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Preamble: How old is our civilization? The answer to this question keeps changing over the last 2,000 years and will continue to change as we learn more and more about “our past”. One thing is clear – our “civilization” isn’t the first to have existed on this planet.

Just how many civilizations existed before us? The “oldest” civilization that is widely accepted at this time is the Sumerian which is believed to have existed around 4000 BC. Not everyone agrees though since several other pieces of “history” are not accounted for. The giants mentioned in the bible, the “fluvial” erosion in the body of the Sphinx in Egypt that could not have occurred before 10,000 BC, the Nephilim mentioned in Genesis (6:4) who took earthy women for wives who gave birth to the “giants”, the Anunnakis - believed to have created humans by altering ape’s DNA and ruled over earth for over 400,000 years plus the recent discovery of a 700,000-Year-Old Stone Tools found in the Philippines used to butcher a Rhino.

History as we know it is incomplete and convoluted with mythology. But advances in technology is allowing us to separate history from myths.

Who or what created us and for what purpose? I think this is the ultimate riddle that sentient beings like us should strive to get an answer for. Imagine that you woke up one day with no memory of who you are. Would you not spend the rest of your life finding out who you really are, who your parents were, whether you have a family etc.? In a way, this is what happened to us. We forgot. Or maybe something tricked us to forget our true nature and our rightful place in the universe.

It is clear that "higher knowledge" has been deliberately hidden from us for thousands of years. Therefore, you and me are beholden to uncover and bring this information out to enlighten the world. To end the battle between knowledge and ignorance. To free us from the obstruction caused by established dogmas and lies; for this knowledge could lead us to a greater understanding of our universe and of ourselves.

Following is the timeline of the Annunaki on Earth reconstructed from various sources as referenced at the near bottom of the page.

450,000 years ago

On Nibiru, a distant member of our solar system, life faces slow extinction as the planet’s atmosphere erodes. Deposed by Anu through fair combat, the former ruler Alalu escapes in a spaceship and heads for Earth. He confirms that Earth contains sufficient quantity of gold that can be used to repair Nibiru’s atmosphere. Several probes were sent across the solar system in the past to look for gold but most of the probes couldn’t pass through the asteroid belt and were destroyed. Alalu sends a message to Nibiru of his find and demands to be proclaimed king of Earth and be given another chance to challenge Anu in combat.


Anu decides to send his first-born son EA (from a concubine) to Earth to lead the extraction of gold. EA left for Earth with 50 male Nibirians. Upon reaching Earth, he decides to splash down on an ocean instead of land and dispatches his 50 men to sample the waters of the Persian gulf for gold. In the meantime, he established the first settlement on Earth which he called Eridu – Earth Station 1. Gold was extracted from the waters but of small quantity. Anu got disappointed and announced to come to Earth. Enki roams Earth with his spaceship to hunt for other sources of gold. He found a vast quantity in Abzu (Africa).


Anu arrives on Earth with Enlil, his second son (from his wife-queen) and heir apparent. Enki appeased Anu by announcing his gold find in Abzu and discusses his plan. Anu blessed the plan and agreed to send more Annunaki workers to help with the gold mining operations. A dispute ignited between Anu’s two sons over dominion over Earth and tasks assignments. Drawing lots, Enlil wins command of Earth Mission while Enki is relegated to head the mining operations in Africa. Prior to departing Earth, Anu granted Alalu’s challenge to Nibiru’s kingship via mortal combat. Anu once again easily defeated Alalu. While pinned to the ground, Alalu bit and swallowed Anu’s manhood. A jury was formed by Anu to decide the fate of Alalu. The jury agreed to exile Alalu to Mars where he later died.


Seven functional sites in southern Mesopotamia was established. These include the main city Eridu, a spaceport (Sippar), and a Mission Control Center (Nippur) and another spaceport in Mars. The ores from Africa were transported to Mars using smaller spaceships. From Mars, bigger spacecraft were used to carry the ores to Nibiru.


The Nibirians on Mars called the Igigis, raised their frustration over the hard conditions on the planet. Marduk, the first-born of Enki and grandson of Alalu & Anu and commander of Mars' operation sought the support of his father Enki to hear the grievances of his men. Enki, Anu and Enlil agreed to establish a refining center (Shuruppak) to reduce the workload in Mars. Pure gold was then transported from Earth directly to Nibiru. Marduk with his Igigi followers attempts to seize control of Earth but was unsuccessful.


Nibirians on Earth (Annunaki) toiling the gold mines demanded better treatment. Anu reduced the workdays and increased the rotation of Annunaki workers from Nibiru but this only gave temporary relief. The Annunaki mine workers later mutinied. Enki presented a plan to create primitive workers through genetic manipulation of apeman. He appointed his half-sister Ninhursag, to help him with the endeavor. After many failed trials, a primitive man capable of speaking and learning, was born. He was named Adama. Using the same genetic formula to conceive the Adama, the Eva was born. Through the Adama and the Eva, primitive workers were born who replaced the Annunaki in the gold mines.


Adappa (biblical Adam) was born out of the union between Enki and a female descendant of Adam & Eve. Enki trained Adappa in many aspects of life and technology. Adappa and his wife gave birth Cain and Abel. Cain was trained in agriculture while Abel was trained in husbandry. During a festival, Cain and Abel made offerings to the Annunaki gods. Enlil praised Abel for his delicious meat produce. During one brutal summer, all the rivers dried up and Abel brought all his animals to drink at Cain’s well. Cain was enraged and confronted Abel. The brothers fought and Cain smashed Abel’s head with a stone, killing him instantly. Upon learning of Abel's death, Enlil banished Cain from Eridu and Ninhursag, who taught Abel animal husbandry brought him to far away land where he founded the Canaanites civilization. Adappa and his wife gave birth to Seth to replace Abel and several other intelligent humans.


Life on earth regresses during a new glacial period.


Climate warms again. Marduk decides to marry one of the Earthlings. A royal banquet was hosted by Anu on Earth to celebrate the wedding of his first grandson. The Igigi in the pretext of attending Marduk’s wedding conceived an elaborate plan to take earthly women as wives. During the wedding celebration, the Igigi kidnaps Earthly women. Their union gave birth to violent and unruly giants who desiccated earth's resources. Enlil was enraged by the abomination committed by the Igigi.


A new ice age begins. Regressive types of man roam the Earth. Cro-magnon man survives.


Enki and Nimursag (another name of Ninhursag) elevated humans of Annunaki parentage to rule in Shuruppak. Enlil, enraged, plots mankind’s demise.


Realizing that the passage of Nibiru on Earth’s proximity will trigger an immense tidal wave, a great debate ensued among the Annunaki leaders on the fate of man. Enlil wanted to let destiny takes it course while Enki and Ninhursag argued to save man. Enlil won the debate and Anu decreed not to save man. Suspicious of this brother Enki, Enlil make the Annunaki swear to keep the impending calamity a secret from Mankind.


Enki had a dream where he was instructed to save Ziusudra (biblical Noah). Upon waking up, a tablet detailing the process on how to contract a submersible ship was found near his bed. Enki then informed Ziusudra of the impending calamity and instructed him to build the boat following the instructions in the tablet. The Deluge sweeps over Earth. The Annunaki witness the destruction from their orbiting spacecraft. The devastation changes Enlil’s heart and agrees to grant the remnants of mankind tools and seeds. Agriculture begins in the highlands. Enki taught man animal domestication and agriculture once again.

To be continued...

Sources: [Source 1: The lost book of Enki by Zecharia Sitchin; Source 2; Source 3; Source 4; Source 5.

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The story of the Annunaki is usually dismissed as pure fantasy. I believe that there are no reasons to consider it fantasy, since we do not really know the full story of the origin of man.

historical events became myth due to the passage of time and due to catastrophic events that nearly wipe out man from the face of the Earth. It's just a matter of time when these myths will be elevated to historical facts again as we uncover more and more evidence of ancient civilizations.

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