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Hey there,

If you do not know what a witness is, read this post by @someguy123:

Hard Fork 19 is behind us and with it came some problems. Some witnesses had their servers running on 8GB space and with all the new traffic that was not enough so blocks got missed… So I set out to provide a powerful backup witness to ensure that this won't happen again!

My witness node is running on @privex hardware and has a whoppin 24GB of RAM available to the blockchain with enough to spare to increase it even further.

Full witness node specs

  • 32gb DDR3 ECC RAM
  • 4c/8t Intel Xeon CPU E3-1245V2
  • 2x 3TB HDD
  • 1gbit/s network (20TB b/w)
  • hosted in Germany

I want to thank @thecryptodrive and @officialfuzzy for trusting in me! https://steemdb.com/@reggaemuffin/witness

So who am I?


I am @reggaemuffin, a developer and Computer Science Student from Germany who wants to build stuff for steem! I am passionate about the steem ecosystem from a social perspective and like many of you feel that this system has the power to change society for the better. I want to support the good work other users are doing and help onboard many new users.

Why vote for me?

Some values I stand for and whom you support by voting for me:

  • I want new users to get early support
  • I want to promote original content and help users who go the extra mile
    • I already spend hundreds of steem to promote new quality writers and plan to use witness funds for this too.
  • I want a fair and stable blockchain for all users
    • I may not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it.

  • I want to stop plagiarism and spam from flooding the platform
    • I educate new users and work with the steemcleaners to stop this behaviour from getting monetarily rewarded
  • I want diversity of content and people living of the posts they write for niche topics
    • I am supporting content creators in niche topics so that they can support others in their niche

My witness settings

  • Account creation fee is at 0.5 STEEM as HF 20 will soon overhaul this system no need to tweak that now
  • Max Block Size is at 65536 but with the intend to soon increase this
  • SBD interest rate is 0% as SBD is already overvalued and needs to go down again
  • I will host my pricefeed with pegging enabled as we need to get SBD stable
  • A seed node is in the works and will soon be available

Some things I did:

  • I manage @welcomebot to greet new users and help them start
  • I host a weekly giveaway to give new users a place to promote themselves
  • Together with @robofox I started SteemPact a weekly charity fundraiser to motivate fellow steemers to do something good with this platform
  • I wrote a guide for new users that helps find many of the awesome tools build for steem
  • I build the current version of whaleshares.net that helps new users make fewer mistakes in using their shares
  • I am the CTO of SteemSports and work with other talented devs to bring mainstream sports (and their users) to steem

To support me, vote for @reggaemuffin as a witness:

If you have any questions on the platform, on me as a witness or any other topic and you want to chat with me, hit me up on discord!



@reggaemuffin got you a 10.0% @minnowbooster upvote, nice!

god bless you!

Voted you for witness @reggaemuffin

@reggaemuffin got you a 100.0% @minnowbooster upvote, nice!

Mein Vote hast Du schon für das T-Shirt!
Ich hab nur das "Echte Männer haben Katzen".

Voted for you, I still have 25 more votes, who should I vote for ?

Check out who I voted for: https://steemdb.com/@reggaemuffin/witness in the end vote for who you feel best represents tho platform for you :)

Just found out about bandwidth, searched infos for it and found your explanation on other posting. Thank you for that!

Supported you as witness just now and gonna follow you for sure as I am only 2 weeks old give or take, on steemit, need to learn more, and already panicking due to bandwidth 😅😅😅

At the current moment you would have to do some really excessive things to hit the bandwidth limit. Like doing a few hundred comments each day 😉 if you have any questions about how parts of steem work, just let me know!

Just gave you a witness vote. Thank you for all your help!!

@reggaemuffin got you a 29.48% @minnowbooster upvote, nice!

wow just wow i have voted for you

@reggaemuffin got you a 29.48% @minnowbooster upvote, nice!

Yay for participation and community growth!

Keep it up!

@reggaemuffin got you a 71.62% @minnowbooster upvote, nice!


@reggaemuffin you are awesome young man.

Jahman, I'll check it all out .. to the bone ;)

I like that the bot you created is to help exposure for newbies (not fake accounts, votes, followers). Also like that you want to help keep plagiarism and spam out of this platform. All of that is the reason I found STEEMIT so valuable. Thanks for your hard work. Got my vote.

Thank you for your support!

I have just voted for you for witness. Steem Turkey supports you :)

I like young people wanting to help their community for a better future. Your initiative is great and you should be proud. I will certainly vote for you. Bright blessings from Belgium.

Thank you for the support!

My pleasure. Keep up the good work and have fun :)

I have known you a few months ago, but I just read this post yesterday. So I was about to ask, What kind of postings you promote. I look forward to your answer. So I can explain to the stemians in my community.

i just voted you for witness

You convinced me. I am voting for you Muffin Ji!

(づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

Wooo thanks! :)

You gave all the information I was looking for and it seems like you'd be a great pick. My only worry is that you're not deeply invested in Steem but I think I'll still give you my vote. Goodluck!

Thank you for that concern @travelersmemoire. I'm a student so I don't have that much money to invest into steem. But I am deeply invested and don't plan on leaving ever! So witness me getting more and more (monetarily) invested into steem ;)

I'm not saying you need money invested but a low Steem holding means you haven't created as much content either or you've sold earned Steem.

Well, I'm on steem since the start of this month and I already created valuable content and powered up 100% of that reward :) But I give away a big chunk of my earnings to other users I feel bring value to the community.

I invested over 100 STEEM on my first days:

And I delegate a huge chunk to other users I want to boost:

What happens when you delegate to a user? I received it but I don't what it does. Sorry for the stupid question.

It means someone is lending you steempower. They can always take it back, but for now it is completely yours ☺️

Thank you :)

On what conditions take the witnesses the delegated steempower back. And what can one do with the delegated steempower. I'm new so I'm just trying to grasp how things work here.

Some may delegate steempower to new users. So, when a user is not so new, the giver of the steempower might take it back to distribute to a newer user.

As for what you can do with steempower, it boosts the rewards for curation, making your upvotes worth more.

Hope this helps.

Good work! Voted for you! @reggaemuffin

Voted for you,hope you have luck to win! @reggaemuffin

@reggaemuffin: I like your attitude! just upvoted you as witness :) Grüße!

I voted for you and resteemed

Thank you @jeanpi1908 much appreciated :)

You have my vote. Newbie question. I have 30 votes, can I vote for someone more than once?

Thank you @dwhntx! You can only vote once per witness :)

Like I just told you in our chat, it sounds like you have what it takes to be in the top 50 - I've cast my vote for you!

Hope to see you make it, it looks like you do a lot for this community, especially for the short amount of time you've been here. I need to find a way to contribute myself!

Good luck man.

Thanks man! You are already going places, too 😉

Upvoted for witness!

Thank you @siddartha, much appreciated!

Really Happy To Vote For You!
Thanks for being so involved. People like you make steem a place where I feel comfortable posting and being open. Thanks for being a part of it.
Yay. Cheers

PS I followed you obviously because you're awesome!

Welcome to the witness club my friend! I wish you all the best! It is an honour working with you.

yes some helpful tips for keeping kids safe on steemit would be much appreciated!😊~TexasMom

I checked out your channel and I think you are already doing good! I like that you do this with your kids together so you can somewhat shield them from mean comments and put things into perspective. If there is anything on this platform you are not sure about in any way, just ask me :)

@reggaemuffin. We meet again 😊. Another awesome post. This time a link to learn more on witness.

Just voted for you on the witness page. You are already everywhere on steemit man. Thanks for all the good work you are doing here.

Now that are a witness, please enlighten us as how do you produce a block on your server and the price feed?. Could you post a pic of it?

Anytime, anyday, you need any help that is within my means, just ask. It is yours.

I am already preparing my first weekly witness update that I will probably post on friday. I haven't produced a block yet but will soon do and tell you guys about it :) The more votes the quicker it happens ^^

You've got my vote muffstizzle

Yay, flowerpower, we got this :)

Thanks so much for all of the time you are investing in steem to make it more user friendly. We are very new here but my children have been vlogging for almost a year now on youtube. We, as their parents, want them to succeed in anything they choose to put their time and lots of hard work into. It was becoming very clear that people were working their guts out and not being compinsated and to make matters worse youtube was censoring our videos and stealing our subscribers and continuing to disregard our ad preferences by advertising inappropriate things prior to our videos. So glad to have a new avenue!😊

Steem is perfect for that! There is no good video platform yet but `things evolve at a really fast pace. If you need any help with steem to keep your kids safe online you can always reach me on discord or steem.chat :)

Just voted for you... I found your post convincing.

Cats definitely do matter!

They may not always care about it but they matter ♥

Hi @reggaemuffin!

I found you through your welcome bot. Nice job! I've voted for you as a witness and followed 😄. Great job!

Good job, I am a computer scientist too! Voted and upped! :)

I am just starting here, but the post is convincing enough so you got my vote!
Hate plagiarism :x

Thank you @dalil, as long as we all start educating users and report those that ignore to the steemcleaners, it will become better over time.

Thanks, and keep up the great work! It's appreciated by all!

Thank you for your support @grognak :) I could not do this without you guys!

You got it!

Help pay off a little on that extra RAM :)

good work man. I am in your same path.Currently setting up a witness node.Have some plans for steem block chain based developed especially fake news related !!!!

Awesome! Hit me up on discord and we can team up to combat spam :)

Awsome man, lets do this. Will connect you in discord

Very cool stuff. Thank you for helping the community so much! I am new, and I found this post very informative :) Thanks Reggae! Check my profile out please if you get a second, I only have 2 posts. I am new steemer, but experienced cryptodude! Followed and upvoted you!


Kann grad nicht, mach ich aber fix! Weiter so!

Got my vote, young bro. Good luck and thanks.

still have 11 unused votes i think , but i also want to read more about this Witness thing , i used to be hosting servers in 1999 - 2005 have no idea what the market is doing right now when it comes to rack hosting .

I'll be happy to give you some infos on witnesses :) just ask me your questions here or on Discord

just told you my vote on discord :) just wondering why go for xeon cpu now if the new amd one is just arround the corner ..

For this server CPU had a low priority, I opted for enough ram. So it was a choice of options available :)

What do you suggest a new person do if they see plagiarism. I saw some yesterday and didn't know if I should flag it or not, being new I don't want to start off alienating anyone so I just moved on, but I don't like plagiarism either, and I feel it cheats the system and devalues those with original content. I figure you are the person to ask.

Put the link with an explanation why it is wrong here: https://steemit.chat/channel/steemcleaners-linkdrop
Some users with more power will check on it and eventually flag the person :)

Thanks @reggaemuffin I will do that the next time I come across something like that again

@reggaemuffin got you a 100.0% @minnowbooster upvote, nice!

Thanks for the MinnowBooster you rock

I'll vote and followed you

You are the first witness I ever voted for :) saw you helping in chat and read some of your posts and it all sounds good to me. Good luck!

Thank you :) I try to help where I can!

Thanks for sharing @reggaemuffin!
I find this to be valuable info.
Is there a way to bookmark a post?

You can bookmark a post in your browser. Or you can resteem it and later look at your blog to find it ;)

Ok. Sounds easy :)

I'm new to this and I really need you to help me.

Thank you for the support you give to people

I'll gladly help if you have any questions :)

Great. Based on all the things you're doing for the minnows you deserve our vote.

Voted, Resteemed. Witnes-voted

You are doing a great work mate
I really wish you can accomplish all your wishes on steemit
I am your new follower
Best Regards Andrei

Can I be a witness even if I don't know how to code or do complex coding? I have a feeling that I will be a witness soon. :D

You can definitely be a witness without knowing how to code. But it may take a weekend to set things up ;) I'm happy to help btw!

how much does it cost to host what you need to be a witness?

It takes a server that costs at least $30 per month or so, with cost increasing the bigger the chain gets

Thanks. It all sounds interesting and I am glad that there are smart young people like you who have the brains and energy to do it @reggaemuffin!

great initiative! it's refreshing to see up and coming steem influencers support niche or non-steem related content. i have to admit, that as someone who rarely writes about steem, it can be hard to build or engage the audience. i notice that my steem related posts build so much more traction! but i don't want to stop writing about my passions and experience.

Thank you :) I totally agree. For steem to become mainstream we have to get diverse and allow people to make a living here.

you have my upvote, good luck!

Thanks fo that really important advice,very useful @reggaemuffin

             Will  be your witness

Best of luck, reggaemuffin. You are a good dude. You got my vote!

Am I the only one that feels overwhelmed about all this. I am Not an it/computer guy, but just seeing all this potential... wow

I already voted but I saw it disabled.

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I can help you :) What is your question?

The theme of my girlfriend is interesting.I wish you a happy day possible support

God blessed u

( My brother please vote on my page for your vote great honor )

I tried to vote for you but, it did not work, any extra info??

What did you try? What happened when it did not work. I'm happy to help but need more infos.

Thank you very much - I wish you success in your studies and have a good rest on vacation.

Great information.Very informative hope to get more post about you

New to Steem and loving it! You are my first witness vote!

I am honored!

I just voted you as a witness and I think you deserve it

you awesome,
i follow you

You seem genuine. Got my witness vote and a follow.

reggaemuffin, That is the cool work you have done.

Thank you, hope you'll enjoy the weekly reviews,
Steempower AngryBirds

upvoted, and unable to Vote you as witness. an error message reading account name @reggaemuffin is invalid. please advice. i am new to steemit

Try it without the @ ☺️

You have my vote!

Informative post thanks @reggaemuffin

regie Im pretty new here and thank you for your posts and would love an upvote and follow! Cheerss mate

I wanna add a Minnow Support Project welcome on your welcome bot. Can you contact me in Discord? https://discord.gg/HYj4yvw

Upvoted and voted for you! :) Thank you!

Thanks for the info. I will check it out.

voted you for witness! fingers crossed!

@reggaemuffin Voted you for witness. You deserve it.

Okay, so I read your page, and then I went over and voted for you as witness. Good luck!

Semoga terus berjaya....

Thanks for the info @acidyo so i need to contact @reggaemuffin,i have a good pc sat here not being used ,so i would like to contribute anyway i can,thanks bro

I voted for you and resteemed

Wow, thank you for all you do to build this community and support the learning curve of those for whom this platform can feel complex, overwhelming, or like swimming as a minnow in murky water. Is that a whale? Is it a shark? Feeling grateful for the resources curated by members like you.

I would like to see if you would like to assist us www.asc.ai

Hit me up on discord and tell me where I can assist :)

Thank you @reggaemuffin , I already voted for you. Subscribed as well.!

M new here, how can i be part of the witness, seems you are really doing a great job @reggaemuffin

Liked your content !!Followed and upvoted you Dont forget to check my blogs too @rushikesh23 follow and upvote

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