A Case for a Decentralized Society

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Hello Everyone,

Starting today, we at ADSactly will be making daily posts on our Steemit account. The posts will revolve around the topics of crypto currencies, networks, and decentralization.

For the first post, I would like to touch on the topic of Decentralization .

Decentralization: A General Overview

The idea of decentralization begins with the core principals of shared liberty, freedoms, and opportunities. When a society or organization is decentralized everyone in that organization is given an equal playing field. The opposite is true for a centralized society, when a society is centralized it leads to only a small number of people receiving any and all benefits from the system, leaving everyone else behind.

The reason we at ADSactly love decentralization so much is that our community, from the top down, is made up of people who feel at that the current system of monetary centralization is unfair and unkind. We understand the value each and every member brings to the table and we wish to provide the ladder for individuals who decide to join our movement the opportunities to excel in their given field. In essence, ADSactly is built by the everyman and is for the everyman and we encourage new users to join our community and chat with our team. We look forward to getting to know you!

TEDx Talk on a Decentralized Society

Centralized System [a] vs. Decentralized System [b]

ADSactly Community


Looking forward to helping ADSactly bring all of the goals to fruition. Thank you for appointing me community leader, I won't let us down!

This is what's to come. Couldn't have come at a superior time. We can free ourselves from our slavers and their darling useless paper cash. Here's to us. The general population.

Decentralization is the genuine response for the greater part of our political and monetary issues!

Much the same as the crypto world brings us inovations and new advances each day, all general public could do likewise on the off chance that we consider better approaches for taking care of issues without asking the administration's assistance!

A debt of gratitude is in order for sharing this companion! :)

"decentralized" as a term is fine. That picture above the label "decentralized" has a center and is therefore not centralized. I would wager that decentralized and distributed are synonyms.

What do you mean by distributed @everittdmickey? Sounds interesting...

distributed is much like a mesh.

Interesting. What's the difference between distributed and decentralized?

I'm also interested in others views on this subject. I feel they're very similar, but not quit the same.

Yes, however BITCOIN is actually an Autonomous Decentralized Distributed Value Network. We suppose you could say we are following the Developments and Experiments that BITCOIN and the rest of the Cryptoverse are trying. We have Upvoted your comment and appreciate your comments and suggestions.

@everittdmickey That would be IOTA & its distributed ledger my friend :)

@adsactly it is very true because decentralization do provides everyone an equal playing field.I would love to join this community started following you.

Yeah, it would be cool to test it with a small community.

Just implement it! Go all in! It will either improve and leap past obstacles....or it will die and make room for the next generation. Go for it :) it can NOT fail even if it dies. The animal has already been released from the box

It can do but it doesn't have to. You just have to look at bitcoin and steem to understand that. Those who are already wealthy gain far more from either system than those who are poor. A wealthy person can simply invest a lot of money into steem, a poor person needs to grind on a daily basis. Wealthy people can censor poor people on steem.

How is that an equal playing field?

The flagging system should be modified.

OK, We agree the Flagging system should be modified as well. There are a lot of good features that the SteemIt.com has created. Each Hard Fork we all have a chance to step up to the plate and offer our suggestions to help improve the platform.

I think that is the way the world functioned before industrialisation made people work in factories and self sustaining farming became impossible. Have you read The Grapes of Wrath?

check out Iota. Working hard on Interoperability

thanks for the tip, i will certainly read up on iota

Oha a guy that has the nano logo as his profile pic supports iota, crazy world we live in ^^

Kind of like the city states of the past? Less government intrusion and more individual responsibility which also leads to more respect of one's fellow man.

Decentralization is the road to liberty!

Are dreams becoming real?

They've always been real. They're just getting more fun.

Welcome to the vast knowledge pool that is SteemIt. Topics like this that cover a small amount of material in depth on a subject provide great value to the reading. I'm now following you for this type of content.

good simple explanation, thanks for sharing. Looking forward to your future posts

Nice to meet you. I have seen you around but you've certainly got my attention now. Looking forward to your posts.

sometimes I feel like my brain is a decentralized society ,,, erg !!! peace

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We are going to try to provide much more useful content to share with the STEEMIt Community.

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All about decentralization. Banks of course but many other facets of society need to cut out the dysfunctional middlman. Thanks @adsactly.

Keep up the writing; sure hope you can share lots of interesting topics. Check out some of my posts; if interested, please comment and let’s review.


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From this July 30 in the world will be having the bitcoin. Hence many future situations will depend


Hello :) Decentralization is great idea, and it's future for all of us. It's one of reasons of cryptocurrencies growing.


We added a Video to help explain Decentralized Societies a little more in depth hope you guys enjoy it! It's TedX Talk by our old friend Johann Gevers!

Hi adsactly, I have to agree with @everittdmickey.

The network diagram you show labeled B does not give everyone in the organization an equal playing field.

  • There are network effects at play that give some nodes more power than other nodes. Primarily, the nodes that are more central to the network and more connected will have a lot more power. Maybe this is what you are trying to achieve? A truly democratic system?

Linking some really valuable info on network effects that I learned about in college. You may be interested to take a look!

Your centralized network actually does equalize all nodes (except of course the central one) given that the central node is impartial (e.g. assuming that the length of the edges has no significant meaning). However this can be really harmful for the reasons you alluded to.

The distributed network however, gets you much closer to a fair and equal system because each node has some way to get information from at least 2 other nodes.

  • This is actually really important, because it gives the node a choice in the way in which they participate within the organization.

  • In diagram B the choice is participate or don't, which seems unfair.

  • The problem with the distributed network is that some nodes who are more central have more influence, however, information can travel much more fluidly. This could be good or bad or neutral. (You might think of it like a disease. The more connected everyone is the higher chance each individual will get it. Though if you have two 'diseases' that contradict each other it may not be all that bad.

What do you think?

Very good. Keep posting please...

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Nice post !
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Things might become a little more fair and shared. Lets see

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Eventually we'll have a decentralized Internet.


.... wait so how can we honestly join this? We want to be a part of this new society.

I am excited to see decentralized business models grow and revolutionize capitalism. Imagine a world where workers, rather than middlemen, take home most of the profit they earn.

Superb initiative!
The decentralization made available with the blockchain will do so much more than just empowering freedom, it will also fuel innovation. Especially when combined with the open-source. Entrepreneurs close to the problem they observe can rapidly prototype new solutions and all participants in the chain will benefit from other people's innovation strengthening the quality of the system.

Really beautiful! Wish you guys all the best of luck, and look forward to following you regularly!

I love telling everyone about the super awesome future on the way because of Blockchain.

They all still look at me like I'm loco looney ... but the day will come when they "get it"

I keep buying nicer things because of BTC. Some are starting to notice now. Check out this book. Published January 2016. Gives a nice outline about how all this new tec plays out in the future . https://steemit.com/books/@poias/book-review-the-seventh-sense-power-fortune-and-survival-in-the-age-of-networks

Before WWI everyone was poor except a couple of really really rich folks. Industrialisation brought along the idea of commercial farming and factories, mass production. Gone were apprenticeships. Government sponsored schooling became the order of the day.

The world is kind of returning to a pre-industrial revolution age, where people are once again starting to "farm" on their own. This time in the form of solopreneurship - digital nomads if you will....

Thanks you too. Innovation is key, and you can hardly do it alone. I admire people like Elon Musk who think out of the box.

Decentralization is a revolution.

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Decentralization is the true answer for most of our political and economic problems!
Just like the crypto world brings us inovations and new technologies every day, all society could do the same if we think of new ways of solving problems without asking the government's help!
Thanks for sharing this friend! :)

Nice to see you :* have a great time
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I Agree this is looking good.

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Very cool :) I'm looking forward to more.

I gather that Variety Jones wrote a lot about such ideas on Silk Road Forums. I got the archives from https://archive.org/download/dnmarchives and I've been meaning to extract and republish it. I mean, he's in jail, so he probably won't be getting to that, for a while anyway :(

Also, there's some older related stuff at http://www.anarplex.net/

Decentralised has to have incentive to survive. I think people are still too uncertain about each other to trust.

The majority still need Centralisation to keep them secure . It's a shame but nation states will be needed for a few more decades.

When the Humans see the Robot's commencing in a decentralised network environment , only then will they realise the Centralised shield is a blocker too true freedom .

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There is a theory I heared in presentation of Joshua Cooper Ramo at the Blockchain Valley Conference in Switzerland, Zuerich that things start decentralized but than tend to centralizes automatically in certain "cluster" nodes. The example he brought was the internet. It started decentralized but today the internet seems to be google, amazon, facebook & co. So not so decentralized as you might think.

I wonder if we will experience something similar regarding blockchains.

Those are more like masternodes.

You are right - that is a good comparison which I haven't thought of.

Very interesting. I wonder if one can use biomimicry aid distributed networks.

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Tbh its inevitable, its gonna be the future. Right now is the time to join

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In any event, welcome and thank you for bringing your crypto from poloniex to Steemit.

Lovely to see you here. I like what you are trying to do for the decentralized world at large.

I would also make the case for distributed organization.. and not just for the social utility. I believe the economic infrastructure should reflect our biological infrastructure. We don’t yet formally believe in distributed cognition, although some insect studies support this suggestion. But the reality is staggeringly beyond that. We are and emerge from biocognitive hypersystems. That is what nature ‘is’, and what those ‘are’ is more than the sum of what science or religion has ever been able to dream. The society you live in can shape the complexity of your brain--and the society you create and invent ... can re-shape the complexity of your brain. More rapidly than you can possibly imagine.

Welcome here, I hope you enjoy it.

I think fiat and crypto can exist happily together.

Sure why not? I am no cryptocurrency expert but I have always been fascinated by money. Not in the sense that I want more of it (that too), but the mere fact I guess that you can hand someone some pieces of paper and get pretty much anything you want.

It would be an awesome thing if could do something for @adsactly.

Welcome to Steemit! I look forward to reading more of your posts.

I almost missed your first post. I usually see all posts on my feed but some slip through from time to time. I found yours browsing on the introduceyourself tag.

I'm glad to be part of Steemit and the crypto space at large with you.

Often it happens that a centralized society ends up being decentralized, just as it also happens that a decentralized society happens to be centralized. Such is the case of my country Venezuela, in which years ago everything was totally decentralized in many areas, such as politics and economy for example, life for people was better. To date, all these factors and society in general have been centralized by the current government in the country, causing people to fully depend on the system, bringing many unfavorable consequences.

Is very good your publication friend, gives us much to relfexionar. I follow you. Greetings.

not as EXACTLY that everyone now has the power over crypto due to decentralization, but this DECENTRALIZATION open the gate for the WORLD not to be CONTROLLED by only one FAMILY!!! ROOTCHILD

Hello there! Looking forward to seeing more from ADSactly.

Figure A reminds me of the time my stupid boss the Emperor decided to centralize all of our military power in one place. It did not go well.

Good point. It makes me angry just to think about it.

i like the post

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Takes us one step further away from the hands of the controllers

This is the future. Couldn't have come at a better time. We can free ourselves from our slavers and their beloved worthless paper money. Here's to us. The people.

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Great idea, will stick around. Awesome and ambitious community that will prevail!

I think you're dreaming about a decentralized or even distributed society. The only reason why you consider this is because you believe that all people are equal and "just want to survive in harmony and be happy". That belief will get you killed in a decentralized society. Man is bad, man does nothing unless he gets something in return - it is the nature of our beast. Someone has to hold people accountable for their actions and without it there is chaos and you end up with a society like Mexico or any other Latin American country.