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RE: Steemit Engagement Challenge Combines with Steemit Pakistan Community || Share your views about your Country|| "The Three Rs and Three Cs"


Thank you for the invitation @fredquantum, but I have participated in this contest, wish you the very best.

But there's something disturbing me, I have participated in 3 contest now and not one has been rewarded by @steemcurator01, it's really disturbing me, and I have been actively commenting on other steemians post.

And I have also seen some other steemians that have been rewarded twice by @steemcurator02.

I don't mean to tag them, but I'm seriously bittered.
One thing we pray against is wasted efforts, it's discourages one .

I'm still hoping for the best, keep steeming hot, meet you at the top 💪

Probably there's something I'm doing wrong that is taking their attention away from me, I love heeding to corrections, it's the only way we grow. Thanks for your assistance in advance, man 💪

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