totally relate, @tonyboney! Too bad there isn't a quick feature like "select all" that would convert upper case to lower case in a group action. Even in all caps your article was a fantastic read! Cheers!

Hectic.. Just to clarify, was that 1.51% interest just for the day?

I hope you get your funds paid out!

So what is your final opinion on BitConnect? I have a plan to start using it soon, but what is your thoughts?

Hey, the average daily interest for the last 6 months is 0.89%, but depending on how much you put it you can be getting extra 0.10% (for 1010+ USD), 0.20% (for 5010+ USD) or 0.25% (for 10010+USD). I really like the platform, it has been around for a year and seems to be going from strength to strength. If you are willing to start make sure you use my referral link to sign up! :) you can sign up now and deposit later. I get 7% from your deposit but more then happy to pass that back on to you.

Wow my link is so down! Noone will see it :(

You are the quality but now I need the quantity, HAHA!

Hahaha! I would consider adding more writing to your post, if it is my decision. I think if you just transcribe a bit of the speech from the video, into written words, it'll make your post LOOK much nicer :)

Just my opinion of course!

I agree and actually that's what i've been doing now for my next post :) Thanks

Awesome stuff! Go for it :)

@enazwahsdarb, I love what you are doing here! This post is the first one of yours I have come across. I am relatively new to Steemit, but I really believe that it is going to end up being one of the most impactful creations of the internet in history. I have upvoted and resteemed this article to help spread the word about your generous work to help us newbies out! When I read about people like you and the others you mentioned who are helping you out with this project I am super encouraged, and motivated to stay in the game. I especially like how you are encouraging comments and interaction. That is my favorite part about Steemit! Here's a link to one of my articles. Thanks for taking a look at it. I didn't see any info regarding the age of the articles, so I am linking you to my most recent two. Hopefully you can still check them out for this go around, but even if you can't I'll catch you on the next one. Cheers! https://steemit.com/steemit/@mitneb/newbie-guide-steemit-stats-analysis-for-first-21-days-on-steemit-or-an-in-depth-look-at-upvotes-replies-and-followers-resulting

It does appear that a person can build something from nothing here on Steemit.

I definitely can agree. This is the best chance a person can get at that kind of opportunity :)

So you were 21 days-in.. 17 days ago.. So today is your 38th day? :)

Awesome stuff! Keep it up. By the way, I appreciate your message :)

It was quite the comment! :D I am so glad you got inspired and motivated. This is a game for the longer term.

Stay awesome!

Thanks for your feedback, @enazwahsdarb! Your day count sounds just about right. I'm in the middle of a massive house remodeling project, so I'm having a challenge doing much activity on Steemit right now, but that will improve. I didn't want to wait until I was finished with the house before I started posting, so I jumped in on Steemit figuring that a slow start was better than no start!

Great idea!! Here's my post. It had a bit of traction but not lots. It is about a potential solution for direct mail spam, which I see is increasing. Not the biggest issue for STEEMIT right now, and it would definitely need a lot more working through - but a system along these lines could ultimately be used more broadly to address the spam problem

What do you think? Where's the catch?


This article has a brilliant idea for dealing with telemarketers, @holbein81! I'm going to start doing this!

@enazwahsdarb, you are doing a great job with helping the new and still learning members of this community. Keep up the good work mate!

Can't watch. I love Chili's

hahah cant watch? Howcome? Chilli's are great actually addictive I hear, Cheers :)

he is ofcus doing something superb :)

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This is really a good initiative.
Thanks for providing this assistance.

Wow.. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.

Thanks you @enazwahsdarb for taking the time and effort to support the minnows! Most if not all of us need assistance and guidance on this platform to succeed, especially if we do not have a strong writing background.


This post has received a 3.88 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @enazwahsdarb.

Thank you for the boost :)

Wow since I joined steemit I have been swing some great offer and contents that I would say "this is too good to be true" but afterwards they are all true... Steemit is a great platform with nice people., its really nice of you to bring out this initiative as a way of giving back to the community... Kindly consider my post here as well


Hello there (: I am trying to help raise funds for my friends’ newborn daughters heart surgeries!
I also want to show the world that we can do better than GoFundMe for crowdfunding! Please show this to your friends and family so we can get this baby out of the hospital and home to her family 😄❤️😍 https://steemit.com/help/@amvanaken/this-baby-needs-your-help-all-steem-dollars-from-this-post-go-to-super-nova

wow very usefull thank for telling you

I've posted some important newsitems regarding crypto today!

One post of mine is about China regulating crypto from october 1 which is awesome news and will likely make markets skyrocket!

Another newspost of mine today is about IMF director Lagarde commenting positively on Bitcoin/Ethereum which is also amazing news and in stark contrast to Jamie Dimon's remarks!

Thanks in advance for taking a look! Despite over 500 followers, I still have real trouble getting my posts seen!

...but the one I'd love more people to read is actually an older piece on using bitcoin mining to avoid UN sanctions: https://steemit.com/news/@cryptohero.info/cnbc-and-the-cia-team-up-to-bash-bitcoin-but-is-there-more-to-the-story

I only recently started following your work, but it's very impressive. The professional and consistent graphics you use really set your posts apart. I've been trying to emulate this to a certain extent by making at least one proprietary graphic for each new post; nothing fancy, but just a little something extra. It's a great idea!

I am New , Need Your Help and Vote

Post your links here :) Read the post.

well and boldly written in the post ,, just comment here with a link to your article and await review.

You're supposed to read the post, your help is the post that you didn't read, just scroll up.

Your Quality Content Curator
This post has been upvoted and given the stamp of authenticity by @qurator. To join the quality content creators and receive daily upvotes click here for more info.

you are welcome. Keep steeming :)

This is so awesome @enazwahsdarb thanks a ton great work. Cheers ;)

its my very first week on steemit and i am amazed by its community .Great work


This is a great idea.. everyone has posts that they feel should have gotten more exposure... I'll include mine in few... but wanted to take a minute to let you know I really like your idea. Wish I had thought of it lol 👍👍

I really love all you do Zane 😆 you already know what I think... Lol
And your design 😊 I LOVE it... Lol
Makes me smile every time... Zane man
OK I have a link but I haven't posted very much the last days so hopefully this one is ok.

OK my second link. I hope you are having a great weekend my friend and I will se you later as we always have. Can't believe how long it's been sence we started here and we met.. Lol
I'm so proud of you 🤗 it's amazing to se how you have grown.

Creative idea, and i missed the before ones but am following you
Interesting post!

My post:

"Integrating a digital assistant into SteemPi ?"


Thanks for the share opportunity

Great post and just the offer of help is appreciated! ...Upvoted and resteemed.

I run a daily contest where I give away all the SBD earned by the post. People just guess on what the price of a cryptocurrency or precious metal will do the following week. Thursday the contest was guessing the where silver will close next Wednesday (yesterday was gold). Today's contest will be for BTC (I'll reply later with that link after I post it in a few hours).

The contests haven't generated much interest yet so even allowing me to advertise here is super!

Thank you very much.

Awesome initiative man!! Always keeping eyes out for the little guys 👍🏻

Nice initiative you got going. Latest travel post on adventure destinations in the Philippines.- https://steemit.com/travel/@chrisdavidphoto/travel-philippines-sagada-echo-valley-walk-tour-adventure-trail