Can the Late Harry Dunn Save Julian Assange?

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Relatives, friends and decent people all over the World, who would like to see Julian Assange free, are grasping for a straw. Can an unfortunate death of a British boy be that straw?

If you didn’t follow the news, Harry Dunn was a 19-year British lad who had a misfortune to drive his motorbike near the RAF Croughton military base, Northamptonshire, United Kingdom on the August 27th 2019. On that day, he collided with a Volvo XC90, driven on the wrong side of the road. There is a full CCTV footage of the collision, and the driver admitted she was the one who is responsible for the accident. Unfortunately, the driver was Anne Sacoolas, a CIA operative and the wife of a US government employee working at the United States Air Force listening station at RAF Croughton. She claimed diplomatic immunity, and immediately flee the country. Extradition request was flatly rejected…

Duration: 2:04

So, you have another element in the Julian Assange extradition brew: Now U.S. Government is protecting their murderer while asking extradition of a completely innocent man from UK. Harry’s parents are hoping that UK Government will grow a spine at least so much that they do not extradite Julian Assange until they see Anne Sacoolas before the British court. Poor people. I would like to have some comforting words for them and for Julian Assange alike, but I don’t have them.

First reason is because it won’t happen like they hope. The British Magistrate has already decided what it would do regardless of facts and evidence brought before the court. In truth, it is not a problem to defend Julian Assange before any court. But this is no court at all. This is Imperial post designated to ‘do its job and wash its hands’ of Julian – and Harry doesn’t matter to them. You can see the testimony on this hearing from the Wikileaks Editor-in-Chief, Kristinn Hrafnsson. He, like other witnesses to this sham (for example former UK ambassador Craig Murray), describes incredibly hostile relation of the ‘court’ against the lawyers of Julian’s defense. There is no jury which could extradite Julian Assange, so therefore, at this ‘hearing’ – there is no jury:

Duration: 10:29

The other reason is because, as a lawyer by education, I cannot agree to extorting only part of a justice through blackmail. I can understand the grieve of the parents, but their grieve cannot fix this the systemic failure of something that once maybe was a jurisprudence. Imperial arrogance means that there are no principles, no just rules, and no justice for the common people. Therefore cannot be expected that two parts of the Empire exchange an innocent man for a CIA murderer. The Empire won’t do it unless under a strong coercion. The one we usually call – revolution.

At the end, I will leave you links to the two very important programs. The first would be a documentary titled “The Assange Story” which pieces together accounts from Assange's friends, family and former colleagues to build up a clearer understanding of the personality and motivation in the man behind what's been called the 'biggest leaks in intelligence history'.

Duration: 54:19

Formative years in Australia

02:24 Introduction to an underground hacking community
04:41 First hacking escapades
06:28 ‘Live dangerously’ and relationship with father


09:31 'Undoubtedly a war crime’: Collateral Murder footage in Iraq
14:36 Julian Assange’s rise to global fame
19:26 ‘That’s the power of WikiLeaks’
22:40 #Cablegate

Sexual assault allegation in Sweden

25:58 ‘It's understandable that he would be attractive to young women.’
28:05 It was unprotected, but consensual sex
29:30 ‘I think that if Julian went to Sweden at that point he would have been extradited’
30:07 Smear campaign

The Embassy chapter

33:17 WikiLeaks HQ at Ellingham Hall
35:55 ‘I realised that I'd just lost my bail money.’
36:33 The Ecuadorian Embassy in London
40:36 How the Democratic National Committee (#DNC) removed Bernie #Sanders to secure #Hillary Clinton’s nomination for the 2016 US presidential election

No longer welcome

42:56 Election in Ecuador
43:49 ‘The Moreno government was determined that they had to get rid of him and turned his life into hell’
46:43 ‘He looked very old, not at all youthful anymore.’

Belmarsh and US extradition request

47:41 HM Belmarsh Prison – place for ‘murderers, terrorists and brutal people’
50:08 US espionage charges
52:00 ‘Every journalist in the United States should feel an cold icy hand running down their spine.’

The other most interesting video is a conference “Imperialism on Trial” held today (still goes live) in the St Pancras Church, Euston Road, London with Gregory Sharkey, George Galloway, Neil Clark, Mike Barson, Joti Brar, Joe Lauria, Peter Lavelle, Alexander Mercouris, Eva Bartlett and Craig Murray as they share their expertise on imperialism in general, and on the Julian Assange case in particular.

Please watch these people, because all of them are Julian’s lawyers, civil defense and the defense of a common sense, a reason withot which there cannot be a civilization:

Free Julian Assange!

* * *

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This extradition hearing makes of a mockery of the term justice. Sadly, the political establishment in the UK (and yes I include the Labour Party in that despite John McDonnell's notable opposition to Julian's extradition) is content on playing little brother to its American master.
We shouldn't forget Chelsea Manning who is currently in prison for testifying against Julian Assange. Her fate is tied to that of Julian Assange despite having served 7 years in prison.
I look forward to the day when they can both meet up and swap stories about their respective ordeals

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