Contest Kids of the world by @olesia and @soulwind | Announcement of the winners of week #3 and the beginning of week #4

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So the third week of the competition has come to an end. The fourth is coming! But more on that below, but for now we are rewarding the participants!

week the authors:
@dmitrik, @progressivechef, @emranhasan, @ekatirina, @mubashirasghar, @roselyn028, @crisch23, @sailawana, @ta21, @aamerasghar1, @sanuri, @mdhosain, @wnfdiary, @jenny018, @mazharul002, @menfita, @mostofajaman, @sazaliza, @safi01, @raja09, @joseliannys, @torikul001, @romeli05, @roshanee, @tinochka2, @marcelys1, @yulirosario27, @thimalteb, @rjraju002.











And we continue! Announcement 4 week

The "Kids of the world" contest by @olesia & @soulwind starts from May 11 to May 16 inclusively, until 00:00 Ukrainian time.

We invite everyone to take part in the "Kids of the World" contest and show their beloved kids. But, after all, it can be not only people, right? Babies can be: your grandchildren or children (naturally not adults), kittens, puppies, chicks, rabbits, squirrels, reptiles, turtles, and anyone else! Kids, it's always happiness, joy and positive. Let's fill the Steemit feed with this happiness together!

Participation rules

✓ Repost this post
✓ An author from any country, in any language can participate
✓ Post title "Kids of the world", then whatever you like
✓ 200 words text. Specify in the post the nicknames @olesia & @soulwind
✓ One or more photos from personal archive
✓ Tag #kidsoftheworld #ukraine (your country)
✓Please subscribe to the Steem-BRU community
✓ Post must be written in the Steem-BRU community (BY-RU-UA)
✓Add a link to your post in the comment

Reward 30 steem
The awards will be divided into 10 authors, 3 steem each.

Now, let's admire the children of the world together!











Thank you all for your participation, all the best!

 2 years ago 

Congratulations to the winners!


Hello @
olesia, thank you very much for the mention, let's move on. Successes and congratulations to all the participants. happy start to the week everyone!

thanks for the reward ❤️🥰

Wow, thank you so much! I am very happy!
Congratulations to all the participants! 😊🎉

Thank you so much 😍💚

hi @ olesia, i want to know if I am allowed to post my sons pic when he was 8 months old. My son today is already 9 yrs old. thank you and have a very nice steemit day

hi @ olesia, i want to know if I am allowed to post my sons pic when he was 8 months old. My son today is already 9 yrs old. thank you and have a very nice steemit day

 2 years ago 

Поздравляю победителей)

Ищи малышей, Наталья)))

 2 years ago 

Да у меня есть) Забавно так - малыши - и детишки, и котята, и утята))

И я хочу увидеть это)). Звучит вкусно)

Thank you so much🤗🤗

Thank you!)

 2 years ago 

amazing for what they tell, this contest is very interesting, I think this will also train people here to be more active in writing and of course authentic from them.

Thank you!) Yes. Welcome)

 2 years ago 

Спасибо за интересный конкурс)
Мой пост:


Спасибо за участие!)

 2 years ago (edited)

Wow! Thank you!

Hola amiga esta es mi participación, no había colocado el enlace. Gracias.


feliz de poder participar en tan prestigioso concurso con mi bebe espero sus comentarios por aca le dejo el enlace de mi concurso

Felicidades a todos los ganadores. Excelente concurso @olesia. Dios te Bendiga. Por acá mi participación al mismo.

darie 574.jpg

Congratulations to all winners!💚

Hi and Good evening everyone, such an honor to be able to participate and submit my very first entry to the Kids of the World contest week #4 by @ olesia and @ soulwind, Congratulations for succesfully hosting this contest. Thank you.

Here's mine.

Привет участникам, зрителям и, конечно, жюри 😊 Наши малыши тоже в деле 😉


Не используйте пожалуйста эти теги для призыва...

Hola, un gusto saludarles. Acá les dejo mi participación Kids of the World || Contest || Mis Sobrinas


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