How to Not Lose Your TRX Reward on Steemit

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Steem community has been enjoying an additional TRX reward since the integration of Steemit and Tron been announced here The TRX and Steemit Integration is now Live ! I personally been enjoying TRX reward alongside the usual Steem Power/SBD rewards on my post and also curation. But there are some users that having a hard time enjoying this newly added benefit as Steemit users. They stated that they having a problem with claiming their TRX rewards and also none of their TRX rewards showing on their steem wallet page.

I personally went to read some of the issues that other users facing, and I came to these deductions based on what I found, I might be wrong and there are definitely having some real technical issue on their account, but these are some of what you can do to avoid "losing" your TRX reward on Steemit.

1. Clicking on the "UPDATE THE TRON ACCOUNT" button on the steemwallet page: Don't do this unless you want to create another new Tron account

Most of the users commenting that after they have save their private key on the first step of creating their Tron account for the first time, they then go to click on the "UPDATE THE TRON ACCOUNT" button. I'm not sure why they did this, but I guess they thought it is a necessary step to "update" their steemwallet after creating their Tron account in the first step.

If you noticed, your previous Tron address wallet generated from the first step of creating your Tron wallet will change to new Tron public address when you click that "UPDATE THE TRON ACCOUNT" button.
This explained why you suddenly "lost" your previous balance TRX on your first Tron account, as now steemwallet showing only your newly second created Tron account after you click on that "UPDATE THE TRON ACCOUNT" button.

The first step on creating your Tron account was this one when you see this page on your steemwallet page,

Remember this page when you created your Tron account for the first time?

Then you follow the next instruction on downloading your Tron wallet public address and private key in form of a PDF. You have to keep this somewhere safe.

pdfkeysample.pngTron public key/Tron address is the address for you to receive or send TRX to/from other TRX account

Tips: Please don't keep your TRX asset here for safety reasons, create a new Tron account from the Tronlink wallet or Tron official site so you have more safe private key generate for you from there.

This is the final step of creating your Tron account on steemwallet.
You don't need to go to click on "UPDATE THE TRON ACCOUNT" button that appears next to your TRX public address. as this will result in creating another new Tron account and replace the previous Tron account that you just created in the step above.
Then steemwallet page will be showing the balance of this second Tron account that you just created by clicking on that "UPDATE THE TRON ACCOUNT" button. This makes you think that you have lost your TRX on the first account you just created in the first step, but actually, your TRX still there if you check on tronscan or Tronlink wallet. (Use your first Tron account public address to check on tronscan, go see that PDF that you download on the first step of creating your Tron account, all details there/ or use your private key to export your Tron account on Tronlink wallet)

2. Your claimed TRX rewards not appear on steemwallet page: Do not click on that "UPDATE THE TRON ACCOUNT" button to see if anything will "update" it's not.

You claimed your steem power, SBD and TRX rewards on your steemwallet page, but you don't see your TRX showing on your TRX balance. Please note that steemwallet page takes time to update the TRX balance reward that you just claimed, but if you check on Tronscan or your Tronlink wallet, your TRX is already there. Clicking that "UPDATE THE TRON ACCOUNT" button thinking of it will do something on your wallet is not the best way to do it, as you know in above discussion, that button only to create another Tron account, not refreshing your Tron account or anything that you thinking of.


If you are not yet creating your Tron account on Steemit, see this post on how to set up your Tron account for the first time How do I set up my Tron account in Steemitwallet & redeem TRX rewards?

Please let me know if you have any questions or problems in regard to creating your Tron account or claiming or anything related in the comment section. Or you can also reach me out on steemingcurators discord too


Very useful information! “UPDATE THE TRON ACCOUNT” tricked me, but I got it all back

Thank you for your useful information, you have saved many from losing TRX. And thanks for your kind heart @cryptokannon

I'm glad to be of help! 😊

You are a great Steemit user

 2 years ago 

Very helpful.
Please outside creating the Tron account here in STEEMIT can the Tron reward be transferred to an external account like the cryto apps?

yes, just use the TRX address that you have in your steemitwallet but I recommend using tronlink apps to do the transaction, easier.

 2 years ago 

Thanks for the tutorial. But, if I may ask; how do you link your TRX account to binance without losing your Tron rewards. Thanks

Hi @ericanthony I think its not possible to link our TRX account to binance, but you can send your TRX to your binance wallet. Go to binance deposit and look for TRX, then they will give you TRX address to deposit your TRX into your binance TRX wallet. i hope you have tronlink apps or extension on your browser so you can do this transaction faster/easier.

 2 years ago 

Please I need your help. I was trying to convert my sbd to Steem. So I taped Transfer, on the query box I typed instead of now the sbd is missing. Is there anyway to recover it back?

I think you have to go to their discord and ask if they can return it/hopefully they have expected a typo like this and have created in advance that steemit account with

 2 years ago 

I'm very grateful! Let me give it a try. Thanks

 2 years ago 

Thanks so much. I now know better.

I have the TRON login info but all my wallets there say 0 balance.

 2 years ago 

I lost my previous reward, I clicked a lot and got carried away by my bad English. I will translate and read this calmly and see if I can get it back.

I did everything intuitively, total error

 2 years ago 

Very nice information step by step.

Save PDF on Cloud (google drive)

#india #affable

 2 years ago 

Clicking on the "UPDATE THE TRON ACCOUNT" button on the steemwallet page: Don't do this unless you want to create another new Tron account

Thanks for sharing this post. Most of the people faced this issue. But I think it's better to insert that button in Security section.. people get an idea like .. refreshing the balance when it's near that balance. Most of the mobile crypto wallets have a icon very similar. so more chances of clicking that..

Hi @cryptokannon, you're great thanks for the help...
Happy king's day.

 2 years ago 

Ohhhh, this is great! I was about to click that button a while ago...

 2 years ago 

Thank you for your work and contribution to steem greeters project.

We appreciate the information @cryptokannon ...

Hey kannon. I was fidgeting my wallet and click on update. Thankfully nothing happened. I double checked the public key with my tron wallet and it was still the same.
Yes, the new addition has caused some confusion. But I figured it out.
Thanks for the elaborate post. Followed!

I have also ever made that mistake before. I will not do so again. Thanks so much for this caution. This will now curb down the many complaints that many users have always raised concerning their lost TRX.

Very useful! Wish I had read it before I recreated my Tron Wallet :-) I had the old one backed up of course but still annoying for me to think about 2 wallets. Do you have a post on how to trade SBD for STEEM? I am hunting for one?

Hi it's not too late to learn to use TRX. I think this post will help you How to Exchange your SBD to Steem?

 2 years ago 


Thank you for the detailed information.

You are really helpful I will follow you everywhere.

I have opened my Tron account through the adds on the website, why my active key does not want to display it self I have no idea so my account is not linking anytime soon I deposited TRX from my exchange what do I do I don't want to start a new Steem account this one is 3 years old please reply urgent 😌

 2 years ago 

Great job !

 2 years ago 

Hi @cryptokannon,
Thank you so much for your awareness. A lot of things here were explained very simply.

Execelnte @Cryptokannon, a mi me paso algo, le di a "algo" que no recuerdo y me bajó otro PDF con la llave privada, ¿ahora que hago?

 2 years ago 

Great post!! It's very useful because I think that a lot of us made that mistake at the beginning of the integration, lol.

i dont have "UPDATE THE TRON ACCOUNT" i have only new tron acound - login with my active key - press new tron - error ru.tron_err_msg.data_timeout - How to fix it?

 2 years ago 

Hi, very good this warning

 4 months ago 

Hello @cryptokannon, even I have done the same mistake by creating a new tron account without knowing these details. But the thing is I have been rewarded more TRX, but nothing showing in tronscan also. Can you please help me with this?

Old TRON account, created when I signed up in steemit.

new tron account, which I am linked to the steem

my TRX balance

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