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Hey there,

If you do not know what a witness is, read this post by @someguy123:

Hard Fork 19 is behind us and with it came some problems. Some witnesses had their servers running on 8GB space and with all the new traffic that was not enough so blocks got missed… So I set out to provide a powerful backup witness to ensure that this won't happen again!

My witness node is running on @privex hardware and has a whoppin 24GB of RAM available to the blockchain with enough to spare to increase it even further.

Full witness node specs

  • 32gb DDR3 ECC RAM
  • 4c/8t Intel Xeon CPU E3-1245V2
  • 2x 3TB HDD
  • 1gbit/s network (20TB b/w)
  • hosted in Germany

I want to thank @thecryptodrive and @officialfuzzy for trusting in me! https://steemdb.com/@reggaemuffin/witness

So who am I?


I am @reggaemuffin, a developer and Computer Science Student from Germany who wants to build stuff for steem! I am passionate about the steem ecosystem from a social perspective and like many of you feel that this system has the power to change society for the better. I want to support the good work other users are doing and help onboard many new users.

Why vote for me?

Some values I stand for and whom you support by voting for me:

  • I want new users to get early support
  • I want to promote original content and help users who go the extra mile
    • I already spend hundreds of steem to promote new quality writers and plan to use witness funds for this too.
  • I want a fair and stable blockchain for all users
    • I may not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it.

  • I want to stop plagiarism and spam from flooding the platform
    • I educate new users and work with the steemcleaners to stop this behaviour from getting monetarily rewarded
  • I want diversity of content and people living of the posts they write for niche topics
    • I am supporting content creators in niche topics so that they can support others in their niche

My witness settings

  • Account creation fee is at 0.5 STEEM as HF 20 will soon overhaul this system no need to tweak that now
  • Max Block Size is at 65536 but with the intend to soon increase this
  • SBD interest rate is 0% as SBD is already overvalued and needs to go down again
  • I will host my pricefeed with pegging enabled as we need to get SBD stable
  • A seed node is in the works and will soon be available

Some things I did:

  • I manage @welcomebot to greet new users and help them start
  • I host a weekly giveaway to give new users a place to promote themselves
  • Together with @robofox I started SteemPact a weekly charity fundraiser to motivate fellow steemers to do something good with this platform
  • I wrote a guide for new users that helps find many of the awesome tools build for steem
  • I build the current version of whaleshares.net that helps new users make fewer mistakes in using their shares
  • I am the CTO of SteemSports and work with other talented devs to bring mainstream sports (and their users) to steem

To support me, vote for @reggaemuffin as a witness:

If you have any questions on the platform, on me as a witness or any other topic and you want to chat with me, hit me up on discord!



@reggaemuffin got you a 10.0% @minnowbooster upvote, nice!

god bless you!

Voted you for witness @reggaemuffin

@reggaemuffin got you a 100.0% @minnowbooster upvote, nice!

Mein Vote hast Du schon für das T-Shirt!
Ich hab nur das "Echte Männer haben Katzen".

Voted for you, I still have 25 more votes, who should I vote for ?

Check out who I voted for: https://steemdb.com/@reggaemuffin/witness in the end vote for who you feel best represents tho platform for you :)

Just found out about bandwidth, searched infos for it and found your explanation on other posting. Thank you for that!

Supported you as witness just now and gonna follow you for sure as I am only 2 weeks old give or take, on steemit, need to learn more, and already panicking due to bandwidth 😅😅😅

At the current moment you would have to do some really excessive things to hit the bandwidth limit. Like doing a few hundred comments each day 😉 if you have any questions about how parts of steem work, just let me know!

Just gave you a witness vote. Thank you for all your help!!

@reggaemuffin got you a 29.48% @minnowbooster upvote, nice!

wow just wow i have voted for you

@reggaemuffin got you a 29.48% @minnowbooster upvote, nice!

Yay for participation and community growth!

Keep it up!

@reggaemuffin got you a 71.62% @minnowbooster upvote, nice!


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