Creative Writing Contest Vol. 16 | Education: What will be some of your education reforms if you were made Minister of Education?

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Creative Writing Contest Vol. 16

The Creative Writing Contest is aimed at promoting creative writing among Cameroonian steemians. This edition, @thegreens is giving 20 Steem to steemians of the @steem-cameroon community who will write about Education.

@thegreens has realized most Steem newbies are more focused on #thediarygame making the @steem-cameroon community to be heavily flooded with #thediarygame posts, giving the few creative writers very little exposure in the community.
As such @thegreens seeks to promote creative writing among Cameroonian steemians by rewarding all Cameroonian steemians who are blogging about anything other than #thediarygame with 01 - 02 steem for their creative writing.

Education reform

Education reform is the name given to the goal of changing public education. The meaning and education methods have changed through debates over what content or experiences result in an educated individual or an educated society. Historically, the motivations for reform have reflected the current needs of society. A consistent theme of reform includes the idea that small systematic changes to educational standards will produce significant social returns in citizen's health, wealth, and well-being.
Last week, we all shared our different thoughts and opinions about the number of subjects and content of subjects pupils and students study in Cameroon and we all agreed that the Cameroon educational system needs certain reforms. Now, its time to propose some educational reforms that can help to improve the the quality and output of Cameroonian education. If you were made the Minister of Education (Basic, Secondary or Higher Education), what will be some of your education reforms?

Contest Rules:

  1. Write a post about some of your education reforms if you were made Minister of Education .
  2. Publish your post in the @steem-cameroon community
  3. Use “#creativewriting” “#education” "#steemexclusive" "#steemit" and "#cameroon" as your primary tags
  4. Comment with a link of your post on this post as well as comment on at least 50% of all contest entries.
  5. Upvote and resteem this post
  6. Contest is strictly for members of the Steem Cameroon Community
  7. Share your post on your social networking platforms and leave a screenshot alongside a link to your post in the comments section of this post.

Contest Duration

The contest is a weekly contest and will run from today to Tuesday 28th September, 2021 at 11:59 AM.

Contest Prize

The best three entries will receive 05 Steem, 04 Steem and 03 Steem whereas all creative posts will receive 01 - 02 Steem each (depending on the number of entries) and then an upvote and resteem from @thegreens and @steem-cameroon

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Great ideas here @tjean, i equally I'm a believer of the bottom-up leadership approach as mentioned here:

"I being the minister of education, i will provide this teacher that medium whereby they can be able to express that they are having in mind."

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Great write up there Sir!!! You can add up the volume
"Still If i were to be the minister of education,
students will be needing a well rounded education that includes unbiased science curriculums, a greater focus on the arts, and of course history needs to be taught how it really happened instead of the white washed, “patriotic” version the education system has now."

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This is my entry. It is compiled with the screenshot of the post where I shared it to(Facebook page)