LET US KNOW ! Can we manualy translate Steemit posts into Dutch and repost them ?

in introduceyourself •  2 years ago

LET US KNOW your opinion !

As a native Dutch speaker i noticed that there are not much posts in my language. There are also not that much Dutch or Flemish people active here on steemit.
To lower the acces for some who don't read/write English that well (i know a few of them) and bring more people in, i would like to translate interesting articles and repost them on the @nederlands account. With reference off course.

  • Is it enough to just notify the writer of the original content?
  • Do i need to ask the writer for permission first?
  • Do you think this would be copyright infringement without permission?
  • other opinions...?

The @nederlands account can also function as a Dutch Community Channel in the future. If you are native Dutch speaking and want to contribute you're also very welcome :)

NOTE : No translations will be done without permission before enough opinions are known

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Verwijs je naar deze Post voor overige "Kaaskoppen", hahaha



Had hem al gelezen en ook iedereen in mijn volglijst gezet :)
Alle nederlandstalige posts zullen ook door @nederlands worden ge-resteemd. Er word aan een bot hiervoor gewerkt :)
Groeten uit Vlaanderen.


goed bezig!!!

Goed initiatief! Ik volg je!

Generally you need to ask first. Some writers say it is okay, up front. You are welcome to do anything I write in dutch if you want. Good luck.


Thanks @dwinblood, you're the first on the list!
I heard about the controversy there was/is with the trail accounts, so i thought i'll throw it in the group first :)


The controversy with the trail accounts is because they create a post built on other people's posts and they usually make far more on that post than the original posters.

Are they providing a service? Yes.

Is it worth more than the original posts? Most people say it is not.

As far as converting my posts to another language that is going to reach a larger audience. I can't do it. If I use google translate or something like that it will likely insult a lot of people with all of the things it gets wrong.

I believe if you reference the original post you are translating so people can go vote on the original person's post as well if they want that would be nice.

Trail may state this is what they were doing, yet in reality it was generally English on both the original and the trail.

I don't have a problem with trail. I even let them use my account as part of a curation trail until today. With HF19 and the limit to votes them using my account was making it difficult for my account to regenerate voting power very quickly and I also think they were voting a bit too high with my account on their own posts. I removed myself for those two reasons.

Anyway... good luck.

Welcome to Steemit @nederlands :)

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I am giving you permission to translate my posts (if they are any good) and also the @welcomebot message so that he can greet people in their native language :)

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Hoi ik ben Eefje. Ik ben een kersverse Steemit gebruiker en ben van plan om alles in het Nederlands te posten. Ik ben net klaar met mijn introductie😀. Kom je kijken?