JOIN @Steemingcurators Curation Trail AND Get Upvoted DAILY

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Hello Steemians!

From TODAY - @steemingcurators starts its Curation Trail, exclusively for Steem!

We want to generate a guaranteed daily income for passionate Steemians. By following the curation trail, and creating content that is exclusive for the Steem Blockchain, you will get daily upvotes back from the entire curation trail!

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Table of contents

1. How does it work?

A. For Steemians with LESS then 500SP
B. For Steemians With MORE then 500SP
C. The LEVELS you can reach

2. How to follow the curation trail / activate account

A. Using Steemauto:
B. Activate your account for daily upvotes

3. Frequently Asked questions

1. How Does It Work


When creating unique content for the STEEM blockchain, you are now eligible for REGULAR support from the @steemingcurators curation trail. To get support, you only need to do these simple tasks

This is to encourage you to post unique content and help you grow as quickly as possible. The moment you have 500SP in your wallet, you advance to LEVEL 2 and get DAILY support from the curation trail.


When you have more than 500 SP you can now support other members from the @steemingcurators curation trail and receive 1 upvote EVERY DAY/24hours, based on the amount of SP in your wallet. (Owned and leased). You now support new Steemians and those with less SP to grow, AND you get a daily vote, from the entire trail.


LEVEL 1: LESS THAN 500 SP / Receive votes based on the tasks
LEVEL 2: More than 500 SP - Less than 750 SP = 3% vote from trail/day
LEVEL 3: More than 750 SP - Less than 1000SP = 5% vote from trail/day
LEVEL 4: More than 1000 SP - Less than 1500SP = 8% vote from trail/day
LEVEL 5: More than 1500 SP - Less than 2000SP = 12% vote from trail/day
LEVEL 6: More than 2000 SP - Less than 3000SP = 16% vote from trail/day
LEVEL 7: More than 3000 SP - Less than 4000SP = 21% vote from trail/day
LEVEL 8: More than 4000 SP - Less than 5000SP = 30% vote from trail/day
LEVEL 9: More than 5000 SP - Less than 10K SP = 40% vote from trail/day
LEVEL 10: More than 10K SP - Less than 15K SP = 50% vote from trail/day
LEVEL 11: More than 15K SP - Less than 20K SP = 60% vote from trail/day
LEVEL 12: More than 20K SP - Less than 25K SP = 70% vote from trail/day
LEVEL 13: More than 25K SP - Less than 30K SP = 80% vote from trail/day
LEVEL 14: More than 40K SP - Less than 50K SP = 90% vote from trail/day
LEVEL 15: More than 50K SP - 100% vote from trail/day


A. Follow the steemingcurators Curation Trail on

  • Login with your Active Key on @Steemauto and give permissions
  • Choose tab: Curation Trail and search steemingcurators (or click the link above)
  • Follow the trail and click SETTINGS
  • Change voting weight from 50 to 100%
  • Leave other default settings as it is.
  • Make sure you have in your dashboard the maximum mana threshold set to 80%

B. Notify us by commenting on a @steemingcurators post (Proof of Care) or join us on DISCORD.

Discord is a social chat platform (group chat) that is free to use. The steemingcurators community and curators are chatting with each other and socialize in this group chat. We also coordinate challenges, contests, and the levels of curation members over at Discord.

C. Let us know in a comment or on Discord that you followed with the right settings. You cant let your VOTING POWER drop below 80%. If you only follow the trail, this won't happen. If you want to vote for authors yourself, you can check your VP at
D. That's it, create content that is unique for Steem and you get daily support

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

  • How much will I earn?

When you are in LEVEL 1, you earn regular upvotes from the trail. Just complete the tasks and you will get our support! From LEVEL 2, you will earn based on your own SP, as seen in the levels described above. The amount you earn increases or decrease based on the amount of SP the trail has. So it is in your best interest to promote the @steemingcurators curation trail.

  • Can I spam or abuse the system?

Our goal is to gain valuable content for Steemit and to support every "good" Steemian. If we catch you, you likely get a second chance. But you will be kicked out of the curation trail if we catch you twice. Quality is subjective, so we are following these guidelines to prevent abuse.
Definition of abuse: Spam, Plagiarism, Racism, Fraud

  • Is this Circle Jerking?

No, we feel helping each member of your community isn´t circle jerking. But is an act of caring for each other. We encourage community leaders to set up something similar or even better to support every layer of their community.

  • Is Steemingcurators from Steemit?

No @steemingcurators is an independent community project. Votes from @steemitblog are coming from the @steemcurator01 account. But, we both support the same goal.




Great stuff, I joined the trail!

BAM! You've been added to the trail! From today you will recieve at least 1 upvote EVERY DAY from the ENTIRE Steeming Curation Trail - Check LEVELS in the post and increase your daily income by gaining more SP. Delegated, leased, and owned SP counts! You get upvotes as long as you follow the trail with enough SP!
@greatvideos is added to the trail by @ciska from @steemingcurators
Join us on DISCORD if you have questions or Ping @ us in any comment!

Gr8! Thank you very much!

Hi thanks! Awesome you like to join! Can you tell how you did it because it doesn´t show up yet? Cheers

Hi @steemincurators
As you can see it shows that I am following the trail, let me know if everything is ok.
Thanks for the opportunity!
Keep Steeming

Nice! @greatvideos Welcome onboard, lets care for each other as that what community members should be doing.

Thank you very much, we are doing it automatically now, happy days!

Yes thanks to the technology and our genius developers 😄

@steemingcurators, it is a marvellous idea, thank you so much for your support

Grazie mille bella! You and your mom are on our watch list because you are part of the @knitrias project. Nice to see you grow so quickly! See you soon!

Thank you very much for your kind words and support, dear @ciska!

@myfreelive Hi sweetie, we looking forward for you to graduate from the knitrias great project and join us caring for each other on steemingcurators trail 😃

Nice you're the best @steemingcurators

Thank you! You are below the 500SP mark to recieve automatic daily upvotes. But keep commenting, upvoting and resteeming on #steemit or #appics posts and you will get there really soon! We have you on the radar.
Bless you

@kaysmile44 hi checkout Knitrias Project that helps newuser in steem building up their steem power. Here is the latest update on the project, they still have 2 slot vacant for new member to join. I recommend you to join this project too to build you steem power faster then join steemingcurators curation trails. Or the next option is to lease/rent steem power from

Thanks @cryptokannon, how can I join the project

@knitrias and @leveuf we have @kaysmile44 here who would like to join The Knitrias Project. Please advise him on what to do next. Thank you.

Thank you very much, @CryptoKannon!! I've already reviewed his profile since he followed the project!! I'll visit him with an invitation!!

Best wishes and a big hug! :)

OHHH isn't this melting your heart? It sure is doing that to mine! 😍🤗

It's just amazing how emotions and human expressions could be possible with a little intention!! Thanks a lot @SteemingCurators and @Ciska for being on this great journey!!

Best wishes for your awesome projects!! 🤗

Nice , I joined the trail and finish the settings. @steemingcurators

Hi! Great you joined the fam! Remember to cancel powerdowns if you like to keep getting daily upvotes!

Thanks for this type of projects in this network!

Thanks for posting exclusively on Steemit! Use the #steemexclusive to get more exposure! If you want to join the trail you can also lease SP from dlease!

Join the curation and earn daily 😊

Awesome! Even if you don't post every day you get nice curation rewards and support others that HELP.
Glad you are on the team! X

Wow! This is really a great innovation. This implies that Steemit posts crossed to hive won't receive any upvote on their Steemit account ?

It certainly is! I feel you have the right to do what you want. If it is your own content you are in your right to post it where you like. We can only hope you post here first! We will never ask you to hurt your own wallet, as you probably have never asked to be in this situation anyway. Thank you and hope to see you soon on the trail!
I see you are a little over 100SP short to be in the next level where you get a vote every day from the trail. If you want to follow, I delegate the remaining SP.
@ciska from @steemingcurators

I dont have a lot of post but i comment alot .. so can i participate in this curation trail program

Hi bhoa! You can, all you have to do is lease some SP extra from Delegated and leased SP also counts! See you soon! Post with #steemexclusive if you want to have a surprise visit. Thanks

Thanks very much @steemingcurators, I see this move as empowering and motivating everybody in steem ecosystem to move from one level to the other. In this case, in you are dolphins🐬 you will soon become whales🐋, likewise, minnows become dolphins. I appreciate this initiative as I have already booked ticket. I'm here to give my maximum support to also push Steem, in this case, I will vote for the Newbies.

Hi oppongk! Thank you for being so active! We will keep pushing it together!

I have now set your curation-trail as steemauto and at least one curator, so you guys will receive my votes daily. Thanks for the single honour done too, we know together we will move....

Hi I added you to the list! You need to check Here you can see all the stats of your account. You are voting too much so your voting power is too low! This way your voting power isnt worth much.. Pause voting for a while (you can see this on steemworld), at the moment you are not following it because your voting power must be above 80% at all times! Thank you

Thanks @ciska, I have seen that because I was voting many Steemians 100%, and this led me run out of voting power. But I need to minimize voting say 50% in order to recharge.

Thanks @ciska, I have seen that because I was voting many Steemians 100%, and this led me run out of voting power. But I need to minimize voting say 50% in order to recharge.

Thanks very much @ciska for showing that love for me.

Nice :)

Great idea, thank you for setting this up.

The Steemit Team

You guys are awesome, feel like we make a good team! We now support almost 15 users with daily upvotes and getting positive responses from the community. A great way to keep the people engaged, powered up, and feel part of the family. Thanks for all your support!

You are doing great work.

Thank you

@steemcurator01 The Steemit Team, we appreciate the support from your team on our project. Thank you for the visit and your team effort on making steem a great place for the community. Steem on!😃

I followed the trail. With 54k STEEM
LEVEL 15 :whooohooo:

LEVEL 15 gives you a daily upvote of 100% from everyone following the trail!
Your account has been added to the STEEMINGCURATORS LIST for DAILY upvote.

Hi, just make it happened !! and I joined the trail!

Great and keep on growing! Leasing SP will also get you to level up!

Hello friends, I already joined the trial, greetings

@hendersonp thank you for the support and proof of care! STEEM On!

Hi, you have been added to the trail!

Nice! Joined trail! Great work!

Hi @matheusggr good day to you. Thank you for the support and proof of care! STEEM On!

Hi! Thanks we added you to the trail for a daily upvote! See you soon!

Joined the trail.

Hi @arnel good day to you. Thank you for the support and proof of care! STEEM On!

Thanks you have been added!Remember to cancel powerdowns if you like to keep the support! Thanks!!

I just joined the trail like the idea.

Hi @stever82 good day to you. Thank you for the support and proof of care! STEEM On!

Hi SIR! Thank you! You have been added to our trail and will recieve 1 upvote on a new post a day!

i dont have level :S hehehe

You have! Level 1, so it means you can level up a lot of times! You can lease SP from dlease if you don't have enough to begin! Greetings

Will look into this in time

Why wait? Go lease yourself some and join us! YOLO

Thanks for your support, this might help the community

Thank you, yeah we feel the same as you!

Follow, upvote, resteem @steemingcurators. Thanks!

Awesome thank you!

Let us know if you joined here in the comments! THANK YOU

Thank you so much for taking such an amazing initiative. It's one of my favorite platforms. I've never had to leave the platform. How I love this platform and the initiative you have taken here. Many thanks and please call me today.😍😍

  • Join done
  • all setting is ok
  • Love with steemit. 💖💖💖

@ospro thank you so much for your passion and love for this blockchain platform. Steemit been doing great supporting the community with #the100daysofsteem keep doing your part moving forward and always STEEM On! 😃

Steem on!!

Hello every one i joined too to the trail, also added to fanbase on steeauto and joined to discord channel :)


Who thought of this? The person deserves some accolade. I love the idea much much much. 👍👍👍

A good resource. I hope it works out for the best. Congratulations! Thank you.

We hope the same with you! Thanks

Seems interesting enough, there must be done something to encourage people to keep posting on steemit, and rewarding them with votes is the best way...

We feel the same!

I followed the trail. With 3000+ STEEM
LEVEL 7 :whooohooo:

Awesome buddy!

okay so im excited! Thanks for making Steem a whole lot interesting. Really wondered where to start from as its been a while.

Hello @steemingcurators I´m in the trail right now, I just waiting 8k SP returning to me tonight and will be in the level 9 as you mention in your publication.

So, lets see how it works for all of us on Steemit... Awesome...!!

Snapshot 2020-05-15 21.16.42.PNG

here is the snap...

Ready to be active. this is great. Waiting for great things to come in the future. 😃

I have joined the trail

Awesome! I see you are powering down? Are you going to cancel that in order to get keeping upvotes?

No, I can't. I would like to be part of the trail even for one month. I powered down them because I need it to sustain my daily life during the lockdown. There's no other choice for me.

steemauto no longer work :/

@steemingcurators I am in your Curation Trail, my Mana is set at 85% but I will put it over 90% the next few days.