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Hello people!

Stuck at home? Come read a comic for free! It's call Shades Of Men and it kicks ass. I mean the characters... the characters kick ass.

It is the final chapter, 6 pages to go! So exciting! Thanks for being here with me on this crucial instant.

Since it's been a while let's recap the previous updates. Lev and Ricky came to this abandoned slaughter house to bring David back home but he refused. David's new friends formed a crowd that took over Lev and beat him up. Ricky luckily saved the day by freeing all the captive animals, creating chaos and distraction to the whole scene.

We left off last time in the middle of this mess as Lev just got his hands a sweet machine gun. For more incredible adventures, check out the story from the start. You'll get to know these characters a little more in the mean time.

Now is time to get into the action. Let's shoot our way out of this.




Ouhh. Lot's happening in this page. We're getting to the heart of the action.
I hope it flows naturally. I only have few pages left to tell the story but I want the action scene to be the coolest possible as well.

I'm not afraid to add a few pages towards the end to smooth up the delivery, even though I'd rather not.

My thoughts on this scene were a little different at first. I imagined it in a corridor, more towards the back of the room. But the characters would have taken too much of a detour from their expected route. Let's just say, they have to go towards the stairs...

Anyway, you can read Steemit exclusive work in progress blogs here and here

Don't forget to upvote and share if you feel like it. It means a lot to me.

I'll get back to work on the next page ASAP.

See you on the other side,


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