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In light of this post by @surfermarly about producing a Steemit video, I'd like to offer this idea, as well as implement it personally.

Remember those 1-second-per-day videos of mine that I've been posting?
Here's a quick refresher:

Yeah, that. Now you remember. :)
I want to make one for Steemit. Here's the deal - I NEED YOUR HELP.

Wait. What do you mean you need my help?

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Of COURSE I need your help! This whole community is user-driven. Why shouldn't the video we put out there for the world to see be any different? I've been saying it for a while now that we need something to go viral outside of Steemit for us to break out of our little bubble. Any video that's going to do that, in my opinion, should be one that is just as community-driven as the site it represents.

Therefore, I want each clip to be from a different Steemit member. I want to end up with a video that shows just how diverse a group of people we really are.

~ One Moment Per Steemian ~

To do this, I need as many Steemians I can get to see this post to help by contributing video to the cause. If you don't want to contribute, you can still help by simply resteeming this post. The final Steemit video itself doesn't need to be long, maybe only 1-2 minutes at the most, which means there may only be enough room for between 60-120 one-second clips. That sounds like a lot, but considering I've been doing the year long version of this project for the past 4 years - which is 365 clips per year - 120 would be a breeze.

HINT: The more active your clip is, the more likely it'll be chosen to be included. And please keep your submission CLEAN.

How can I contribute?

SIMPLE. Everyone has a phone with a decent video camera these days. Just film around, choose your best moment, and upload it to either Youtube or Vimeo (Vimeo is better because you can make the original file downloadable to the public), then reply to this thread with your link.

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How long does my raw clip need to be?

As long as it's at least 1 second, you're good to go. If trimming your video isn't an option, no big deal. Send the full clip and let me know what moment you want me to look at.

What about music?

You're kidding, right? We've got so much original music on this site, it's coming out of our noses. I'll be going around to musicians who have posted material and start tapping on shoulders when I find music that could potentially fit this project. So you musical artists be on the lookout. Don't come looking for me, if I like your music, I'll be coming to you. ;-)

Flashy Steemit Logos?

Absolutely. I've seen some stunning animated Steemit logos that I'm going to look around at again. Once again, if I think yours has the right stuff, I'll be tapping on your shoulder.

Guys, we have everything we need to create this video at our disposal. This site is LOADED with some of the most talented people I've had the pleasure of sharing web space with. Instead of waiting for one user or small group of users to come up with something, let's all stand up and take part.


Here is a submission I'm forwarding from @ramonjohnstone

And was given express written permission from @stellabelle to use her laughing reaction video here

Feel free to take a second of my little animation here... Maybe the bit where the whale drops? :)

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Aw heck, I just saw this dude. Great idea! Heres one from me!

hahaha!!! Great work Meesterboom!!!

Cheers, it was fun!

Good lord!! That was unexpected. @papa-pepper thank you for the wild carding!!

Anyone who can grow peppers internally deserves a reward!

Lol, that sounds so wrong! But yes indeed!

Haha! That's awesome, thank you!

Totally welcome man, I love what you are doing!

I think this is definitely one of my favorites! I've highlighted it on @collabornation's post yesterday :)

Whale Interview, or drunk makeup tutorial?

Oh gosh, I'm not sure... maybe me hitting on the whale at the end or sitting on the whale shouting 'for the upvotes'?

oh or me professing my drunk love for steemit after 9:10

You have good taste, I trust you

omg Renee, you're cracking me up! LOL

yes I am watching!!!

Hah!!! Love it!!

saw this just now @reneenouveau hahah

I had seen this awesome animation done about a month ago by @alechahn that I thought was worth sharing here: His Post

I also remember back to when we were talking about this some month ago. I'm still a fan of having users give a small sentence or two answering the question of "What Steemit is to me" with each response starting with "To me Steemit is..." which we could then splice all those answers into the 1-second type video. This imo would let it focus on the uses and passion of users vs the technical/informational side of things.

I´m totally with you. If there won´t be a spoken confession it could be done by text layers like in the 1-sec-per-day-clip. Like: having 1 sec of an user cooking and at the same time fading in the word "food artist", or a sports guy plus the word "action lover", or a dad playing with his kid and the word "multitasker",........ could be done with infinite combinations. like this the community would be perfectly represented and we´ll get a high identification level between actors and target groups. just an idea :-)

I like that idea! It would easily portray the diverse set of 'passions' shared on here, ideally giving people ideas of what they themselves could create as posts themselves.

Many people tend to trivialize their own lives/passions feeling it's not worth sharing/posting, but as many of us have found, there are a lot of people who find great value and use in what we 'bring to the table' individually.

I'm also not claiming to be the end-all on this..just brainstorming/thoughts. :)

At most, I might be able to put someone's name with their clip. Otherwise there will be too much to read in too little time.

I think just having their user name overlaid is plenty :)

I like this! Very cool.

Total props on this to @alechahn. I can't even imagine the time it took. Glad you got to see some of his amazing work! :)

Here is my submission. It is about 15 seconds with no discernible audio, but I no longer have a video editing program.

Oh so creative! I L U V it!!!

Thank you ! Much appreciated.

That's awesome!

Thanks! I am looking forward to the final Video, I am sure it will be amazing.

Here's my steemy offering.
One second on the nose.

Let me know if you need help editing other videos.

haha.. just realized I forgot to remove the audio... all sped up and slowed down music from Radio NULA

This one is perfect, thank you! :D

Nice! Any chance you can change the settings for that video on Vimeo to allow downloads?

Done. Let me know if it doesn't take.

A video for the video...saw this biker riding around with Mr. Chicken tagging along, so thought it might be appropriate...

Hey, you can't fool me! It sure seems like you, lol!

Here's one from me and @lindseylambz from amsterdam

Thanks for your comment on my dance videos. Here's one of mine that you can use:

So nice. What a happy girl. She flashed me!

I found some little friends to make a short video with.

Not bad for December!

I eat a lot of weeds and post about them here on Steemit.

Awesome, thanks for your contribution! :D

Hope this is ok. I can shoot something else if, neeeded.

Hope you get this! (Dec. 11)

Forwarded with permission from @maxse doing parkour. crazy good

Brilliant idea sir @ winstonwolfe congratulations.
I hope this vidito ni niieta will serve as a contribution to your project.
Success and good luck

Awesome, thank you!

Yes! Yes! Yes! Fantastic idea. An amazing video too, I was captivated from start to finish. I think we have the same film star cat too (maybe very distant cat cousins).

On my @chaospoet account I posted an underwater video I made in Unity with my Chaos poet cube, some whales, dolphins, and fish as well as some steem logo particle effects rising kind of like bubbles. Feel free to use any portion of that you like.

Proof I own the account and endorse this.

I can remake stuff like this without the cube... larger particles, etc. Let me know if you want something specific.

This is perfect thank you!

How do you feel about me making a blog post with a few for you to choose from and you can just take the one you prefer?

Here is my submission:

Use 00:05 to 00:06 but you can use whatever you want.

Cool idea - the challenge will be dancing with the Inner Critic. But probably the best thing to do is to shoot & then trim down to the best top 3 or so one-second clips..

Excellent ideas already starting to flow! I'm sure the outcome will be stunning.

Hi! Here's a clip of me and Ned on our recent meetup in Hong Kong!

Yes! Thank you! :D

yay! Thank you for responding so quickly. :D
Now I want dumplings. LOL

This is my suggestion but you can use anything off the opheliafu YouTube channel @winstonwolfe - it even has the wellies on there!

And it only took me 20 days to choose.

I think it's the best one, so I'd say it's time well spent. ;-)

Ok cool, the original post has the fast motion video link- if you wanted to see me working really hard!

Thank you for organizing all of this. Here is my video!

Here is the blooper edition

Oh yeeeeeeeeah!!!!!!!! Upvoted and resteemed. I´ll do mine on the weekend :-) Should the user videos include a message / sound? Like the one I did in my post? Or just moods like in your 1-second-per-day-project? Oh I am so glad you picked up the idea, THIS is steemit!!!

Send me whatever you want. I'm probably going to stick to the same format I've been using, but if you want to include audio to say something, I probably won't do it to every single clip, but I might be able to incorporate it into a few of them sprinkled throughout.

Here we go: my 15 seconds of fame, skating down the hill and talking in "Spanglish" :-)

Maybe you can use the last section with these kisses send to the camera :-D

Cool! @teamhumble, @transhuman, @sykochica, @gargon, @steemitqa hoping to have some videos of you, too! :-)

Haha, that's true. I know I had a second or two in some of your 'second a day videos!'

Oh sweet! Didn´t know that :-))

I'll see what I can do! lol :)

Ran out of nesting below:

I saw a number of locals in there...@winstonwolfe, @jazzyfish, @giftedgaia and myself (though in there I didn't look anything like I do now, lol.) We've got a good dozen or two steemit users here in and around town :)

This should have been near the top of the trending page (if not the top). It is a killer idea. I suspect the issue is most people have not seen the original video.

I've always wondered how those type of videos work. Looks like you nailed it down.. sorry I just noticed this. How many submission would be ideal? I'll try to get as many as I can

Just one per user, but I'm looking in the neighborhood of between 100-200. Never hurts to have too many. :D

This is an outstanding idea. I love it. You should enter it in my competition even though it is already going to be an impossible mission for me to decide on who wins!

Done! I was actually looking for that post earlier today to reply to it about this, so I'm glad you popped up! :D

No problem. It would be a crime if you didn't enter with this. I loved that 2013 video you did. One of the best things I have seen this year (including movies) and TV.

Just saw your previous post and this is a great initiative and idea. I wish it the best of success to expand and market Steemit on a wide scale. I plan to submit my 1 second video soon. But since your other post was asking for music suggestions, I did The Steemit Song, which if you would like to use it, please let me know, I can record it professionally for better sound quality indeed. https://steemit.com/sirwinchester/@sirwinchester/the-steemit-song-original-music-by-verbal-d I am excited to see the final outcome of this project. Upvoted

This is a brilliant idea! Do I need to do a fresh video or can I just link a video I did for another post?

Just give me a clip with the most interesting one second you have. :)

OK, let's get the ball rolling. I'm gonna cut out a short clip from the video in this post
If you're short on clips you can never have too much cute puppy

Awwww, soooo cute!

Here's the clip from my intro you could cut up if you want

I don't think your link got included. :(

Scratch that. I found your intro video. I saw a moment in there which would be perfect. :)

This is such a cool idea! I LOVE IT.
I'm guessing you only need a one-second clip with no sound since you may be merging original Steem music to it? Resteeming because I believe this is definitely worth a call to action!

That's right! More than a second is good as well if trimming isn't an option. Just let me know which moment to watch for. ;-)

Here's one from me:

I might submit another one later :)

Nice drawing video

You're welcome

Looks to create video representing diversity, receives 365 one second clips of white dudes doing things :)

Don't mind me I'm just being cynical. Great idea, love it!

It wasn't intended racially.

I get that. I'm just making a joke about the "same-ness" of the crypto demographic. To the credit of everybody Steemit has attracted more than just geeks so it's more diverse than most.

That and diversity has many interpretations.

Steem_Land Steemland.com tweeted @ 26 Nov 2016 - 18:49 UTC

I have an idea for a Steemit video. I need your video contributions to make it happen! — Steemit

steemit.com/steemit/@winst… / https://t.co/WqLufL54nx


Steem_Land Steemland.com tweeted @ 26 Nov 2016 - 18:49 UTC

I have an idea for a Steemit video. I need your video contributions to make it happen! —

steemit.com/steemit/@winst… / https://t.co/WqLufKNtvZ

@steemit @steemiobot

Steem_Land Steemland.com tweeted @ 26 Nov 2016 - 18:49 UTC

I have an idea for a Steemit video. I need your video contributions to make it happen!

steemit.com/steemit/@winst… / https://t.co/WqLufKNtvZ

@SteemUps @SteemitPosts

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

I can't seem to get it to embed, so I hope that works. I am excited to see the finished product.
Upvoted and resteamed!

I hope this is okay.... oh, and I noticed I caught a flash of steemit on the monitor at about 5 sec in.... otherwise you have Tinker going to greet my husband & me waving to her as she leaves. Good luck with it! Can't wait to see the final mash-up!

Edited to add: The goofball was up on the desk. And yes my office is a mess. ;-D

Here's an alternate clip in case the other one is too busy.

Here are two more for your consideration from @simply1moore who is participating in the daily challenges I've posted at @collabornation & my blog:

I hope these videos serve the project.

And a link to @lloyddavis video - which I think you may have already gotten but I'm trying to keep these in one place for you.

Here is a video from @jlufer of his granddaughter.

I've also gotten express written consent for you to use @trogdor's video with Steemit art if you'd like to incorporate it:

Here's another video. This one is from @thedrollyears
which can be downloaded straight from google drive. Let me know if you have issues with it and I'll put it up on vimeo

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This is great! resteemed, thanks for the challenge to get a vid in!

Just saw this, thanks to it being featured on @thecryptofiend's post. Very cool idea.
Any action? How about just a fruitful clip? :)

This should start at about 1:58 for a shot of the fruit. If it doesn't maybe skip ahead. The next 5 seconds might work. If you want real action, maybe I need to get out and hurt myself for promotion sake! ;)

Hi @winstonwolfe! I made this video not too long ago for a Steemit blog post.
You are welcome to take any segment you want from this.
I have upvoted and resteemed . I hope you'll receive the cooperation that you need from our community of fine folks.

I was interested until I saw your clip of the Obama douche. I'm out, all politicians are liars.

If you say so. This is not a politically driven video. Rejecting anyone would go against the whole point of it, least of all for some opinion they may hold. So whether or not politicians are liars is irrelevant here. But of course no one is forcing anyone to do something they don't want.

Also if you're referring to my personal video from 2013, he's in there because he was inaugurated that day. Just like my video this year will include Trump because he was elected. They were included because these are things that happened in the world, despite my political standpoints.

Upvoted, Resteemed, Followed!

Forgive me if this has been mentioned, when is the deadline for submitting videos?

No problem! Actually, of all the posts I made about this, there are 2 which don't have the deadline on it, so that's okay! The deadline is by the end of the day on Friday December 16. :)

Here is my entry. It is 30 sec long but I was thinking that you can use the beginning or whatever looks better

Awesome, thanks! :D

Thank you for making the video!

Ok here is my non-ChaosPoet submission. I made it quick. I made a few variations in the video... if you like any of them have at it. If you need something else let me know. Due to clipping I was thinking the best part is any of the parts right when he opens his mouth to start breathing fire and before it clips the teepee like thing. I slapped the steem logo fire breath particle in there and I did not go tweak the animation to make it only fire at the right time. I didn't think that was critical if you only need 1 second.

I hear your still looking for some more footage. Here is a video I made of some steemit stencils I made today on a piece of stainless steel. Hope you like it and it fits with a part of your project!

Love it! Thank you! :D

Good Idea!

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