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A few days ago, @steem-cameroon launched the Cameroon Steemit Program that featured the Steemit Literacy Project, a weekly training program for new and dormant steemians, as well as offers refresher programs for old steemians.
This week, @steem-cameroon is organizing her first training on the 21st of August 2021 at 09:00AM Adjacent Express Union Building at Mile 4 Nkwen-Bamenda in the North West Region of Cameroon.

Special thanks to @peacemakers who has been mobilizing the population and some dormant steemians as well as to @thegreens who did a presentation at the World Humanitarian Day about Steemit and the role steemit can play in supporting humanitarians and curbing the global humanitarian crisis.
@mbozekobrice and @fombae are not left out of the mobilization team.

On saturday, the MOD @fombae will be representing the Steem Cameroon Team and be the lead facilitator during the training. @Saxopedia is unavoidably absent because he traveled out of town meanwhile @thegreens will be burying his brother who died on Saturday.

However, @saxopedia will be online and on standby to support @fombae during the training.

Written for @steem-cameroon by @thegreens


 5 months ago 

Very important program coming up to light once more the light in Cameroonian steemains. Am honored to be part of the mobilising team

 5 months ago 

Consistent is the key, and im sure you understood it.
You are doing a great job @mbozekobrices. See you tomorrow.

Let #steemOn

 5 months ago 

Woow great, I will be there live

 5 months ago (edited)

Hoping to see you, you going to be a motivating factor for others @chiabertrand
See you tomorrow.

Let #steemOn

 5 months ago 

Yeah we will meet at the training center sir

 5 months ago 

Oh great! How j wish I were present there! Such great opportunity to reach out to people

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