Application to participate in the initiative "Delegations for Community Leaders" by the Steemit Team

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Constructing communities

It's for me a great honor to take the opportunity and present this application to get the support of the initiative Delegations for Community Leaders launched by the Steemit Team through the @SteemitBlog.

Presentation of the Project

The Knitrias Project surges as an impulse to help in some positive way with the impact produced by the recent events on the blockchain. A need for initiatives appeared to take important places in this ecosystem related to help on the curve of learning and support for new and small users commonly known as red fish accounts. Knowing that real people and needs in our complicated world and countries are behind those accounts but also people willing to share experiences, creativity and knowledge, this Project created a program to boost the growth of a group of these accounts and help them to fulfill their goals.

A group of up to 10 accounts receive a 200 sp delegation backed by funds from @leveuf's account while posting their main themes of interest combined with different challenges and topics for creation. Also comments on the posts by fellow members will be important to keep the group together while using intensively the blockchain platform instead of other servers. The project proposes a voting strategy between fellow members to help in the mutual growth and finally a strategy of constant power ups to reach the minnow level and give the opportunity to a new account to participate in this group.

KNITRIAS PROJECT | Definition and Roadmap
KNITRIAS PROJECT Special Announcement: last days to apply!!

The project has accomplished several steps since its conception, including awareness for possible supporters through a detailed Roadmap, campaigning for candidates for the project, participating in the recent conversation on new initiatives and starting the work with the Members of the group, some of whom have already received the direct support from the project thanks to their contributions.

The last week the Members produced 26 posts, 6 corresponding to the weekly challenges of the Knitrias Project:

Branches of Longevity
A Parallel Circumstance/ Una Circunstancia Paralela. Estatuto de la Longevidad by @AdelJose
Challenges of the week. Dr. Maryana’s return by @MyFreeLive
El Ingeniero - The Engineer | Knitrias Project Week 01 by @Jacorv

Open Source
Aprendiendo Sobre Markdown. Reto #knitrias-project. by @AdelJose
World of MARKDOWN. #knitrias-project by @MyFreeLive
Tu Esencia - MARKDOWN | Knitrias Project Week 01 by @Jacorv

Between Members are also encouraged the interactions in a first level of the upvote strategy but also giving importance to the value of a good communication in the improvement of the social network of Steem. Comments have a great importance for authors but also for the reader who creates a link that can evolve in future relations and development of ideas and projects.

The tools for communities on Steem

Even when the project surged with the intention to encourage its Members to look at the communities and projects now working on Steem to participate and this intention will still remain, one part of the Roadmap included the possibility to create this space for the activities of the group and also to invite other users to interact with the Members and participate on certain special activities open for everyone.

This initiative by the Steemit Team can boost the progress of that part of the project and promote the creation of the Knitrias Project Community in Steem which could be a good place to find the constant developments of its Members and the activities generated for them and by them.

The delegation corresponding to this initiative would be received by the @Knitrias account to help in the growing strategy, supporting at the same time the value for comments and interactions of its Members within the group and also in the Steem platform in general.

Thanks for your attention to this application and wish the best for the success of all the initiatives surging for the Steem platform.



Thank you for your application to become a Community Leader.

Look out for more news soon.

The Steemit Team

Thanks a lot for your great encouragement and support. It has been really admirable to perceive the joy of the Members working on their posts. I'm sure we will be finding more in this adventure. Thanks again!!

I'll be attending for all the news!!

Best regards for the Steemit Team!!

Great project to promote Steem, I also give my support to make this happen! Lovely effort! Thanks for everything you shared here.

Thank you very much for this great encouragement for the projects supporting the users on Steem!! Everybody helping each other with joy is on the best things we can experience in this journey!!

Nice to meet you @Oppongk, well wishes for you and yours!!

@leveuf, you are absolutely right; we need to communicate more in the comments.
I think these are the same texts as our publications.
We became interested in publications.
The spirit of competition struck us all.
Ah, we would so like to demonstrate personal success...
Perhaps it would be better for the project economy to write more comments and reward them?!

Í always say that we must find a good balance between the value we give to our own work and some results that don't depend on us in some times.

We will find with time the better strategies as individuals and as a working group, communication is fundamental.

Thanks for your visit and support!!

@leveuf, thank you so much for your reply. I understood you.
Have a wonderful day!

Thanks Valeri!! Sorry for my late response, I've been running a little, and today was a halt in the platform! :(

See you really soon!!

Hopefully your application will be approved @leveuf

Thank you very much!! It will be greatly helpful for the work, mostly on the comments by the members of the Project!!

Best wishes for this great journey, dear Piotr!!

This post has been rewarded by the Steem Community Curation Project. #communitycuration06

ps: You seem to be posting mostly on Steem blockchain.
Consider joining Project.hope community.
We like to share publications related to technology, blockchain, AI and economy, marketing etc. Link:

Thank you very much, @SteemCurator06!! I'll be contributing soon with a post on the topics of the Project Hope Community
Always admired for your great work!!

Dear @leveuf

Thank you for your kind and encouraging comment :) I appreaciate it greatly.

ps. I also wonder, how did you know that PH community is behind steemcurator06? :))

Cheers, Piotr

Dear Piotr!! It's in the same comment by the Curator!!

ps: You seem to be posting mostly on Steem blockchain.
Consider joining Project.hope community.
We like to share publications related to technology, blockchain, AI and economy, marketing etc. Link:

make sense :)) mistery has been solved hehehe :)

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