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HI friends, Namaste !

Here is the 16th lesson in my series of tutorials on Adobe Photoshop, which I will be sharing today.

Adobe Photoshop Tutorial

After this session, you'll learn about a fantastic and highly valuable subject that will aid in your development as a great graphic or logo designer.

Lesson : 16

Image Files

Bitmaps, which are collections of individually addressable pixels, are how digital photos are stored. Numerous distinct bitmap image formats have been created over the years. Each has distinctive qualities of its own that help you decide when and where to select it over the others. However, the most of these are no longer used or are only used in unique situations. New forms appear in response to changing demands, such as the need to display images on the Web. Some products, like the Photo CD, are widely accepted. Others stir up a lot of excitement before going away because they are discovered to have defects or simply fail to reach a critical mass. We examine the formats you are most likely to utilise or run into in this section. . However, there are tools that will convert it to any of the other formats, regardless of the format you select.

Bit-Map Images

The majority of the still photos you see in print, on the Web, or in multimedia presentations were all produced or altered in a digital format by a computer. Bit-maps and vector graphics are the two fundamental types of computer graphics. The tools you select depend on the kind you utilise. Digital photographs are typically stored in bitmap formats. Only line drawings are used in vector formats.

Pixels—a matrix of colored dot dots—are used to create bitmap graphics. Bitmap images are classified according to the number of colors they can represent as well as their size in pixels. A 640 x 480 image, for instance, has 640 pixels in the horizontal direction and 480 pixels in the vertical direction. You can easily see the pixels that were used to make a bit-mapped image if you expand a small portion of it. Small pixels blend into continuous tones when viewed normally, much like the dots used to make newspaper photos.

Each tiny pixel might be a different hue or tone of grey. Each pixel can be adjusted to any one of 16 million colors using 24-bit color. Any other type of picture can be exported or saved in a bitmap format, and all digital photos and paintings are bitmapped. In fact, each image you print on a laser or ink-jet printer is first transformed (rasterized) into a bitmap form by the computer or printer so that it may be printed with the printer's dots. Use a paint application to alter or modify these bitmapped images. Although bitmap graphics are frequently utilized, they have a few inevitable issues.

The size at which they must be printed or shown depends on the number of pixels in the image. Any other size may result in the image exhibiting or printing with undesirable patterns. Bitmap images also have huge file sizes, which are based on the color depth and pixel size of the image. Some graphic formats, including GIF and JPEG, are used to save images in a compressed format to lessen this issue. Apart from these there are some other image siles such as PNG,PDF. PSD, SVG, EPS, etc.

In the following lessons, we will learn about other tools of photoshop. Below are the links I have created for posts of previous studies so far. I hope it will be helpful for you.

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Thank you, I will meet you in the next lesson.

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 2 years ago 

Bit-maps and vector graphics are the two fundamental types of computer graphics. The tools you select depend on the kind you utilise. Digital photographs are typically stored in bitmap formats. Only line drawings are used in vector formats.

We all are working with bit maps but never knew their names. Pixels, size and graphics all the terms we use but never understand their meaning properly. Thanks for sharing such informative post.

 2 years ago 

Yes, not only you, most of us are didn't know what we are using and how it works, it is good if you the basic knowledge of the things you using, thank you for reading

 2 years ago 

Thanks for your amazing tutorials. I really enjoyed your writing.


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Thank you deepak Bhai

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