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Greetings, Helpinauts and Steemians of all walks!

It's time for your monthly Helpie


Join me, @carrieallen, as I get you up to date on all the haps.

☕Sit back, grab a cup of joe and get ready. There are a lot of things going on .

Witness Team Changes

As announced in a few past posts and the Hangouts (in Discord), our dear, sweet @meno has stepped down from being on the team. Real life sometimes takes precedent and this is one of those times. He's still a Helpie, still posting on STEEM. He's just not got the time to put into helping RUN the community. Do say hi if you see him around and give him all the loves! 😍

New Blood

We also brought on a NEW Team Member to help us with some other fun 'technical stuff'....

Drumroll please...

Welcome, @bflanagin!

Ben will now be hosting a server to help 'hold' Dsound tracks and Dtube videos that have been updooted/baked by Helpie or Helpiecake! It also means that those things will be easy peasy to load, listen to and view and in higher quality! Woot for more help! 😍 Note: after Dtubes recent changes the ipfs is ... weird? 🤣 So this is a work in progress for videos. But fear not! Ben is working on a fix, possibly as you read this.😎

Speaking of bots...

@bembelmaniac created the @helpie-caster account to help support all Helpies (and others) who use Vimm.TV. He manually curates live streaming content which triggers a bot to also upvote with the @helpie account. It's all about spreading that sweet, sweet love around. 😍

rainbow motion.gif

Discord Stuff

  • There's a new #grumpy-chat ! And it's amazing! I don't know how or why, but simply titling it that has allowed us to have real, serious... and sometimes less serious, chats about ALL THE THINGS. Like things that would normally set many into a rage of triggers... We all cool. 😎 Maybe that's cause we are all Helpies, though. So, instead of bringing downer-y things into general chat, we keep that full of cake and shenanigans. It's quite the lovely balance and both chats are pretty active. Come on by, all moods welcome. 😍
  • NO SOLICITING. In that last month or so, around all the places there have been issues of folks soliciting for money from people they don't know, but who they may share a community (Discord) with. While we are HELPIES and prone to help, we (the Witness Team) don't feel that it's acceptable to just 'beg' to 400 potential people without ever really interacting with them. Now, we don't discourage reaching out for help individually and privately, but no need to put everyone on blast. Also, if someone reaches out to you, do your due diligence, ESPECIALLY if you don't know them. There's no harm in checking out their story and even privately asking around.

    We all want to help, we just don't want to be had. We (the Witness Team) also want everyone in HELPIE to feel completely comfortable and never put in a position to feel bad. If you see someone soliciting simply bring it to the attention of one of the Witness Team and we will reach out. We have no intention of making anyone feel bad about asking for help, but we do need to have some kind of awareness that scams can and do happen, and they can even happen to us. ❤️

  • We will be 'cleaning house' in Discord in the next month. We have 435 members in our discord and less than 100 who participate in anything. Because we are a small community, this is about the limit... but not if they're all sleepy potatoes! Basically, we'd like to clean up simply so we can get a more accurate reading on our community. I'll do some random @everyone tags during the month to give everyone who wants to a chance to come around again and see what's up. After that, I'll probably remove anyone who's not been active IN Discord and/or on the chain for the last 6 months or so. I may send out DMs to just double check. We aren't kicking anyone out, but as many know Discord channels can get out of hand. I have a LOT... it's nuts. If you're not hanging with us, no harm no foul, we'd just like to 'make room' for others. 😍
  • HELPIE HANGOUTS are still on TUESDAYS, but we've decided to move up 4 hours in hopes of catching folks before they fall asleep. Starting JULY 2 we'll be hangin' at this time:
    helpie hangout logo smaller.png

    tuesdays 8pm utc.png

    rainbow motion.gif

Helpiecake Curation Team (The Bakers)

Going strong! I'm still so tickled by this initiative and how much people enjoy it all around. We are now up to 49 Bakers! Currently, we've capped them at 10 posts per day. This gives us a chance to keep the upvote power on @helpie just above 80%. It's working out quite swimmingly and the bakers are bonding more every day. ❤️

Last month we 'baked' 1230 posts! That's all manual, baby!

We have channels and bots set up (thanks @eonwarped ! ) in our private Helpie Discord server to make it super easy to submit posts to be Helpiecaked (yes, I've made it a verb). It even tags the person who baked the post! Oh! And now there's a Spanish bot for the Spanish posts too! 😍

🍰Our Current Helpiecake Bakers🍰:

@ankapolo@amberyooper@bembelmaniac@bflanagin (humblebeaver)
@itstime@katrina-ariel@livvu@lunaticpandora (TheRealFrog)
@macchiata@mckenziegary@meno@naltedtirt (Black Jack)

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Have you received some HLPE tokens lately and don't know what to do with them?! You've come to the right place.

Check out THIS POST on all the ways you can currently EARN HLPE tokens (on and off chain). There's also a Step-By-Step tutorial (with pics) on how to REDEEM those HLPE for upvotes. 😍

Still confused? Reach out! We ARE Helpies, after all. 😍

rainbow motion.gif

How to access your HELPIE tokens (or any tokens on Steem-Engine)

The easiest way to view, send and receive any steem-engine tokens is via the browser add-on called KEYCHAIN, created by Witness #1 on the STEEM blockchain, @yabapmatt.

STEEM Keychain.png



Not only are you able to easily deal with all your tokens, but KEYCHAIN stores multiple STEEM account passwords and keys for you. It's completely safe. No one, not even Matt, has access to your passwords. If you have any questions or concerns about the application feel free to reach out. Otherwise...

You can also access and do 'all the things' at Steem-Engine.com.😊

As always, if you find yourself in times of trouble... Just ask!


rainbow motion.gif

Weekly Blogs - NOW HIRING!

Are you interested in authoring a weekly post for @helpie? We are looking to fill up the week with something deliciously new every day. These could be specified curation posts, game/interaction posts or anything that could be helpful, as that's kinda our thing. 😎 Reach out. Can't wait to see what you've got.

Current Author Rewards

For posting directly from the @helpie or @helpiecake accounts.

50% of Liquid Payout30 HLPE tokens2 SBD (until such a time that the posts pay more than that).

The rest of the payout will be used to pay for the Witness or power up and build up the upvote.

rainbow motion.gif

Witnessy Stuff

  • Our preliminary position on the upcoming HF21 - Helpie's Fork Thoughts - If you have any questions, feel free to reach out! Because it's still early on and many things may change, we'll be sure to update you as things happen.
  • Everything else is running smoothly. No blocks dropped, no fires caught. Smooth sailing.
  • As of writing this we are Witness # 47-48 (there are two numbers because someone above us still has votes, but is no longer running a node... wonder what can be done to combat that...🤔.)

Last month's update

Helpie is an invite-only community. If you'd like to be considered to be a member of @helpie as a minnow in training, please consider joining Palnet / MSP and participating actively there, we have scouts constantly looking for the right minnows to support, and they will reach out with a private invitation.

Wanna reach out to us? @paintingangels is a scout.😍 You can find her in discord - paintingangels(serena)#3668. She'll be happy to answer any questions you may have about Helpie, and can give you the information you need in order to possibly join our community. And while we're at it.... find me in Discord! carrieallen#9415 😍


@carrieallen @eonwarped @isaria @swelker101 @paintingangels @bflanagin


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Lots of good stuff!

Looks like there will be little change. That's great. Thank you @helpie for the update!

Great update. Lots of activities and changes ongoing. Keep rocking, keep helping.

Thank you for the update! Keep being awesome helpie fam! 💗

Looks like change is inevitable and beneficial. Admiring you guys and proud of you!

I am very surprised with your vote in my last post! Is the first time that i read about this project but sounds good, its normal that i write in spanish but sometime i did post in english, spanish or bilingual... thanks!

That's a lot to process but good things happening and lots to work on.

ben is da best. good team with all ma favorite peoples

I truly understand the situation with @meno, sometimes real-life demmands you a lot of time so you can’t be pending of everything within the Blockchain, is a hard work, but beautiful.

Awesome updates family! 🙌🏻

it is good to know that we have somebody to lean on!! thank you guys!!!

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