Steemit Engagement Challenge Combines with Steemit Pakistan Community || Share your views about your Country|| "The Three Rs and Three Cs"



Hello Everyone. We hope you all are doing good. Thank you for all the messages and all the comments that you made for us as we secured a position in the Top 6 Communities for the Steemit Engagement Challenge. The Contest would now be active from Monday and we will be reporting back as soon as @steemitblog announces the details regarding the rules and criteria to become a winner in this Engagement challenge.

Since we got selected, we were asked to play a part in the development and successful upbringing of this challenge, thus in collaboration with the Steemit Team, we are announcing our Contest of the week. People from all over the world are invited to take part in this contest unless they are not using bid bots services. Participation in at least #club5050 is necessary. Club75 and Club100 would be highly appreciated.

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Since this is the first week of the Contest and there will be many International participants too (as per our expectations) and simultaneously, we are a Country Community. So for the first week of this contest, we have chosen to keep the theme Country Exclusive.

As it is clear from the title image, we are asking you to tell us about your Country. The contest questions you about the three reasons why you love your country and the three things that you would like to change. This can be anything. Love can include the development strategies of your country and things to be changed can be anything of your choice but with some good reasons and proper ones.

The Three Rs(Reasons) and The Three Cs(Changes)

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Rules of the Contest

  • You should be a member of one of the clubs ( #club5050, #club75, Or #club100 )
  • The post should be made in Steemit Pakistan, there is no language barrier. Please use free images only.
  • Your post should contain atleast (300) three hundred words or more.
  • Your post must be steemexclusive.
  • You can share your contest post as early as Monday at 00:00 (UTC). The last time to join is Sunday at 23:59(UTC).
  • Drop the link to your post in the comment section of this post. Invite two friends of yours to participate in this contest through the comment. Your comment should now like: Here is the link to my participation post: Link. I invite user1 and user2 to take part in this contest.
  • Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Any participation post found plagiarised will be disqualified and strict action will be taken.
  • Use the tag: #sp-engagement in the first 5 tags with your club status and country tag.

The most important rule is to visit the posts made by other participants and drop your comments and engage with them. Remember, Increasing engagement between the people is the utmost goal of this Program

Another detailed post of rules to be followed throughout the engagement challenge will be published soon, right after the announcement made by steemitblog. The more you are seen on others' posts, the more your username will shine.

Steem Pakistan Divider 2.png

The Winners Rewards For This Contest

There will be 10 winners in this contest. The prize distribution will be done in the following manner.

1-5Booming Upvotes
68 Steem
76 Steem
84 Steem
9-102 Steem

There are more chances of winning and they are much bigger. More details regarding the winners of this challenge will be announced soon. We are just waiting for a perfect announcement from the Steemit Team.

Steem Pakistan Divider 2.png

We wish you all the very best of luck and see you all in the contests and in Steemit Pakistan Community. You all are welcome to take part in the contests run in our Community.

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Quick Delegation Links To earn delegation rewards

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1000 SP1500 SP2000 SP3000 SP4000 SP5000 SP

Thanks for inviting brother...... I will participate soon

Thanks for the invite bro

Gracias amigo, pronto participo 🧡

 last year 

Cuando se ama a su país no alacanzan las palabras para expresar tantas cosas hermosas que éste posee.

A pesar de las dificultades que estamos atravesando, somos un país rico, no solo en materias primas, también y osbre todo en nuestro gentilicio, nuestra idiosincracia, nuestra gente, su afán su nobleza, su amor propio y su don de ser generosos y poder ayudar a los demás.

Un gran gracias amigo @yonaikerurso por su publicación sobre nuestra tierra.


Banner Saludos y hasta pronto.jpg

 last year 

Here is the link of my participation Link
I would like to invite @bushramalik and @drhira to participate in this contest.

Here is the link to my participation post: Click to see the post.

I would like to invite @bushramalik and @suboohi to participate in this contest.

 last year 

Thanks for invitation ☺️☺️
Will try to participate

Thank you for the invitation @fredquantum, but I have participated in this contest, wish you the very best.

But there's something disturbing me, I have participated in 3 contest now and not one has been rewarded by @steemcurator01, it's really disturbing me, and I have been actively commenting on other steemians post.

And I have also seen some other steemians that have been rewarded twice by @steemcurator02.

I don't mean to tag them, but I'm seriously bittered.
One thing we pray against is wasted efforts, it's discourages one .

I'm still hoping for the best, keep steeming hot, meet you at the top 💪

Probably there's something I'm doing wrong that is taking their attention away from me, I love heeding to corrections, it's the only way we grow. Thanks for your assistance in advance, man 💪

 last year 

#ContestAlerts #winwithsteem

This contest has been included in the daily Active Contest List

👉 Contest Alerts: Active Contest List on 25th April 2022 – Win 1850+ STEEM

Follow & Resteem for more updates.

Assalamu Alikum, Here is the link to my participation post: Link.
I invite @harry7k and @slon21veka to take part in this contest.

Sorry @nafeela I am really busy these days

Thank you for inviting me to also air my view on my country. You have done a great job

 last year 

Excelente presentación de su hermoso país amigo @solexybaba, me estoy informando de los grnades avances que tiene Nigeria como potencia económica de Africa, que benidición tan grande.
Que hermoso es ver que los recursos generados pro cada estado los invierten en proyectos para mejorar la calidad de vida de sus pobladores.
Como ud sabiamente dice: "Cada pa´si tiene sus dificultades" y es preciso que cada uno ponga su esfuerzo para cambiar y mejorar esas cosas.

Gracias por compartirlo.

Banner Saludos y hasta pronto.jpg

 last year 

I am inviting my two friends @haidermehdi and @dabeerahmed to take part in this contest

 last year 

Very brilliant idea..... My entry is gonna be

 last year 

This is a very good competition from steemit-pak. I will try my best

Nice initiative from @steemit-pak. My entry is on its way.😀

 last year 

Sure we will engage in making blog's with our community as well.

 last year 

Excelente presentación de nuestras bondades venezolanas, coincidimos totalmente, su gente, sus recursos naturales y su gastronomía.
Mucha razón en lo del 3er Himno, muchas canciones que nos han evocado los más hermosos sentimientos.

Banner Saludos y hasta pronto.jpg

 last year 

Interestingly contest you announced. I will surely take part in which contest. And I also inviting my friends to join this contest @ramzanbaow and @akterazee. I am waiting your valuable entry. Steemit-pak thanks for sharing this new contest.

 last year 

You have to invite your friends once you have made your participation.

 last year 

Yes sure soon you will see my participation Insha'Allah.

Me encanta esta propuesta. Me uniré hoy mismo. Gracias amigos

saludos amigo de stemit-pakistan,me gusta mucho su tema elegido para el concurso estare preparando mi presentacion se que tendran mucchas participaciones.

 last year 

Excelente presentación sobre una nación que le ha abierto las puertas a muchas naciones. Me complace ver cómo se identifica y se siente propia de la región, eso es ser agrdecida y amar lo que conoce, por eso la frase de que mi nacionalidad es tgerrícola, creo que es de una canción más no recuerdo el autor.

Ciertamentye, el modelo comunista es un fallo conocido y ahora lo disfrazan de socialismo lo cual es peor todavía, esperemos que despierten y no se dejen embaucar como lo hicieron aquí, imponiéndonoslo a los Venezolanos.

Gracias por compartirlo.

Banner Saludos y hasta pronto.jpg

 last year (edited)

I am very happy to give this contest post and I will take part in this contest

Hello @steemit-pak , I have made the contest entry here . Thanks you.

 last year 

Here is the link to my participation post: Link.

I invite @mercy37 , @myblueworld and @edim81 to take part in this contest.

Hi @steemit-pak ,
I want to be a verified user in this community. Can you help ?

 last year 

Hello @patjewell, I learnt a lot concerning south Africa in your post. It was just like being there myself on a tour in south Africa. Your writeup was so explicit concise and straight to the point.

Great one one from you and thanks for inviting me to engage in the contest.

I hope to be part of it.


 last year 

Ah! Just the man I was looking for. :-)
If you can draw all those beautiful pictures in #Steemkids you can also write about your wonderful country.
We indeed have a challenge on hand.

I truly hope I will see your post!

As for sharing about South Africa it felt like I was not opening the world to my country but to the whole of Africa! It was great!

 last year 

Hahahaha, were you looking for me? I am always available.

 last year 

Awh! No wonder you were called a good husband! :-)

Aca mi participacion en el concurso de esta semana en esta comunidad como parte del reto Steemit Engagement Challenge.

01 Steem Pakistan.png

Espero sea del agrado de ustedes y este a la altura de las circustancias

 last year 

Es un concurso que nos permite conocer muchas otras fronteras, culturas y naciones.

Aquí mi participación.


Saludos a todos los amigos Pakistaníes.

 last year 

Thank you for inviting me but sadly I have already participated in this Contest

 last year 

Thanks a lot #SteemitPakistan for arranging such an impressive contest. I will surely participate in the contest. Very superb initiative by the whole Steemit team.

Hola linda comunidad. Me sumo a este hermoso reto donde podré llevar una semblanza sobre mi país . Saludos y éxitos a todos los participantes.

¡Saludos amigo! Disfruté participar en esta dinámica... Muchas gracias por la oportunidad.

Invito a: @franyeligonzalez @luimer79 y @zhanavic69 para que se animen a esta iniciativa.

Por acá les comparto mi participación:

Hola amiga gracias por la invitación te deseo suerte en el concurso.

Saludos y bendiciones.

Me gusta el concurso ya que nos da la oportunidad de hablar de lo hermoso de nuestro país.

Disfrute mucho haciendo esta publicación, excelente concurso, mucho éxito a todos los participantes.

Aquí está el enlace a mi publicaciónde participación. Invito a @yokondap y @shohana1 a participar en este concurso.

thanks dear for your kind invitation :)

 last year 

Thank you so much for inviting me brother GOD bless you

 last year 

I am waiting your entry

 last year 

Probably it may come tomorrow

Here is the link to my participation post: I invite @Nayita238 and @Luimer79 to take part in this contest. Nice to meet you by the way. Regards from my part. #venezuela #affable

 last year 

Una presentación muy particular, muy buenas tus razones para amar y querer cambiar en nuestra Venezuela.

Sus ambientes y paisajes, la biodiversidad tan amplia que posee, es una de las más extensas del planeta. Es un gusto que sea tomado en cuenta para ser atendido.
Su gente, cuando señalas todas las situaciones que se están presentando en nuestra patria y el rescate que quiere hacer cambiando toda esa cantidad de vicisitudes que atentan contra la dignidad humana.

El legado cultural, esa gran riqueza que se debe transmitir a los jóvenes para que fluya, para que transcurra y se transmita.

Un gran saludo amiga @alegnita.

Banner Saludos y hasta pronto.jpg

Muchas gracias por tan valioso comentario. Todo lo anteriormente expuesto es sin duda alguna lo más relevante que ha de considerarse para remediar en lo posible la mayoría de los problemas que nos afectan a nosotros los venezolanos. Saludos y feliz fin de semana. #venezuela #affable

In sha Allah I will make my participation post very soon

Buenas tardes, es necesario verificarse en la comunidad para participar?

Here Is The Link To My Participation Post: Link

I invite @nancygbemi and @rad-austine to take part in this contest.

Here is the link to my participation post: I invite @ghazal8 and @suboohi to take part in this contest.

Un tema muy interesante y que nos invita a la reflexión, definitivamente estare participando son tantas las R y las C para expresar de Venezuela.
Exitos a todos!!

 last year 

Here is the link to my participation post

I invite @ammar2021 and @amnafaraz2005 to take part in this contest.

 last year 

Thankyou @fabiha for inviting me

 last year 

Here is the link to my participation post

I invite @Janemorance, @ makniazi and @vivigibelis to take part in this contest.

Gracias, estare participando.

 last year (edited)

Here is the link to my participation post: Link. I invite @nadiaturrina , @ngwerast , @b-naj , @wirngo and @shance-light to take part in this contest.

 last year 

Thanks for inviting us

Thanks for the invite

Wemelei!! 🙄@fombae!

Assalamualaikum beautiful Pakistan! What a nice challenge and I had fun sharing my post just minutes ago!

Here's my participation : Steemit Engagement Challenge : Mauritius

Thank you!

I really like this contest because it will give users the chance to express themselves online.... will drop my entry link in a few hours.

 last year 

Here is the link to my participation post .
I invite @chiabertrand and @wirngo to take part in the contest

Here is the link of my participation post Steemit Engagement Challenge || Share your views about your Country|| "The Three Rs and Three Cs" By Mrsfurqan
I invite @seapearl and @malihafarhan to participate in this contest.

Saludos cordiales: Aquí está el enlace a mi publicación de participación: Enlace. Invito a @flacura50 y @minikay a participar en este concurso.

Gracias por la invitación, espero tener pronto mi publicación lista.
Feliz noche y bendiciones

Here's the link to my entry for this contest.
I invite @wizzyboy3 @madilyn @blezzing to join this engagement challenge

Muy interesante concurso, estaré participando.

Very good contest, I want to enter this contest. Thank you @steemit-pak

 last year 

Hola, por aquí les hago mi presentación al sp-engagement

Invito a @jlufer @fedevillanueva @francis.c18 @fedevillanueva a participar en el concurso

A very nice contest, I can't wait to make my entry.


 last year 

Here is the link to my participation post:
I invite user @shazim nd user @ahsanbilal to take part in this contest.

 last year (edited)

Here is my Entery for Engagement Contest
@shama26, @maha12 and @anum123 ,Go and check it out, also share your thoughts about our Country
Thank you @steemit-Pak

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