The importance and value of being original in Steemit.

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How it all started: My Steemit birth

I created this Steemit account exactly 15 days ago with an account name I thought I was very lucky to get; isteemit! Super excited and geared up to dive into this new blockchain platform, I joined the bandwagon and I created an introduceyourself post just two days later, with very a bare minimum know-how of this ecosystem. Upvotes started flowing in, with Wang being the first to welcome with a 'Great to have you in the club!' comment. Little did I know that Wang was actually a bot. I even thanked him. However, I felt welcomed.

Emotions: First Impact and Value Created

As the upvotes and the numbers besides '$' started increasing, I felt like a kid unwrapping his birthday presents. It felt amazing. Needless to say, I was keeping an eye on the activity like a CCTV camera controlled by an overly attached stalker. Yeah, that. The next day, after returning from my university, I saw that I had made $246.29 with 88 votes and 16 comments including mine. It transformed to $123.14 Boy, I was excited! It felt great.

Those mathematical calculations in my head - "Did I just make $100SD with 1 post in 24 hours?", were just engulfing me deeper into this ecosystem with all the possibilities and all the money I was getting as rewards for my contents. Meanwhile, I had a nice introductory conversation with tshering-tamang and it felt really nice to meet him.

My next shot on creating valuable post

I like writing raps. So, I did. I spoke my mind out and wrote [an exclusive piece for Steemit]( I received some comments and 22 upvotes. Must have gained some good numbers in value. Right?

I wasn't even rewarded $1SD. It felt bad. I felt like I was no match to the standard this community possessed and I had to work a lot harder to be rewarded well and value wasn't gonna come easy.

Hold up!

But wait! What about those posts which were not technical, not detailed but were still making more than $100?

"Perhaps, it doesn't require original content to get rewarded, I could just post whatever I liked, just like most of the top posts (other than the introduceyourself posts) being posted that day".
So I started sharing links and articles to get myself a little more comfortable and get 'easy rewards'. I shared most of the stuffs for fun and not just for rewards. I was still not okay with what I had been bagging with all the time and effort I was putting in.


I was still experimenting my ways to gain value. I then tried doing what I loved, [a detailed post about my take on current Rap-Hip Hop artists raising the bars]( . Still, very less appreciated by the community.

While the everyday top posts were averaging more than $1000SD, I hadn't made $1SD more than what I had done with my first introduceyourself post.

Mind Calculations and Lacing up!

It had started to get a little demotivating now. Then I kept sharing links just for fun. I wasn't getting rewarded anyway. So I thought, I'd just use steemit to learn more and explore instead of just using it with the intention of making money. And I did that.

I thought, I was being dishonest to myself as I wasn't putting much effort. So, I got laced up again! I put hours and made what I called the Steemit theme music ; it was different and it was original. I don't know how good or bad steemit found it to be, because no one really bothered to check it out.

Hit the bottom?

So, it's been 12 days since the first payout and I haven't garnered even $1SD with several original works.

I do have one more post idea in mind, A full verse written rap on Steemit! I just want to do this because I like doing it. But if this is how the community is going to move ahead and not show appreciation for the original work brought to the platform by its users, the users will just lose motivation and it probably isn't what the community wants.


This post is not a rant by any means and is just an attempt to get heard and noticed for what I feel is justified which I am not sure if I'll even succeed at. I am sure I am not the only one facing this problem and individually solving this isn't feasible. However, a notion of appreciation towards creative and original content has to be brought in the principles of the community in order to stay in the race and evolve to win it eventually.

Bouncing back

As for me, I am still going to bring in my original work and contribute to this community and won't let the motivation fade away this easy. It's 2:30 AM as I am posting this right now.

It would feel great if the community showed some appreciation or at least constructive feedbacks to help us improve and grow together.



Great post. I'm a bit disheartened now though I just spent hours on a post with a crochet pattern I designed.
Just because I've had lots of people asking for it in the crochet groups on facebook.
I thought it would be a great way to bring some struggling designers over to steemit, but as it's slipped into post purgatory already i doubt many of them will see steemit as an additional way to earn from their designs.

Well look at you earning now :)

Thank you!
The crochets are beautiful. I love how you bring diversity to the Steemit ecosystem. Great work and good luck! I am sure a lot of designers will benefit from your post. I'd love to have one of those. Afghani crochets are the best.

@phoenixmaid - I know the feeling I spent 3 days working on 25 Jokes about Redditors
One guy liked the picture and 2 bots upvoted it and that was it, I don't know if it sucks or just unread because went down for 36hrs after I posted it. Any feedback would be nice and I wouldn't mind if people downvoted me, at least then I would know.

I guess it hasn't reached many. Upvoted the post. Keep coming up with new good ones, some of them are really good :)

It happens brah, sometime i get 70 vote, 5 cents, sometims 40 vote 40 bucks, sometimes 1 vote lul

use the scumbag squid template. Minnows resenting whales is SOOOOO in season rite now.

I gave you a vote and I don't even crochet. It'll take time for the niches to form here, I think, but think of yourself as a pioneer. You may not get much attention now, but when the various categories start forming up, they'll be looking to you for guidance as one of the "old timers." Stay encouraged!

That makes a lot of sense, I also upvoted the crochet

Thank you for the upvotes, your right i should see it as a way to corner the scene before others join in and maybe add some videos to.

@phoenixmaid I like you and I hope you succeed, then maybe someday you can teach me to crochet if my fingers can handle it.

I love your name

Hello @phoenixmaid ! I'm a jeweller on Steemit, I'm going to share my art here :) I hope we can grow a community of us! Will check out your post. Don't lose hope! Just be yourself & love what you do no matter what :)

Very true. I truly believe this platform will mature down to a system which rewards original content, and if you keep your spirits up, you will benefit over time. The resilience of the platform is being tested at the moment by dark forces of this world, but has gained respect from the rest. We wait and work and write, till the day we have something akin to what you have written about, and that day will be a good day, not only for us, but also the whole world.

Agreed. The resilience of the platform and its users are being tested. I hope originality gets appreciation. Steem is on a roll. It's still in beta but the model is unique and lucrative to attract a lot of crowd and curating the posts from an ever-flowing crowd is difficult and it becomes difficult to get noticed for one's work. I guess it's a matter of time and a stroke of luck. Whatever it is, we need to keep up the grind.

I think there is a fair way to go before we see original content getting the recognition it deserves. Having used quite a few revenue sharing social media sites before (non have truly managed this and most folded under the weight of spam or their own mistakes (google bubblews for a prime example of one that spectacularly failed on both counts)
things steemit need to get in place asap for those coming over from that side of the internet are
a working follow button (this will change the game for the shrimp and minnows)
a way to organise who you are following
"channels" we tend to write about a lot of different thing but that can be confusing for those following you
a copywrite free photobank - copywrite issues will occur without one..personally i'd love this to be a way for photographers to earn by using an app to take their pictures (it proves they are original works and someone using your picture would act as an up vote.
a preview of a users past work on their profile rather than a list of their actions.
i don't know what the teem have planned but i hope at least some of these are on there.

Those are some really good suggestions!
I am sure they are working round the clock to make improvements on so many levels.

We need Whales. No, not Kim Kardashian . I'm talkin' about a big fat Whale with fat juicy blubbery steemitpower to upvote good posts like this.


I'm feeling this. Made a tutorial for Australian users yesterday on transferring their SBD to AUD, literally made no money. Put way too much time into it. I'm sure this will change once all of us small fish are also whales :)

Keep up the grind. I'd love to see the tutorial.

Please do for us antipodeans! I made a few bucks with a photo and then wondered how I could transfer to real dollars. Still with my L-plates on and learning!

Lol. Thank you! You're funny. I hope the whales visit this at least once.

When you said fat, juicy, blubbery, big fat whale, Queen Latifah came to mind.

The post is a hit. :P

Thanks to everyone who supported :D

"This post is not a rant by any means and is just an attempt to get heard and noticed for what I feel is justified which I am not sure if I'll even succeed at." - as it appears, you did it... although it does have somewhat of a rant quality :P

I guess it worked. A lot of people supported. But it wasn't a rant though. I put that line to make sure it isn't perceived as one :)

For all of who you are writing in overdrive, afraid to lose in on the rewards, this post might help put things in perspective.

Don't forget to rest. Don't forget to eat properly. Don't forget to spend time outdoors. Don't forget to socialize.

Steemit will still be around tomorrow, and you will have more stories to tell.

Add to the entropy by living the life you are capable of living (I am going to go out on a limb and say that this is probably more than spending most of your awake hours revolving around steemit).

Then come back, and share what matters with the rest of us :-)

Looks like many of these meta-postings gets the most votes, instead of original articles. My posts only have 2-3 votes, too. They are written by me (but published elsewhere before), not just rip-offs as you see often on steemit, but I guess still not enough users or good categorize functions.

I'm glad you finished your post on a high. Let's not forget the reason we blog: it's an online journal/platform for our thoughts and ideas that may benefit the community. The money should always be a by-product of this because you get noticed for your original content and folks see value in what you post. If they don't, keep hustling! Hard work pays off.

Thank you for this post! I have just joined today and I can feel your struggles, I think its important to keep doing what you like and what you are passionate about, eventually there will be people voting your content up! Dont be discouraged, hard work always pays off! Here you go, you gained 1 new supporter :) Alla x

buddy ur luckly that u got @isteemit username ;P goodluck

I agree. I feel like at this point no one knows the direction Steemit is taking. For example Quora from the very beginning was known to reward users for valuable answers to questions. Somehow it pulled in experts right away, so it didn't turn into Yahoo Answers. was able to also pull in great Bloggers and original writers somehow.

Reddit on the other hand feels like Steemit today. Original content is not a must and people get upvoted by how funny or interesting the content is, even if it's just a meme or gif.

Steemit is in a weird situation where it's aiming for originial content but Original content is not always rewarded. The dilemma is that left alone Steemit would most likely turn into Reddit. Let's be honest, it's the most open, accepting, and fun platform out there because it gives everyone freedom to do what they want. But throw in the Steemit Whales and you have a few users who have an idea of where they want Steemit to go. Which can be a good thing, the original creators wanting to give Steemit a direction. Best thing now is for them to agree on the direction they want Steemit to go and encourage users to reward others based on that and for themselves to reward original content the moment it's posted and others will follow.

Sorry for the rant =)

Best thing now is for them to agree on the direction they want Steemit to go and encourage users to reward others based on that and for themselves to reward original content the moment it's posted and others will follow.

Agreed. We need to show appreciation and encourage people to post original content.

If you read some of the contents on my posts you'll see that people are frustrated by shitty stuff making money while there are people who put time, effort and creativity into their posts who make nothing.

I've given away software, my bands music, and some helpful posts but really nothing rewarded and people have even commented on it. Check out the frustration of OTHERS on my posts! Lol


Great post. I know a lot of people feel the same. I like that you're setting a good example by keeping a good attitude. Stay optimistic and persistent!

Thank you! I'm sure a lot of people feel the same. I guess being optimistic and persistent is a valuable road to take in the long run.

You know, originality+luck it's what people needs, and more over, the keep original button should be always available.

Agreed that people need originality+luck. I guess we are the ones who decide where the community heads to. If originality is appreciated more, people will love posting original content.

hang in there!!! we are here for ya

Appreciate it. Thank you :)

Its funny, how 50 votes make diferentes from $1 to $1000. Its like the lottery.

Indeed. I was surprised the way it escalated.

jajaja nice meme collection you have

Tell me about it, the most number of people that have upvoted anything on my posts is 53 for a whopping grand total of $9.21 on a 30 second video. I'm still going to grind, but I'm definitely a little disappointed so far.

I know that feel. Hopefully original contents get more welcomed and appreciated. Keep up the grind.

I don't want to cause an argument here, because I completely agree with your point of view; however, I find it slightly ironic that a post about the importance of original content uses another photographer's picture:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Royalty-free images are fair game, but I'm assuming you don't have rights to use Scott Applewhite's photo? We can't forget that original content applies to photography as well. I use royalty-free images in my posts to avoid any conflict. Something to keep in mind.

Indeed. I will mention the image source. Thanks for pointing it out :)

excellent text brother! waiting for more posts from you!

Thank you! Appreciate that :)

creating an original word maybe is not really a big problem, but finding picture and video to enrich our posting is difficult

I guess you mean 'original work' and not 'original word'. Creating of the content is not the big problem. The problem lies in getting your content discovered. I agree with finding pictures and videos are difficult but can be done with good searching skills. Good luck.

original word, i mean original sentence or original article without image and video. :v

I feel you!! The exact same thing is happening to me right now. Original post after post and no recognition! Hehe I will continue though! I will strive!! :)

Keep up the grind. Hopefully original contents will be more and more welcomed.

yeah!! fingers crossed!!

I´m trying to figure out why my post don´t get any exposure... everyone who sees them think they´re good but it seems like not many sees them ...
not asking for votes here, just check this one out for instance about a great LONDON RAVE party I went last weekend.

Nice pictures and well put collage. Keep up the grind. Keep up the quality.

Well I can relate to this post. My time to produce originals like seems to just get wasted

Loved your work. I guess this post gives you motivation to keep up the grind. Keep it real and keep it coming. Would love to read more :)

Thanks a lot. Will try more. There are some good souls like you whose encouraging words keeps me to continue the battle :)

Keep up the hip hop, man. Adds some much needed diversity.

Thanks man. Will do the needful :)

You took the words straight out of my mouth. Nice post! thank you

Thank you! I'm sure a lot of people feel that way and I hope they get motivated and keep posting original stuff.

Thank you! Probably not the best person to say how great contents are created. Lol. But I'd agree with some of the points there :)

Here is some love for you brotha! UPVOTED! Lol, but im not a whale. Just another steemer hoping to get some recognition for my efforts. Wishing you all the best of luck. Stay with it!

Appreciate it! Good luck to you too.

That explains why so many of the biggest posts share the same qualities. Namely attractive white women talking about travel, or people praising steemit, or people talking about how successful steemit is.

I never knew steemit existed and believe that that once it goes viral it will be exponentially successful. It makes me thankful for original content and has already given me creative ideas!! Thanks for the post was a great read! :D

Thank you! Hope to see your ideas implemented :)

I totally feel you @isteemit I def love original content, especially rap. I just liked one of ur original posts.
Good luck man. I can relate, I post about things I find interesting like my travel stories, but they seem overlooked.

Thanks man! Keep up the grind.

I wish mine was this sucessful.

We gotta keep grinding. This is not successful though.

Yea man, this site is a little broken. You need to be a whale to earn something

I believe the best way is to keep putting out original content consistently until the community or perhaps a whale, recognizes that you actually bring some value to the platform. I just felt it is not reaching out to them at all, so they don't even know if I bring any value with my content because my content gets ignored and is buried in the depths of the chain after 24 hours.

People tend not to read the whole post, probably the reasn why your post eanrs so much, people tend to upvote posts with more$ on the side not because of the good content but because the chance is higher to get upvoted back, this steemit reward system will only benefit the ones already having money or are good at kissing ass. Posts like yours are nice to read but are not even remotly true.

All I can say is, KEEP UP THE GRIND.

I AGREE! Thank you for posting. Hope you get this to snowball to the top!
I up-voted you too... BTW, should steemit let us steemers advertise using steem? Be sure to tell everyone you know to come vote here at:

This is a democratic community decision.

I feel your pain, although you've hit it big with this post Nice job! I recently posted and I don't think anyone has even viewed it. That has me thinking...

This site is pretty awesome, but navigating it is next to impossible. I think appropriate trending tags are essential. Without that your post will get buried in a matter of seconds. Going to try out my theory on my next post.

I feel ya, I spent a lot of time on this post about how to cash out your steem dollars and made like $6 USD all said and done, but a stupid post I made that didn't spur any discussion or grow community earned nearly twice as much. It's all about dem whales.

I've noticed a lot of the issue stems from the tags you use. I notice that things not even relevant to steem that are tagged as such are making the SD$ 1000+. Another thing I've noticed is that original content hasn't really taken off and I'm guessing this is all due to upvote bots or comment bots. I do agree that this is very disheartening, because one puts effort into sharing whatever it may be with the community and others just let it fall through the cracks. While on the other hand a quick repost of an imgur meme or something like that gets 7k SD. Maybe this is just a flaw in what the current community finds entertaining. The only way this can change is to adopt more users.

Nobody seems to care for important things in life.

I'll just start using steemit to eternaly remember important steps like the tragic death of my dog today written here

There's little to no point in making blogs when nobody reads them anyway.

Yea this post made me feel better. Its like my story, exactly all down to the rage phase and all. Its all about experimenting. I post original stuff just like Ive done on reddit, but you guys need fancy introductions and a clever way to tie it into how it will make the platform more valuable. Nobody can relate to my original music, recipes, marijuana farm and stories, but everyone can relate to a troll reborn into the light of positive encouragement

Great work and good luck!

Similar to SP, SMD tokens cannot be purchased directly on an external exchange. SMD are primarily earned through contributing but can be purchased by converting STEEM tokens to SMD tokens.

Actually Steem Dollars can now purchased on external exchanges !

PS Abbreviation of SBD = Steem Backed Dollars
or just SD = Steem Dollars (not SMD please edit)

feels good ? i had the same thing with one of my posts hitting 5K...
but after that, the turkey is worse than ever.... you come down, and the next posts is only 2 cents ;)

i am trying different angles, today someting funny

So interesting, yeah