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Preamble: How old is our civilization? The answer to this question keeps changing over the last 2,000 years and will continue to change as we learn more and more about “our past”. One thing is clear – our “civilization” isn’t the first to have existed on this planet.

Just how many civilizations existed before us? The “oldest” civilization that is widely accepted at this time is the Sumerian which is believed to have existed around 4000 BC. Not everyone agrees though since several other pieces of “history” are not accounted for. The giants mentioned in the bible, the “fluvial” erosion in the body of the Sphinx in Egypt that could not have occurred before 10,000 BC, the Nephilim mentioned in Genesis (6:4) who took earthy women for wives who gave birth to the “giants”, the Anunnakis - believed to have created humans by altering ape’s DNA and ruled over earth for over 400,000 years plus the recent discovery of a 700,000-Year-Old Stone Tools found in the Philippines used to butcher a Rhino.

History as we know it is incomplete and convoluted with mythology. But advances in technology is allowing us to separate history from myths.

Who or what created us and for what purpose? I think this is the ultimate riddle that sentient beings like us should strive to get an answer for. Imagine that you woke up one day with no memory of who you are. Would you not spend the rest of your life finding out who you really are, who your parents were, whether you have a family etc.? In a way, this is what happened to us. We forgot. Or maybe something tricked us to forget our true nature and our rightful place in the universe.

It is clear that "higher knowledge" has been deliberately hidden from us for thousands of years. Therefore, you and me are beholden to uncover and bring this information out to enlighten the world. To end the battle between knowledge and ignorance. To free us from the obstruction caused by established dogmas and lies; for this knowledge could lead us to a greater understanding of our universe and of ourselves.

Various Sumerian stone tablets that have been successfully translated makes references to another tablet or tablets that hold immense power and knowledge. Every Sumerian King has to have one in order to cement his rulership. In the Lost Book of Enki which records the 400,000-year history of the Nibirians on Earth mentions these Tablets of Destinies multiple times which were fought over, lost, hidden, and stolen many times.

The first ancient text where the tablet of destiny was mentioned is in the creation account of the Nibirians. Like our Genesis story, it's muddled with incomprehensible acts and missing pieces:

Thus were three heavenly couples, Below and Above, in the depths created; By names they were called, the family of Apsu with Mummu and Tiamat they formed. At that time, Nibiru had not yet been seen, The Earth was not yet called into being. Mingled were the heavenly waters; by a Hammered Bracelet they were not yet separated. At that time, circuits were not yet fully fashioned; The destinies of the gods were not yet firmly decreed; The celestial kinfolk banded together; erratic were their ways. Their ways to Apsu were verily loathsome; Tiamat, getting no rest, was aggrieved and raged. A throng to march by her side she formed, A growling, raging host against the sons of Apsu she brought forth. Withal eleven of this kind she brought forth; She made the firstborn, Kingu, chief among them.

When the celestial gods of this did hear, for council they rallied. Kingu she has elevated, to rank as An command to him she gave! to each other they said. A Tablet of Destiny to his chest she has attached, his own circuit to acquire, To battle against the gods her offspring Kingu she instructed.

Then similar to the Greek Mythology where Zeus usurped power from his father, Tiamat and Kingu were subdued by another powerful rival who took the tablet of destiny:

The lifeless body Nibiru surveyed, like a slaughtered carcass Tiamat now was. Beside their lifeless mistress, her eleven helpers trembled with terror; In Nibiru's net they were captured, unable they were to flee. Kingu, who by Tiamat was made the host's chief, was among them. The Lord put him in fetters, to his lifeless mistress he bound him. He wrested from Kingu the Tablets of Destinies, unrightly to him given, Stamped it with his own seal, fastened the Destine to his own chest.

The second mention of the tablet is when Enki, after being chosen to lead a scout of 50 Nibirian men to travel to Earth for the first time to verify if a vast amount of gold can be mined from the planet:

He pondered them and agreed: Let Ea, my son by marriage, to Earth come! Let gold from the waters be obtained, let it for salvation on Nibiru be tested; Let a second wrestling kingship by me or Anu settle!

So be it! Anu in the assembly decreed. Enlil rose in objection; the king's word unalterable was. Ea to the place of the chariots went, commanders and sages he consulted. The mission's dangers he contemplated, how to extract and bring the gold he considered. Alalu's transmission he carefully studied, Alalu for more testings the results he requested.

A Tablet of Destinies for the mission he was fashioning. If water be the Force, where could it be replenished? Where on the chariot will it be stored, how to Force will it be converted? A full circuit of Nibiru did pass in contemplations, a Shar of Nibiru in preparations passed. The largest celestial chariot for the mission has been fitted, Its circuit's destiny has been calculated, a Tablet of Destiny has been firmly fixed; Fifty heroes will for the mission be required to journey to Earth the gold to obtain! To the journey Anu his approval gave; The stargazers for the journey the right time to begin then selected.

Other texts that provide more information about the includes the following:

The course of prior chariots, on Tablets of Destinies recorded, Nungal its pilot did follow. Unharmed it reached the celestial god Lahmu; it circled the planet, slowly to its surface it descended. A faint beaming a group of heroes followed; Ninmah was going with them.

On the way Enlil to her the landscape showed, the Edin's extent to her he showed, From the skies Enlil to her his plans explained. An everlasting plan have I designed! to her he was saying. That which for all time construction shall determine I have laid out; Away from Eridu, where dry land begins, my quarters shall be, Laarsa will be its name, a place for directing it shall become. On the banks of the Burannu, the River of Deep Waters, will it be located, A twin thereof a city shall in future arise, Lagash I shall name it.

Between the two on the plans a line have I drawn, Sixty leagues thereafter a healing city shall come into being, A city of your own it shall be, Shurubak, the Haven City, I shall name it. On the center line it shall be located, to the fourth city it shall be leading; Nibru-ki, Earth's Crossing Place, I will name it, a Bond Heaven-Earth in it I shall establish. The Tablets of Destinies it shall house, all missions it will control! With Eridu five cities there shall be counted, to eternity, they shall exist!

Perhaps the most dramatic account regarding the Tablets of Destiny is that of Anzu who stole the tablet of Enlil and declared himself King:

Enki to Anzu the Abzu did show, the toil in the mines to him he presented; Enlil Anzu to Nibru-ki invited, to the hallowed dark chamber he let him enter; In the innermost sanctuary the Tablets of Destinies to Anzu he explained. What the Anunnaki in the five cities were doing to Anzu was shown; To the Igigi who at the Landing Place were arriving relief he promised. To discuss the complaints of the Igigi he to Nibru-ki then returned. A prince among the princes was Anzu, of royal seed his ancestry he counted; Evil thoughts filled his heart when to the Bond Heaven -Earth he returned. To take away the Tablets of Destinies was he scheming, Of the decrees of heaven and Earth to take control in his heart he was planning. The removal of the Enlilship in his heart he conceived, to rule Igigi and Anunnaki was his aim!

Unsuspecting Enlil at the entrance to the sanctuary Anzu let be stationed; Unsuspecting Enlil left the sanctuary, for a cooling swim he went away. With evil purpose Anzu the Tablets of Destinies seized; In a sky chamber he flew away, to the mountain of the sky chambers he swiftly went; There, in the Landing Place, rebellious Igigi for him were waiting, To declare Anzu king of Earth and Lahmu they were preparing!

In the sanctuary of Nibru-ki the brilliance petered out, the humming quieted down, Silence in the place prevailed, suspended were the sacred formulas. In Nibru-ki Enlil was speechless; by the treachery he was overwhelmed. To Enki angry words he spoke, of the ancestry of Anzu he him questioned. In Nibru-ki the leaders gathered, the Anunnaki who decree fates with Anu were consulting.

Anzu must be seized, the Tablets to the sanctuary, must be returned! Thus did Anu decree. Who shall the rebel face? Who shall the Tablets retrieve? the leaders asked each other. With the Tablets of Destinies in his possession, invincible is Anzu! to each other they were saying.

Then later Marduk, the first-born son of Enki staged a coup that triggered a nuclear war. Marduk succeeded and crowned himself king of kings. In his breast hang all the Tablets of Destinies:


His heavily designed overcoat and hat show the motifs of the Tablets of Destiny. All this points to the fact that having ownership of the Tablets gives the owner a position of considerable power and importance.

The Egyptians in their mythology also had a similar tablet of great wisdom and power. This was known as the Book of Thoth. Thoth was the Egyptian God of Wisdom and as Egyptian text states that he wrote in this book, all the magic of the world.

"Toth wrote the Book with his own hand, and in it is all the magic in the world. If thou readest the first page, thou wilt enchant the sky, the earth, the abyss, the mountains, and the sea; thou wilt understand the language of the birds of the air, and thou wilt know what the creeping things of earth are saying, and thou wilt see the fishes from the darkest depths of the sea. And if thou readest the other page, even though thou wert dead and in the world of ghosts, thou couldest come back to earth in the form thou once hadst. And besides this, thou wilt see the sun shining in the sky with the full moon and the stars, and thou wilt behold the great shapes of the gods."

Thoth's origin is clouded in mystery. He is known to have reincanated multiple times on Earth. To the Sumerians he was Ningizzida; he may have been Enoch to the Jews, Odin to the Scandinavians, Wotan to the Teutons, and Buddha to the Hindus.

So what are these tablets? Are they the same as the handbags portrayed in many sculptures of Sumerians kings?


An even more important question is - where are they now?

To better answer that question and find the identity of the tablets, one needs to know, what other tablets had that exact same power. Tablets that could enhance the strength of armies, that had an important religious significance, tablets that empowered the holder, with no concern as to who the holder is. Throughout human history, there is only one item that fills those requirements and that's the Ark of the Covenant.

Is it possible that the Tablets of Destiny are the real source of power behind the tablets that Moses returns with from Mount Sinai? Perhaps it's time to remove the Ark of the Covenant from its final resting place in an Ethiopian church to finally reveal its secrets to the world.

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Is there an online library which has the current translations of the Sumerian tablets? So much knowledge can be obtained from them.

Interesting that the tablets (technology?) are the source of power for ruling, not the individual entrusted with them. My first thought was a parallel of sorts as I increasingly see calls for our minds to be recorded to computer and merge with AI that some already say should rule us.

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