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It's me @brokemancode.

Hi steemians! I hope you're all doing great. Today, I am going to announce a series that I am launching for my blog. For months, I've been contemplating a lot about what might be a good idea for the series. As you could observe, my blog is somehow disorganized. I don't stick to my niche, always experimenting, and not committing to writing schedules, imagine the struggle. Here's a little background:

A few months ago, I started blogging without a single idea how a blog works. All I know is this: I just need to write . I began experimenting, testing what I am good at and writing what interests me. If you scroll through my blog you will see a ton of food reviews for a short period of time, a bit of movie review, a book review even, and a mix of everything that comes into my mind. To make it short: I can't commit to a series. I even felt lost that I stopped writing for a couple of months. I was idle sometime before December 2017. But upon scrolling through my articles, I noticed something. This I have not realized, not until now. There are two major topics I have consistently posted.


First of all,I am not a professional photographer. Second, I don't own a high class camera. I only own a decent camera phone but somehow I like sharing photographs of anything: a place, thing, person, name it! In short I'm a frustrated photographer (if that's even a thing). Here are some of my photographs.





Pink Flowers

Colorful Notes




Sunday Verse

99 days


Aloe Vera Plant

I am not a huge traveller, so as much as possible,expect my photos to revolve around my hometown "Cebu".

@brokemancode in one of the most historical places in Cebu.


I am not good in poetry. That's one thing for sure. But somehow, I completed the 30 Day Haiku Challenge. It was difficult, trust me! After completing the challenge, I stopped writing. Every single day after the challenge was done, I feel like something's missing. They say it takes 21 days to build a habit. I miss making haiku, though it was kind of challenging (due to the limitation of syllables) but I really like what I was doing and I feel like with every entry,I am improving. Here is a compilation of all my haiku:































Days of thinking and contemplating, I have now come to a conclusion: PhotoHaiku. The idea is very simple and basic. For each entry, I will be posting a photo I personally took followed by a haiku I originally wrote. A short backstory about the photo will then be written if there is. It is very simple, just like the 30 Day Haiku Challenge. But this time, I will be doing it at my own pace, not daily.

Feedbacks are welcome because I know it will help me improve as a writer so feel free to write one below each entry. I hope you will enjoy my works and as usual, I will continue making travel guides, origami tutorials, and other things I usually do. I think that would be all. I hope to see you in my first entry.

"Maayong adlaw!" (Good day!) and Happy Steeming!




Great Idea! Leverage the things you like doing, merge them together and make them your own! I can't wait to see what you come up with.

Remember that poetry is like a foreign language; if you're not practicing it and doing it often there is no reason to expect excellence. You're on the right path starting to write frequently (every day is best /wink).

I recommend the Jerry Seinfeld route to productivity and excellence: the broken chain. James Clear explained it best, and I use it every day to keep the chain moving. I have no interruptions so far in three months and my writing and efforts have really paid off. I'm clearer, have better delivery, and I think my creative muscle is growing! Yay!

You can do it too, and I'm super excited to what you come up with!

Thank you for the support @jocelynlily . I agree, my aim is to become better at writing poems and the best way to achieve that is to practice and write frequently.

Thank you for the suggestion. I will try to read and follow the instructions so I can be more productive. Thank you for the comment @jocelynlily .

I pretty much do the same. It is a great way to add art and poetry to the world. I look forward to more of your haiku. I am still steeming along with the challenge. Unto day 20 now ...https://steemit.com/photography/@prydefoltz/monochrome-sharpened-30-day-haiku-challenge-and-monochrome-monday-brokemancode-old-guy-photos

The 30 day haiku challenge will not be a success if it weren't for steemians like you who cooperate and participate in activities like this. I hope you continue writing until day 30. Nice work @prydefoltz!

Ten more days:)

Thanks @brokemancode for the haiku challenge..it molded me into a haiku writer. I didn't expect I could be a poet..haha

Good to hear. The feeling is mutual, I never expect myself to be able to write poems too.

So excited for you, @brokemancode! I can sense your spirits all fired up for this! Keep at it :)

Sorry for the late response, but I just saw this.

And I must disagree. You are VERY good at writing haiku, and since that is a legitimate form of poetry, it follows that you are good at poetry, even if so far just the one form.

But that one short form you have mastered - you have written several haiku that I absolutely love, and having read and written haiku since childhood, that speaks very well for your talent and ability.

I suspect that, given time and the inclination, you will master any form of poetry - and writing - that you choose to tackle. My opinion. ;-)

I've been photography with my haiku from the start, as you know - for me, words and images tell similar stories in different languages, so they've always gone together, even if my editors haven't always agreed. I look forward to reading more of your works.

Thank you for your words @crescendoofpeace. We are all students here so I believe everyone of us has a lot to learn and that the haiku challenge is a great way to start. I hope you continue writing. Thank you for dropping by.

I will indeed.

Today was my Day 50, so thank you again for your challenge, as it is an ongoing goal for me, not only to write and share my haiku, but simply to post something every day, no matter what else I have pressing.

Our habits determine the lives we lead, so I am grateful to you for helping me to get into the habit of writing and posting daily, as that will help me to meet my other goals. ;-)

Thank you for seeing it that way @crescendoofpeace and congratulations on your 50th day. :)

you are doing great job in both topics bro.. keep it up the good work

Thank you @kousarabbas . Glad you like my works. Thanks for dropping by.

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