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Are you still wanting a chance to win a trip to Steemfest2? If so, here's another chance for you!

This post is the same as the Steemfest2 giveaway I posted about in July. I didn't see many entries so far, so I just simplified the contest to only a video. If you have written your post, that's fine too, just post that along with your video. I wanted to make this adjustment in order to make it as easy for people as possible to enter the contest. Here's my original post in case anyone wants to see it:

I've been away from Steemit for over a week, and I may have missed your entry into my Steemfest giveaway. If you created a video and post for this contest, please put your link below.

There's a new deadline for this contest: end of August, 2017.

Because there were so few entries in my contest so far, I have decided to change it up a bit. The only requirement is to make a 3 minute or longer video. In it, you can explain your ideas, projects, visions for the future, including how you would make your ideas come to life on Steemit. If you have already written your text, that's fine, include it. I wanted to make this as easy as possible since I couldn't find any entries so far. If you have an idea how to change society, then tell us about it!

So, here's a video I made explaining this:

If you have a friend who you think deserves to win a trip to Steemfest2, please encourage them to make a video and submit their entry. Two winners will be chosen. Only minnows are eligible. And I am removing the one man, one woman requirement, and just going to pick the top 2 people, irrespective of gender.

Here is the information about Steemfest2 which will be in Lisbon, Portugal this year:


So, here's a sample Steemit title if I was going to enter this contest:

Stellabelle's Steemfest2 Entry: My Idea To Transform Society From Scarcity To Abundance



Good luck everyone and make your video today!


note: @steemfestdreams, @aggroed, @steemfest and @roelandp and others please resteem this to give it visibility.

Specifics about the video: I used 3 minutes as a guide, but you can make it longer if you need to. Sorry about changing some things, but when I discovered that no one had entered my contest, I realized maybe I needed to make it easier....



Half remember hearing about steemfest before, thanks for putting it on my radar again.

Any idea what the ticket prices are like? Is it just for devs? I am planning to get more into programming through making a steemit bot, this would give me an excuse to get working.

Not entering the comp though, will leave that to more in need and more deserving people

Steemfest2 is for everyone. There will be many activities and speakers. It's a way for people to get together and explore new things face to face.

Hey! I'm quite new here, just joined in June this year. I think Steemit is amazing and I would love to meet other Steemians IRL. Thinking about travelling to Lissabon in November to join the Steemfest, maybe together with my wife. Suppose I do not win any contest, what would be the price of an entrance ticket to the Steemfest?

@fitzgibbon, please visit for all details on steemfest . The tickets start from Euros 222 to Euros 999. Check out the site for full info.

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Oh no :( ! .. I just spent 2 days writing my text (I just finished in french right) .... I was starting to translate it..... And work on the video tommorrow... but now the rules have changed :(

Hello again. Eager to see your vid. I love your forthright style. So cool...

It's fine, please put your text in it!

Also, put your French there too, so that people can read in a variety of languages.

please include the text if you have already done so. I wanted to make it easier, because no one had entered!

Dear Stellabelle, I will work on the video now :-D I now EXACTLY why you should pick me ! Much more easier than the vision of the world (one week thinking, two days writing) ... and nooooooo forgive me, I will not translate it (too hard me, but it's in french and I think you speak french :-D ). I will try to do my video the better I can in english ! :-)

you can make a French version video, too! (if you want)

I speak a little french and can use Google Translate, so that's fine.

I've recently started realising the power of Steemit. And this morning I was thinking of making it to Lisbon anyhow. And now I see this!
I will make sure to participate.

Wow I don´t get why no one entered the contest!! Come on people, it was writing and a video! Not writing a book :( I didn´t know about this but now I am sure going to participate!! :D

What you are doing is amazing @stellabelle thanks for organizing this kind of contests!

Can I translate this, link it and post in on @mexico-trail to get more people involved? (more competition for me nooo :( hehe)

Of course I will resteem it with that account but I am not sure if everyone´s english is good but would love for my community to get involved. I could make subtitles on those entries in spanish to help you judge the video :)

I know, right? I'm surprised this contest isn't trending. Good idea translating it

Exactly! This is sooo big!! :O I bet some people do not want competition hence they don´t resteem, that is the only logical answer i can find... Open Mic could do something similar! I bet hundreds of musicians would compete for that one :O I know I would only be resteeming cause I cant sing for my life hehe

yes, sure, make subtitles! Language is not important, but PASSION is. Passion translates into any language!

Exactly!! I would be doing my video in english...

But I would be more than happy to put subtitles on my fellow mexicans videos if they do it in spanish :D

yes, that would be super helpful.

Of course, please translate and keep all rewards!

@venuspcs @broncnuts
Hoping to don't offend any of you, I tought that this should be won by a good heart.
I live far away and I can't come in case of victory, but I'd really like to see one of you smashing the contest and help other people to win beside you! RESPECT 👊

Resteeming this, plus I'll resteem some of the new video entries when people post them. :)

This is so cool! I could definitely do a 3-minute video for fun but I'm a minnow no more. LOL Upvoted, resteemed and gonna see if I can round up some people to make a video :)

So helpful person you are. Im so glad there is people like you. I salute you! 😃 Best of luck to the people that will join this contest. Always be happy and enjoy steeming 😊

This is awesome, why not!?!

Hy,@stellabelle Beautiful post Voted & Followed Thank you` for sharing you wish you the same.. :)

@maite votes pliss spanish ☺️

you flag me. your video all copyright. your photos all copyright. don't flag go on. note. you crazy dog.

I voted for you, please vote for me:

Any additional exposure would really help since there was only one entry when I first posted.....and I cannot find that first entry! The tags don't stay around forever.

See your post mentioned here

Thanks for update, I wish all participants best of luck.

is this different from the other contest that had 27th july deadline cos i just about to finish with the video.

nope, it's the same one! I will add that in the description.

ok then, do i still need to add travel expenses as per the first entry requirement or its optional now

if you have already done the work, then add it. The travel expense information is optional, but will be required once the winners have been selected.

you flag me. your video all copyright. your photos all copyright. don't flag go on. note. you crazy dog.

please submit it as is. The reason I changed to video, is because there were no entries. But the more information can always help.

I like your post....
Can help

All expense paid regardless of where i am coming from to attend?
I better go pack my bags.
Hehehe, Lisbon here i come.

Very interesting!

I will submit a video :P

That's a great initiative!

I wish good luck to all participants.

Funny video :))

The barbie video hahahaha genius!

Going to steemfest would be a dream come true. and this seems like a great opportunity. i would definitely try to come up with something. all the best to all the participants!

@hannahlicious I think you might like to have a look on this !

mmm never been to Portugal before..

Welcome back. i am been away too! Long story to tell! Would have liked to participate but i just graduated for being minnow. Aggroed did his contest and made it only for minnows with 500 followers or less. i was still a minnow at the time but i didn't participate, i was able to create a case for one old minnow who had more than 500 followers to join in. it took a small effort and aggroed agreed. there are many who want to participate in these things, though they are not minnows, they may not have money and steempower their only treasure to hold on too, they missed the dream of the first steemfest as it slipped them by. i would have loved to participate in your contest too. i didnn't really participate in the others but yours, i would want because you know some of my story and i can feel at home.

I guess being a minnow in my mind means you cannot afford to buy a ticket. I am not sure what others think about this....
What is the definition of minnow?

Okay! People think differently of minnow. I will like to participate to get heard. there is alot people need to know. I hope you are doing okay. I just got back too and times with my sisters had everything in it, so much joy but also so much sadness. But i came back fortified.

how to join and have a chance to win trip to steemitfest madam?

the instructions are in the post.

Thanks for sharing! A link to your post was included in the wiki page Steemfest 2:Crowdfunding and Contests. Thanks and good luck again!

thanx I'll try to join contest

best of luck to all participants

Great move! Resteemed.

Thanks for the Resteem!

Indeed the program and dab very great idea. Continue to work for steemit advancement and provide convenience for the world's steemit users. Hopefully the users of steemit not only want to earn a profit but make ideas or program ideas that bring steemit towards the more advanced so that it can grow rapidly .. successful greetings @ stellabella

Interesting! Thanks @stellabelle .

I will definitely enter this contest. I was third in @aggroed's contest; i have started to save towards actualizing my dream of coming to STeemfest 2017. Winning this contest will surely get me to Steemfest.

Win a free trip or not, I want to go. I also ne3ed to have some fun and create some videos. I love your youtube channel!

Thanks! Having fun is an essential element!

you flag me. your video all copyright. your photos all copyright. don't flag go on. note. you crazy dog.

Hey @stellabelle thanks for bringing this opportunity up, i will go for the contest and see what i can do. I wish myself good luck and every other participant as well

Good Luck everyone :) Stella you are the best. Fun video and the pony tail that doesn't move is a great look. Dreams do come true in Steemit ..

are you going to enter?


thanks. Much appreciated.

My dear @stellabelle - anything but video!
I'm horrified of that media especially if I should be on the screen! 😱

Anyways, I leave my vote for someone at least a bit less horrified with it than I am, to pay for I don't know what - 2 peanuts on the trip, I guess. - lol
But, who cares, in my world, intention counts not only the amount. 😉

Wow this is amazing

Wish I could get a passport. Seems my attempt at just this kind of sharing got me in the sights of our secret service here in Canada. This was in the mid '80s and I haven't even bothered since the US Homeland Security put me on their list as well.

Could never understand then how a 100 year plan to do what the World Bank failed miserably at was something my own country would call a threat to national security, and issuing a cease and desist order to seal the deal.

Obviously the intent of the internet has grown through social networking into something that can and will bring lasting change for the good over the next couple/few generations.

Patience and perseverance to all who participate!

UVed/RSed/already following ✌️

I don't think I have what it takes to go to steemfest. Honestly, I'm not there yet on steemit. But, I'll be happy who ever wins in the end. Some one who truly deserves it. :)

ok i try my level best

Hey, all I do from 4 to 7 A.M. is sleep anyway, I should be able to crank 3 minutes of a presentation out.

Excellent opportunity for people who want to travel and show their projects to change society and that transcendental becomes Steemit in all this, very well for giving that opportunity to people who start, this can mean a very important impulse to fulfill the dreams of Grow and be established through creativity and projects.

Oh, man. This is an amazing contest. Wish I could enter. Whoever does win though is one lucky guy or gal! This is super generous of you, by the way! :)

Resteemed, by the way!

Wish I can win the trip but little busy working on my project. I have resteem for my followers to read if they are interested.@stellabelle

Interesting! Thanks for this Stellabelle. I think many people wanna win;)good luck all!

I hope you enter the contest. Not many have done so......and you have a special talent. Please enter, ok?

Yes! Thank you alot!

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Sure I forget about this contest I'll be posting soon a videos about explain my vision and ideas to bring this platfotm to next level .....

Thanks for presenting your contest on my Steemfest entry post. I just returned from a training camp and I’m glad that there is still time to participate:) I’ll make sure to have my entry ready before the deadline!

Upvoted, resteemed and will try to get my video entry out soon :) Looking forward to attend Steemfest2 but considering the value of Indian currency and the prohibitive costs for us Indians, I don't think I can make it on my own :( Ah, nonetheless, hopefully I should be able to attend, thanks to this contest!

Hi @stellabelle

I, well my girlfriend and I (once I convince her), are thinking of making a duel entry video, I guess this would be an acceptable 2 person entry if we fulfilled the other requirements?!

yes, of course you can enter as a dual entry....

Hey Stellabelle! I was wondering If I could do my video in three languages? (it might take longer than 3 minutes)

Of course! Do it in as many languages as possible! The 3 minutes was only a guide, you can go over that 3 minutes, no problem.

i really want to participate

Nice, open to all no matter what is the location or where they came from.

Good opportunity for who want to present their videos at this contest...thanks @stellabelle

very good post

I'm going to try to submit a video if I can find the time. This looks like a fantastic event to attend.

I didn't enter the contest because I just like using steemit and I am not a developer so I don't know how to make it better or I don't have a project I can talk about. I am just someone who likes it on steemit i am not techey enough to win this contest. But this is a good idea to win a trip. wish they had steemfest in USA tho so I could go.

Were can I buy tickets for the event?

A great opportunity for new streamers

I vote for @maya7! She is doing real work, getting her hands dirty, to help her community!

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