The LGBT Agenda: Pride&Population Control

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First and foremost: This is not hate speech. I do not have any issues with gay people, I have no issue with what two consenting adults do within the privacy of their own homes. If you are a gay person and come across this post, I hope you read it with an open mind and just hear me out.

There is indeed an LGBT agenda. Not so much the community, no. As far as I see it, generally most of this community are victims of this agenda. Not that they realize it, most would believe that they are just finally getting recognition, their day in the sun. But, this couldn't be further from the case. The perpetrators of this agenda absolutely hate you, even more than they hate us straight goyim.

Truth be told the more people they can get with their LGBT programming, the more they can easily eliminate them from the gene pool. However, those Who still want to start a family, will likely do so through some form of medical procedure. This puts the control of human reproduction in their hands. Control over human reproduction is a big part of the new world order's objective.

"The End of Natural Motherhood?"


This is an agenda to promote a postgender world of people who identify themselves by their sex, who live debaucherous lifestyles in a 'selfie cultured' environment. It's an agenda to destroy the family nucleus, to take total control of human reproduction, and to depopulate the planet. To clarify this is what I believe is the desired result of the agenda and not necessarily how I think of the LGBT community as a whole. It's not just the LGBT community they are after. However, because the LGBT is a fringe group, they are more vulnerable to the manipulated by this propaganda.

"The old world is coming to an end. It will be replaced with a new way of doing things.
The new world will be called the "New World Order."

This new structuring will re-distribute property from the "have" nations and will give it to the "have- not" nations.
The New World Order will include changes in:

The Family:

homosexual marriages will be legalized, parents will not be allowed to raise their children (the state will) all women will be employed by the state and not allowed to be "homemakers", divorce will become ex- ceedingly easy and monogynous marriage will be slowly phased out,

The Workplace:

the government will become the owner of all of the factors of production, the private ownership of property will be outlawed,


religion will be outlawed and believers will be either eliminated or imprisoned, there will be a new religion: the worship of man and his mind, all will believe in the new religion."

Not that I give a shit about marriage. Again, if it's two consenting adults then have at'er. But, as you can see in this book. All that is happening has been a planned many many years, decades ago.

photo source

Although the LGBT agenda is not a new plan, It certainly has been ramped up in the last few years. It predominantly targets the youth in an attempt to confuse them while also normalizing homosexuality. To clarify yes indeed homosexuality goes against the normal biological function of sex, so therefore is not normal. It doesn't mean you're bad in any way just because you don't comform to normal sexual behaviour. I'm not normal for other reasons, it's okay though. We are all humans here. I'm not writing this to pick a fight with LGBT community. I am, however, writing this in hopes that maybe people of the LGBT might see what I'm seeing and maybe even join me in fighting an enemy that's manipulating us to gain full control of the world. Targeting the youth, using the LGBT to brainwash children to o against their biological function, in order to depopulate the planet. Get it? Let's move on.

Also if you are one to think the New World Order is nonsense, I have a question for you? If there's no such thing as the new world order, then why is it on the American one dollar bill?

"Novus ordo seclorum"

Why are world leaders always talking about building a new world order?

Compilation of world leaders mentioning the New World Order.!/v/venomnymous/jh0fjfce

Story Time? (Indoctrination through children's books)




Telievision (using TV to push LGBT)


Youtube influence (top 30 youtubers push gay agenda)


"What I was showing back then (and still show today) is how youtube celebrities were actually actors who are pushing gender confusion on children by promoting the LGBT+++. Once I hosted a live stream where I went through the top 30 youtubers (non Vevo and Youtube channels) and found that ALL OF THEM were promoting the LGBT... I would love to show you some of the videos... but you see.... Youtube Censorship.... yeah..."

The live stream he's talking about, can be viewed here.

So I was researching many of these top youtubers to see who they might work for and found some extremely compelling evidence to support that all the top youtubers are actors who work for Multi-channel networks like : Maker Studios, Fullscreen, Big Frame, DanceOn, Machinima, Tastemade, AwesomenessTV...

Interestingly... From Wikipedia: "Several MCNs have been purchased by larger corporations. In early 2014 Maker Studios was sold to Disney for $500 million,[22] and Big Frame was sold to DreamWorks Animation through AwesomenessTV for $15 million.[23] In June 2013, RTL Group invested $36 million in BroadbandTV Corp.[24]"

Video games (more LGBT programming)


Gender Alchemist


Gender Alchemist is a game inspired by classical Alchemist games as well as modern progressive movement. Users can learn over 100 genders, while simply playing a game. It is a must-have app for anyone who identifies as a progressive and non homophobic person."

Most popular game in the world "Overwatch" LGBT exposed

Education infiltration (Confusing youth about their sexuality and gender)

"California passed a law called the California Healthy Youth Act in 2015 to promote “healthy attitudes” about “gender [and] sexual orientation.” The law is meant to teach students about the “effectiveness and safety of all FDA-approved contraceptive methods” and allow for “objective discussion” about “parenting, adoption, and abortion.”

The law also gives parents the ability to opt-out of this education and said that the “pupil” shall not be punished academically in any way if they don’t participate."

"However, the Orange County Board of Education has decided that parents don’t have a right to exclude their kids from the class, LifeSite News reports. A memo from the Orange County Department of Education general counsel Ronald Wenkart on March 29 stated that the opt-out provision “does not apply to instruction, materials, or programming that discusses gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, discrimination, harassment, bullying, intimidation, relationships, or family and does not discuss human reproductive organs.”

And parents who disagree with any “materials related to gender, gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation may not excuse their children from this instruction,” Wenkart added. He also cited judicial precedent for the decision.

“Parents do not have a constitutional right to excuse their children from portions of the school curriculum that they find objectionable,” he continued.

The state-approved “tool kit” for the course includes topics about lubricants, anal sex and sex toys, according to Red State.

“What if you don’t have time or money to buy sex toys?” the guide reads on page C-51. “Cucumbers, carrots, and bananas (with the peel) make great dildos. Just remember to use a condom!”



"SOGI’s website says the curriculum’s title is “an inclusive term that encompasses all individuals regardless of where they identify on the sexual orientation or gender identity spectrums, including lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, two-spirit, heterosexual, and cisgender.”

The program is based on the notion that its use in public schools reduces “discrimination, suicidal ideation and suicide attempts for all students.”

The suggestion of the fear of suicide is one of the primary reasons parents of the few children who are truly gender confused and those swept up in a cultural trend are urged by LGBT activists in schools to immediately rush to affirm their children’s claim to be a different gender. The fear also fuels the recommendation by LGBT “affirming” therapists that children claiming to be a gender that does not match their biological sex must be affirmed in their gender confusion and even allowed to begin taking puberty-suppressing drugs in order to begin “transition” to the opposite sex."


Don't take this as an endorsement of Gavin McInnes. As far as I'm concerned, he's controlled opposition. But, Gavin points out some very curious sketches in the SOGI promo.

Brainwashing channel "queer kid stuff".



"This is how the ACLU LIED TO GET THE GENDER UMBRELLA INTO SCHOOLS!!!! You want your 7th and 8th graders learning about anal sex and sex toys from "TeenTalk"? Keep pushing those LIES!

Kudos to Brenda Lebsack here for exposing this fraud at the OUSD meeting."

Tweet with video

Many schools (around the world), have been infiltrated by lgbt groups like SOGI, pushing their lgbt resource packs. Reshaping policies within the schools and rapidly transforming the mental development of young minds. One group, 'Transgender Trend' wants to offer a resource pack of their own, with a different approach to gender identity. Well that's too much for the lgbt lobby to handle, as you will read in the story below.

This - from the Mermaids Facebook statement on the suspension pending investigation of the Transgender Trend crowdfunder- is no way to talk about suicide and young people




"More than 50 studies on nonfictional stories reported in newspapers, on television, and more recently on the Internet, have yielded consistent findings. Suicide rates go up following an increase in the frequency of stories about suicide."



link to article

link to [TransgenderTrend]( a group of concerned parents in the UK.

Forced feminization of young males under the guise of 'gender neutrality'.



In 2015, Ontario premier Kathleen wynne (Lesbian) and Benjamin Levin (convicted pedophile) radically changed the sex education in Ontario schools Teaching children that their gender is fluid among many things.

Ten reasons to reject Wynne’s sex education curriculum

In the media (repetition is mind control)

IMG_2759.PNG source


"A total of 49 per cent of 18-24 year olds who took part in the survey defined themselves as something other than totally heterosexual. Of that 49 per cent, only six per cent identified as totally homosexual with the remaining 43 per cent placing themselves somewhere along the Kinsey scale of sexual orientation. In the same survey, 46 per cent of those aged 18-24 saw themselves as totally heterosexual. This is in stark contrast with the general population of the UK, with 72 per cent defining themselves as exclusively heterosexual, and 28 per cent falling somewhere else on the Kinsey scale."


tweet and video




Look, I understand the desire to eliminate any prejudice left against the lgbt. But wouldn't it be more effective to teach children respect and acceptance of all the different types of people there are in our world. Rather than confusing them about who they are at an age too young to be thinking about sex in the first place.

Filling their heads with the idea that they change their gender like they would a shirt or skirt or whatever, whenever you feel like it. What's going to be the long term effects of this?

Assimilation is not the same as acceptance. It's an assault of the future of the human race. As a father of two young children, I wonder what they will be faced up against? Will they go on to have kids and build a family? Or will they fall victim to the programming? Will they decide that it's better to have dogs than children? Will they even be able to have children when they grow up?

The world is under a massive assault from chemical, social and economic pressures all steering people away from raising families. It's depopulation on a global scale. The whole thing is too big to capture in one steemit post or two or three or four or five. It's going to be like nothing we've ever seen before.


By Law (Forcing 'made up' pronouns down our throats)


"Bill 89 – Another Attack on the Family by the Province of Ontario"

"It appears to effectively give wide jurisdiction to the State to control the lives of children in the CAS, and in doing so, interfere with the parent/child relationship. This occurs by defining the “best interests of the child” so broadly as to include: the child’s physical, emotional, mental and developmental needs, as well as the child’s race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, citizenship, family diversity, disability, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression.

That is, these broad sweeping provisions in the legislation make every family vulnerable to the removal of their children from their home on the basis of the ambiguous provisions listed in the bill as defined by the government, especially by regulations, which require no public debate or approval by the legislature.

For example, this proposed legislation permits the CAS to withdraw a child from its family if it is determined the child is likely to suffer emotional or mental harm, or for a parent’s failure to provide the child with services or treatment. If a child decides he/she is of a gender other than his/her biological gender, the parents are required by this legislation to provide transgender medical services to the child or risk the child being removed from the home.

The reality, too, is that many children do resist parental direction as a part of the growing up process. As a result they may experience “mental and emotional” discomfort when their parents insist that they do as instructed. This parent/child conflict could, under provisions of the bill, lead to the removal of the child from the home." - source


"The most controversial aspect of SB 219 is imposition of fines and jail time to caregivers in long-term care facilities who fail to use the “preferred” pronoun for residents of those facilities. The bill offers no protections or exemptions for religious beliefs or conscience. One could assume the mandate would also cover so-called “gender neutral/gender inclusive” pronouns such as “ve,” “xe,” and “ze” in addition to the commonly understood “he” and “she.”


Addressing Bill c-16 and bill 89 at Vancouver pride.

Over-Representation (Minority over majority)

Rainbow programming (Repetition is mind control)


The lgbt as it currently stands, represents about 3.5 percent of the population of America. Transgender (which is just mental illness) is just 0.03%. Bisexual represents the slight majority of 1.8% and gay and lesbian are at 1.7%. So that's a very small part of the population, but nowadays you can't go a day without seeing the lgbt foisted into the mainstream focus. This is an over-representation of a fringe community in a society whose majority is heterosexual.

Pride parades (Above and beyond)

Before you take your kid to pride here's a tip by CBC writer Alice Lawlor.

Hmm, that's funny I don't recall it saying that before...

Oh yeah! Over a year after writing her pride advice piece. Alice edited shortly after a few YouTubers had picked up on the article and were making videos about it.

Here's the original paragraph in her article.


Nothing quite says equality like some downright indecent exposure in the midst of minors, am I right? I read it's good for kids sexual development, to see strange men and women on the street, swinging their dicks and tits about, simulating sex acts in public, and kids are never too young for that.

<a href="/gif/2016-toronto-pride-parade-nudity-public-sex-acts-and-justin-trudeau-vxmqmW" title="2016 Toronto "Pride" Parade - Nudity, public sex acts, and Justin Trudeau"><img src="" alt="2016 Toronto "Pride" Parade - Nudity, public sex acts, and Justin Trudeau">

Anyways, here is the 2018 pride parade schedule for Canada.

APRIL 19 - 22 (3 Days)
Jasper Pride Festival
Jasper, Canada

JUNE 02 - 09 (7 Days)
Pride Niagara
Niagara Falls, Canada

JUNE 08 - 17 (9 Days)
Edmonton Pride
Edmonton, Canada

JUNE 22 - 24 (2 Days)
Pride Toronto
Toronto, Canada

JULY 19 - 29 (10 Days)
Pride London Festival
London, Canada

JULY 20 - 29 (9 Days)
Pride Winnipeg
Winnipeg, Canada

JULY 21 (1 Day)
North Bay Pride
North Bay, Canada

AUGUST 05 (1 Day)
Vancouver Pride
Vancouver, Canada

AUGUST 09 - 19 (10 Days)
Montreal LGBTQ Pride
Quebec, Canada

AUGUST 24 - SEPTEMBER 03 (11 Days)
Calgary Pride
Calgary, Canada

Parade listings sourced here

Now what I understood about parades, was that they weren't more than a day or 2 in length. But, I guess when you have the banks (among many of sponsors) dishing out all those shekels (because they care so much) you can afford to put on nearly 2 Week long parade events. But there's no agenda here of course!

I mean when the pride parade is as long or longer than your city's yearly summer festival. You start to wonder, is there maybe Its more than about celebrating a very small group of people (I would argue most of the people at these events are gay allies a.k.a. Straight people) I don't know, banksters are just such good people, they would never help to push an agenda to normalize homosexuality in society. Ah well, I guess I'm just a horrible bigot for questioning things too much.

Photo on the left is for a drug that allows you to have unsafe sex at less risk of contracting hiv. Photo on the right (and yes, that man is performing analingus on the other man) is in Montreal, Quebec, in the gay village. Open for everyone to see, including children.


And I'm not even going to begin to tell you about two child drag queens that have become little celebrities in the pride community. But fortunately a steemit friend of mine has.

Part 1 -

Part 2 -


Now I ask you, is that how you want the world to perceive the LGBT? How are the so called homophobe supposed to take you seriously with stuff like that. When you're literally swinging you junk about in front of small kids. Imagine anyone else doing that in any other circumstance, they'd be arrested, but not before getting stomped on by an angry mob. I'm no a Christian or anything mean, but seriously? Am I just supposed to be cool with this?

Anyways, I could go on for days, but it's a bit too much. I didn't even cover music videos or the porn industry, toys and whatever else. However, I do hope whoever reads this, will see what I'm trying to illustrate. Your time in reading this is much appreciated. Any questions or comments would be most welcome.

If I did offend anyone though, I sincerely apologize. I promise however, that if you engage me in the comments. You will get a respectful dialogue from me.

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I do feel that feminism is about population reduction.


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Absolutely! It plays a part for sure. Feminism as part of the new world order, is a topic I'd like to cover in the future.


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Wew, that's a big one. Thanks for the shout out.
LGBT is getting the P added onto it..... so blatant to see.


Not specifically related to LGBT but look at what K-Mart sells now in the kids section.


They do bare a resemblance...Disturbing


Hey buddy, no problem. I really hope that doesn't happen. Those p's have been trying to get in for a long time.


Still glad I live in the East? much, and you can see why. :-)


Haha, yeah no kidding!

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