Seems like America. Is in a serious state at the moment. It makes sense why I have been seeing so many Americans settling in Shanghai and marrying Chinese women. These are such exciting times..

China is trying to take over the world. Islam is trying to conquer the globe. Globalism is trying to destroy international civilization. America is the best country in the world. The USA is doing better now than ever before and that is part of the reason why technocracy and plutocracy tries to terminate it through Agenda 21 and though the NPC. Upvoted.

Lionel, said don't protect borders. Leave it to the military. Yes, we want that, but you are suggesting no backup plan. You are endorsing us to just sit here and wait for the invasion and to not have a second plan if there is not enough military and cops and border patrol and Ice Agents, etc.

I'm just looking at the legacy of the institutionalized agenda from the federal reserve and shaking my head at the mess they've put American citizens through. It's as if they knew that the masses would believe false reality of the system being federal (and not private) with reserves (even though it has none).. Complacency is the last thing I hope for, but it's what the masses have selected globally..

Yes, the Federal Reserve is bad and is not federal. China is installing spy systems in our oceans, coastlines, around American Beaches, because Islam, corporatism, technocracy, Soros, & Rothschild are not the only ones trying to take over the world. Buy Human Clones from China.

Yeah... Everybody wants Satan's spot as ruler. It's all foolishness really..

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