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Season 9 Week 1 of the Steemit Engagement Challenge is on the ground!

Dream Couple

Humans are destined to live in pairs in order to complement each other in this world, although a soul mate is the destiny of the almighty, everyone must have their own criteria in choosing a partner.

Dream couple Contest Tips
  • Is your current partner your choice and ideal partner? How did you struggle to get it? Tell us about your heroic struggle.
  • What are the obstacles you faced when you wanted to get married, or why haven't you gotten married yet?
  • What are the criteria for your ideal partner?
  • Do you prioritize beauty or comfort in communication? Why?
  • What is your measure of happiness when you get married?
  • What do you think about early marriage or older marriage?

Say It as It is, you never know, your partner might be just by the corner....

  • Write a post with no less than 350 words or above
  • Entries must be posted in the STEEM FOR BETTER LIFE community
  • Post must be Steemexclusive, use the #steemexclusive tag
  • All relevant languages are allowed
  • Use your own images, and if not you must use FREE images please kindly post the source of the images.
  • Use Post Title "Steemit Engagement Challenge S9-W1: Dream Couple”
  • You must use the #steemforbetterlife-s9w1 #lifestyle, #yourcountry, #club tag, among your first 5 tags
  • Participants may not use any auto-vote services
  • Participants must meet the requirements of #club5050 #club75 or #club100
  • Paste your entry link under this Contest post to make searching easier
  • Invite 3 other users
  • Actively comment on other engagement participants across the engagement community
  • AI content or any form of Plagiarism is not allowed.
  • DO NOT tag community Admin? Moderators in the name of thanking them for their Job

Our verification and scoring process Is shown below

Comments in the form of Post Review Results

Plagiarism Free
Bot Free
Status ClubClub5050
AI Article✅ Original (Human text!)
Range 1 - 10

History of Cash-outs and Power-ups :


- POWER UPs: 5.636 STEEM

Verification Support Tool:
1. Determination of Club Status refers to the Web-based Application
2. Plagiarisme Checker:
3. AI Content Detector: Writter, Corrector App, OpenAI/, CopyLeaks

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Contest Assessor

Steem For BetterLife Team (@irawandedy , @ubongudofot, @heriadi, @sofian88, @damithudaya and @el-nailul).


The community will share 30 Steem Power among the best three winners for the week.

  1. We do not guarantee that every participant will be supported by steemcurator01 or steemcurator02
  2. The jury's decision cannot be contested
  3. The main hashtag for this contest search is #steemforbetterlife-s9w1
  4. Engagement: The post should get at least 10 upvotes and 5 quality comments from other users. (Comments like “great” “good” “nice” etc. Simple words are not eligible.)
  5. Participating time is from 00:00 (UTC) on Monday to 23:59 (UTC) on Sunday 23rd April 2023.

Good luck!

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Wow this is really a great contest definitely I will participate in this contest .thanks for organizing this contest.and thanks again my dear friend @irawandedy for invitation .

 last year 

Saludos comunidad

01 Portada publicaciones de la comunidad.png

Acá mi participación en el concurso DREAM COUPLE organizado en esta comunidad y que forma parte de la semana 1 de la 9na temporada del #SteemitEngagementChallenge.

Espero estar a la altura de las circunstancias.

Hasta la próxima

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