Interview with @tattoodjay

Steem Basic Income

Steem Basic Income is a social experiment to bring a basic income to as many Steemians as possible. Members join by sponsoring others into the program. Steem Basic Income is delivered through providing regular upvotes to member content.

Welcome to @steembasicincome's thirteenth member interview!

To provide more interaction within Steem Basic Income (SBI), we are continuing our interviews with prominent members of SBI! We hope to bring a greater sense of community, get to know our members, and gain a better understanding of why Steemians are choosing to be a part of SBI.

Graphic by @katysavage

Writer Intro: @wesphilbin

Greetings, again fellow Steemians, I am @wesphilbin; This will be my fifth interview for the Steem Basic Income group. So far, I have interviewed the following Steemians:

This Interview, I was able to catch up with @tattoodjay... He’s one of the Foundation Leaders for the SteamUSA Discord Group and coincidentally… he’s the reason I became a Writer for the @steembasicincome Group... but you’ll have to read further for that story…

Subject Intro: @tattoodjay

You might know @tattoodjay for his #WednesdayWalk Challenge; he takes some incredible photos, and encourages others to get out and get their legs going! I have known @tattoodjay for some time as the #SteemUSA Group was my first Discord Group when I joined Steemit in June of 2017… I am excited to share this interview with you, my friends… let’s get started!

@wesphilbin: @tattoodjay I appreciate you taking the time to chat with me, and take part in this @steembasicincome interview. I’d like to start off with a little background about you… let our readers know the awesome of Tattoodjay, please…

@tattoodjay: Ok starting with one of the questions I knew you would ask and one I was dreading, “about me”... I much prefer talking about others than me; I am a bit of a wallflower, one could say, except with people who I know well and feel comfortable with. I am a quiet and shy guy… I am a Kiwi (no, not the fruit) a Kiwi is a native bird of New Zealand and also a name we people from New Zealand call ourselves.

I now live in Connecticut and work in NYC, and have traveled quite extensively, to over 60 countries… some on people's wish lists, and some; well, many, that have suffered the ravages of War and natural disasters. Places many never plan to visit, which has given me a good attitude on what is really important in life.

My posts on Steem are all Photography related, generally city shots in NYC and scenic shots where I live in CT. I started with photography with film, taught by a great Uncle in the ’70s, I lost my camera in the ’80s and although I had a few “point and shoot” cameras, only got back into it again in 2007... and have been clicking away since then with a variety of cameras and now shoot mainly with a Sony A7iii Mirrorless camera.

@wesphilbin: Wow my friend… you have certainly had an interesting life! Kiwi… lol; I understand… I have a friend from Australia, who has tried to explain to me the differences in Australians and New Zealanders… I just nod my head :) Traveled to over 60 countries too… that’s impressive, to say the least. So tell me; how was it that you heard of Steem?

@tattoodjay: I heard of Steem from a friend's son, on another site called Tsū which I was active on until it faded away. I missed the opportunity to join Steem in the very early stages, as I didn't feel I had the time to take on something else and did not consider myself a blogger... but just a little under two years ago I decided to take a look and discovered the wonderful community here and have been active on Steem ever since.

@wesphilbin: I understand what you are saying about not feeling like a blogger… perhaps the wording is what gets so many people.
So you’ve gone from visiting various countries… to learning photography, switching from one paid social media site, to Steem… what an adventure so far! In my time knowing you, you’ve seemed to be quite active on the blockchain… which leads me to my next question; how did you come to learn about the @steembasicincome group?

@tattoodjay: I found SBI when someone I follow shared a post about it and I went and read the initial posts that were shared explaining the concept and I thought what a brilliant idea... to be able to send units to people and at the same time, get a unit for yourself and receive some income on each post you make, depending on how many units you have...

When I started to host the #WednesdayWalk challenge (which I won't go into here but stick with answering about SBI) I decided to give away a unit of SBI to 5 randomly selected users who joined the challenge each week; I think it's a great way to be able to give back to the community that I interact with. I started like everyone with one SBI unit when I sent out (or received I am honestly not sure which it was {yes I am getting older and my memory isn't what it used to be} or that's my excuse for forgetting and I am sticking to it) and now I have built up to 625 units, thanks to the generosity of others sending me units and sending out each week as part of the #WednesdayWalk challenge.

@wesphilbin: This I remember; that was the ‘foreshadowing’ in my intro… you were the one that initially started me on my road to @steembasicincome… it was after submitting my post for the #WednesdayWalk, that I realized, or rather; I remember getting a @ginabot notification I think?... Regardless… I was immediately curious about what all this @steembasicincome was about… I ended up joining the Steem Basic Income Discord Group, meeting @josephsavage and inquiring about a writer's position!

So here we are… You sponsored me, now I’m here picking your brain as a writer, for the very thing you got me into!

Anyway; you mention giving back to the community, and I am quite aware of how you do… would you mind telling us about any challenges, initiatives etcetera, you are currently doing, and how @steembasicincome might be included in them?

Created by @tattoodjay

@tattoodjay: Let’s start with programs I use on Steem, for posting... I use

I started using it when they added the draft feature; often on work days I don't have time to prepare a post... so, on quiet evenings or weekends I often prepare a few posts in advance. If i get tied up with other things (such as responding to questions for an interview :wink: ) it's all good as I have some posts ready to use if needed. They also give upvotes to users who post on their platform and use the #busy tag on a post. I believe the weight of the upvote is based on the combined level of those following you.

I use the default platform when I want to look through the list of people who have upvoted my posts... well, its the with the Chrome plug-in Steemplus which gives me that feature.

I use for replying to comments I receive and for some of the interesting graphs and information provided on that site. Hmm... what else, the @ginabot on Discord which is so handy for getting notifications which can be set to one's own preferences, and Discord to keep up with what's going on in the groups I am in... including of course #SteemUSA, which if you're from or in the United States and not aware, is a Community for and supporting those from or in the United States... and now is in the process of rebuilding stronger than ever... join us on our SteemUSA Discord.

Challenges... I have a list on Google Docs of many "challenges" I sometimes join, but the ones I most often join are #MarketFriday hosted by @dswigle, @old-guy-photos has the challenges #MonochromeMonday, #TreeTuesday, and #SepiaSaturday. #BeautifulSunday by @ace108, and #SublimeSunday, created by @c0ff33a, and probably a few others I cannot think of right now, and Duh I forgot one I join every week #WednesdayWalk hosted by a crazy kiwi called @tattoodjay, ohh yeah thats me!

I do love the mixed variety of challenges on the platform... they are great for giving people ideas for posts ... and I guess this could also have been listed on programs; I forgot to mention the Actifit App which tracks your steps and if you do a post from the app you get rewarded by their Steem account; I do like walking for exercise so it was a natural fit for me.

@wesphilbin: Now this is an example of engagement and positive vibes being promoted. Giving thanks and shout-out's to all those you interact with... providing SBI units to participants... I know you are trying to rebuild the @SteemUSA Community...everyday challenges…

@tattoodjay: And if by challenges you were meaning more challenges related to the platform, I guess the biggest challenge for me is finding the time to keep up with taking and editing photos for posts, responding to all the comments I receive and visiting and supporting others on the platform... and as for initiatives I am involved with I think they are all listed in my answers I have already provided.

I can mention an initiative by @abh12345, the Curation and Engagement League , where he does a weekly post of the most active users on his list he has put together; I enjoy seeing his post each week and seeing how strong the engagement is on the platform.

@wesphilbin: We have touched upon a great deal of information here... I commend you for all the challenges and initiatives that you are involved in. I know you have a lot going on, but before we close shop...Would you mind sharing where you see yourself down the road? Future plans on Steem, the #SteemUSA Community, and SBI?

@tattoodjay: As for my future plans on Steem, my plan for myself is simple... just keep on posting and visiting posts, and trying to be an active member of the Steem Community. As I have said, I will keep running #WednesdayWalk and giving away SBI units with that. Myself and @dswigle are working to continue building the #SteemUSA community and are considering a few ideas to help it grow... it has been picking up nicely over the last couple of months and we may well initiate some contest for the #SteemUSA community members and SBI units may be an option we use for prizes for the contests.

Interview Conclusion

Thirteen interviews for the @steembasicincome Group... and my fifth to date, as a writer for the SBI Group... With each Steemian I interview, I see a similar vibe my friends... sharing the positive effects of promoting community, a greater sense of why these Steemians are choosing to participate in the Steem Basic Income initiative... for not only themselves and their interaction on the block-chain, but also sharing the understanding of engagement, by sponsoring others. I thank you for sticking around, and reading yet another interview highlighting a prominant user involved in the Steem Basic Income initiative. Appreciate your continued support, involvment, and community interaction.

Who will we see on the next Steem Basic Income interview article?

Until then my friends...


Previous SBI Interviews


If you want to get involved, or to increase the level of basic income that you receive, enrollment is pretty straightforward:
Just send 1 STEEM to @steembasicincome. Include the name of a Steemian to sponsor in the transaction memo (preceded by @). You and the person you sponsor will each receive 1 unit in the program. You can sponsor any active Steemian (except for yourself), it does not have to be a current member.

If you're unclear, please check out our full transaction memo guidelines and then let us know if you have any questions.

The official currency for enrollment is STEEM. If we choose to accept SBD without refunding it, you do not receive extra value for it. Enrollments are processed automatically every 144 minutes.


Please read our FAQ. If you still have questions, ask in the comments section or join us in our discord channel.


I wish I had known out this series sooner! Great interview, @wespphilbin and nice to learn a little more about you @tattoodjay

I, too, struggle to keep up with all my commitments on Steemit - writing, commenting and...and...It is, sometimes, a struggle to juggle with Steemit life and real life and find a balance! LOL I should really participate in more of the challenges. That said, I do enjoy reading other people's entries!

Be well, both of you and thank you

We include interviews in our regular update series as often as somebody from our Writers Group has one ready. That's typically every few weeks or so.

I've been silly: only just recently added this account to Gina. Won't miss them in future

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Thank you for your kind words my friend! The struggle is real, as they say :) Conversely... there are indeed so many challenges, initiatives and... and... see? We do the best we can, and that's about all we can do! Appreciate your visit and of course, your support.


so many...

Be well!

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And if by challenges you were meaning more challenges related to the platform, I guess the biggest challenge for me is finding the time to keep up with taking and editing photos for posts, responding to all the comments I receive and visiting and supporting others on the platform.

I hope I have that challenge one day. I'm new here and I've just begun to write, but I've heard it's going to be hard to gather any type of momentum here. I've also heard the opposite and seen many initiatives to help people like myself, so maybe it won't be. Who knows!

I like these interviews, @steembasicincome, it's nice to see what even the most basic of conversations with people on a real level amount to. It's also cool to see that something as awesome as a basic income, is being organized and supported by the community, but also engaging the community on that same real level.

I am not enrolled yet, but I hope to be. Might just take a while to get enough steem to actually do so. I won't give up though. I have a lot to say and a lot of support and positivity to distribute to members of this community, so I don't think it'll be too hard, hopefully. :)

Also, the idea that you can also sponsor someone, is pretty great. That, to me, is the heart and soul of the whole concept. Help me help you. I love it.

Thanks for your supportive words! We publish contest listings a couple time per week (should be one coming out tonight) that are a great way to get started.

You're very welcome! :)
I'll definitely have to check those out then. I've just been sorting through all the content here and there's simply mountains of it! Which is great, because that means plenty to read from plenty of posters!


Though only being here for a short time, I would say you have caught on quite well my friend!

I hope I have that challenge one day. I'm new here and I've just begun to write, but I've heard it's going to be hard to gather any type of momentum here. I've also heard the opposite and seen many initiatives to help people like myself, so maybe it won't be. Who knows!

You know the old saying... be careful what you ask for lol... we all start small... unsure of what to do, where to go. Trying to provide quality content, and positive engagement... You have started something quite nice, in case you weren't aware; the biggest issue that many new Steemians face, is understanding the concept of proper citation and sources... you seem to not have a problem there... I truly appreciate your kind words, as well as support, on both my interview with @tattoodjay, but also the @steembasicincome initiative... keep on keeping on... you aren't alone my friend :)

Another great interview, with not only a prominent @steembasicincome member, but the Steemian, friend, and Foundation Leader of the @SteemUSA Community... the very individual, that got me started at @steembasicincome to begin with. Thanks again @tattoodjay, for taking the time to share a little but about you, and what makes you a prominent member!


Thanks @wesphilbin as I said to you I hate being the focus of attention and for generally decline doing an interview about anything so am not sure why I agreed to do this interview with you but am kind of glad I did even though I feel your parts of this post are far more interesting than my replies 😎👍😎

We're glad that you accepted!

Thanks :) now I will slip back into the shadows where I am more comfortable :)


I know you dislike the spotlight, but I felt everyone should see the positive influence you make each day... both from the @steemusa community, as well as your interaction with the @steembasicincome initiative. As for my "parts" being more interesting lol... I put one leg in at a time... just like everyone else :) It is my wish, to amplify everyone's awesome-sauce, so I hope I have done that... for you :)

Yes you did and that is truly appreciated by me my friend :)


🎁 Hi @wesphilbin! You have received 0.1 SBD tip from @tattoodjay!

@tattoodjay wrote lately about: My Actifit Report Card: July 1 2019 Feel free to follow @tattoodjay if you like it :)

Sending tips with @tipU - how to guide :)

thanks for interviewing ! :) 💙

Good ! so many happy project to support our steem life ♬♬

sometimes the tag limitation to only 5 must be freed i think :)

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YEs the 5 tag limit can be so frustrating at times

Well done @tattoodjay now will you quit kicking my butt at Steem Monsters 🙏

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Lol 😂 about Steemmonsters I loose more than I win so I have to take the wins

I hear ya, funny that you had just toasted me prior to me reading your interview. 😁

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🎁 Hi @wonderwop! You have received 0.1 SBD tip from @tattoodjay!

@tattoodjay wrote lately about: Tree Tuesday The Big Bonsai Tree Feel free to follow @tattoodjay if you like it :)

Sending tips with @tipU - how to guide :)

Well I do feel bad I toasted you maybe a !tip is a nice form of apology :)

There's no need to apologise for a great battle, and I really appreciate the tip. 👍 You rock!

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MOst welcome and have a great day

Hi what about the new 50/50 rule of hf21? How wil you cope with that?

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Change to 50/50 is inconsequential as we already pass curation rewards through to our members. The other aspects of the EIP are much more concerning.

Nice interview of an absolutely deserving individual. I am really happy I was able to find @tattoodjay a while ago and started following him. It has been a definite pleasure. I also love SBI. I try to gift (and get) as many shares as I can. My goal is to get 1000 units someday.

Good luck in your goal! I'm sure that with persistence you will get there.

Thanks MAte, thats the goal I am heading for as well, still a long way off it slowly building up 360 More and I am there

Great interview with my friend @tattoodjay. He's too modest about all he does here, but the rest is accurate :)

Nominating @mariannewest for one of your upcoming interviews. Her @freewritehouse program is only one thing she does here giving out a lot of sbi.

Marianne is the reason new steemers survive sometimes, and you will get a great interview :)

She would be a great interview subject!

A very nice interview @tattoodjay and @wesphilbin! Always so positive to see members of the community supporting each other and building up the great projects all around #steem!


Thank you my friend!! I felt this was such a positive interview with @tattoodjay, and not only brought positive focus to the @steembasicincome initiative, but also to the @steemusa community! Appreciate your kind words, and thanks so much for supporting my positive energy! 🙏

Great interview! I had seen the name before so much around the ecosystem and now it is great to see the background! Thanks for thesr opportunities to getting to know the community more!

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