contest winner announcement # Share your favorite Food And win 15 steem prize pools || Share 10% Whole-wold

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Assalammuaikum all friends, how are you guys today, as usual last week I have made a contest about,

""share your favorite food""
and today I want to tell you all the results of yesterday's contest.

and today I've read all the contest posts that you posted in the contest posts, there are some of you who don't qualify, or don't read the contest rules.

today I'm very happy because so many participated in this week's contest, and I'm very grateful to all of you who have participated in this week's contest.

Here are some links from this week's contest posts.


user namelink contest

Winners Contest

The first winner @tremaria

Winner 1 : 5 steem


Nuevo concurso esta semana || Comparte tu comida favorita y gana 15 premios Steem || Compartir 10% en todo el mundo || Ensalada de Pasta con Pollo, Jamón y queso por @tremaria.

winner two @riska-amanda

Winner 2 : 4 steem

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New Contest This Week|| Share your favorite Food And win 15 steem prize pools || Share 15% Whole-wold by @riska-amanda

winner three @iamjohn

winner 3 : 3 steem


My favorite food || Contest Entry || 10% beneficiary to @whole-world

winner four @sumi0319

winner 4 : 2 steem


Contest:My Favourite food as usually

winner five @mesopat

winner 5 : 1 steem



and this is proof of the prize that I sent to this week's winners.


and congratulations to the winners, and those who haven't received the prize, don't be discouraged, and show your best work, and those who get the prize continue to maintain it.

and that's the winner of this week's contest, and hopefully Mr. @steemcurator01 and Mr. @steemcurator02 help our community.


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 3 years ago 

congrats to the winners...!!!

  1. @tremaria
  2. @riska-amanda
  3. @iamjohn
  4. @sumi0319
  5. @mesopat

always show your best work.

I am really sorry, I was in trouble in my personal problem, thank you for select me as a winner

 3 years ago 

Thanks a lot for choosing my content.
And congratulations everyone.

 3 years ago 

for the future hopefully you can maintain it.

 3 years ago 

thank you for entrusting me in second place congrats also to my other friends

 3 years ago 

for the future hopefully you can maintain it.

 3 years ago 

I hope thank you @humaidi

Gracias por reconocer mi trabajo, felicitaciones al resto de los ganadores. Saludos

 3 years ago 

for the future hopefully you can maintain it.

 3 years ago 

congrates all winner

 3 years ago 


 3 years ago 


congrats to the winner my friend

 3 years ago 


 3 years ago 

Congratulation to all winner's

 3 years ago 

Thanks a lot my friend,,😀😀😀

 3 years ago 

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Thank you

 3 years ago 

Thanks a lot @whole-worl

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