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image.pngIt's time for Project.hope to organize a small CHALLENGE.

And I trully hope everyone involved would like the idea behind this challenge and that it won't be first nor the last time we're organizing one.



As most of you already know by now, we've been selected by STINC (Steemit Inc) to join their "Community curator" program. We've received a posting key to account with it's 200k SP and one major requirement would be to use it to upvote content, which has not been cross-posted into STEEM blockchain (meaning: unique and original content).

Unfortunatelly, it's quite difficult to find unique articles, which are related these topics:

  • technology,
  • blockchain,
  • artificial intelligence
  • machine learning
  • economy,
  • business,
  • marketing




It's clear to see that we may need your help with content discovery. And we've came up with a unique idea, which could help us out with this task and allow you to do both: have some fun and earn little bit of STEEM.

We would need each one of you, to find 5 publications on Steemit, which follows a few basic rules:

a) are related to topics mentioned above

b) is not older than 3-4 days
(after all we also need some time to upvote it)

c) is unique and original
(meaning: it's not cross-posted to hive)

d) is published OUTSIDE of project.hope community
(goal is to reach out to new authors, who are not yet part of our team)

e) post have no more than 10$ in rewards
(our goal is to support quality content creators, who struggle with lack of engagement and rewards)



Start your comment in section below, with words "Challenge accepted" and then add links to your 5 suggestions.

If at least 3 articles will met those criterias, then your comment will receive 100k SP upvote. Let's call it "finder fee" :))

Easy, right?



Thanks to the amazing programming knowledge of @bala41288, we're currently in posession of a tool allowing us to seek content, which isn't cross-posted to STEEM. That will allow us to reduce the amount of time required to verify which publication is unique.

To use it, simply join our PH Discord ( and go to "hopebot-queries".


Once you're in this channel, type ^scan project.hope and you will receive a list of all articles, posted within the past week on project.hope, which are not cross-posted to hive.

I hope you will find this tool useful. Whenever you will find an author, who seems to be publishing interesting content then ....



... you can double received 100k SP upvote. Simply by ensuring that all 5 suggested by your publications will receive your own valuable comment (it has to be longer than 1-2 lines and cannot sound robotic like it's copied+pasted).

To make it easier to spot those comments and upvote your reward with additional upvote, please add the sentence "Challenge fully completed" at the end of your own comment (right before you share those 5 links). Whenever I would see that sentence - I know what to expect and it will make my work a bit easier :)

Hope I'm making sense?



I've just bumped into hashtag #steemexclusive, which you all may find quite useful while entering this challenge.


This challenge will expire 7 days from now. Loast day is the day of post payout.

cc: @steemitblog, @steemcurator01

 4 years ago 


My pleasure :-)

Three of your proposals were curated by #communitycuration06.
Thanks for your support.

It sounds cool!
Thank You :-)


It is not necessary to use this tool provided by us. Anyone can manually compare if some publication which you've found on STEEM is also being cross-posted by same user on HIVE.


"Challenge accepted"

It's been a little difficult to get some posts on related topics and out of this incredible Project Hope community, however, I managed to get 2 posts that I think may qualify for healing.

On the way I will place the other 3 that I need before the end of the challenge, I place these 2 before more days go by and they can't be cured if they qualify.

I'll leave my posts here for now:

Post n°1

Post n°2

 4 years ago 

Thank you.

Thank you for this great initiative

 4 years ago 

Brother, I invite you to carry out a new search and bring us those 5 posts that we need.
I am sure you can surprise us and thus receive a solid reward.

Of course my friend @juanmolina, I apologize for the posts I attached that were totally plagiarized, I will be more careful using tools to identify this one. I'll get right on it.

 4 years ago 

Go ahead partner.

Unfortunately your proposals do not qualify to be curated:

Proposal 1: Total Plagiarism .
Plagiarism Source:

Proposal 2: Re-publication.

Thanks for participating.

Of course my friend, I apologize for the posts I attached that were totally plagiarized, I will be more careful using tools to identify this one. I'll get right on it.

 4 years ago 

This is a totally innovative and original idea.

It will surely help in many ways to promote the activity within our beloved Steemit.

Wow! This is really gonna be a very great way to compensate content creators on the steem blockchain. I guess I'll have to dig out the post worthy of this great rewards using the tools you've prescribed.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla 💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕

Lovely @hardaeborla.

Let me know if you would need any help with this task. If response to this challenge will be high and people will find it interesting, then I will make this challenge more often (maybe every week).

Yours, @crypto.piotr

Thanks for the lovely reply.. I'll surely let you know if I need anything to take part in the contest 😊

Challenge accepted

d) is published OUTSIDE of project.hope community
(goal is to reach out to new authors, who are not yet part of our team)

What about posts in other communities, is that justified?

Hi @project.hope

Challenge accepted , excellent initiative and opportunity to do our bit. I hope to meet the expectations
Greetings @janettyanez
Reesteemear so that it reaches more people

This is a brilliant challenge. Challenge accepted and post resteemed. Cheers!

Challenge accepted :-)

I really like the concept of extracting only amazing content from the pond. It will be beneficial for both blogger as well as finder and definitely it gonna save the time team.

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