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The Steemit universe is ever-expanding. To see it grow from such an early stage as this is like watching a village built from the ground-up. It's invigorating, inspiring, and it leaves me full of ideas for the community. This is how Ladies of Steemit came to be.

Each of the three initiatives I'm showcasing today are created and driven by women on this platform. Each of them different, extraordinary, and serving communities on Steemit with incredible opportunities.

Note: Header image from Unsplash

I invite you to get to know...

The New Alchemists

created by @lilyraabe

Lily is a career artist and passionate activist. She created The New Alchemists on Steemit to help artists make a name, a space, and hopefully an income, on the blockchain. The account regularly curates exceptional art from all disciplines, as well as hosts contests and boasts a rapidly growing Discord channel where artists can connect.

Learn more about The New Alchemists in their introduction post.

Read the latest from The New Alchemists


Welcome to ArtSearch, a high-quality, all-discipline art curation initiative on steemit run by @TheNewAlchemists (TNA).

We will be focusing on the following steemit art categories:
(1) Creative Writing (fiction, poetry, playwrighting, spoken word etc)
(2) Performance (film, theatre, dance, comedy, improvisation)
(3) Visual Arts (painting, sculpture, modern craft, etc)
(4) Music (all musical styles and genres)
(5) Photography

Read the rest of the Art Search 01 and consider submitting an original piece!

Steemit Ramble

created by @shadowspub

You may know @shadowspub as the host of...


If you haven't yet joined a Pimp Your Post Thursday, you must put it on your calendar! At 11AM + 7PM (that's twice!) every Thursday, @steemitramble hosts a lively discussion-based post-promo event that is always hilarious and always recorded for later enjoyment.

Join the Steemit Ramble Discord.

Not just for Pimp Your Post Thursday, but for the generous, tight-knit community that will make your experience on Steemit even better.

Read the latest from @steemitramble.


This is the first post of the Steemit Ramble on its new account. A move I should have made a long time ago and kept putting off. I’ve really enjoyed doing the manual curation on the platform.

I’ve loved that my sister @artemisnorth has found that she enjoys curation as well and has chose to explore two niches @fiberartists and @paddlingnature. She has a very good eye for quality postings so, if you’re interested in either subject area, hop over and give her a follow.

Read on to see @steemitramble's top curated articles.


created by @stellabelle

Slothicorn was created provide solutions for artists who are struggling for financial independence. In their own words, "Cryptocurrency can solve some of these problems, when we mix artists with blockchain solutions."source The group showcases thousands of artists producing work under Creative Commons licensing, as well as provides education and contests to boost the art community on Steemit.


Read the latest from @slothicorn...

Winning graphic by: @karmachela

There were a lot of exceptional entries for the Slothicorn logo contest. Thank you to all who submitted designs! There was a lot of talent and it was difficult to decide.
Thank you all!

As you can see, our official logo is now changed to @karmachela’s designs as this was the winning design as chosen by the Slothicorn Core members.

See the new Slothicorn logo and celebrate with the winner!

Thank you for joining us in celebrating the Ladies of Steemit!

The #LadiesofSteemit curation initiative aims to curate the best female content on the platform and that can come from accounts of any size, age, subject-matter, and engagement level. To females/femmes/feminine voices making an investment in Steemit and its community growth, we salute you.

Our numbers are growing exponentially and we're on a mission to highlight the unique voices emerging every day. Do you have a Lady of Steemit you think deserves a mention?

Nominate your gals for the Ladies of Steemit curation!

Upvote this post and drop a link to an exemplary post by a feminine voice in the comments below. We are delighted to review and consider each entry. We primarily follow EVERY. SINGLE. LADY. we come across on Steemit and resteem as many quality posts as we can each week. Use the tag #LadiesofSteemit on your posts you'd like considered for a feature or that you feel would benefit the female community of Steemit.

You can also find more Ladies of Steemit hanging out in #SteemSugars and #TeamGirlPowa !

Disclaimer: There are no gender police here. If you in any way identify with some semblance of your own meaning of femininity, you're qualified! We by no means intend to exclude, alienate, or discourage the participation of men, but are committed to the Ladies of Steemit as our sole focus at this time!

Should you feel a person was featured in error, say we have misjudged a man/guy/masculine-identifying individual OR spammer pretending to be a woman, please use your best judgment and alert us politely in the comments or on Discord: @ameliabartlett / @ladiesofsteemit. We will be discreet and delicate in our handling of misprints!


The Ladies of Steemit Library

Ladies of Steemit is generously sponsored by:

And, many thanks to @carlgnash for your continued mentorship, support, and recent Steem donation!

If you would like to become a sponsor of the Ladies of Steemit curation intiative,

consider a micro-delegation of 10 SP or more and check out our curation trail which supports a vast range of female voices on the blockchain!

To join the Ladies of Steemit community,

use our tag #LadiesofSteemit on your female-authored or feminism-focused articles and grab a Ladies of Steemit banner, generously gifted to us by @thekittygirl!

ColorLink your banner to @LadiesofSteemit

Ladies of Steemit is curated with love by @ameliabartlett.

See you next Wednesday!

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My better half and Lady of Steemit is @enchantedspirit, curator of The Daily Whistle Stops, curator of The Inbox Runneth Over, co-curator of The Magnificent Seven and astrologer extraordinaire - The New Moon in Aries 2018 -- Part 1 - when she's not busy helping elsewhere.

Trust me, I'm a doctor.


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Oh I love this post and so thankful you featured TNA! <3 <3 <3

How fabulous!! I am glad I found you here...and it was by chance! I am still new to Steemit..although I registered last October...only few weeks of posting so I am still learning...great platform...what can I say?? Ladies of Steemit - you rock!! :)

great job you're doing highlighting the works of beautiful ladies on steemit!

love it! haha i actually found your post through the new alchemists discord ;) proving that these communities and connections really do make a difference. love all you do Amelia <3 !

Its amazing that a community like this highlights women in the arts. Ill be very excited to discover women passionate in different forms of art. Be it painting, dancing, music. Ill be looking forward to this.

Go girl power!

Thank you so much for the feature, we 100% appreciate it and your rad work to support lady-led communities on steemit!

Great roundup and nice to find you. I'll be following you now and look forward to discovering more great content creators through you.

Future idea:

The Lady Oracles of SteemIt

(Find them via the #tarottuesday or #divination tag.)

Awesome post...great job

How do you get featured? :) I always use the banners in my posts :D

I would love to know how I can get involved more!

Here is my latest post:

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