Steem Cameroon Communities of the Month Support Program Application - November 2021

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Photography by @thegreens, 2012

Steem Cameroon Community Application

Community Purpose

Steem Cameroon is a community for Cameroonian steemians in Cameroon and around the globe that has as its principal objectives to raise awareness, recruit, mentor, curate, and support Cameroonian steemians.

The community is unique in that it represents the country, Cameroon and It’s the only Steemit Community for Cameroon. The community is open to Cameroonian steemians as well as Steemians who are interested in learning more about Cameroon while supporting the community's growth. Some key aspects that make the community worth joining include;

  1. The community was selected as a Tier 1 Booming Community Support Community
  2. The community provides opportunities for partnership via its 100K SP Shares Program wherein Cameroonian Steemians can own shares of @steem-cameroon hence be able to grow and earn from the Communities Shares Program.
  3. The community is providing high delegation rewards i.e. 01 Steem per 100 SP delegated per month. More details here:
  4. The community reviews and curates all her members' blogs/posts giving them feedback on how they can become better and successful steemians.
  5. The community promotes equity in the distribution of her @steemcurator04 and @booming upvotes making sure all members benefit
  6. The community organizes juicy and rewarding contests for its community members.
  7. The community is the fastest-growing Steemit community powering up at least 104 SBD from the Steemit Njangi/100K SP Shares Program with a pledge target of hitting 50K SP by December 2021.
  8. The community’s vision is inclusive, giving members the opportunity to lead the change and get amazing rewards.

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Community Team

Steem Cameroon has two Country Representatives (@thegreens and @saxopedia) and two MODs (@fombae and @majerius), a Coordinator for steemit Recruitment and Training, @peacemakers as well as the End Plagiarism Team comprising of @majerius, @saxopedia and @chant.

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@majerius was recently appointed to be a MOD of the Steem Cameroon Team as announced in this post:

All the members of our team are Cameroonians and native English speakers. We’re still volunteering while working on a rewards program for the team members who have dedicated their knowledge, time, and talent to grow the community.

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Steem Cameroon Membership

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Pixabay Image edited by @thegreens

Steem Cameroon community was created 10 months ago and currently has 1386 Subscribers with 112 Active Posters.
In a bid to grow the community account, a census of members was done three months ago with the following membership statistics;

Membership CategoryNumber of Members
NewbiesApproximately 100
Posts Delegatorsaveragely 11
Total members168

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Community Curation Account

Steem Cameroon’s community curation account is @steem-cameroon and three months ago when we submitted our first application for the Communities of the Month Support Program, the account held 12,625.01 Steem (5,702.96 + 6,922.05 SP delegated).

Today, the account holds 35,991.778 SP Steem. (8,446.02 + 24,469.90 Delegated). This is almost 300% SP growth in three months.
The account’s Voting CSI score is 12.0 ( 0.00 % self, 132 upvotes, 58 accounts, last 7days )

We've achieved this tremendous growth via the Cameroon Steemit Njangi and 100K SP Shares Program, the Steem Cameroon Delegations Reward Program, increased Steemit Team support, and increased activity with the @steem-cameroon community account.

The country representatives @thegreens and @saxopedia, as well as the MOD, @fombae all, have access to voting with the community account as well as account keys and have even created a weekly blogs review and curation roster and you can read here:
However, the roster will be updated this week with the appointent of @majerius as MOD.

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#Club5050 and the SP Achievement Pledge Program

WhatsApp Image 2021-10-21 at 19.40.38.jpeg
The admins of our community have already pledged to be members of #Club5050 as you can read here:

  1. @thegreens:
  2. @saxopedia:

Like the admins, members of our community are joining the #Club5050 initiative as you can read here:

  1. @chiabertrand:
  2. @ebuahsang1:
  3. @b-naj:
  4. @benjamin09:
  5. @ngongha:

This is an amazing start for our community that has been taking the lead and supporting power-ups. However, we shall identify and support our #Club5050 members via the SP Achievement Pledge Program.

The SP Achievement Pledge Program


Pixabay Image edited by @thegreens

The SP Achievement Pledge Program aims at encouraging members of the community to pledge a target SP, pledge to power up 50% of their earnings, get labeled for Steemit Team support, and work towards the realization of that SP target.
More details about the program can be read here:

The Steem Cameroon Admins will henceforth be prioritizing @booming and @steemcurator04 uvpotes for #club5050 members. By doing this, we will be encouraging members of our community to join the trail and power up 50% of their earnings.

Plagiarism and Abuse

The @steem-cameroon Plagiarism Team comprises of;

  1. @saxopedia
    Completed Achievement Program
    Country Rep Cameroon
    Admin Steem Cameroon Community
    MOD (Greeter) Newcomer Community

  2. @fombae
    Completed Achievement Program
    MOD Steem Cameroon Community
    MOD (Greeter Helper) Newcomer Community

  3. @majerius
    MOD Steem Cameroon Community
    Completed Achievement Program

  4. @chant
    Member of Steem Cameroon Community.
    Completed Achievement Program

The team uses online tools to check plagiarism meanwhile we identify and register all Cameroonian steemians in our WhatsApp Group where we verify their identity and ensure they are not duplicating accounts.
The plagiarism team educates members of the community via comments and in the WhatsApp group of copyright-free images and sites to find such images such as,,,, In case any copyright image is detected, a comment is left as a reminder to the author.

You can learn more about how the Steem Cameroon Plagiarism team functions here:

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Engagement and Commenting

Ever since we created the Steem Cameroon Weekly Blogs Review and Curation Roster, we have been leaving a lot of feedback on the posts of Cameroonian Steemians. We are now commenting on over 80% of the posts in our community but most importantly reviewing the blogs of all the registered members of the Steem Cameroon community on a weekly basis.

You can learn more about the Weekly Blogs Review and Curation Roster here:

We've also set some basic engagement and commenting rules for members of our community with respect to @steem-cameroon's posts. Members of our community are required to comment, upvote, and resteem @steem-cameroon posts to be eligible for @steemcurator04 and @booming upvotes. More about this can be read here:

In a bid to promote inter-steemians' engagement and commenting, we have created different WhatsApp groups;

  • We have the Steemit Cameroon WhatsApp Group which is meant for general discussions among Cameroonian steemians and the welcoming of Newbies.
  • We have the Steemit Achievement Tasks Group which is meant only for the sharing of achievement tasks for easy verification by the admins
  • We have the Steemit Links Group which is meant for the sharing of post links. In this group, we have a basic rule of upvoting and commenting on at least two posts before you share your post link. Through this, we are promoting support and engagement among Cameroonian steemians.
    WhatsApp Image 2021-09-25 at 14.04.19.jpeg

Plans and Updates

We often post plans and updates of our community using our community account on a weekly basis. We make sure that we provide reports of the different activities such as contests, the SP Achievement Pledge Program, the Power Up Challenge, the 100K SP Shares Project and the Cameroon Steemit Njangi immediately after the reports are due.
All our community activities are reported using the community account, @steem-cameroon.

We have an SP Target roadmap for our community wherein we want to hit 100K SP in two years. This explains why we started the Cameroon Steemit Njangi and 100K SP Shares Program:

We even went further and pledged to hit 50K SP by December 2021 and you can read our pledge and plan here;

Image of @verlonji posing for @steem-cameroon. Photography and editing by @thegreens

We are currently working on starting the following project;

  1. Dormant Steemians Reawakening Project: A project aimed at finding, mentoring and reawakening dormant Cameroonian steemians.
  2. Steem Cameroon Newbies Mentorship Program: A project aimed at pairing active Cameroonian Steemians who are advanced or have completed the Steemit Achievement Program with Newbies for them to mentor and support them to complete the Steemit Achievement Program against juicy rewards.
  3. Steem Cameroon Upvotes and Comments Challenge to be coordinated by @majerius: A project aimed at rewarding Cameroonian steemians who are upvoting and commenting on posts.
  4. Steem Cameroon Charity Program:So far, we've been able to raise funds to support two Cameroonian Steemians; @metugejacy20 and @stephankhoti. @metugejacy's mum was critically sick when she asked for support from the community and response was amazing. You can read here story here:
    Meanwhile @stephankhoti's sister had a ghastly motor accident and we immediately put our heads, hearts and steem wallets to support him as you can read here:
    These two charity projects have inspired us to start working on Steem Cameroon Charity Program. We believe we can use the power of Steem to change the lives of millions of Cameroonians out there.

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Steem Caermoon has supported two events organized by @mbozekobrice and @peacemakers during which we effectively promoted #Steem.


We joined Dance for Development to Commemorate the International Day of the Girl Child during which we raised awareness to over 50 Cameroonians about Steemit.
We also supported and joined @peacemakers to raise awareness about Steemit during the Folklight Fashion Show as you can read here:
We have also been actively promoting Steemit in our community via football, radio, posters, flyers, and Steemit training as you can see in some of the images below;

WhatsApp Image 2021-10-06 at 20.57.34.jpeg



WhatsApp Image 2021-08-20 at 05.31.26.jpeg

Within Steem, we are promoting our community via amazing contests organized strictly for members of our community, via active blogging as well as via our Delegations Reward Program that offers the best rewards to delegators. We recently relaunched the Cameroon Steemit Program.

The Cameroon Steemit Program

WhatsApp Image 2021-08-12 at 21.37.33.jpeg

The Cameroon Steemit Steemit Program aims at raising awareness about Steemit as well as recruiting and retaining Cameroonians to the Steem blockchain.
The principal goal of the program is to raise awareness about Steemit to over one million Cameroonians as well as recruit, reward and retain over 250 Cameroonians to Steemit before December 2021 as you can read here:

So far, the program has already kick-started the following projects;

  1. Cameroon Steemit Awareness Raising Campaign
  2. Cameroon Steemit Promo Contest
  3. Cameroon Steemit Literacy Project
    WhatsApp Image 2021-08-20 at 05.31.26.jpeg
    Our first Steemit Training after the launching of the Cameroon Steemit Program took place on the 21/08/2021. it's report Read More published by @fombae

WhatsApp Image 2021-09-25 at 14.04.19.jpeg

The 100K SP Shares Program and Cameroon Steemit Njangi

WhatsApp Image 2021-06-02 at 19.50.35.jpeg

In a bid to build a self-reliant account, we launched the 100K SP Shares Program which is powered by the Cameroon Steemit Njangi, a socio-economic initiative that pumps in 104SBD monthly for the community account power-up.
The Cameroon Steemit 100K SP Shares Program has 100 Shares of 1000SP each which have been given out to Cameroonian Steemians to pay for a maximum duration of 2 years.
56 shares have so far been given out to 25 Cameroonian Steemians via the Cameroon Steemit Njangi. 44 more shares will be sold in the months ahead.
By May 2022, these 25 Shareholders are expected to have raised the SP of @steem-cameroon by 28K Steem, and by May 2023, they are expected to have injected 56K SP into @steem-cameroon.

Besides the 100K SP Shares Program which is powered by the Cameroon Steemit Njangi, we are also powering up our account via delegations and giving our delegators juicy rewards of 01 Steem per 100 SP delegated per month as you can read here;

We hope to review and encourage our members to delegate at least 50K SP by December 2021 so that we can achieve our 50K SP Pledge target as you can read here:

Our recent Delegations Review, Recommendations and Rewards targets to move our account delegated SP to at least 30K Steem as you can read here:

WhatsApp Image 2021-09-25 at 14.04.19.jpeg

Anything Else

@Steem-cameroon should be selected for the Communities Support Program because;

  1. We are the fastest growing community securing and powering up 108 SBD monthly from the Cameroon Steemit Njangi and 100K SP Shares Program
  2. We have a solid and very reliable plan to build our community account to 100K SP in two years independent of Steemit Team support.
  3. We have innovative programs such as the Cameroon Steemit Njangi that economically empowers our members, the SP Achievement Pledge Program, and coming up is the Steemit Newbies Encouragement Program.
  4. We are working on a 5 years strategic plan for Steem Cameroon known as the Cameroon Steemit Program. A 05 months plan was recently published as you can read here:
  5. We have experienced and well-trained Steemians at the helm of leadership of our community who master the knowledge and art of steeming
  6. Our community blog is very active posting updates from our different initiatives.
  7. We encourage #steemexclusive posts in our community
  8. We're effective in communication and collaboration as well as supportive to each other in our community.
  9. Our Steem vision for our members and community account is huge

WhatsApp Image 2021-09-25 at 14.04.19.jpeg

Compiled for @steem-cameroon by @thegreens

 last year 

Every achievement deserves a well structured plan which must be effectivelt put on place. This has been done by steem Cameroon with the assistance of the amazing administrators. Kudos for the fast growth we are achieving. I pray we reach the peak as planned and I pledge my continuous support for the growth of the community.


#twopercent #cameroon

 last year 

I can proudly say that this team managing our community is the best ever. Today I got a lot more about our community, I hope and pray to be committed as expected in the growth of @steem-cameroon Community.

 last year 

I love this community and I believe with this plan of action taken by our CR and MOD's, we will attain our objectives as planned.

 last year 


 last year 

What a detailed analysis and presentation of @steem-cameroon's activities. From several observations i believe this community is moving to higher heights. New members everyday and the administrations keeps trying it's best to satisfy everyone. Kudos.

Steem on all

 last year 

Wow that's a good program I must testify it, many of us at times feel lazy and reluctant because we don't take time to read, understand and do what is required. Am also happy if something is really done on voting and commenting many comments but do not upvote. Too if seminars are organised so that we meet face to face and share some of these things it will be better. I was empty as steem is concern and wanted to give up until I tabled my problem to @chiabertrand before I can see many, understand things which were there. So I really plead that face to face meetings should be frequent for now and for these creating other people accounts should take time and mentor them or teach them well then we will grow well. Many don't know where they can vote, resteem even though some are lazy to read. Thanks so much for this post am so happy and I will be willing to learn more

 last year 

Great report as always. Very much detailed and rich with information. I hope we get selected. The team works very hard and I appreciate that..

 last year 

Thanks for this updates. I believe in team work and with the team spirit right from CRs to all steemians, I am sure we will get there. As you leaders have started well, we are doing just our best to join the train. Courage to all.

 last year 

I can say everything has been written here meticulously. Steem Cameroon for the win🥰

 last year 

When I look at the plans we come up with in this community I am super proud. This is an amazing plan, I pray we follow through because with these plans we will achieve greatness

 last year 

Our community going viral🤭

 last year 

Great work and action plan
The future of Steem Cameroon is glorious.
Keep on with the great work guys, we are fully behind you to support you in every way possible

 last year 

I admired the initiative in supporting local events, steem cameroon fire 🔥 on.

 last year 

Great report there🤩
I hope we get selected.

 last year 

Excellent report,
Everything has been written down to every detail, the community has gone a long way..
This is just the tip of the iceberg

 last year 

Am certain of the potential steem Cameroon has the unavoidable successful feature it also holds due to the consistency in its growth and the hardwork put in by all the leaders of this amazing community. I think it would be wise to select this community.

 last year 

It's always good to work with plans and that's what our community is doing exactly. I'm happy with the hardworks and sacrifices the Admins are doing in other to see that this community moves in the right track.

I see this community in the next 5 years a supper powerful community that won't really depend on the steemit team for support because by then our community account will have very high steem power to support it's members through up-votes

 last year 

Wow!!! impressive, Keep u.

 last year 

With the work our admins put in this community we will be most grateful to be selected. I have faith

 last year 

[email protected]
All these won't have been available if our experienced steemians at the helm are not working 24/7 to come this far. But do far , I think it's collective for everyone in steem- Cameroon to dedicate time and resources to take this community to that higher height that we dream of.
Long live steem -cameroon

 last year 

I think with this strategic plan put in place by Steem-Cameroon, all we need is the support from steemit team. Selecting our community as one of the communities of the month will be of importance as it will help us realized the plans within shorter period of time.

 last year 

We deserve a spot... I pray the efforts shown by our community gets recognised as we stay determined to do much more👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

 last year 

We the steemian of steemcameroon are increasing to higher heights

 last year 

Our leaders on this platform are the input we need to make a better output. From our previouse archivements its clear that our future its going to be exactly what we are aiming for. "a cut cafe for all we leaders for steem cameroon" Good presentation

 last year 

Wow I love the spirit everyday are community is growing from one level to another ,let keep up forward ever ,backward never

 last year 

Forward ever, backward never

 last year 

Great initiatives

 last year 

Wow, I am very proud to be a member of this community, in my personal opinion, no other community dedicates time and effort towards growing and mentoring her member like steem Cameroon does 🇨🇲.

I thank God for the MODs and Country Representatives for the vision they have for this community. We have the ability of being one of the top communities on #steemit platform. When I look at all this community has been able to accomplish, it is indeed very great.

I can only hope that the steemit team is happy with our efforts and supports us.

Together we grow

 last year 

Really hope we get selected, it's really relieving to see how our community is growing, i hope more members become really active. Once more congratulations to the new MOD hardwork pays off.

 last year 

With you leaders paving the way we will never regret being part of the team. Thanks for being elaborate enough and I will do my best as soon as I have the ability.

Great plan and work.

 last year 

Head on... i so love this community ❤

 last year 

What an update ,this community is indeed one of the fastest growing communities with hardworking leaders
Our admins are a great example to us community members ,indulging in activities that creat awareness about steemit and also bringing in new members ,mentoring them in the right way

Our Steem vision for our members and community account is huge

We are expecting something “hoooge” in the long run😅

Courage to us all

 last year 

The spirit of commitment and leadership is in us. Our community is determine and will prove itself just from the hardwork it’s being known for. Forward ever backward never

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