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One of the things that has most encouraged us from the 100 Days project has been seeing people come forward to take on various roles to help grow Steem.

We have Steem Greeters, Social Promoters and Community Leaders, as well as all those acting as Community Creators.

Now we want to move this up to the next level with the introduction of the STEEM POD Project.

The STEEM POD Project

As we all know, the heart of the Steem platform is the community.

Amongst that community are a growing number of people who are stepping up to take on roles to help build Steem into a platform that can enrich the lives of everyone.

We are very keen to recognize and reward these ‘heroes of Steem’.

It has already been announced that people taking on the roles of Steem Greeter, Social Promoter and Community Leader will be receiving a delegation of 1000 Steem Power.

We had mentioned that this 1000 SP was an initial delegation.

Now we can unveil the rest of the package under the new STEEM POD project.

All of these roles, and more soon to be announced, will have five levels of progression.

Everyone will start at Level 1 with 1000 SP, after that there will be four more levels each adding another 1000 SP up to Level 5 with 5000 SP…

  • Level 1 = 1000 SP
  • Level 2 = 2000 SP
  • Level 3 = 3000 SP
  • Level 4 = 4000 SP
  • Level 5 = 5000 SP

So someone could, by working hard in their chosen role, become a ‘delegated dolphin’.

Progression up the levels will not be decided by any performance test or algorithm tracking, but rather through continual review by members of the Steemit team.

We will be following the activities of each person and looking for commitment, consistency and creativity.

This will help provide the ‘Proof of Dedication’, or PoD for short, that will determine progress up the levels.

How to join the STEEM POD

So far we have five people in the STEEM POD - @cmp2020, @cryptokannon, @kiwiscanfly and @mariita52 as Steem Greeters, and @marcosdk as a Social Promoter. We will shortly be adding the first Community Leader.

Another round of applications for Steem Greeters will open next month.

The deadline for the Social Promoter applications has been extended until Friday, May 15th…

Applications for Community Leaders are now being taken until Thursday, May 21st...

We will shortly be announcing another set of roles to open up an even wider range of ways people can get involved in helping Steem.

The STEEM POD project, we believe, provides a unique opportunity for dedicated members of the community to help build Steem and get rewarded at the same time.

Thank you,

The Steemit Team

Notes from the Community...

The World of Animals Video Competition #2

It’s time for the community to help choose the winners of round 2 of @xpilar’s World of Animals video competition...

Steem Power Up Day - June 1st - Prizes

Organizer @kiwiscanfly is gearing up for the next #SPUD4STEEM Steem Power Up Day on June 1st.

He is currently looking to add to the prize pool if anyone would like to join as a sponsor of the event alongside @xpilar, @hingsten, @bippe, @steemcurator01, @kiwi-crypto and @kiwiscanfly...

Steem Witness Forum notes

@greenhouseradio has posted notes from yesterday’s Steem Witness Forum. The main topic of discussion was Abuse on Steem...

The next Steem Witness Forum is planned for Sunday, May 24th.


Really great stuff, giving people incentive to play key roles in the community is brilliant.

I believe that focusing on the community will pay off! Thanks

Woooww juicy prizes if you power up on STEEM POWER UP DAY!
@kiwiscanfly, add 5x500 sp for 3 weeks to that pool please!
You rock like a kiwi! #spud4steem

Thank you for the support, and the steempod idea is great.

Congratulations, @cryptokannon, I'm glad that you have success! My best wishes for you!

Thank you @vipnata lets success and earn together😊

Sei molto gentile, cara @cryptokannon. Ti auguro una bellissima giornata!

Congratulations to the social promoters @cmp2020, @cryptokannon, @kiwiscanfly and @mariita52 as Steem Greeters, and @marcosdk, you have a great job ahead

Amiga @marcybetancourt se que tu harías un gran trabajo en cualquier rol de los propuestos. Cuenta con mi apoyo si te postulas.

Estimada @mariita52 gracias de antemano por apoyo. Yo soy una persona disciplinada y con muchas ganas de hacer un buen trabajo en steemit, no obstante en estos últimos días he tenido una mala conexión a internet y eso me limita. No sé si me postule

Igual estoy sin internet, Estoy desde el teléfono y todo es más lento aunque me apoyo mucho con Google Docs y el traductor Google app para dar la bienvenida a los nuevos no he podido hacer las traducciones.

I believe this is a great idea !




Thanks for
Here I leave a translation into Spanish.
Gracias por todo.
Aquí dejo una traducción al español.

Hey @steemcurator01 , Chinese translation for Chinese community is ready :-BuyVote-百日STEEM:第40天-介绍STEEM POD项目

In order to let more Chinese friends see and participate, the full text of that post of @steemitblog is translated and the post will buy upvote.

为让更多的华人朋友看到和参与,本帖全文翻译 @steemitblog 原文,并买赞。

Congratulations @cmp2020, @cryptokannon, @kiwiscanfly, @mariita52, @marcosdk, @xpilar excellent giving support

Thank you @sacra97 steem on!

Hey @steemcurator01 ,

Hindi translation is ready for Indian community:- 100 दिन STEEM : दिन 40 - Introducing the STEEM POD Project

Supported by resteem of @alokkumar121 & @rajan1995

This is really great motivation. Thanks very much @steemitblog

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