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Steem Basic Income

Steem Basic Income is a voluntary social experiment to bring a crowd-funded basic income to as many Steemians as possible. Members join by sponsoring others into the program. Steem Basic Income is delivered through providing regular upvotes to member content.

Welcome to @steembasicincome's eighteenth member interview!

To provide more interaction within Steem Basic Income (SBI), we are continuing our interviews with prominent members of SBI! We hope to bring a greater sense of community, get to know our members, and gain a better understanding of why Steemians are choosing to be a part of SBI.

Graphic by @katysavage

Writer Intro: @wesphilbin

Greetings, again fellow Steemians, I am @wesphilbin. This will be my eighth interview for the Steem Basic Income group. I have interviewed the following Steemians:

Subject Intro: @shadowspub

Image Credit @thekittygirl

@wesphilbin: Those of you that have been on the blockchain probably have seen or heard this phrase... not just a slogan; a true feeling shared not only by @shadowspub but by many of the members that frequent The Ramble Discord Group. It wasn't until I became a Moderator for the Steem Terminal Discord Group, that I learned about things like Pimp Your Post or SHADE Tokens... have I sparked your curiousity? Let's jump on in, and learn what this all means!

@wesphilbin: I appreciate you taking the time to stare at your monitor and participate in my SBI interview, my friend! I know about the awesome you, but would you mind giving our readers a brief "who is ShadowsPub"?

@shadowspub: Well let’s see. I guess just in case anyone thinks that I’m lurking in the shadows of some dark pub, ShadowsPub is short for Shadows Publishing. I’m a writer and like all writers, still learning... I don’t think we ever stop learning the craft.

Since coming to Steem I’ve also picked up doing online radio with a couple of shows a week and a monthly Witness chat. It is interesting meeting and getting to know a range of Steemians. We all have different journeys, yet we often share many likenesses.

@wesphilbin: You know, that is so true... as I keep adding more and more Discord Groups, I start to see familiar faces, or "names" rather... You mentioned, "since coming to Steem"... I'm curious; what was it that brought you to the blockchain, my friend?

@shadowspub: Writing... I had come to a crossroads in life and decided to take the long overdue road that led to doing more writing. Something I had been setting aside for far too long.

Course that meant also starting to learn more about the world of cryptocurrency. I had heard about blockchains and of course Bitcoin but oddly enough until I showed up here... Never made the connection that the two were tied at the hip. Funny how peripheral knowledge starts to become so front and center when we take certain paths.

@wesphilbin: You know, I have mentioned it, many times, but I only learned of Steemit after being invited by a great friend I met from a Facebook Gaming Group... her Steem name is @bearone. She kept telling me about how cool this place was, how the communities were so much more friendly, and supportive... so I joined. She introduced me to the Steem USA Discord Group (mainly because I kept tagging them, and wasn't a member yet lol... good times!) but soon learned there was more to it, than I first thought. Anyway... you mentioned an Online Radio Show, mind telling our readers what that's all about?

@shadowspub: There is the Curation Corner which airs on Tuesdays at 1pm EDT / 5pm UTC. I co-host the one hour show with @artemisnorth... In case anyone is not aware, Artemis is my sister. She’ll likely remind me she’s the younger sister.

The show was originally about curation on the platform. We’d interview other curators and talk about what we looked for when curating content manually. After a while we evolved the show into interviewing project creators. We’ve done about 40 episodes. They are also streamed on VimmTv and my page on Facebook.

The other show, which was my first one is Pimp Your Post Thursday. On October 10th it will have been on the air for two years. It didn’t even miss the week I was offline for surgery last year. A team of folks led by @thekittygirl and @bluefinstudios made sure it went on the air. The show runs at 11am and 7pm EDT / 3pm & 11pm UTC on Thursdays.

Participants can present their own posts or post of others. Most put the link in the text chat and then come on voice to talk about their post. Some will present in text by having a writeup ready about their post that I can read out. For some it’s the only way they can participate but it’s not the same for them being able to speak and respond to others in voice.

Originally it was intended to be a single show but I soon realized there was a demand to cover other time zones. Couldn’t cover them all but the two helped. It generally runs a couple of hours each. We’ve run as long as almost 4 hours. I don’t set an end time. As long as there is someone with a post they want to share, the show will run.

Sometimes posts will trigger conversations or some other comments will come up to trigger conversation. I try to keep the format relaxed enough for them to happen. We get to know each other through conversation.

Rambling Radio Banner created by @shadowspub

@wesphilbin: I remember the first time I joined your Discord Group, and shared a post... I don't think I went on voice the first time. I said I would never get on voice, but I also said I would never do any videos... guess I changed my mind! I also remember when you sponsored my #thoughtfuldailypost movement in July; giving everyone SHADE for sharing and participating in my movement. Also good to have friends such as @thekittygirl, and @bluefinstudios to help out when needed. Like you say, it is indeed all about community. So... you have mentioned SHADE and SBI... tell our readers a little about your experiences with both would you?

@shadowspub: Back about a year or so ago I was given an anonymous donation of STEEM to do with as I wanted. I decided to do a draw each show for 2 SBI. There are rules for being eligible as the draw is meant for those present and taking part. A few months ago @dreemsteem started donating enough to add a 3rd SBI at each show.

After I created the SHADE token a draw for that was added as well. I’ve now developed a regular contest for those attending the show to earn SHADE for presenting posts and for people to earn for commenting on posts presented at PYPT. Points are accumulated over the month and at the end of the month there are SBI & SHADE prizes for top points, top presenter and top commenter.

"Sometimes posts will trigger conversations or some other comments will come up to trigger conversation. I try to keep the format relaxed enough for them to happen. We get to know each other through conversation."


While we always wish to focus on those prominent members of the Steem Basic Income community, I hope you have began to realize we are also trying to show the importance of engagement, community, helping others... something that goes hand-in-hand with our travels on the blockchain.

Image created by

@wesphilbin: I really appreciate you taking the time to participate in my interview, my friend. I know you are busy, so to catch a few moments with you, pick your brain... this was quite a good time! Before I let you get back to it, would you mind sharing your thoughts on the future of STEEM and SBI? Where do you see things going?

@shadowspub: I like what Joseph has been doing with SBI. I tend to believe that as we move to a more automated world that basic income is something that will need to be implemented... there are a lot of pluses to doing so.

As for Steem, it’s an amazing ecosystem which is going to continue to grow. Will it become the behemoth that Facebook is? Maybe in 15 or 20 years, who knows. In the meantime I think it will continue to evolve and grow. The communities and SMTs are going to bring a different perspective from what we’re used to. The Tribes have been an indication of what could be.

Interview Conclusion

I hope you have enjoyed this interview with @shadowspub... if you haven't yet joined in on the PYPT at The Ramble, I'd suggest you hop in and join the fun!

Eighteen total interviews for the @steembasicincome Group... and my tenth to date, as a writer for the SBI Group... With each Steemian I interview, I see a similar vibe my friends... sharing the positive effects of promoting community, a greater sense of why these Steemians are choosing to participate in the Steem Basic Income initiative... for not only themselves and their interaction on the block-chain, but also sharing the understanding of engagement, by sponsoring others. I thank you for sticking around, and reading yet another interview highlighting a prominant user involved in the Steem Basic Income initiative. Appreciate your continued support, involvement, and community interaction.

Who will we see on the next Steem Basic Income interview?

Until then my friends...


SBI Writers Group

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Read about our Writers Group initiative here and then message @josephsavage on Steem or on Discord to show your interest.


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If you're unclear, please check out our full transaction memo guidelines and then let us know if you have any questions.

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thanks ! :) @steembasicincome 💙 for sharing interview of SBI Members @shadowspub


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nice job @wesphilbin ... you were not working with the easiest of subjects LOL


Coming from you... I will take that, as a compliment! I had no difficulty conducting our interview; the ability to ask questions and receive answers... when you are able to do so... respectively, is something I think really helps! I appreciate your friendship, and of course, for saying yes!!

Excellent job on the interview, @wesphilbin and very fluid to read! It's always lovely to peruse about one of my favorite Steemians, especially via an interview conducted by another of my favorite Steemians! 😊


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so who is @shadowspub for me? Hmm it's hard to tell since I haven't meet her in person and became one of her friends. Maybe what I'll be telling is what I noticed in her here in steem.

so first and foremost, shadowspub is a woman. I was confused last time when I first joined the rumble. So rumble is a server in discord that she hosted. She have a channel where you can promote your post with many people or audience joining it. If you're new and you need someone to read your post, join the #pypt. As far as I know it's the only server in discord that you can't just promo your post. But of course you muat engage it, just like a cycle. You engage other's post, they'll engage yours. That's what shadowspub doing. Also she said,

If you engage post you earn shade from her. She doesn't ask anything but you'll be rewarded with shades and steembasicincome. So I think it's better to know her yourself for more and join the rumble to have lot of audience in steem.
my friend @wesphilbin this is only I can tell for now. lol it's long

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Thanks for bringing this to #pypt this morning... and for doing the interview. I'll go back and read more of them now....

Thank you for the kind words, and support @metametheus... I have had the pleasure of conducting a few interviews, with some wonderful people. I love helping, meeting, and interacting with people...

found it in #pypt discord,
I don't know what to say about this post, maybe just happy that people will know how amazing shadow is

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You are correct... @shadowspub is a pretty amazing woman. Also friend, and creator of positive content on our blockchain... you tell us whatever you want, my friend! I appreciate your reply and continued support...

Thanks for explaining the @steembasicincome program. I enjoyed this interview.


Appreciate the kind words and support; good to see that our actions are bringing awareness...

Thank you!

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Appreciate the notifications, and continued support...

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Second time... perhaps we are really spreading that positive energy and bringing a crowd-funded basic income to those participating...

Thank you...

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