[Exchange student in Denmark] Chapter 5. How to take the GREAT PHOTO of your life

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Hi there, Here's @followme95.

Today, I'm gonna introduce 'How to take the GREAT PHOTO of your life

Before my exchange student life, I had never been interested in taking photo of landscape or people. However, my exchange student experience is the most important turning point in my life because at least I have started to post my experience and photos on Steemit after arriving Korea.

There are three kinds of 'PHOTO OF MY LIFE'[landscape, animal, and me] while being in Europe but today I just want to post the most beautiful photos I have ever taken. I thought I was not sure that I would come back to Europe after leaving Europe so I was so crazy about taking photos of every moment to remember my happiest memory ever. I was like I just took the photo on the way or having food without reasons.

Unfortunately, my iPhone was stolen by someone in Denmark so I don't have any photo between March and May. The only photos from March to May I have is what my parents have and what I upload on Instagram. :(

Just watch How beautiful they are.

2017-03-15 08.30.38 1470642244792245150_1905134256.jpg
This photo was taken in Oxford, U.K. If I knew that there were many gorgeous universities in Oxford, I would have tried to apply them with studying English hard. A lot of universities in Korea don't have magnificent views like them.

2017-03-17 10.06.22 1472139974228194652_1905134256.jpg
This photo was taken in Rosenburg Slot, Denmark royal palace, which is one of the most famous travel points in Denmark. As you know, I'm a bit sure that most of Asians don't have enough time to have relax and enjoy their life like going for a walk with their dogs. 'GO FOR A WALK WITH THEIR PETS AND SEEING SUNSETS.' I had had this dream during my whole life and it was the first time to face what the REAL relax is.

2017-04-02 15.11.07 1483889147637935682_1905134256.jpg
An obscure alley in Venezia(Venice), Italy,

2017-04-02 18.06.09 1483976624361148263_1905134256.jpg
이탈리아 베네치아의 부라노섬에서 바닥에서 바라본 풍경의 모습입니다.

2017-04-06 17.00.43 1486844042666136112_1905134256.jpg
Lonely seeing sunset in the seashore in Sorrento, Italy. You can feel what is peaceful.

2017-04-10 18.29.38 1489787896641948975_1905134256.jpg
This is 'The statue of John of Nepomuk' on Charles bridge in Prague. You can wish something through this statue. It let me achieve my first wish but I'm not sure my second wish will be achieved.

2017-04-11 03.51.57 1490070922043237537_1905134256.jpg
Old Town Square with such a nice weather in Prague, Czech.

2017-04-17 15.10.44 1494761219603944706_1905134256.jpg
Grinzing, the small and calm town of heurige in Wien(Vienna), Austria. I will never forget that calm atmosphere.

2017-04-19 07.23.23 1495975545354504363_1905134256.jpg
Clearly blue sky after rainy weather in Wien(Vienna), Austria.

2017-06-14 05.14.11 1536497953871364308_1905134256.jpg
The windmill hill in Brugge, Belgium. Brugge was also one of by far the loveliest travel place for me because its atmosphere was so calm. I guarantee that Brugge can deserve 'Venice of North Europe'

I sincerely like to take the photo during the travel because I can feel all of what I thought and felt when seeing those photos. Even though I didn't have enough money and sometimes I was totally exhausted, I always had the feeling that could make me feel alive.

What is your 'GREAT PHOTO OF YOUR LIFE'? If you introduce your loveliest photos, then I will definitely appreciate it!

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nice post @followme95.

its fabulous

Thanks my friends :) It was the greatest moments I have ever had.

I have enjoyed seeing your beautiful pictures and reading your commentary, @followme95! I found your article from your posting on @enazwahsdarb 's Post Promotion #6. You have great passion for life, so I am going to follow you, and see what else you are sharing with the world. Upvoted! Cheers!

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