Notice Board of Newcomers Community Updated 25/3/2021

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Hello Newcomers of Steemit ! This is the space where all the links of the previous pinned important posts will be displayed.

Newcomers Achievement Program

English version

Lists of Achievement Tasks,Resources & Materials : Newcomers Resources

Spanish version

Recursos para los Ingresantes: Logros, Materiales y Recursos

Bahasa Indonesia version

Panduan Perkenalan (Achievement 1) Bagi Pendatang Baru

Panduan Achievement 2 Untuk Pendatang Baru

Panduan Achievement 3 Bagi Pendatang Baru

Panduan Penulisan Achievement 4 Tugas : Penggunaan Markdown Bagi pendatang baru

Panduan Penulisan Achievement 5 by heriadi, Tugas: Memahami Steem Tool(alat) Bagi pendatang baru



Tutorial : How to Create a Community on Steemit

How to put TAGs on your Steemit Post

Russian translation : Гайд : Как (и для чего) размещать теги в публикациях на Steemit

How do I claim rewards in Steemit-- (Manually and Auto-Claim)?

Spanish version
¿Cómo recojo mis recompensas en Steemit? (Manual y automático)

Italian version
Come riscattare le ricompense su Steemit (Manualmente e Automaticamente)?

Ukraine version
Як подати запит на виплату за пости на Steemit (вручну та автоматично) [UKR]

Russian version
Как можно получить вознаграждение в Steemit - (вручную и автоматически)?

How to Exchange your SBD to Steem?

How to Delegate your steem power?

How to Not Lose Your TRX Reward on Steemit

Tronlink wallet and Tronscan on Tron Blockchain: Useful tools

Understanding- PoB, Curation & Voting in Steem Blockchain

The Complete Steemit Etiquette Guide (Revision 2.0) -Homage

Traducción al español - Guía completa de etiqueta Steemit (revisión 2.0) -Homage

List of Steemit Communities Categorized by Their Subjects v3

Graduation Showcase of Newcomers Achievement Program : Batch February 2021

The Steem Greeters Team.


What if bad people ruined my reputation for what I spoke positively about Justin Sun? I am now blacklisted. How to fix it?

@thefirstwave hi sorry about your account. You just have to post and invite users with high reputation to vote your post so your reputation get higher again. You're not on blacklist at all, just your reputation get lower because users with high reputation been downvoting your post before.

Thanks a lot! All is not lost! Maybe you will vote?) I made a post for TRON newbies and translated it into several languages.

 2 years ago 

hello @cryptokannon i want to know about my achievement1 post because still you did not verify can you check it that please.

 2 years ago 

My able mentor @cryptokannon I appreciate your able effort. Please this is a link to my achievement 1

Please verify and upvote if it is up to standard. Thanks in advance.

hello @cryptokannon i want to know about my achievement1 post because still you did not verify can you check it that please.

I created the Steemit contest Club community, my goal is to bring together competitions held on the steemit platform. I run races myself and try to get users to pass time on the steemit platform. I want to be part of the community support program. I'm asking for your help in supporting my 1-a-week competition.

 2 years ago 

My able mentor @cryptokannon I appreciate your able effort. Please this is a link to my achievement 2.
Please verify and upvote if it is up to standard. Thanks in advance.

Two days ago I posted Introduce. And for the religious point of view, I wore hijab and gave photo.. please check my introduce post.

Konnichiwa @cryptokannon good day. Hope my account will be verified in the achievements. I see your country were you came from your from japan. Actually i work there for 1 year at niigata ken as a baker in abeko seika company. And im glad coz i have many friends there.Thank you!
Hope youve visit my post for introduction.


 2 years ago 

I appreciate your care for new commers and they way you guide them is 🖤🖤💓

 2 years ago 

Thnks its helpful for us keep supporting

 2 years ago 

After my achievement 1 is verified I post my Achievement 2 on the basis of steem security .My this post is not verified yet.please tell me about this mrs۔@cryptokannon

This is the link

 2 years ago 

Hello @cryptokannon. Everything here now seems new. I made my introduceyourself post and will appreciate if it's been verified. Thanks


 2 years ago 

Information that is very important for newcomers and for those of us who are just starting to get active again, after not playing for a long time. Thank you, this really helped us get to know the Steemit Platform again.

 2 years ago 

Please madam why is it that I get labelled but not upvoted in this community?
Here are the links of my two posts (achievement 3 and four) that have been verified but no vote
Achievement 3: content Etiquette

Achievement 4 by @guruchudy: Applying Markdown

 2 years ago 

You have a good job.

 2 years ago 


 2 years ago 

I saw your post your post is very nice i like it

 2 years ago 

I saw your post your post is too much good i like it . Please support me i am ne on steemit

 2 years ago 

My able mentor @cryptokannon I appreciate your able effort. Please this is a link to my achievement 1

Please verify and upvote if it is up to standard. Thanks in advance.

 2 years ago 

Please note that my attempt at Achievement 4 is out there awaiting verification. Thanks much!

 2 years ago 

Hello, thanks.

 2 years ago 

thanks very much @cryptokannon for this insightful guide

Please @cryptokannon my achievement 1 post has not been verified and has no upvotes
Please do something

Thank you for this informative details. I am sa glad to be part of this community.

 2 years ago (edited)

Hi @cryptokannon
This is my Achievement 6.

Please check it . If there is no problem in this task, please verify me.

Thank You

 2 years ago 

@cryptokannon i need your help from last therr day no one mod and admin upvote me and verified my intro post plz check it out

 2 years ago 

thank you soo much for the information and also helping we the freachers to get along well

 2 years ago 

Good day mma

I'm here to complain about my Achievement 2 I wrote last two d which haven't been visited.
Here is the link :

Achievement 2 task by @tekniz: Basic Key Security On Steemit

 2 years ago 

Thanks for such an indepth information about Steemit. I'm already loving it here🥰

 2 years ago (edited)

hello @cryptokannon, hope you doing well. i just want to ask that mine achievement#1 post have not verified yet. can you please verify and upvote it if it is upto the mark.... its a request .. if you can do it kindly... hoping for your positive gesture is the link to my achievement #1
link to weekly engagement post

 2 years ago 


 2 years ago 


Hi @eunice001 thanks for notifying us. Please see this post when the curators from your region will curate your post Steem Greeters Team Members : Updated on 24/3/2021.

I have checked your account and you didn't respond to @bright-obias to edit your post with handwritten verification photo

We don't accept verification photo like this one you provided to us in newcomers community

Please take another photo with a paper handwritten the recent date, your steemit account name and steemit.

 2 years ago 

Thanks alot. I will do just that.

but I also did my achievement 2 task still had the same issue.
thanks for your time.
am sorry for any stress caused so far

 2 years ago 

My able mentor @cryptokannon I appreciate your able effort. Please this is a link to my achievement 1

Please verify and upvote if it is up to standard. Thanks in advance.

 2 years ago (edited)

Please I want you to view the profile of this person @yaro68 he been introduced himself many times. Please it is allowed

Hello @cryptokannon… I have chosen your post about “-Notice Board of Newcomers Community Updated 25/3 / 2021-” for my daily initiative to retest - vote and comment…
Let's keep working and supporting each other to grow in Steemit.

 2 years ago 

Hello friend @cryptokannon. How are you behalf of this pandemic. Hope it would be fine always.
Hoping id verified in achievements.


 2 years ago 

Hello @cryptokannon i want to know about my achievement1 post because still you did not verify can you check it please.

 2 years ago 

Hello and good day to @cryptokannon. I am glad for the guidance.

This is my the link to my Achievement 3 post:

 2 years ago 

Hi dear mentor @cryptokannon.I have made my achievement 1 post 3 days ago but still you do not verify me.Please verify me and upvote it if it is according to your set standards.thankx for your response..

 2 years ago 

Hola buenas noches soy nuevo usuario y espero aprender muchas cosas de la plataforma de Steemit.
Hay te anexo mi presentación y espero poder seguir tus consejos para conocer todo sobre la plataforma y aprender más sobre las criptomonedas

I like your post very much and I also like it

Hi @cryptokannon my achievement 1 has not yet verified. Please check it.

 2 years ago 

Buenos dias amiga @cryptokannon por este medio te dejo mi link de mi primer logro de steemit para ser verificado ya que han transcurrido 4 dia y aun no he sido aceptado en la comunidad.🙏🏽

Post 1 inicio.jpg

Hi Ms. @cryptokannon, how to get verified? I don't know but it seems there was something wrong in my previous introduction post to the community.

Should I make another one? or can I make another one?

 2 years ago 

Holaaa tengo 3 días que complete mi logro 1, y hasta el momento no he Sido verificada, y tengo pocos votos, necesito De su ayuda a ver si hice algo malo. Le dejo el link de mi presentación:

Thank you so much mentor @ cryptokannon... I'm glad to be here. .

I sure hope to learn a lot and my achievement1 will be verified...

My Achievement 2 post.

Hi @cryptokannon , my achievement post has not been verified yet. Please verify it.

My Achievement 2 and Achievement 3 post are awaiting for verification. Please check it out. @cryptokannon

 2 years ago (edited)
 2 years ago 

Hello @cryptokannon I posted my achievement 2 post 4 days ago and it is yet to be verified please do very it so I can move to my next task thanks in anticipation here is my achievement 2 link

 2 years ago 

Hello @cryptokannon thanks for all of your effort and work. If you have some time please check out my Achievement 1 and 2

Achievement 1 by @joseangel1: Introduction for Steemit
Achievement 2 by @joseangel1: Basic Security on Steem

thanks in advance for your help

 2 years ago (edited)

Hii to all. I'm new in Steemit
I'm from Venezuela Southamerica


 2 years ago 

hola soy nuevo en la comunidad de recién llegados me verifique y quiero saver si tengo que hacer algún tipo tareas el lo que es en el aprendizaje. como escalo dentro de la comunidad..@Crytokannon

 2 years ago 

hello @cryptokannon i want to know about my achievement1 post because still you did not verify can you check it that please.
Please chek my post and account.

Good day can I ask why I'm still not verified with my achievement 1 @cryptokannon

 2 years ago 

Thank you so much @cryptokannon for putting in enough effort to get newcomers on track . This is the entry to my achievement 1 please help me verify it

Please look into my post I am not get verified since last 8 months. Please look seriously into the matter

 2 months ago 

Verify my achievement1 @anas0 since two days ago

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