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Steemit is a fantastic platform that allows individuals rewards for their labor in a system that creates abundance. Creating currency without debt allows the community to prosper. Capping currency creation to an incredibly small amount creates a deflationary currency that will increase in value over time compared to highly inflationary government fiat currencies. Steemit can help us individually and collectively prosper.

Problem Statement

The learning curve on Steemit is remarkably difficult. Many people (especially minnows) will spend hours crafting very thoughtful content and find it receives very few views, very few upvotes, and very little reward. This heartbreaking experience can last for months where the user feels powerless, frustrated, envious, and confused. It appears that Steemit only favors wealth creation for a handful of people and not for the everyone that steps foot on the platform.

Vision Statement

The challenges on Steemit are best met through a community who seeks to help one another succeed on the platform through education, personal connection, leadership, and community curation. By carefully structuring a community people can find the help they need to write better articles, to reach a wider audience, connect with others, and grow their wealth and influence on Steemit.

Mission Statement

The Minnow Support Project is the number one community on Steemit to incorporate training, support, and curation in order to facilitate life cycle growth on the platform from Minnowhood to Whalehood and to continue paying it forward as new members join.


The Minnow Support Project is part education, community, and curation:

Education: Through a series of educational seminars, content review, training, and individual consultation the Minnow Support Project will support a highly structured curriculum to transition new passionate authors into successful bloggers capable of writing content that catches views, upvotes, resteems, and followers.

Community: It's essential for success that people develop a supporting community. The first goal is friendship and connection with other humans. As that develops projects, plans, companies, visions, and changes to the world can be enacted. Minnow Support Project will provide a friendly community to embrace new members as they make their way on the platform.

Curation: The Minnow Support Project utilizes tiered cyborg curation to facilitate non-spammy, non-shitpost, high quality, semi-manual, community curation. In effect we utilize a series of community bots to facilitate curation. Members can freely use the lowest tier bot to upvote their content. The bot is upvoted by community members using steemvoter to grow the community bot steempower, and the bot vote is followed by the community using streemian to allow the poster to get support from the community. There are timers on the lowest tier bot that force limited community upvotes from one account in a given period of time so that users aren't incentivized to upvote shit content. Additionally, the votes are made through publicly displaying the upvoted content insuring that people that do upvote their own shitpost will be quickly smacked down by the community.


Starting membership requires the following.

Personality: You have to be a kind and friendly person willing to help and support others. Some crass behavior is expected in a internet community, but be kind or be kicked.

Community: The community gathers at the Peace, Abundance, and Liberty (PALnet) Discord channel: https://discord.gg/HYj4yvw
Bot registration: Use the command, $register username, to register with banjo and minnowsupport. Send the 0.001 steem to both accounts. Type the, $register username, command again and you now have the ability to upvote content on behalf of the community with the, $upvote POSTURL, command. Again, a fast way to get kicked is to upvote shit content.

Membership also includes registering your account with 2 powerful steem curation tools.

  1. Steemvoter.

  2. Streemian.

  3. Steemvoter is a program that automatically upvotes authors you support. You must have Steemvoter setup with a rule supporting @minnowsupport

  4. Streemian is a program that automatically votes on a post after the curator you choose has upvoted a post. In this case we'll all use Streemian to follow @minnowsupport 's curation trail found here: https://streemian.com/profile/curationtrail/trailing/416

Lastly, you have to follow @minnowbot to ensure you receive community updates.

Now what happens?

After you have registered you will create content.

Once you have posted you will go into the Discord server and type $upvote posturl

Then @minnowsupport will upvote the content.

Then the rest of the community will follow that vote with their votes from Streemian.

Your post will receive many upvotes and an increase in reward from our community.

Growth within the community

More bots will be introduced with higher Steem Power, but more restricted access. Community members that are full members and registered with the different bots will become authorized to vote using the different bots, but now the post rewards are higher and there is also higher quality control than the public bot.

Be kind, helpful, supportive and donate an as of yet steem undetermined fee to the community bots and you will be promoted and given access to higher tiers of the community curation bot.

Bot strength

Multiple bots will be employed. The public bot will be capped at 1,000 SP. SP over 1000 will be powered down and sent to the next higher bot. The bots will come with a strength of 5,000, 10,000, 20,000, 50,000 and higher over time. Those bots will be restricted to dues paying members who have shown the ability to curate high quality content appropriately and assisted in community goals.

Current Leadership

This is evolving as we are new, but @aggroed, @teamsteem, @ausbitbank, and @canadian-coconut have complete control over the Discord room. @aggroed has control of the @minnowsupport account.


To be included in a future Post.


There will be a live training session tonight at 10pm EST with @aggroed in the Discord room: https://discord.gg/HYj4yvw.

Roll Call

There are currently 72 people in the Discord channel and 43 registered with the public bots.


This is an excellent idea! I just started yesterday and so i dont have my .0001 to pay. But i am absolutely interested in getting on board and in the mean time i will continue to produce the best quality content i can.

Welcome Dber! Keep your excitement and "questing" high! Beware of discouragement! Good luck!

I'm in the same boat, just found my way here after the recent Youtube purge and censorship that's happening online.



I will be back once I got some Steem Dollars :)

I want to join your discord channel, but my IP address is banned in your channel, I wonder if there is a way for me to join. I'm from a small town where the same IP is used by more than thousand people.. will you help me be a part of your group?

Thanks for sharing! A link to the Project and this post was included in the Steem.center wiki page Steem Ecosystem:M-R. Thanks and good luck again!

Very interesting, but will need to re-read it later.
The $reg commands are typed into the Discord chat window?

Yep. There is now a registrationspam channel to try to keep that out of general chat.

I'll be studying this in the AM. Thanks for the post.

Quite a good initative, it's really needed. But I first must set my Steemit goals. Finding a niche subject can be hard here. So many good authors and publishings every day.

I have a post encouraging writing a mission statement on @aggroed wall. You might want to start there. Also, if you're still super little you might want to check out the Minnow 101 to learn about how commenting is actually a faster way to grow than authoring.

@minnowsupport, judging by this post I joined steem at just the right time(13 hours ago now haha)! I've never used discord before, but I guess it would be worth a try! I would love to help out my fellow steemians and it's nice to know that people here on steemit want to spread the love around 😊

Thanks for the Minnow Support ! Any advice is helpful at this stage for me

This sounds really well and I like the idea of helping others and getting help back. Thanks for doing such nice stuff

I am now registered to this awesome cause. Upvoted.

How did you register? I am pretty new and i do not really know how to go about doing this

Best to get help in the Discord channel: https://discord.gg/epyJPKv

Great concept! Upvoted and resteemed!

Still me! Good times!

Look who's talking mr. 1.4k+ followers haha (I like your content, color me subscribed(followed?))

I started with nothing 8 months ago. I made 6k last week. Now I'm gonna help you do it too, but hopefully take less time!

That's such a wonderful offer! I plan on posting my intro later on, so I look forward to your feedback!

Thank you for all that you are doing to help

Would someone be willing to send me a pinch of Steem so I can pay the bots. I'm broke for now.
Also, the instructions on how to sign up and get this working could be more clear.

Great post, great idea.


glad to see i'm not the only one running in to trouble with that, streemian even asks for your account password , at least that is what they told me in discord last night. something fishy there

If @ausbitbank is in, I'll give it a go, too :)


That's a pretty good rule of thumb

Wow just found out about this my mind is blown! I'm reading everything and setting my account with Streemian and Steemvoter, you guys are the best! Thank you thank you so much for doing this! I have a Spanish Youtube channel with 4,300+ subscribers and growing very fast. My content is cryptocurrency related, later on as I get more use to Steemit I will tell my subscribers about all this!

I think a big Problem is that newbies signup - read the first Postings and don´t understand how Steemit works
The newbie read a Post find it nice and make a upvote He see no Effekt because He have no Votingpower!
He write a Reply and most he get no answer!
Or an Upvote from the Poster
The better way as bots is that every Autor that have so much Votingpower must give an answer to every Reply from the little newbies and an upvote for every Reply from this! Because there are so much postings with 500 and more upvotes from the bots but only 10 or 20 Views Ok it is nice to get so much votes from the bots but a Reply from a newbie is so much more A Reply says I have read the Post as a human not a bot! So the newbies see the Effekt on his Reply He got 0.02 SBD or more for his Reply! Sorry for my bad english :-)

This sounds interesting. A positive and supportive community is always good. I'll check this out.

I'm a little minnow and this seems too much to consume. I'll try to understand the process now that I understand the purpose.

You are not a little minnow you have make some great postings wait 5 Days and you have much more Steempower! https://steemviz.com 468 SBD pending payout! If you power up your earnings in Steempower your Vote counts the same like my upvote to you!

Sure. You can start just by hopping in Discord and meeting nice people.

I will join soon. Thanks :)

Minnow as in just 5 days old here. A toddler who has done well. Thanks for the link.

This was one of the best posts I've seen yet. Yes I do have my biasis, but beyond that your presentation was perfect. You had a lot of extremely important information to get accross and you made it extremly concise and to the point which I love.
Your game plan or escentially, your whitepaper was brilliant. You provide several beneficial features and promote them beautifully not to mention that the idiom inwhich you chose to write in made everthing all the more perfect in creating this amazing group.
I'm woriking on a few things similar in aspect to what you have going on here, which I definitely want to be aprt of.
I'm saving your post to inspire me when I'm working on my projects. Perhaps we can work together in the areas where we coalesce and help one another out. Like many streams lead to an ocean, two solid operations working side by side for the benefit for eacn other and those we support inturn increasing our chances of Whalehood exponentially.
I'm already completely set up on Streemian and Steem Voter especially Streemian.
I need to go back through your post to see if you mentioned how to get involved and also if a lowely redfish with tons of heart can take part in your project. If I can't I totally understand and the offer still stands. If we can do something that is going to mutually beneficial we should definitely speak about it.
I appreciate your time,
Thanks and praise.

When I get back home next week I'll have to hop on Discord. Never used it before, but I'm excited to meet new friends! Steemit has inspired me to keep writing and sharing. I even decided last night that I may start writing short stories again, I'm sure I could use @minnowsupport to help get my posts out to the community more effectively! Thanks for what you all are doing for us minnows!

Seems like a good concept since nobody has seen my stories about Toonci The driving cat. Hopefully this will help.

Lastly, you have to follow @minnowbot to ensure you receive community updates.

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Great post!! @aggroed is always in the front of all good things

We're tryin'! This is a large community/team effort!

Equity and Equality is needed on steemit

Help me to have more subscribers, and steem power please

Almost got the gist of it, but how do i send the 0.001 steem?

Yeah I'm all about this. Just launched a new post talking about rhis, you might like: https://steemit.com/dtube/@lifeinspired/kr64zav2 - basically we need to have an outreach program that helps newbs out and walks them through what steemit is... I created a Minnow Support Network but it didn't get much traction initially, I'm assuming you've more success with this. 🤙 Namaste 🙏


How can we join if we don't have any STEEM yet? Will the Bots accept STEEM Dollars? And aren't the STEEM dollar tokens worth more than regular STEEM tokens? These questions answered and more, on the next episode of Dragon Ball Z!!!!! 🔮🐉🐲

they take both. Just ask someone in the channel. Peeps will help you.

I appreciate all you're trying to do but this red fish doesn't know how to do 80% of what you've said and doesn't understand about 80% of how this works and I tend to be geeky. The long version of this comment I'm sending to your steemit.chat because that i do mostly understand. :) have fun

Great project...Upvoted
images (3).jpg

Interesting idea. I'll have to check it out.

I have one question: what constitutes a minnow, a dolphin, and a whale? I know the general idea, minnow = new user with little SP, a whale = a high value account, and a dolphin = somewhere in between... but what's the line in the sand that separates the different levels?

Not an official stat, but we'll use 0SP-1000 is a redfish, 0-5000 minnow, 5000-50000 Dolphin, 50k+ whale

Yay, I'm a minnow! But seriously, thanks for the info.

Whats the requirement to join? Is there a cap of steem power? Or reputation?

It's completely open to everyone. You are welcome to join the Discord and hangout. If you'd like to use the bots you have to register. If you want to be an actual member you have to get steemvoter and streemian.

Thanks for yet another very useful post.

Interesting post. I really like the community aspect of steemit, mostly everybody is very helpful. I'm new here. I mostly curate underrated music and post new record releases. Would that kind of content have a place in this project?

The discord channel is the Peace, Abundance, and Liberty Network. Art's welcome! Pro war... not so much.

I'm on streemian but not the other. Looking into it. Excited about this. @ironshield

Streemian registering require Active private key whereas posting private key would be sufficient, no ? Anyone can give me the reason why they require Active private key ?

I have a feeling the following only works properly if you have tags setup in the minnowsupport streemia curation trail? Can someone confirm? If so, please add this information to the post!

Just joined less then a week ago, and the concept on how Steemit works just motivates me to work on content for the world to share while meeting others with similar interests working towards this new and unfamiliar future we are heading. However, even being here on such a short notice seeing my content and that of others with fine quality been seen so less feels discouraging, so I am grateful to projects like these.

Just putting it all together Bro ! Looks like this IS the way to go ! thanks for ALL this !

Thank You @aggroed and the rest of the team in discord !

Should be fun. We'll get you going!

One question, is there some limitation on the age of the post you link? Like for example an article written a few days ago would that still be ok to share or is it required to be a fresh post that has just been published?

Currently it's not of value to post anythign over a week old, but that may change with hardfork updates.

Reputation level to register?......cos am 58 and i am still a minnow!

Totally open to the public. rep has nothing to do with it. Bots require registration. Membership requires steemvoter and streemian.

i'm definitely going to join; but i must say it's all a little overwhelming.. i'll take your advice and start by reading minnow 101 … Then the discord chat… thank you for the help !!

I am a proudly registered minnow :DD

Tried to follow @minnowbot, but it doesn't exist.

Please advise.

Great proposal! I avidly await follow through.

Yes! We need a comprehensive guide and @aggroed is certainly the man for the job! His team will create something with mass value. No pressure, right?!

Sure, totally public. And the lowest tiers are totally public and free. Higher teirs will become available that allow strong bot and community votes and restricted access to ensure high quality curation.

"The learning curve on Steemit is remarkably difficult. Many people (especially minnows) will spend hours crafting very thoughtful content and find it receives very few views, very few upvotes, and very little reward. This heartbreaking experience can last for months..." Ah, so! Reading on for ways to change this...

"Sorry! This page doesn't exist.
Not to worry. You can head back to our homepage" ... @minnowbot?

Glad to be a member and looking forward to continuing to support this initiative

powerless, frustrated, envious, and confused

check, check, check and check.

Upvoted, resteemed and following

Good idea, but not sure if the details. Will reread later when time isn't so short!

Very well thought out idea. Will be coming back to participate in this as well.

Saved this post, very interesting. I am zero (if not negative) technical, do you think I will still be able to get these bots things running and make the most of my membership @minnowsupport?

My second day here and I've found something in this post that just might be my ticket out of obscurity.

Problem, I haven't enough steem here to join. I do have some SBDs at Poloniex but I haven't a clue how to transfer some here. Any help in this respect would be greatly appreciated.

Looking forward to helping others navigate @steemit as I learn and grow. I don't even feel I have fins...lol...what's the singular term for plankton...anyone...anyone...anyone...Bueller?

I know I'm going to be lost on the bottom of these comments. I just can't...wrong word...I just choose not to jump on the top group of comments like a gorilla marketer...but I will...if I have to.

download (1 a).jpg

~may all hatred cease...let there be peace~

OK I know you don't have your Funk & Wagner handy so I chose to the path of least resistance (Google) in finding the answer to a question I posited...so for those who, like myself, searched their brain and came up empty...the singular term for plankton is plankter.

Now I feel like a wart. ;p

Now I've just gone and messed up trying to join discord chat. Not sure what happened...I tried to back track while registering...now I'm trying to "claim an unclaimed account before it's lost" it's asking for a password I hadn't yet set...and...well it needs to verify my email addy before I can get 2 F A...whatta mess...lol...hello...can a peace loving green Sasquatch looking lesser god get some support around here?

Just joking about the god part...no complex here ;-)

OK...no clue how I managed but I'm in Discord Chat...great place...if you're reading this I'm willing to go out on a limb and say it's worth the upload...download?


Great initiativ! Will check all of it in the morning when my internet is better!

thx for the initiative!

This is great!

This is really coming along quickly. Well done.

I think this is a really powerful idea. I'm new, just submitted my first post but I've been watching the forums a while now and observing this issue with new users posts. I will definitely join. Also looking forward to learning more.
Thank you!


Hello. I have been a member since Dec. but have only worked at it for the last 15 days.

I would love to learn all the tricks in making cool content/videos and uploading on to Steemit..



Hop into the discord channel. Meet friends. Show up tonight at 10 PM NYC time and learn.

Minnow, R U in NY? I am in Spain. I just bought 560 Sandalwood LED Grow lights in NY. Interested?

Cant wait to give this a try

I'm gonna get lost in this steem stuff but I think that's a good thing!
You'll see more of me minnows!

@minnowsupport i tried to add account at steemvoter for you. But it said error? I already have streemian account also. What will i do now? Can you help me?

I've up voted and followed you. Keep the initiative going @minnowsupport

Wow. As a content creator - blogger, vlogger, and now curator, the Steem learning curve keeps getting steeper and is taking up more time than I initially intended to allot to steam. I just want to create, not schmoooze the masses! Is all this really necesssary to become successful on Steemit?

Ingenious but never without challanges. :-)

I'm all signed up now. I have paid the bots each 0.001 STEEM
and then signed up on SteemVoter and Steemian and put in
place voting rules for minnowsupport.

Thanks so much. Cheers!

it's such a cool idea~
that's why I like steemit, such a thriving community.

Got to give this a comment so I can revisit it when I need it.

¡Hola! si ya transferí el dinero que pasa que no puedo acceder a upvote???

Great initiative. As a beginner I'm still looking to find my way.

Very very slick subscribing now.

Put this in the greeeters app section and I'll promote you for it

Lol my head hurts..
But will work through it ...

thank you for this useful post. I'm new on steemit and will try to get through your explanation to join you!

"WOW". I just read this article and for the first time, I feel hopeful! Heart-felt thanks to the person(s) responsible!! The language was simple and concise.

Your "Problem Statement" made me grin because I am your Poster Child, if you need one! As the article acknowledges, "The learning curve on Steemit is remarkably difficult" and can result in "very little reward", despite good effort.

Thank you again for this community and its function to help lost and grateful plankton and minnows!

My plan is to review and follow your suggestions, recognizing I don't "get it" yet because I haven't "done it" yet!

These are the kind of posts I am looking for-Posts that can help me navigate my way in steemit. I think I'll have to join your project since I have starting having small frustration with the few posts I have made. Steemit is nice but most times quality is overlooked.
I want to be registered to this noble cause. How do I go about it?.. Thanks

Hello @minnowsupport, this so good write idea.
This my acount.


I want to go in but I still do not understand how to enter, please explain it