Steem Witness Vigil: First We Kneel, Then We Rise!

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Light a candle with me while I hold vigil in honour of your faith in me as a champion knight witness of the Steem blockchain.

"No matter who you are, no matter what age you are, no matter the time in your life, if you have the dream, if you have the drive you can make anything happen" - Lori Greiner

This quote resonates true for me and my journey in the blockchain space. Blockchain is a disruptive decentralised technology, putting financial control and power back in the hands everyday people, redefining the way the world will operate in the very near future.

In June 2016 I was invited by a good friend of mine to join a blockchain social community project called Steem. I quickly realised the potential of the Steem smartcoin and the community around it.

Steem is built upon the Graphene DPOS (Delegated Proof of Stake consensus framework and has a near instant 3 second blocktime (transactional speed) with zero fees, coupled with the vibrant community of open source developers, artists, visionaries, community managers, authors, fans, mothers, fathers, children and you, dear reader who is reading this today.

I pray that your journey will be as magical as mine and that you will emerge a greater person than that which you came in, I pray for your success and that you may be lifted up and know the most amazing feeling I have felt.

I wish to tell you that I have built projects and created alliances on Steem as detailed in a previous post and became a Steem witness, which is someone who runs servers to keep the blockchain operational by processing and validating transactions; because this is a social community, witnesses are held to a higher standard and are also required to put their names and reputation against projects that will better the community and witnesses are voted into a sequential list, with the highest honour being given to the top 20 witness positions.

A few days ago, when I had stopped seeking it, I found that I had been uplifted and honoured into this position, I tell you that I am a grown man, a husband, a father, a brother, an uncle and a son; and I have been involved in business since my teens and have experienced much in my years, but when I saw this accolade, my eyes streamed with tears, because you have believed in me and lifted me up, there is no experience like it and I give you thanks.

As a newly elected knight of Steem, I pledge to hold vigil in prayer and meditation for an hour each night for the next three days, where I will pray for our community, and I pledge to help Steem rise.

I have started mobilising my Steemsports project once again as of recently; this time into the world's most technically advanced Sports publishing platform based on the Steem blockchain. The ultimate goal is mass onboarding of Sports authors from across the world and spreading the word about Steem through the domain name and the universal language of sports which has the power to unite the world on Steem.

We have a real opportunity to build something great that we will be able to promote and broadcast on American sports radio when our project is ready; courtesy of our newest team member @scottybuckets.

I also welcome our newest lead dev and CTO @reggaemuffin who is a Ruby on Rails and Meteor expert, who will be helping us build out our project on, a scaleable and collaborative hosting platform built a-top of Amazon Web Services, our backend will be Ruby and the frontend based on React.js.

Our team grows stronger with each member that joins us in our vision, and as such we are looking for devs, juniour and senior alike to help us build out our vision and make Steem great, please make contact with me on Discord or if you share our vision and want to help.

football vigial.jpg

"You can't be alone, to really succeed no man is an island, when you find the right components, the right people that gel with you, then you feel as though you are invincible." - Sylvester Stallone (Invincible)

I lift up and pray for our team @theprophet0, @cryptoiskey, @reggaemuffin, @writingamigo, @kryptik, @feeyako, @timsaid, @sportsdesk, @metalcrypto86, @kyriacos, @brandonk, @timoshey, @fatpandadesign, @applecrisp, @scottybuckets and all those past and all those who are to come.

I thank my friend @fuzzyvest for all his support for me and my projects and my friend and business partner on, @cryptomancer who will be involved in key aspects of the project.

The future is bright, we just need to hold our heads and our hearts high and uplift each other!

Please join me on my vigil for Steem and light a candle with me in prayer, no matter what your religion or belief, we are all people, we all have an inner light no matter who or where we are, let your light shine today, pray for me and my team and I pray for you and Steem.

How to Light a Candle and Pray for Steem and its People

I will start off in comment, where I will state my name, fly my country's flag and say my prayer. My comment is my candle, the next person to visit this post will light my candle with their vote and place their own candle in the form of a comment and state their name, their flag and their prayer, however short or long and so on, each person lighting and uplifting each other's candle one after another to show the world that we are many and we are strong.

I suggest a 1% vote so we can keep the order, the vote is to be symbolic. I will also vote each of your comments in recognition of you, I will deplete my voting power (my soul on Steem) to ensure I touch the hand of everyone on this post with my vote, when I am spent I will be content because first I will kneel and then we will all rise together!

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Note: All liquid proceeds of this post will go to the new Steem charity project @steempact.

Bless Everyone!



@steemsports CEO, Steem and Peerplays Witness.

Don't forget to FOLLOW, RESTEEM and SHARE on Social Media and VOTE @thecryptodrive witness!


Good luck!

I pray for the Steem community to rise and be a shining light upon the world, touching the hearts and minds of men, woman and children everywhere, uplifting and supporting people who need it the most so they can live well and work at being successful doing what they love.


I pray for STEEM to change the lives of the many, the ones without riches, the ones living day to day. Supporting people to change their life as it has changed mine.

I want you to Steemit


I pray that the Steem community will empower everyone around the world to join Steem. I have no doubts in Steem, and as we saw with @darthnava, if someone is having a personal health issue, they can come to Steemit and we can crowdfund for them! It's beautiful! So, I pray for the future of Steem & SteemSports to be bright as a light!

I wish you and the whole team the best of luck. I hope to see this community grow and that a greater number of such initiatives take birth in this platform.

I'm Ben, aka Panda.

I pray that the Steem community and project continues to stay strong and grow together - individually we are unique, but together we are a strong, vigilant community full of compassion and power. We can all band together to bring good to the world, as I've seen happen already multiple times here. Let us continue this tradition and carry on forward!

Were going to make Steem so



I pray for STEEM to change the lives of many here in Venezuela, as it does for me! The Steemit Community is Strong we can do it!

I'm sorry your country turned to communism.

I pray for you @thecryptodrive, I pray for myself @haydeart, for the community of Steemit, every day is more fruitful, I pray for my Country. But above all I wish this new project Steemsports will be of majestic form and make Steemit grow.



Way to go man! Whoop Whoop!

Followed! What an amazing post. Well written and do ####### true!

I pray that the Steem community will provide hope for the hopeless and provide light for the dark places of this world, I pray steem continues to provide a means for young people like myself to dream big dreams, pursue said dreams and not be forced to sell out for financial constraints, thereby empowering the world with our ideas

I pray that the steem community continues to bring people together and reward them for their contribution to the growth and development of this great community. I pray that steem continues to put smiles on people's faces.
And most importantly, i pray that steem stays forever.

images (3).jpg

I really was not what one may call a social-media-native until few days ago. So far I participated in social networks more at a minimum level … in order to not becoming a total social outcast ;)

This changed fundamentally since @reggaemuffin encouraged me to join Steem few days ago! Steem to me really seems to be something different. I believe that Steem contains the epic opportunity to change the world to the better together.

I'm deeply touched by the many great people I already had the honor to get to know within this few days – particularly @thecryptodrive. I share his strong vision which in my view combines the very best of an entrepreneurial spirit with an altruistic – and as it seems to me: spiritual – purpose as well to the best of everyone. Even though I individually am not engaged that much in sports ;) I deeply share and support @thecryptodrive's believe, that sports has the power to unite people all around the world beyond any borders.

I pray that our community will succeed in spreading this positive spirit around the world and that we will succeed in letting grow many examples of positive change.

Many thanks for your great support to @steempact, @thecryptodrive!

Let's empower change together!


I am so happy about you! You deserve this good result as you helped so many steemians. Keep going and keep escalating the classification till reaching the higher positions. Good luck

good comments I see three country already commenting ☺ I will add you one country that I hope you like ☺me too I am trying to do my best to the community, I converted my group of more than 19k people into steemit group ☺

thank you @thecryptodrive. I really like this post. My prayer may steem continue to fly also in Indonesia with gallant. Steem will continue to advance and continue to embrace the whole world. Amen


Steem will hopefully be the next big thing to rival huge social networking sites.
Hopefully at least! :)
I wish everyone and the Steem team the best of luck

I pray for steemit and steemians to excel in their life pursuits, Amen. As many that need empowerment in this community, will get it.

images (3).jpg

Great post. Thank you for your good post.

Steemit has changed the lives of thousands around the world including myself. I pray that we encourage and enlighten the waves of new members to help strengthen the path to a global decentralized economy. Steemsports will help make that happen.

Thank you for your good post. I understand little English and only understand what Google translates for me, but I liked this post.

Steemit is going to make a lot of peoples dreams come true if they apply themselves. I pray that steemit continues on and gets better every day while making it possible to be at home with their families. Prayers to the team and anyone else not mentioned to help bring this thing to where it needs to be! God Bless this site and all involed! Great post. Thanks!

That was such a lovely read, I absolutly adore what the Steem community are doing for the people. This will truly change life as we know it, it's time for government's to stand down and allow the Steem community to fix the mess they have made with their limiting structure bast on greed and destruction. They have made enough mess and are now looking like transparent fools, bit like headless chickens. Life was never meant to be like that. The refreshing thing about Steemit is that it gives normal people the chance to have a voice for the greater good and to see that so many people feel the same is up lifting to the soul knowing that we can and are doing a positive thing.
Steemit is the new age Robin hood, distibuting wealth to places that might never of had such an opportunity.
I feel proud to be part of this and hope to learn and help others to see their worth. I LOVE STEEMIT😍😍😍

Good votes

What a warm presentation of what steem is all about. It inspires me to stay and contribute to the community. Thanks for your thoughts on this post. Followed you, looking forward to see more...

Thats a great new my dear friend. (Please keep your up vote for someone that needs more than me). I am very pleased you had such a great outcome and from the deep of my heart I am telling you.... you deserve it.
I hope everything will carry on being perfect in your life (personal and on steemit).
Finally another friend is getting the wing and is start flying up to the moon.
One day it will happen to me and I will come to visit you over there :)

Take care my friend.

and great you are starting the idea of steempact! I always wanted to help people all over the World.
One of my actual DREAM is to be leader of a charity and travel all over the place and create like a social media where people can constantly check where every single penny/cent donated to the cause will be spent.
If you can reach this real process you will make me the most happier person in the entire World.

Interesting post, I love it ... good luck

Awesome post @thecryptodrive. So uplifting and inspiring. I pray that the force be with us all as we activate and thrive in this grand adventure, changing the world in the process, building community and giving rise to that which we have only imagined. My best to you!

Congrats to you! I have a vision that supports all small businesses built on STEEM. Eventually, hundreds of us United to bring STEEM all over the world!

I hope that Steem community will comtinue to grow and one day become a huge community,i hope that all the members in this community get success in what they are doing.Best of luck to all the members.


I think, everyone has a work and innovative that sometimes can not be channeled and just become something that is not valuable, it is very important. But with the steemit, everyone has the freedom to channel all the works they have easily and directly visible to the world community, of course this becomes a great influence for every individual to be able to develop themselves to channel whatever they have as a work, But steemit itself is a masterpiece that accommodates the work, hopefully steemit continues to grow for the work and motivation of its members are also growing.

Austria and United States (dual citizenship) saying thank you for injecting positivity into the cyber-community and the world!

My pleasure, thanks for the lovely comment!

With a great Steem community like this. Hope is a reality. Bringing the world together... @thecryptodrive

🇿🇦 I pray steemit gives a voice to those who feel like they don't have one.

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