"Drag Tots" Welcome to your New World Programming

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What fresh hell did I just walk into? Tbh I'm not surprised by this, it is Zionist programming at its finest. They are really upping their game as of late. (Deadlines ya know)

Before I begin here's the original article link

Yeah, well they would have to throw that in there, so when people become outraged, they are painted as all trump loving maga heads. But, I'm neither left or right, red pill, blue pill. Fuck all that bs manufactured divide. We have a problem, and it's called Zionism. Of course there are other nefarious groups at play. But, at the head of all this brainwashing media, all the banks and most of the government, is the tribe. The ones you're allowed to talk about.

"Baby Drag queens" ha ha ha it's all a big joke, babies dressed up as whores, with narcissistic attitudes ha ha HA HA HA!

How about no. This isn't funny, it's sick. This stuff is actually happening to children. RuPaul knows all too well about that.

Two popular drags kids both have something in common.

Lactatia (I shit you not!) is an 8 year old (9 now) boy who's a drag queen sensation up in Montreal.

( He looks so happy)

"Back in the day: Nemis has had an interest in make-up and dressing up since he was just two years old" "But then there was a turning point soon after Nemis turned seven - when he was introduced to Ru Paul's Drag Race for the first time."

Next we have Desmond the amazing (narcissist). This 10 year old boy from New York, has a similar story to Nemis. As he too, from a young age, watched RuPaul's Drag Race.


"The equivalent of watching football on TV for Desmond would be watching RuPaul’s Drag Race, where most of his drag inspirations come from. Desmond has been watching the show since an early age, favoring queens from the show’s many seasons. RuPaul, Jinkx Monsoon, Alaska, Tammie Brown, Mrs. Kasha Davis, and Courtney Act are just a few of his favorite queens."

These two boys are being exploited and possibly worse behind the scenes. A fellow steemian @aagabriel did some in depth research on the goings on with these kids. It's disturbing to say the least. You can check out his work below.

Part 1 https://steemit.com/exposingexploitation/@aagabriel/houseofmann-and-lactatia-screenshots-of-sordidness

Part 2 https://steemit.com/exposingexploitation/@aagabriel/screenshots-of-sordidness-part-2-turning-children-into-media-whores-for-raping-and-pillaging


"Life sized" ? Why not dress up some newborns? Hell, why not bring Desmond and Lactatia over, I'm sure they will already be at the centre. Being whored around in an unabashed display of narcissism.

Well this bit of news just further illustrates what I have been saying for awhile. The LGBT Agenda is without a doubt targeting the youth.

To make it perfectly clear, I'm not saying that the LGBT community are bad people. I'm saying that there is an agenda behind it using the LGBT to program degeneracy to the masses. I wrote a post three weeks ago covering this very touchy subject. I encourage you to check it out. Especially LGBT people, you will see where I'm coming from is not a place of hate or bigotry.

The LGBT Agenda: Pride&Population Control

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my content. Feel free to offer your thoughts in the comment section below

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cishet do the same type of thing all the time. LGBT strives for normalisation, unless that happens we cannot be seen as people. This is just propaganda and hate, don't pretend to support us when you don't.


I never said the LGBT was doing it. Did you read my post? Or just flag and comment?


It's pretty clear to me here that you're exposing the exploitation of children. Doesn't matter who's doing it because it should not be tolerated period.


You are normalized enough, you don't need to turn little boys into whores for men! Just look at that kids face on that man's lap. If that's not a cry for help I don't know what the fuck is. Stop feeling so persecuted! You are not being persecuted, not by the majority of people. Most folks in this country think that adults ought to do whomever they please.

Yet, when it comes to children back the fuck up now! How is indoctrination into any sexual relationship a normal and accepted thing at the age of 8-9 years old? Wanna downvote something come and downvote this I could certainly use the publicity. Also, please explain in the comments why it is you downvoted it. I'll make popcorn before reading it, I'm sure it will be an entertaining read.

What if the boy on that man's lap was an 8 y/o girl? WAKE UP!

You claim to be an anarchist, yet you violate the NAP with your flagging. Who did @venomnymous hurt by speaking his mind? I think that your priorities are fucked.

You need to brush up on the very philosophy that is your handle. Do you truly want to rebel against authority, or do you want to become it? To me it's clear that when you use flagging the way in which you do, you seem to desire to become the authority.

AGAIN WAKE UP! and kindly give @venomnymous back his jolt cola he's going to need it in order to deal with the likes of people like yourself. Are you gay, that's okay.. but keep your hands off kids!


What if this were a bunch of middle-aged men watching a 8-9 y/o girl prance around all suggestively like? Surely those men would be pedophiles right?

@anarchyhasnogods are you pro LGBT or pro pedophile?

Pick one and speak your peace, I won't downvote you but i'll flame you in the comment section from now until kingdom come. Again, please wake up!

Lastly, these kids are too young to be dressing like whores, dancing suggestively, and wearing makeup. If you can't see this then may the gods help you to obtain some discernment. All you have to do is wake up, pinch yourself this is not a dream, this is a nightmare.


this thing is full of fascist dogwhistles. Not even going to bother with it after seeing that lmao


I love how you "an"caps are all just fascists lmao


If people are flagging this for post hate speech I'd like to know what they don't agree with? Where is the hate? Does anyone think being a drag queen is a safe and healthy environment for a child? Since when is that "normalisation?" The children and tv show @venomnymous referenced here are also real, so how is it a conspiracy? How is calling out the exploitation of children anti LGBT? Just because it comes under the LGBT banner are people supposed to ignore it and turn a blind eye?

Consenting adults should be free to live without fear and love whoever brings happiness to their lives and to do it without judgement, but whether straight, gay or indifferent they also have the responsibility to look out for children .. as far as i can see that's all that @venomnymous is doing. I'm sure many in the LGBT community would agree .. because one thing is for sure, by turning a blind eye you're doing the community zero favours.


im flagging this post for the fascist dog-whistles and thinly veiled hate


Does anyone think being a heterosexual white Christian is a safe and healthy environment for a child? How is calling out the exploitation of children anti-heterosexual white Christian?

See what I did there?

Because remind me again which demographic harms children? I've seen zero posts from the #informationwar lunatics calling out the Catholic Church, for one glaring example. But they talk about transgender women (not transgender men, oddly - but there's an obvious reason why that is so) more than the LGBT community does.


Does anyone think being a heterosexual white Christian is a safe and healthy environment for a child?

Yes probably safer than allowing a child whom at eight years old (before they're old enough to really comprehend what it all means)is working the circuits as a drag queen and icon. When I was a child I ran around as Spiderman because I watched it on tv, what if I'd been raised on "Drag Tots"? Would I dress as a girl? and if I did would it make it right to exploit it in such a way? Would I know my own mind? I mean Drag Tots .. not in my life did I think I'd hear of such shit .. it's unjustifiable, it has zero virtue. So in answer to your question, yes a well -balanced family orientated environment within a loving Christian family is preferable to a life on the drag circuits. Notice I chose the words "well balanced" very deliberately because I'm very much aware that no demographic is perfect, I'm also aware that Zero children should be working as drag queens and nothing you or anyone can ever say will ever convince me otherwise. Oh and no I'm not a Christian either,

How is calling out the exploitation of children anti-heterosexual white Christian?

I care not whether people are gay, straight, Christian or indifferent .. if they're exploiting children I have a problem with it and if you're calling them out (whoever they are) respect to you and you will receive nothing but my admiration.

I've seen zero posts from the #informationwar lunatics calling out the Catholic Church,

There are many people on here that have written about the dark underbelly of the Catholic church (including me). Equally, by branding everyone that writes under the #informationwar tag as a lunatic you're making another generalisation, which is something I would have thought you'd be fighting against.

I think the point people miss, is that @venomnymous is calling out something that should concern all of us. Bad elements exist in every walk of life and hide behind many masks, yes including heterosexuals, Muslims, Christians, 7th Day Adventists, white males and probably Buddists as well so why should LGBT be any different? This isn't right and you don't have to be anti LGBT to see it, we should be working together on this shit and not arguing over which demographic its more prevalent within.

I have zero problems with the LGBT community and every respect for anyone that is prepared to stand up for what they believe, I'll offer the hand of friendship to anyone with a good heart, no matter who they are .. but child drag queens .. nah you'll get nowhere with me on that one and I have no more to add to that. . I've said my point and I think I've been fair so I'm going to leave it there, bid you goodnight and wish you all the best on the platform .. over and out.


I seem to recall responding to the post he's referencing from three weeks ago.

You can't convince me that statements like this are logically or morally consistent:

To make it perfectly clear, I'm not saying that the LGBT community are bad people. I'm saying that there is an agenda to that is the LGBT to program degeneracy to the masses.

Or that the number of times he mentions "Zionism" isn't someone's "agenda". Like, does he know that Zionism is just a desire for Jews to return to Israel? What purpose could "programming degeneracy" possibly serve to that end?


Ah well you just pointed out a missed edit. The sentence doesn't even make sense. What I was trying to say, was that through the LGBT a agenda is being pushed, not by the community, but through them.

I strongly recommend you search the tag #zionism and get an education. Because it's not that sweet little home for the chosen people version they give you. No, they want so much more than that.

I can compile some videos for you, if you are going to watch them. Otherwise, I'll leave it at that.



That being said, I certainly did write a post about this and how child exploitation is 10,000,000x worse in public schools(which is largely run by Liberal Unions/Teachers) vs the Catholic Church, if you factor in the same time period of 4 years vs 50 years, read more below to understand this.

I am a very fact based person and our movement largely is to. You can certainly have your own opinions but you aren't entitled to your own facts.

As I said before, I don't have a problem with anyone who is LGBTQAAIYP and most people don't. The freedom to be yourself is enshrined in the United States Constitution if you live in the U.S.. But we will call out sexualization of children, which is clearly happening on all sides. Honey Boo Boo shows and Toddler Tiara and LGBT/Liberal movements and NAMBLA sexualizing kids is wrong. I don't care who does it, it is getting called out.

The Devil You Don't Know


There is a 2004 study called "Educator Sexual Misconduct" done by Charol Shakeshaft published by the Department of Education. In this study they found a ton of responses from students who indicated they had experienced one of the listed behaviors of abuse. The study showed that 9.6 percent of all students in grades 8 to 11 report "contact and/or noncontact educator sexual misconduct that was unwanted." There are 50 million students in high school in the US which comes out to be something like 4.5 million students who had some type of sexual abuse done to them from teachers.

The Devil You Do Know

In 2004the Jay Report thoroughly criticized the abuse committed by the catholic church in a 50 year period. It identified about 10,000 allegations/complaints against the Catholic priests/clergy/deacons/officials of the church. So why do we never hear about the 4 to 5 million kids who have gone through the exact same thing in our Public School system? Especially since this happens to 8 to 11th graders which is only a 4 year time frame for what the school teachers are doing, it is a much smaller time frame so why doesn't it get more press?



They're putting slutty makeup on kids and dressing them inappropriately at such a young age. It is just as despicable when [READ ON..]

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It's the sick Fing parents that will one day have to answer to God for warping His creation.


Thanks for increasing the visibility of the #lgbt tag though.


You're welcome. I'm not trying to take your community tag down.

You did not say it. But I will. FAR TOO MANY in the LBGT Community Do SUPPORT THIS. From Personal Experience I Personally Know many Homosexual Men, Lesbian Women & a few Transgenders. Guess What- Most of them suffered some type of severe ABUSE in childhood. And I can state that EVERY SINGLE homosexual Man I've ever know has told me they like teen boys. NONE admitted to liking kids. But every single Adult Gay Man I've every know- more than 10- has admitted to me they were PEDERASTS.

The LBGT Community & platform ^ groups & marches are all held by & made up of those who are LBGT. They are not squashing this or condemning it. They are actively promoting it. If straight people promote mixing SEXUALITY and a pound of makeup & sexual behavior by a child- they are correctly labeled as PEDOPHILES. Yet when the LBGT community does the same- they should be given a free pass?

Online I come off as a total Alienating figure, to put it mildly. Yet in real life, all sorts of people seem to pour out their life stories to me. One of the reasons I am very stand-offish & often prefer to ISOLATE myself from the masses.


Please tell me the precentage that support 9 year old drag queens. I imagine they're the same demographic that watches Toddlers and Tiaras.

I see no difference between the two. But well, in your case it's probablly transphobia. Sorry if someone going outside the gender norm scares you.

If you're a ranting douchebag online, I doubt you're a gay persons therapist in real life.

Nice blanket statements though. You got a real talent for debate.


toddlers & tiara are definitely the pedo crew- as is the dance moms & most of the rest stuff the mainstream media is broadcasting these days. People outside the GENDER NORM do NOT frighten me. In fact I prefer a diverse group of people, I actually prefer the OUTCASTS of society. However that does NOT change the statistics. The fact is MOST homosexual Men are PEDERASTS. You show me The Leadership in the LBGT community that is speaking out AGAINST sexualization of Children & 9 years old Drag Queens. Where are they?

A real talent for Debate? No not online- where I have to spend time typing into an undersized mac keyboard.
I do not waster my time formulating debates & articulate words & citing sources for ONLINE POSTS to a SOCIAL MEDIA SITE! What a F-ckin Waste of Time & Human Life To do that. I prefer to LIMIT my time social media = quick & dirty posts that are direct - to the point & don't mince words.
But in person YES!

Child explotation is to force the kids to identify with the gender their parents want, no matter if that gender coincide with their genitals or not.


That's not what child exploitation is.

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